Oklahoma Archery Antelope Hunting

Show Notes

This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast John finally gets to talk about a topic he has been trying to cover since he started the show, Oklahoma Antelope hunting! Antelope are one of the hidden species in Oklahoma that many don't realize are here, much less that there is a hunting season for them. Josh Barnthouse started applying for one of the coveted controlled hunt rifle tags several years ago, and it was then that he learned Oklahoma offered an over the counter archery option. He and a buddy set out with a goal of harvesting a speed goat with a bow, which is no easy task in any state or circumstance. 

Josh walks us through his three years of chasing antelope in the pancake flat Oklahoma panhandle. He started on one of the few public areas that offered hunting opportunities, but after putting in some time and miles, was eventually able to gain some private land permission. Josh talks about the different strategies he and his buddy and most recently his wife have implemented over the last few years. They have done it all, from sitting over water holes to spot and stalk, and even decoys. Josh talks about what he has learned, what worked and what didn't, and how anyone could take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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