One Sunday Morning with Roby Burch

Show Notes

This week on The Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus is joined by Roby Burch. Roby is the founder of 2% Certified, Burch Barrel. The guys start at the beginning and talk about where the idea for Burch Barrel came from and really what Roby and the team are trying to build with the brand through their work with conservation and veteran organizations. The campfire and grill are two places that people traditionally gather around and with the Burch Barrel, you have the best of both worlds all rolled into one. From the beach, to the backyard, to the backcountry, there's no place the Barrel can't handle. If you're looking for a new experience when it comes to grilling, be sure and check them out! The Average Conservationist is powered by Simple Cast.

Show Transcript