Oklahoma Mountain Bucks with Surrender Outdoors

Show Notes

One thing most people just don't realize about Oklahoma is how diverse it is. Today's episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast highlights one of the lesser known habitats in Oklahoma, the mountains that dominate the South Eastern portion of the state. Michael Harrell grew up in those mountains, and today hosts a successful hunting show called Surrender Outdoors. On this week's episode, Michael and John discuss all the challenges a person faces when trying to hunt the big mature whitetails that call this area home. Many people are drawn to this area for the rugged landscape and large bucks that dwell within it, but Michael assures anyone interested that it is not for the faint of heart!

Michael and John cover a lot of the usual hunting topics, but from a mountain whitetail perspective. It's pretty hard to grow a foodplot on rocks, and with such drastic elevation changes, thermals often trump wind. John and many Oklahomans have the headache of dealing with hogs, but have you ever tried to keep a black bear off your bait pile? This episode is as unique as the terrain it covers, and Michael does a great job of teaching people what he has learned in his many years of hunting this remote and beautiful landscape!

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