Southern Ground - Mountain Food Plots, Topography & Mature Buck Behavior with David Miller

Show Notes

This week on Southern Ground Hunting we're talking with David Miller of West Virginia. We don't get the opportunity to talk about land management too often. Public land hunting really doesn't give a hunter the opportunity to do much in terms of land management. However, this week we're changing it up and covering David Miller's strategies for whitetail land management in mountain country.

The southeast is scattered with hills and hollers, with parts of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and North & South Carolina having legitimate mountains. One thing that landowners in these areas continuously talk about is the lack of ability to really cultivate those properties to grow giant whitetails. Whether it's bad soil, lack of sunlight, or just difficult to get planting equipment in there, there's a lot of reasons for this. This results in lack of nutrients and creates very nomadic deer movement. You may get mature bucks passing through, but they're going to be on the move. David tells us about the things he does to ensure that a buck has everything they need year round to live on his properties, and it's easier than you might think!

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