Point Blank: Monster Muskies and Meth Head Attack Deer

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Do you have annoying neighbors, abundant stimulants, and a bunch of freeloading deer on your property? If so, get ready for this Point Blank! The HXP crew has a hilarious and wild ride through recent developments in Arkansas and Chad breaks down what to do if you find yourself in that same predicament. Heath and Bryce talk about Bryce’s massive vegetable garden, Chris’s famous owl call and slamming monster Muskies. The crew rolls through dream fishing trips, Noodling, Carp Hunting with a Samurai Sword, and why is Seth in a loincloth in the Amazon?!
You won’t need a cup of coffee for this episode, folks! Enjoy!

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Yeah. Good boy, ranger Uniting Homan across the globe from east to west, north to south. If you're gonna catch a cat or a line, you have to have teamwork. We take you to the wildest places on earth. Yeah. So how many days a week can you spend up? As much as I can, to be honest with you.

Anytime that I get I'm out there. Join us for every heart-pounding adventure on Hounds Man xp. I'll tell you, like I tell everyone else, I'm gonna hunt whether you're here or not, so you might as well be here.

Hey everybody. I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you thank you. Thank you for reaching out to me during this time when my mother recently [00:03:00] passed. It means a lot to me. I wasn't gonna say anything about it on the air, but I'm always talking about family, and I'm always talking about this hound hunting community, being closer together in a family, and I really appreciate the hundreds of you that reached out to me, either through social media, messengers, text messages, emails meant a lot.

My mom was a great woman and she She dedicated her whole life to being a wife and a mother, a Christian woman taking us to church, vacation, bible school, volunteering at all kinds of stuff. That was her whole life was being a mom to us. And it doesn't go unnoticed by me, I can tell you that I'm gonna miss her a lot.

She raised six kids, five of 'em turned out pretty good. Only one of 'em became a Hounds man and started pursuing coon dogs. And I've got a ton of stories about, she actually supported me pretty much for the, she supported everything I did. But she supported me hound hunting and she [00:04:00] often said that she didn't have to worry about where I was on a Friday or Saturday night.

She knew that I was gonna be out coon hunting with my hounds and with my buddies. I probably wouldn't always appear as a driven snow while I was out doing that stuff. But we'll share some stories someday about my mom and catching me sneaking outta the house one night and to go koon hunting and just a lot of different stuff.

So it was a great honor to have all of you reaching out to me. I sat back on this podcast and it's a real tribute to our team when we have a event like this happen and I can send out a message and they can pick up the ball and run with it. They don't need me. It's awesome. I'm not sure exactly what they talk about.

I got some highlights. I haven't listened to the whole podcast, but I did want to put a message up front here telling all of you that I really appreciate [00:05:00] every one of you. So let's get the tailgate down. It's time to dump the box.

This meeting is being recorded. I got two. Hello. Good mornings. Hey everybody. Welcome to a Homan xp. Point blank. It's the team all gathered up. It's me, Seth. I got Chad in the house and apparently he's quiet. I got Bryce in the house. Yeah. And I got game feature 2.1. That's right. Lemme tell you about Bryce.

The only thing you're going to hear about him is babbling. Just like dolls. No. Is ba babble. No, no sir. On a strike. Dog. Right here on a strike dog. Uhhuh. I just run away. So anyway. We are we're covering for Chris. He was unable to make it [00:06:00] for this week's show. He's got some personal business going on and needs to attend to, so we're here to get his back.

Hounds Zone xp we're a loyal pack, so we're here and we got a lot to cover. I want to just jump right into it. You guys, did you see that post I put on the zone XP PA group about that meth head training attack, deer to attack Hunter? Yeah, I think I saw about 20 people share that. I can talk to you about what meth does and Chang can talk to you about how you train what meth does.

Yeah, I'm from rural New Mexico. I've seen my fair share and I'm pretty sure you can just for instance, a good friend of mine. A guy I knew, he wasn't a good friend of mine, but his dad was a crazy tweaker and he was obsessed with home and garden television. And we'd be hanging out playing video games at this guy's trailer, and his dad would come in and he would just be like, man, I saw this thing on home records.

I'm gonna totally go in there and knock down this wall and install like a [00:07:00] see-through bathroom window floor so you can like, see the ground while you're in the bathroom. He took a sa all and just cut a hole through the floor. And then what happened was Koons like came up through the floor into this guy's house and his dogs would duke it out.

So anyway. They're crazy, man. So I feel like those deer, you could get 'em focused to do anything, but that's not my realm. That's Chad's realm, you know what I'm saying? Oh, no, hold on. Now, I haven't actually trained any animals with meth all. Are you ready to take it to the next level, Chad? Of course that sounds first off, I've been curious.

I haven't, I've trained for narc detection before, but Heath, have you actually had have you ever witnessed a dog getting ahold of meth before? Like pro aggressive alert or something? No. And we carry stuff with us to basically like Narcan. So yeah we are very particular about making sure when we go into an area that it's clear so the dogs can't get into it, but there's always that chance.

We [00:08:00] get in, we get into more rat poison than anything, to be honest. They're right. Oh yeah. When you go in warehouses and stuff, your handlers have to go in and do a walkthrough. And even when they do, sometimes they miss that stuff cuz it was stuck under a pallet or somewhere that was just outta sight and they didn't see it.

The dog. In fact, we had a a little it's not a Roddy but pit Bull named Layla. And we were in cleaning cleaning out, clearing out a warehouse. And she got underneath a desk and come out with that green stuff all over her mouth. And of course we run her out. I start pumping Proxide in her and I'm dumping it, like dumping it.

She's gagging, she's, throwing up chunks of it. We get her to the vet. The vet was like, Yeah, you handled this perfectly. I think they give her some B12 or something and boom, it was over. It was done, but we were on top of it. So Mask. No. That poison. Yes. So peroxide. Yeah. Peroxide's the ticket.

Yeah. That makes 'em throw up. [00:09:00] It's like epicc. I found that works best too for, it is a Turkey baster, so you can get it. Oh, that's a good idea. Down their throat and squeeze a little. That's a good idea. Ponder thing at the end. I've always mixed it with beef broth and then they'll just wolf it down.

But the Turkey basters a little easier and faster. I've had dogs get into fly, fly bait, fly poison uhhuh and that stuff's very toxic to dogs. And I had to give a shut up strider. I had to give peroxide in one of my dogs and she threw up two of the plastic baggies full of the fly.

Poison. Yeah. I didn't realize she ate that much. So I was glad. So Turkey based her. Wait. We gotta get back on the map. We gotta get back on the map. Okay. Yeah. Chad, I've got to hear this because I was thinking about this coming home cause I knew we were gonna talk about this. All right? Like, all right, so I know what that does to people.

