Planning a Great Fishing Trip

Show Notes

June is here and hopefully by now that means you've already dusted off the rods, reels, and tackle boxes, greased up the axles on the boat trailer and charged up the batteries. If you haven't we need to have a serious talk, and if you have, what did you forget on that first trip of the year? What did you have to pop into a bait shop for? What could you have just simply done better? As fun as they can be, fishing trips can also be a source of nightmares if not done properly. That's why this week, we're talking all about how to plan and prepare for a fishing trip!

This week, Andrew Wolfe returns to the show after a big tournament up in Door County and Pierce is also coming off of a fishing trip not too far away from where Andrew was. After a week of chasing big smallies, the guys thought it would be a good idea to share their tips on how they prepare for a fishing trip. In this episode, the guys break down how they choose a place to go whether it be based off of a species, area, skill they hope to hone, or historic body of water, and then break down how they use their resources to figure out what the fish are doing before they go. Then the guys talk about gear essentials, what they never leave home without, what's overrated, and finally, how they prepare mentally for a trip. This episode is a fun one with plenty of entertaining tangents, but even more good info. Enjoy!

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