Outdoors In Color with Joseph Jones

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by Joseph Jones, the creator of the youtube channel Outdoors in Color. Joseph has gone about capturing his passions for both the outdoors, being a sportsman, and also being a father. Our talk has Joseph getting into why he captures his hunts on video, he replays a recent epic hunt for black bear, and how he enjoys bringing new members into the hunting fraternity. Per usual we end in the kitchen, where he breaks down his shareable meat treat and date night dish. A whole lot of fun on this episode of Huntavore.

Joseph Jones resides in North Carolina. He is in a great spot to be an outdoorsman. Literally a couple hours from the mountains, or a couple hours in the other direction to the ocean. Joe talks about his achievements in 2023. One he’s really proud of, is his oldest son getting his first unassisted deer. Being taught by his father, and now passing his knowledge to his boys is pretty cool. His channel reflects that feeling as well. Outdoors in Color is partially about he and his kids, sharing memories and at the same time, showing how accessible hunting can be. Going on the cheap, with big box store gear is still a great way to get out there. Joe is a real champion of being able to get started on their first adventures. He makes it a goal to meet new people and take them hunting, and at the sametime, go out on a limb himself and seek people who will take him on new adventures. His recent fall adventure was going on a black bear hunt, where he ends up 5 yards from the Bear, in thick reeds! We finish out talking about how jerky is his go-to meat treat to share, and braised shanks for date night.

If you have enjoyed this, you can find Joe at: www.youtube.com/@theoutdoorsincolor

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