There's no training that thing that, that they're, the only thing that, that they're doing is teaching that animal [00:10:00] that it has no sense and it's probably gonna attack everything. The house, the cars, the people, whatever's outside, whatever's in its way. You, we, I've thought about this too, and I've actually come up with a recipe to train this now that I'd never thought about it before, but it came up like, Hey, what how would you do it?

I was like, all so I've been scratching my head and daydreaming about it while working today. And there is a, there I'm confident there's a way to do this. Do we really wanna. Break it down. Daydreaming about meth. Do we wanna educate the meth heads across the globe on the teaching deer to attack people?

Yeah, I wanna hear this. Yeah, I want to hear this. I gotta hear first on Hounds XP only here. This is all hypothetical. All right. And I would never disclaimer time, I would never suggest doing this one. Drugs are bad in K and two, never give drugs to any animals, Wilder or domestic. That's horrible.

But if somebody had a metaphorical gun to my head and said, [00:11:00] train this deer to attack people using meth as a lure or fulcrum, I would one get said, dear addicted to meth. While doing that, you could teach it that it gets some kind of reinforcement, food or otherwise. Off of pawing, teach it to stomp a place board.

Step a place board, step a place board. It gets reinforcement, water, food, whatever, and then after you got that going, then I would start weaning in the meth, so it gets a little piece of food, maybe some sour apples or something like that with a little bit of meth sprinkled on top, and just, so stop. I was gonna ask if you're using the Turkey baster or not? No. Turkey baster. We're just using a place board here. It could just be like a leathered square, one foot by one foot, make it a bright color, like red or something, just easily recognizable. And then you could take that place board off the ground and hang it on the wall and get it to Paul at it for reinforcement, and only do 10, 10 reinforcement a day.

Then after that, transfer that place [00:12:00] board to the to the chest, of a mannequin or a person in a bite suit, and then just pour it on. And at that point, once he's thoroughly aducted the meth, then withhold the meth supply and demand, control the diamonds and slowly trickle in the diamonds and then start to resist.

Hold the leg back. And then once he struggles to overcome and whack you with his foot, then give him a jackpot of meth and candy apples. And then eventually he's gonna see that little place board and he's gonna attack it. He's gonna go crazy, just like the deer do. The little crackhead video. You see the deer doing it to the guys that put the doe urine on himself, he won't have.

And how long do you expect? So much? How long do you expect this process to take it all? It would all depend on how long it took a deer to get addicted to meth. I believe that's the next thing is how long can a deer live if it does meth? Like the lifespan of that deer may not last long enough to train it.

No. It, but that's the way though. You'd have to, you get a six pack of deer, because you might lose some, [00:13:00] you might lose some in the works. Now fine. Oh, that's too much. However you measure meth, boy. Like I, I don't know what we Meth rocks too many. Yeah, exactly. Break it down, find out what gets his rocks off and then there you go.

We call it increase demand. We call that training method. We'd call that training method breaking buck. There you go. Know what I'm saying? Yeah, dude. What is it? Eisen Horn or he, what? What's the guy name? Oh yeah. What was it? Dang it. Heisenberg. Heisenberg. It'd be Heisenberg. Yeah. Dude. Eisenach.

There you go. Yeah. Yeah. The problem Arkansas. Is that right? Yeah. Supposedly there, there was some comment. I thought it was like fake. Yeah. I thought somebody said they, they said somebody made it up. Yeah. There was a guy on there who was like, Hey, I fact checked it. It's false. We were like, yeah, shut up.

Met there a real, okay. Yeah. There was like 30 people on my newsfeed that shared it. That's all I looked at all day. Every time I got on [00:14:00] social media, dude, I got sent that a bunch, and I'll tell you right now, there was a lot of comments. There's a lot of great engagement on the page or the group from that.

My favorite comment was from a guy named Jeff Kaufman and his comment was, who has spare meth to give to D? Exactly. I was like, yeah. Some themed is I'm feeling generous today. I'm gonna give all my tweak to deer. No. They're like gimme, gimme. So they're not giving it out. Oh man.

Thank you, Chad. That was my cheeks hurt. That was amazing. And next up on Reynolds Ranch. We'll see there buddy. Yep. Oh my gosh. Hey, Heath, did you get a Turkey? No, man I'm telling you, I thank Chris with that horrible, screeching unrecognizable alcohol that he thinks that he is doing. It scared him off across the country.

I have not heard in [00:15:00] two of my favorite places, I have not heard, but one Turkey gobble one time, and it was so far away that I couldn't pinpoint it. I went into that area. I hunted at three more days. Nada. So I have decided that I'd start fishing. And I have been putting a SmackDown on some muskies. Are you gonna, I've got a question going back to the Turkey thing.

Yes. Do you think that running hounds in the same woods disturbs the turkeys? Like people claim that it disturbs the deer because I got kicked out of the woods because it's Turkey season and I was just appalled. I didn't, I was like, like I, I've never heard of this. And the old man's buddy, it's Turkey season.

I don't need your dogs messing up my turkeys. And again, I we know as hansman, we, I can't tell you the times that I went in and shining a tree when I koon hunted and turkeys would be roosted 50 yards [00:16:00] away, but we walk up on one and they scare the daylights out of you when they take off.

Yeah. But we've got some hunt clubs down east. That they don't wanna send her right now because of the Turkey season. Now, as soon as it's over, have at it. Have at it. So it is what it is. So it's across the board. It's not just here in Indiana. Yeah. Dan ain't hurting me because Chris scared him all away.

That horrible noisy was making, that's like the, that's like the screech that was heard around the world. Yeah. When he made that sound on the rec, when we recorded that podcast, he went to do his Barred Owl call and it glitched out and I didn't hear it at all, so I was like, Heath wins. Heath wins.

It's because it was so bad the computer wouldn't even record it.

Yes. I I've been seeing lots of people posting their spring Turkey action here, but never Turkey hunted. I need to do it. A buddy of mine at work just asked me if I had went and I was like, nah. But I did think [00:17:00] of you and I was gonna, I whistle. Buddy. My my wife is g gonna give her a hand at turkeys this season.

And I've always, I, my parents are big into turkeys, so they were all about it with me growing up, the down there in Florida, the Osceolas and everything. So I got the mess around with those a little bit, but then I just got so much into the dogs. I just, when I went from Hounds to Terriers and back again, but out running bear, every time I see one, I drop a pin, I on Onyx, and that's just the way I've been doing things.

Like just whenever I see, when I drop it now, we'll see if that actually helps. Cuz I, I, she's on my Onyx account, I'm just e everywhere you see the little green Turkey symbol, I've seen them before on the date that was there, and it's funny you say that, Chad, because during December when we're out, we do a lot of walking.

We're in, we cover a lot of ground. And I will, I'm like you when I see a group of turkeys or some turkeys. In fact, I think we've seen four big gobbler in one area that we hunt in late [00:18:00] December. Same thing. Drop a pin on OnX and I know, which, I know the area anyway, but I'll go back in the spring, do a little scouting before, and usually it's money for me.

