Pack your bags Muntz. We head MIDWEST!

Show Notes

The o2 Road Show heads….Midwest? Midwest Gunworks to be exact. On this episode Andrew and Paul pack the wagon (Tahoe) and head over the mighty Mississippi to St. Louis to visit with Cameron Tinker of Midwest Gun Works. MWGW is THE one stop shop for all gun owners. Parts, optics, accessories, ammo, rifles, shotguns, pistols and a custom gunsmith shop. MWGW has literally everything the modern hunter, or firearms enthusiast needs. Paul and Andrew were floored by how big the MWGW operation was. The gunsmith that work there are elite. During the interview Paul, Andrew and Cameron talk about a lot of different topics. Cameron tells us about his epic Elk hunt with his Dad and brother out west and gives the history of MWGW. The guys talk about building guns, looking parts, tinkering on your own firearms and what to do when you realize that you really are a terrible gunsmith and you done messed up A-Aron.

New around the state is slow. Paul and Andrew try out a new format for the intro. We go live! Find us on Twitch and Instagram live for future intros and Q&A with select guests!

Show Transcript