Old Dog, New Tricks with Tony Peterson

Show Notes

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or can you? We’re barkin’ with the BIG DOG himself, Tony Peterson He’s back!!! Our first repeat guest, none other than the great Tony Peterson. This time Tony is talking pups with us. The holidays have just passed, a lot of people have new dogs that they are ready to start training. Others are planning to use the “off season” for finding that new best friend. Tony covers it all, and we are very grateful for his time and knowledge. Paul and Andrew have about a million and a half things going on. For one, we are messing around with new equipment. If the audio is off, bear with us, it will get better. A couple guys that grow grass for a living trying to figure out an audio board. That’s comedic gold in itself. The guys are headed to Harrisburg this weekend for the Great American Outdoors Show to hang out with the folks at GoWild, February 5/6 booth # 412. Hope to see you there! www.theo2podcast.com GoWild Profile Instagram: @the.o2.podcast Ohio Outdoors is Powered by Simplecast

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