And it has not been that way this year. The turkeys have been really quiet, but I've got some friends, man, they tagged out the first week. Just, I'm like, I ain't even here in a Turkey. But OnX, I mean we, I use it for everything. I mean everything. Oh yeah. I use it daily. That is such an awesome, yeah, awesome program, man.

I, one time I got confronted, I was out hunting with my dogs in a, in our, I guess rancher came up to me and was like, you're on private property. And all I could think of was their slogan, cuz I was like, Nope, I know exactly where I'm at right now. And I was like, really? Cuz I like brought up my phone and I was like, cause the yellow's b l m and we're right in the middle of it.

And he was like, you know what I mean? I'm paraphrasing heavily here. But [00:19:00] yeah, it was, it saved my skin one time for sure. And it's helped me access places that I'd never thought would be possible. And I think that's the best application for that app. I love OnX man. I use it for work and I use it for play.

So it's a awesome program. My favorite is, I'm sorry, go ahead Heath. No, I was just gonna say I probably use it more at work. We use a lot of, in a lot of it in our tracking training, same thing. We've got into places that you wanna know who the owner is so you can go make contact with them.

Oh yeah. Pull it up on, on x boom. I do that. In fact, I had a person locked in a house about a month ago and we didn't know if she was injured, passed out or deceit. We didn't know. I didn't wanna kick the door down because I wasn't a hundred percent sure. So I pulled up, OnX found the owner called them.

They said no. I leased it to a leasing company. Here's the number. Call them. 10 minutes later I had a maintenance guy there with a key to the door all cause I looked it up on [00:20:00] OnX. That's awesome. Damn. One of my favorite parts is the date time groups that you can just do really quick.

I've done it while driving. Hold on. Now, can't, I've not touched my phone while I'm driving. Get it wrong As a passenger, I have passed the Turkey going quickly and or jack rabbits mainly is when I do it. But now I'm listening here because the snow gets thick, out by me and it'll get so thick that the jackrabbits stay away from it and it consolidates 'em into certain areas.

So I'll drop a pin and it'll say the time of day and the time of year, and I'll just make a quick note about snowfall and I got everything I need to know. I, its cuz Heath, back to what you're saying about the turkeys. I sent my, my wife has all the things and I was like, Hey these three here are the really good ones where I see the most of them and she can't get out there right now.

So I wonder if the weather, is the weather messing you up? Is it uncommon weather by you? Because we still have five feet of snow where I've been. Last year, I had been out there for almost two months and I, [00:21:00] our horse got bottomed out. We got stuck. We had to drag them out with the side by side?

No. Oh yeah. It was bad. Which was it? Big red shed. Yeah. Yeah. The tall one. Big Red. No. You know what the old timer say when it gets up to the belly of a horse? It's pretty deep. Yeah. It wasn't, it had crusted up so much he felt, like he got on it and got in a little bit and then fell through.

And it was like, imagine if you had like a little, like a yag terri or something like that and put it, its legs through a hammock, and it was just, its feet would move, but its body would stay. That horse was freaking out, but it was like suspended by its gut. It was high centered, literally he couldn't do anywhere.

My, my wife had a picture of it cuz he bottomed out and her knees went up. It was like she squatted down, so her feet went up his belly, the snow was halfway up his belly, but yeah, talking about the weather, Chad, it last week, the end of LA Yeah. No, yeah, last week it was up in the eighties.

The highs this week have been the low the high fifties nighttime. When I got up Monday and [00:22:00] Tuesday and went fishing, it was, we had frost on, it was 30 degrees both mornings I think that cold snap is changing them a little bit. And everybody that I've talked to, most of the guys that I'm around, they're killing them late in the day.

They're, it's nine, 10 after 10 o'clock, most of them. Oh, wow. Okay. Heath, have you, do you ever use the OnX whenever you're fishing? Do you ever mark any spots on the river there while you're fishing? Every time I raise the Musky, so let me explain that to the listeners. So Muskies are, they're the apex predator of our rivers.

Okay. Like they're the fish of a thousand casts, right? 10,000. 10,000. Oh I shortcut that. One two Monday, missed another one, caught one Tuesday. My buddy caught one Tuesday, and then I raised two more. So what happens is they'll follow your bait into the boat. They'll come right up. They'll come right up and follow it in, and you start doing your figure eight.

And if they're active, you can get 'em in the eight. If not, then a lot of times they'll just sink back underneath your boat and [00:23:00] hide out there for a little bit. So that's called raising a fish. But yes, every time I raise a fish, I mark it on there so I can go back and fish that area again.

So I've got a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff on my own ex. I don't, I wonder how much memory this thing's got because it's that full. Yeah, my New Mexico just looks like an endless supply of waypoints. Can y'all see the blue dots? Yeah, that's all the musk. Oh, dang on there too. Yeah. We're all showing our phones here with our points.

Gosh, gosh, Chad. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah. That ain't nothing. And then we go out into the other states and everything. Yeah, I got tons of, now what's funny is you'll see, I'll have buddies that'll post this little screenshot. And I'll see the little icon, and I know it's where my stuff, and I was like, you rascal you truck in on my spot.

I saw it. And yeah, I wish there was a, that's the [00:24:00] only thing I want there to be a silent mode, I like, Hey, bud, before you get outta the truck, let me see your phone. I want Onyx on silent mode, but, oh, there you go. There's, thanks, Seth. You're in it too.

That's all of Southern New Mexico. That's about 50 like trillion zillion acres, man. Oh, wow. Yeah. Nice. I live on OnX, man. It, this has been absolutely critical. Here's some of my favorite deer spots. See if it'll like, fix that. Yeah. You know what I think would be cool is if there is a way to sync your Garmin handheld.

With the, like the OnX app cause Oh, I'm, oh, I'm sure it's coming Monday day. I just, I'm always marking like den trees on my Garmin. Cause I don't bring my phone out very often, so I can tell when a dog's hitting up oh, they're at a den tree. That's just a coon hotel. But if you could drop the pin on your Garmin and then it imported it to your phone, that would be cool.

That'd be sweet. I do like a hybridized version of that. You can get the g p s coordinates off [00:25:00] of your Garmin, like when the dogs are running, just click on 'em and then look at the GPS coordinates and then go to your onyx under the search window and then type 'em in and it'll drop a pin there and you just hit save.

And I've done that on my Onyx before with Gar GPS points where it'll drop a pin so I can see how they go down through the canyon bottom or something, but it's not, Quick, like what you're saying. I agree with you're, what you're saying is pretty cool.

Yeah cuz, prot tip. We'll see how many competition guys are gonna listen to this podcast. If you mark your dent trees on your Garmin and you get the pleasure of being the guide, you can see where your dog's at and I'd help you tell 'em if you need a trim or not. In the last minute situation. Neat, neat meat. You already know what's there. You've already put it in there. The first coon tree I ever went to was a den tree and I didn't know that was even a thing. So the dogs were going insane and I was like, oh I'm gonna see two looking down, here we go. And I'm like crawling through the bosque, the forest.

