Ohio’s Deer season Recap with Tonk and Clint

Show Notes

We’re back!!! After a few weeks away, the guys were able to get together and get you this highly informative show. The show this week is with Mike Tonkovich and Clint Mccoy of ODW to discuss the results of the 2023-2024 Deer season. Some good numbers, and perhaps some concerning numbers along the way, but the guys talk the biology of managing the deer heard in Ohio into the future. Paul spent the past week at the NWTF convention and we will have a full recap of that in the upcoming weeks. Andrew’s life is running full speed ahead and somedays it feels like its headed straight towards an iceberg. But they are doing their best to get information out to you that is relevant and timely! Sheds are dropping and right now is a great time for winter scouting if you an get out into the woods. Have a great week!


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