And I, we get up to this huge cottonwood and I like have my [00:26:00] lights straight up in the air and I'm just looking. And there's just a huge hole in the cottonwood. And I was like, oh man. Wait a second. What kinda dogs are you hunting? I was hunting walkers and blue ticks. I, they weren't mine.

They were two different guys and one guy had a set of walkers and the other guy had a set of like blue tick walker. Crosses. Crosses. Yeah. I don't, I dunno, that sounds like some bad news. Skittle stuff. Heath. Yeah, that's exactly what that is. Bad news. Bad news skills. Old precious. I I wanted to make this mention earlier, but you heard it here on Hounds xp, Chad Reynolds, straight as an arrow.

Doesn't text and drive, but trains methed out attack deer. Oh gosh yes. Hey Hounds xp, I'm gonna break out some good news for everyone. You guys, hounds XP is partnering with OnX. So that was all when I heard this, I was very [00:27:00] excited because I've been a faithful OnX user for many years. And Hounds Man xp, we're about, preserve, protect, promote, and when we're bringing Hounds men to the attention of these mega influential hunting organizations like OnX, that's awesome.

So I'm really proud of that partnership, and it's something that there's a lot of good news coming down the pipeline. You guys, there's gonna be some affiliate codes and stuff. I'm gonna let Chris break that down more. But we are partnering with OnX, you guys. If you're not using OnX, stay tuned for that affiliate code and you can get your subscription for less.

And I'm, if you're not using OnX, Where are you? Who are you? What? The Homan XP Podcast Network is powered by Cajun Lights. All of your lighting needs for hunting can be taken care of. At Cajun Lights, they have three models of cab lights. I'm gonna run through 'em real quick. You've got some RO guru, which is their high end light if you're a competition hunter, and you gotta find that coon [00:28:00] up in a tree and it's all riding on finding that coon.

You'll want the road on your head. Next is the bayou. That's a pretty standard light, but it's got packed with features. It's got multiple colors, it's got walking lights. It's got the red, the green, the amber. It's all built in right into that light. And then you have one of my personal favorites, the micro gator.

The micro gator is an ultra lightweight cap light. It's got all the features of a white light, red, green, and amber. I've used this light for everything from B finding bear tracks early in the morning to koon hunting at night, working on plumbing in the house. Changing tires on the side of the road. My truck doesn't leave the driveway without a Cajun light in it.

And that light is the micro gator. Every Cajun light is durable made from the highest quality components, and it is backed by Cajun's top rated customer service. Check out Cajun lights. You can go to our [00:29:00] website@houndsmanxp.com. Go to our sponsors page, hit that link. It'll take you right to Cajun lights.

Check 'em out. They got a lot of stuff to offer over at Cajun Lights. I did want to ask you Bryce, you live in the east and you're not a Turkey hunter. I do find that kind of strange bud. Yeah, I've actually, I've I lied and I said I've never been. I've been one time. I just went with a couple buddies to see what it was about.

We didn't have any success. Didn't call anything in it was probably the bad Al Hooten, if that's what we're gonna blame stuff on. I'm gonna go with two, two years ago. Yeah. I don't know. I'm to the point where if it doesn't involve a dog, I'm just not very into it. So yeah. I don't see many people running Turkey dogs.

So it's just not something that I focus a lot of time and energy on because it's hard to hunt all mixed up all night. Yes. It, there you go, Chad. That's something else. For you to train a Turkey dog. It'd be, it wouldn't be too hard. There's actually talk about certain [00:30:00] setters being part of it. They'd run certain types of dogs out, flush 'em, and then they'd go up and then they'd recall the dogs back. And in order to keep the turkeys from seeing the dogs, they'd load 'em up, up into it. This is old school. Load 'em up into a burlaps sack with them. Know and just sit there on the tree and try and call 'em back in. But there was types of dogs that were used for that back in the day.

And it just as a joke though, I've swore up and down that if my wife shoots one, leave it where it is, I'm gonna go get Haggas and we're gonna retrieve that sucker. Even if it's 25 feet. I don't care. We gotta get a dog involved somehow. That would be cool. Yeah. It's just hard for me to hunt all night and then get up at the crack of dawn.

Yeah. And go chase a Turkey. It just, like he said in one of his podcasts, used to be big into the deer hunting and he's hard to comp hunt all night and then go deer hunt in the morning. Yeah. You just gotta pick one. And for me it's dogs. That's why, bro. That's why we day hunt now. That's true. You young bucks to do the nighttime stuff.

No, I can't. [00:31:00] Yeah I, yeah I can't either. And you're right, you can't hunt all night and do the early morning stuff. You just, you can, but physically it's gonna catch you. And Yeah, absolutely. You can only drink so many monster energies and coffees to get you going before you just crash With the aid of a meth deer.

You might be able to, Hey wait. There's a correlation here. Bryce drinking five monsters reaches for his heart the same way that a meth head is after he takes a head of meth. So Monster and Meth, that's the podcast. Seth, monster and meth. Monster And meth, I feel like don't wear a red square on your chest when you're around Bryce.

After a night of koon hunting. That's, he's got a boom paw. You. That's what I was gonna say. Bryce, touch the pad. Touch, touch the pad and you get another Red Bull. Touch the pad and you get another Red Bull. Yeah. Oh, that is gr Chad, that's so funny you said that. I [00:32:00] use a video. From what's his name?

Oh, Lord. I got, I just literally watched it today. What was he in? Oh, crap. It's a tv, it's a sitcom. Penny. Penny and what is his name? Not Sheldon. Yeah, Sheldon. And he the big banks area. The big bank theory. Yes. And they have that where they do opera conditioning. You want a chocolate ever?

Chocolate. Good. We'll do it with, that's right. We'll do it with Bryce, with with a Red Bull

and a spray bottle. No. Yep. I've been thinking about this a lot. And Chad, I'm just gonna say it. I was wondering when is the time to say it, but I went hunting with Chad's Terriers. And I cannot stop thinking about it. Chad, man, I don't know, dude. I may get a set of YAGs, bro. That was fun. Do it. I am not the voice of reason here.

Do it. Do it now. I have, tell me, I have [00:33:00] so much land to do it on. So much, dude. And there you go. That would be fun, man. It would be fun. I first have to, I first have to convince my wife that it would be cool to own two little demons because we've gotten so used to owning this right here, this is what my dogs do, 99% of their life.

That's all they do. They just sleep. This is like peak time to be outside exercising. And he's like right under this air conditioner unit and he's this thing sleeps like 22 hours a day. And so it's crazy to go from six of those to two like tornadoes that are just insanity 24 7. And but I really want to get into, it was, It's fun.

And what I love is that you can hunt with those little guys anywhere, and the, I have so much, the Rio Grande is only like 15 minutes away from me, and there's just miles and miles of canals on public land that you can just hunt down in those cattails like me and Lauren did. But it's really fun with the Terriers man, they just go through the [00:34:00] brushes like little tornadoes, and then you just hear like a booger bark and then just chaos erupt when they hit, it's really fun. Okay. What I think has been cool recently is I've been following a couple guys on social media who are using them for nuisance control. They've got a coon or something in an attic, and they just send their yos in and come back out. Like they, they'd stand on a ladder and get paid.

I was like, that's amazing. Yeah. I got a few buddies that do that myself. Like what? Tyler Slaton does it and Yeah. Yeah, I was, Nick does it two dogs have had my hand on a few times too. Yeah. Tyler's the one I was thinking of. I love watching his social media posts, like just everything he does.

I feel like he's the Heineken man, the world's most interesting man. He just, he's always been everything. He's probably listening. You can't blow his head out too tall. Dogs are horrible. Tyler, your dogs are horrible. They're buck teeth. They got they their eyes. They couldn't bay a T-Rex if they tried.

No. Y'all, speaking of which y'all saw that, what do y'all think of that? Huh? Yes, I was fantastic. [00:35:00] What was finger? What was that? He. I said it was funny, my dogs would probably tuck tail and run something like it come out after. I don't, if they're familiar with the Bay pen, it's easy.

They're wanting to just chew up whatever's coming outta that door anyway. And like something weird it comes out, I think you can come outta there with a ski mask and they'd bay you for a little while until they decided they wanted a pig instead. They were like, that thing's way uglier than a pig.

I don't want to get near it pretty much. Yeah. I've got a question here and I'm gonna go down a rabbit hole just for a second, cuz I've thought about this. So is there a breed standard for a size, like on the yard terrier, like Oh yeah, get 'em too big? That's a loaded question right there.

Oh yeah, there sure is. There sure is. They're not fully recognized by a K c last I checked, but they're f c i, so there's a standard there, there's a American club, that has, their standards and they follow F C I. To be breed worthy, it should be here, but you can compete if your dogs are a little bit bigger.

My, I have, [00:36:00] I've had in standard size and at a standard size, but mostly it's oh gosh, you're gonna put me on the blocks here. But I know this may be off by a pound or two, but pretty much, I think the females can be as low as like 13 pounds and the males can be up to 25, 26, so it's a pretty broad stroke there to begin with. Yeah, because the reason I ask, there's several guys up here that running coyotes is a big thing in the winter. It's so flat and so open. Like they just use their running dogs to go run coyotes. A lot of times they'll get 'em baited up and those dogs don't want anything to do with them and you can't really go in there and dispatch the coyote in some of the places.

So I was like, man, it would be cool to send two yachts in there as catch dogs. But I don't know like how well they would fare against a coyo. I don't know. I've never been around them. Depends on the size, man. Honestly. Dogs, they're the yag terriers, their kryptonite is a larger dog. It's hard to be a tough guy when all four of your legs are off the ground getting shook, so if it's a [00:37:00] standard size yag one-on-one, most coyotes are if they're hungry, they're just gonna, they're gonna whoop it. Like I've seen some of the toughest yas in the world get, get chewed to absolute pieces and some briars and everything like that. Now, if the coyotes just wants to run, it could run.

You can, we've seen those rough bears that, could be very lethal, and then we've seen the videos of a house cat tree in one sometimes, and it's the same thing. The coyote wants them. A coyote's gonna whoop a yack unless you get some of the ones that are bigger outta standard.

And then I have one with a guy named Sean O'Neil right now and his is exactly that. It. It's a flips a switch, so he'll run 'em and ba 'em and everything like that. And then if he goes to when the terrier gets there, it sometimes will pounce on it, and jump right on it.

And then everything else jumps on it too. Kinda like hog dogs, you just need one to flip the switch and everybody else piles on, so they can Yeah. And even if there's a bunch of dogs there, the little guy would probably do all right as long as he doesn't stick his head in the wrong spot, but yeah, that's just what I was curious about. I thought, the [00:38:00] size would be the determining factor there. So I didn't know what the standard was. If you could get a larger dog for a specific purpose Yeah, you can. With stag hounds were made for Bryce. Hey, I heard a couple guys tried to use the stag hounds up here and they, the issue with them was they ran into the fences all the time, like the fences were their achilles's heel.

I don't know. I wasn't around, but that's just, talking to 'em out, out there, running them this last winter, they said that stag houses didn't work up here due to too many fences. Yeah. Barbed wire or the field fence. A mixture of boats. A lot of our field fence has barbed wire on the top of it.

Yeah. It all depends on who's hunting them and how, in my opinion, my humble opinion, it all depends on who's hunting 'em and how much work they put into 'em. Cuz mine will fence like crazy possible will stand flatfooted and jump a five foot field fence, yeah. Now you might not want your dogs to do that and I, I get that.

If they were trained not to thread Bob wire rather than, you don't want 'em jumping [00:39:00] over. I tried to teach possum not to jump over. I'd rather him thread through Bob Wire, but he just, he prefers to jump it, so if they mess with it a bunch, they could do it. But, I, it's all your flavor, there's a million ways I'm gonna pat you on the back, Chad. Go ahead Bruce. No, I was just gonna say, I wonder if we could find any videos of that on Go Wild. I wonder if anybody's posted anything like that. Pull it up and maybe ask a recommendation. Need to get my stag people online. Yeah, I was gonna say I'm gonna pat chat on the back.

I went hunting with his dog possum and it's rare to see a sight hound with that much brain. I will say that mine, they'd probably be dead if I ran 'em in Chad's country, but the, I saw more hairs in 45 minutes of just walking through some of these areas and I was like, wow. And this dog would pick the hairs that were the smart ones to chase.

Mine would just be like, chase that one dead. Yeah chase dead. So I was really impressed and Chad was just being all like, oh no, he's being a pot maker today. And I was like, dude, he's like picking his [00:40:00] shots and being smart about it. That was way more impressive than the running ability any day long.

I was like, dude, this dog has seen hundreds of hairs in his life. And he's okay, this one, nah. This one? Yes. That's smart. Yeah, I like that. The crusty snow was getting him to where he was running on top and every Oh yeah. Sixth step he'd fall down like to his elbow, and going fast doing that, it's, it can, he can take it out of him.

Yeah. So he was getting choosy rather than hurting himself, like you say. So I'm sure he'll, I'll let him know. I'm let, I'll let him know. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. You'll pat him on the head and tell him he's a good boy. Yeah. I posted on Go Wild some hair trophies and they were saying distance and I, it wouldn't let me put the distance of the race in cuz I put meth his dogs.

And I was like, distance. How? Okay. So the race was like almost two miles, but you can't put that in as distance cuz they think it's firearm range. So I just had to put, don't know. So yeah, I have to do that with all my [00:41:00] coon trophies. It's like asking distance. I'm like, I'm not really sure how high up in the tree that raccoon really was.

I dunno, meet with Braden and Jacob and Brad and have 'em change that because I'm with you on some of that. It should be race distance, not, how far you shot it for us for Hounds. Man, that's a good idea. I'm going we'll hit him up with that Falcon. Be responsive with that.

Oh yeah. If you talk to him, get a falconry option. I've been wanting to put my falconry stuff in there and. And there's no bird, you know I'm saying Hounds it's like a Jack Rabbit and I got a falcon next to it and it's means of take hounds, Falcon Hounds we'll pitch.

That's all we can do. We can pitch it to 'em. Them guys are pretty open. They'll, I'm sure they'll be glad to switch it up. It's really fun though. I'm just getting into it and it's, you gotta learn a new forum and the buttons are different and how you post stuff's different.

But if you just do it, get into it and get started with it it's pretty cool. I like it. [00:42:00] It's definitely different from some of the other network platforms, but I'm liking it. I'm starting to like it. I'm calling Bryce out. I'm calling you out. Bryce. Call me out. There's no way you listen all these podcasts.

Cause all you put Great episode. Great episode. I need to know content. I need to know what. Here's the deal, Heath. So in my day-to-day job, I spend eight to 10 hours a day in my truck on the road driving. I put 370 something miles on my truck today. So I've got a lot of free time to kill.

And you've got a new truck too, didn't you? Yeah, I got a new truck in January. It had 15,000 miles on it, and as of today it rolled over 39,000. And it's a Dodge. It is, it's a Ram 1500. First time I've ever got away from the Chevy. I'm sorry, but I couldn't pick up the deal. But here's the deal with the podcast is, I'm not gonna call myself out like Chad didn't expose myself.

But in certain circumstances you don't have a lot of time to type [00:43:00] something up. So you just got, you can't leave it blank and say you listen to it. So a great episode. It auto-populates. I listen to it and I get my points that way. Yeah. Which I'll have, I just cashed in about a week ago and saved 30% on all American pressure canor for Nicki to start cannings and vegetables.

Yeah. So you can give her something to do. Poor girl. I seen you plow on the garden. That was me plow on the garden yesterday and today your definition of big really worries me. She said, that's what she said. It was the size of my kitchen table. And I'm like, Bryce, that ain't big. What are you doing? Whatcha gonna put two tomato plants and a pepper in there?

Like what?

That must have been an optical illusion via Snapchat. You really couldn't get the whole scope of the range, size range. It was a vast panorama. Yes, exactly. It was much larger than I cared to push a tiller behind for two [00:44:00] days tomatoes as far as the, I could see. Yeah, he had three plants.

Hey. She had to go swab the gerbils out of that dodgy had, those gerbil every 200 miles. You gotta swap the gerbils out. That's right. That's right. Yeah. But thanks to go wild, like I said, did save 30% on a new canor. So I got her a canor. I'm going this weekend to buy her a new gas stove.

And I've got her garden ready for her to plant. So we ought be eating good this summer, boys. I'm just saying. I will say with the Go wild, and I feel sorry for Nikki. I'm so sorry that Bryce is making you do all this, but I, every time I catch a fish or every time I, I'm able to catch something, see something.

I put my dog train. Chad, do you put your dog training on there? On what? On the go Wild. Go Wild. I'm just getting started. I'm just, like I said, I'm just getting started to it. I'm having a lot of fun with it. I haven't put any videos on there yet. [00:45:00] Just pictures so far. Some trophies.

Yeah. Yeah, so I'm like, every time I do something I'm like, yes, I'm gonna get some points. Yes, I'm gonna get some points. So everything I do goes on there. Like everything I do. I'm the same way. So he's, since I know you're watching my Snapchats, cuz you saw how big of a garden I was telling up just small.

I'm sure you saw last night the coon that we treat and if you listen real carefully, you can actually hear me in the background. I didn't think he, it would pick me up, but I was telling a guy that I was hunting with, I said, look, I'm recording this. I said I gotta get my points on go wild. Cuz he kept asking me why I kept pulling my phone out every tree.

Hey, do you get points for slicks? No. No points for slick trees. We do not post those. We will be honest if asked about, but that is not information we just divulge. I was gonna comment on one of 'em. I was like, ah, I'm not gonna do that to my buddy. Oh, hey, I'll be [00:46:00] honest as they come, I'm just not gonna give it out if I'm not asking.

Fair enough. Fair enough. Yeah. That would be like, asking why didn't catch that? Yeah, that'd be like asking why you didn't catch that fish the other day. Like you caught, which caught two, you let you, you said you caught two, but you let one get away. Why were we not three for three? And I didn't, he didn't get the hooks in him.

He did not hook up. Like he come up and he jammed my bait and then I seen him come up, up and I'm like, crap. So he didn't hook up. And then wait, say that was Monday. I seen six fish, I caught two, missed one, and had three more follows and could, and I lo let me, oh, let me tell you a story. Let me just tell you this story because it was such a great day and at the same time it was a complete and utter disaster.

So caught my first fish in 30 minutes. I was there like stoked. It had a tag in it. So the D W R in Virginia, they tag muskies and if you pull the tag and send it in, they pay you 20 [00:47:00] bucks. Anyway, I got the fish up when I was pulling it outta the net. I was like, I seen the tag. I'm like, okay. I got a tag.

I pulled it up, got a picture of it, put it back. I was so excited. I put it back down in the water and I had his by the tail and I realized, I'm like, crap, I didn't get the tag. By the time I wrenched to pull it he'd gone darted off. So it is what it is. And then I went and missed another, that one.

And I went up R River, a couple miles moved one, and I fished that area and I went back to see if I could hook up on him and ended up catching the second fish. All right, so she's 46 inches. She's a nice fish. I get her in the net now. I'm by myself now. And if you try to hold a pole, get a net, get a musky and a net and do all that, it's pretty hard.

I was fishing in some shallower water, so I had pulled my troller motor up and left it where it wasn't running real deep. [00:48:00] So when I ran to the back of the boat to net her and got her in the net, my boat raises up in the front and you could, all you can hear is the thawing of the troller motor. So I hooked my net on the back of my boat.

I run back to the front of my boat, let my troller motor back down. Cause I had screwed it where it was sitting higher. So I unscrewed it, let it down. I'm tightening it up, and I turn around and look at my net is floating down the river, floating down the river with the fish in it. So I hit my spotlight, let off it, I swing the boat around, go down the river in the, I don't know how, I don't know how.

It did not sink. I was able to grab the net, get it back up in the boat. By then, I'm like, I'm a, I'm an an utter mess. Like I am shaking, I am cussing, I am screaming, like I'm telling you. So I get the fish out, take a [00:49:00] picture, put it back in, and I literally had to sit down on the boat for 10 minutes to regain my composure.

Now, how did you take a picture with a 46 inch Musky by yourself? So secret of the trade. Here you go. So I have a I have a a holder that goes on my boat. And so my phone sits in it. So what I do is I just hit record, turn the phone towards me, and when I pick it up outta the water, boom, and then right back in the water.

So literally the fish is not outta the water for more than 15 seconds. And then I just screenshot it and it's a picture. So you have a glorified selfie stick on your John boat is what you're telling me. It's my phone. It's my phone. So yeah, I just take a video of it yeah. So now it gets, it's gets me even better.

So I fished down the river. I go back to where I missed the fish that morning and I'm fish in that area [00:50:00] and I'd started up river a coup, maybe 150 yards and I'd fish down and I get to that area and boom, here he comes. But he's running low under my bait, so he's not, I know that he's not ready to pounce on it.

So I come in, I do my eight and I see him just he goes over in some ledges and lays there. So I float down river, I turn my boat around and go back up river. And the n very next cast, I go to whip my rod. And when I whip my rod, there goes my bait across the river. Yeah, that's not cheap. Those are expensive, aren't they?

Yes. Yes. So can you tell me, those are like 60 bucks a lure or something like that? Some of them are that cheap. Yes. So I hit my troller motor. I'm jetting across the river. The wind's blowing. So it's got a little bit of ripple to the area that I was in. Search for it for an hour, cannot find it.

I'm like, crap, it's just time to go home. Like [00:51:00] I've done dropped my net, I've lost a lore. I just need to call it a day. So the next morning me and my buddy go back and we fish that same area and he catches a small fish pretty much right off the bat. And we go up river and I catch another one. He had to be back at the boat ramp by 11.

So I took him back to the boat ramp by 11. And I'm like, I'm gonna go back and look for that, Lord. It's 12 o'clock. I've got my, my, my glasses on. I can see in the water really good. So I go back up and I start doing a grid pattern searching for that bait. And I searched about 30 minutes, and I said, I'm gonna make one more pass.

So I go back up the river and I started searching to the right a little bit more this time, and sure enough, bam, there it is. So I'm trying to get my boat switched around. I lost it again. Long story short, an hour and 15 minutes into that excursion, I got my bait outta the water. Yes, yay, the win-win.

So I'm home, [00:52:00] I'm going home, I'm going home. Now does that one fish count as two catches? Cuz you actually caught it and then lost it in the net and then caught the net again. Is that it should, I should post it twice. Twice. That's points. Yes. And you know something real quick, and I know we were talking about dogs, but you know when you get a Musky that's over 45 inches, you're getting into a 15 to 20 year old fish.

Oh, that's cool. Like people Yeah. Don't realize that. I did not. Yeah. You need to come down to Summer Bryce and we need to hit it for a couple days. I know we've talked about it for four years now, how I need to come down and go fishing and not just come bear hunting and I just haven't done it yet.

Yep. Why she's planting in mats in three plants. Get on down here. Yeah I'll sneak away for a weekend. Yeah. Have any of you guys ever been fly fishing? Nope. Yes. I can't get the bear to go after the fly. So[00:53:00]

where'd you go, Heath? I'm right here. You're fly fishing in your living room? Oh, no. We, you, could we fly, like we have a lot of trout streams, like from my house. Let me see. I got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. I got eight trout streams within 30 minute drive of my house. Wow. So let me ask you the, do you know what the San Juan shuffle is?

No. Is it a sandwich? It's a famous a famous Trout River here in New Mexico, and I guess apparently they like pioneered a thing where you like shuffle up the bottom with your feet and it like stirs up all the benthic macropods on the. On the surface. Oh, or on the, yeah. And then it causes the trout to swarm around your feet in a feeding frenzy. And you can catch 'em. Apparently it's illegal now, but I've been I've only, I've caught less than 10 fish in my entire life and six of them were in Canada last year. But I did go [00:54:00] fly fishing once I, believe it or not. I got my degree in fish biology and I worked on a fish crew for a long time and I went fly fishing with this one guy who was a total fly fishing addict.

And I. The, we were in a totally naive stream and the fish had never been really fly fish at all. So they, a child could have caught him, which was good cuz I didn't know what I was doing. I threw my fly in the water and then he was like, all right, now like whip it back and forth. So I start whipping it back and forth.

Little do I know, I actually caught a fish. I was like three inches long and I was just like whipping him along in the air and then he like sat on the water and just like splat and then swam down the water was like, oh, I caught one that like reeled him in. So the first fish I ever caught on the fly, I didn't know he was there and I whipped him around a little bit, but he was all right.

He was a brown trout. They're tough. Ah, yeah. Sos Seth, you said you've caught less than 10 fish in your life. Is that fly fishing or 10 total fish in the existence of Seth Hall? 10. 10 total fish in the existence of Seth Hall. Yep. He lives in a desert. [00:55:00] Bryce. I know it's hard. Fathom. Yeah, so we have this huge lake, but I caught one catfish it one time that I can remember.

Yeah, bait fishing. And it was more just drinking than fishing, which is most fishing around here. But then I caught a bunch of fish. I actually caught like a 30 inch lake trout in Canada that was really rad of a picture of them. And then was it around Rainbow? What's up rainbow? Yeah, I caught a rainbow.

And then, no, the lake trout is that's what they're called. Like a lake trout. Lake trout, yeah. Yeah. They're like a big trout, but they're good. That's just so hard for me to fathom cuz like literally right outside that window right there. My computer won't pick it up, but that's the w the Wabash River.

I literally live on the river in my front yard, so it's just crazy. There's a couple of steep rivers I live next to, so unless it's rain season, Yeah, pretty much. That's the, and then the Rio Grande, but it's just an irrigation ditch. The fishing is horrible, so I don't go down there. Nah.

But Northern New Mexico has [00:56:00] amazing fly fishing. Like it's literally world class. I believe there's a movie called A River Runs Through It. Yep. And it's filmed there yeah. Yeah. Didn't he come outta the Grand Canyon? Yeah, that's a little north of us, obviously in, in Arizona. Yeah. But there was some other places I thought were filmed somewhere near the San Juan or something.

But anyway, yeah. The fly fishing up there is just incredible. It's super diverse state, but man, we're a hunting destination in my world. Like Southern New Mexico's a total hunting destination. You can be hunting orx in the desert, drive 25 minutes and be a hunting elk at 7,000 feet altitude. So it's it's pretty rad for hunting.

But I'm not a fisherman at all. I need to go fishing for real. When I was in East Texas, a friend of ours shout out to Yammy, he invited me to go sea trout fishing off Texas. And I was like, yeah, I'm gonna do that. I think that would be really cool. Yeah so Seth, like if you're not around fishing, do I have a dream hunt that I want to go on.

Do you have a dream fishing trip that you want to go on, dude, yes, I do. I love smoked salmon, so I would love to go out and either snag salmon [00:57:00] or catch salmon on a rod and reel by the Milton Megaton and just devour smoke salmon with my wife until I'm as fat as one of those bears that goes into hibernation.

You know what I mean? That would be, yeah. So where would you do that? Where would you snag a Milton of salmon? When we were in Canada, they said that the salmon run through the Baine Lake and I, those guys are pretty cool, Lloyd and all them. So probably there, but also maybe somewhere in Alaska.

I've always wanted to go to Alaska. I was, I really enjoyed the 20 hour day. That was super rad to just experience that. And if you go farther north, it's permanent sunlight in the summertime, which would be. Really trippy to experience. I'd like to see that. Yeah, probably some kind of salmon fishing, or, this is gonna sound weird, but like somewhere deep in the Amazon where we're like wearing loincloths and we're like running through the jungle.

Barefoot and spearing fish. That would be badass. All right. Jeremy Wade. We watched that. River Monsters. I have. Yeah. I'm less pretentious though. Yeah, [00:58:00] I just wanna run around the Amazon and a loin cloth. So mosquitoes will eat you alive. You're alone. I forget about mosquitoes cuz I live in a place that doesn't have them, so I always forget that mosquitoes are a thing and then I go other places and I'm a sad panda, but yeah.

Anyway. What about you guys? Where's your dream fishing trip? We're on fishing. We're going for it. We'll start with game catcher. Where's your dream fishing trip, bro? I wanna go to Alaska. I wanna go to the Kenai River. My brother went last year, him and a group of friends went out and they just went everywhere.

It was like a five day, and they went they fished the o the ocean. They fished the river. They got salmon, they had trout, they had everything flounder cod or whatever. So I, that's what I wanna do, but when I was in Yellowstone last year, I fished the fire hole river for trout. And I would like to I would love to go back and do a three day fishing trip again in Yellowstone, and then maybe do a [00:59:00] float trip somewhere in Wyoming.

I saw some people doing that. That would be good for me too. Yeah, any, I don't know. I'll fish anywhere but Alaska and that area would be cool.

What about you, Bryce? Man, I don't know. I was quiet cuz I've never thought about that. I am not an avid fisherman. The summertime I do catfish. Catfish I have now. But I like to catfish. I enjoy running them on bank poles. I don't know. So we just take the boat out and we got poles. We stick into the bank, put a live on it put it right just under the surface of the water and it starts splashing around and the flatheads will come up for easy prey and catch 'em that way.

So you run down, set all your poles, and then you just float down the river, have a good time, talk to your buddies and then you run back and you check. I don't have the patience to sit still, which is why I'm not good at fishing. And it's why I run dogs and set up other types of hunting cuz I've got to be moving.

So the, running bank poles on the river, you're constantly moving. You're never sitting [01:00:00] still. That's what I like to do. But I don't know, I've never thought about where my ideal destination fishing trip would be. Didn't you just post something about going to Florida and fishing? No.

That was the works of my wonderful girlfriend who told me yesterday when she got home from work. We're going on vacation and going fishing, so you're going on the ocean fishing. Hey, you know what, I've just come to accept it. Yep. Happy wife, happy life. We know do it. Bryce, you're making her plant a garden.

I'm not making her plant a garden. This is her dreams and aspirations. There's really good things around here that are her. Wait. Chickens and gardens, those are her deals, not mine. I just help her with the size of that garden. You could have built a, like a four by four garden box and being just as well off.

In fact you, if you did two of them, she'd be getting double. Her money's worth. When I garden, all I do is spend all my time and money to just fence [01:01:00] out all the animals trying to eat my garden cuz it's the only green thing for 500 miles. And so it's just always never fun. Plus I live in Dune san, so Bryce, I don't care how big a garden is, I'm envious brother.

Yeah I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's probably 20 foot wide by, I'm gonna say 50 foot long if I had to guess. Now I haven't got a tape measure out and made that specific, but it's substantial. OnX card. Take your OnX app and map it. Oh, draw like a perimeter boundary around it. There you go.

That's wrong. That's right. And it'll tell you that it's four by four. It'll fit three tomato plants and a pepper plant. I wouldn't worry about it too much, man. I've, somebody's told me before, it's not the size of your garden, it's how you use it. So you tell him to hush, man. It's right.

That's right. Hey, she gets pleasure outta my garden, so I'm gonna let it go. That's all that matters. [01:02:00] Per, personally, I just planted a 160 acres of crop, but yeah, I'm not, yeah, I'm not gonna, the size doesn't matter. It's alright. You

don't worry. It's infested with gaping prairie dog holes. Anyway. Chad Gay, he's not lying. They, I they're winning. They enjoy more of it than I do, that's for sure. That's what I imagine your dream fishing trip is. Chad, just sitting over a prairie dog with a rod and reel. Prairie dog hole. That would be good.

But I actually thought about this one. I would, and I picked on Tyler's dogs earlier, but he's got some cool terriers, man, I'd take him or maybe Trickle Air Moore's YAGs. But some Yag Terriers. A Packy YAGs, two or three of them and go up to one of them. I don't know much about River Fish, I'll be honest.

Like I grew up in South Florida, so I, my dad was big into fish, so I've caught, kingfish and Mahe, heat dolphin, stuff like that. But I kinda got spoiled at that on a young age. That was something he did. And I like the dogs a little bit more, but but the river fish I don't know much about.

But I've [01:03:00] seen this, and I don't even know if this is a legal means of take, so forgive me, this is my fishing fantasy here. But I would like to go to one of them where they're at the end of their spawn or whatever, where they're in those like big puddles where they really can't get away and just turn loose a pack a little yag terriers until they ran one of them rascals down and caught 'em, and like chest deep water.

I think that'd be freaking hilarious. I would say I'd be in tears. I get mad, call me laughing. So hard. I know we can make this happen. I'm not even exaggerating with carp. Is that re a hundred percent? I'm dead serious. We could do this with Carp. Fantastic. You can come up here and go to Indiana.

We can do the carp thing too, man. I mean there's just pools of when the river floods, they get stranded out in the middle of the field and it's just it's a free for all. That's where we te take people to learn how to bow shoot. Cuz you can't go anywhere. Bryce. Bryce. But it's a legal method of take.

It is legal what? With the bow or with the dog? With the bow, but I'm saying having the fish trapped in their little area. So I don't know. I've never tried the dog. Bryce, do you know where Bath Indiana [01:04:00] is? I don't, but I can find out really quick. There's the great American carp round up there where all the s carp are like jumping out of the water or is it Bath, Illinois.

Oh, it's Illinois, not Indiana. It's Illinois. My bad. Sorry. Okay. Anyway, BA bath Illinois is where the carp jump out of the water and they have this like great redneck carp roundup where everyone's the only rules are you can't use you can't use rodden reels and you have to wear a crazy costume.

So I want to, we should hound the xp. We should go to that. That would be our dream fi. That's my dream fishing trip right there. I'm gonna, I'm, yeah, I'm revising you. You don't even have to go to Bath. I've got a video. I'll try and dig it up here after this. You just come right up here with us.

We've got the Asian carp that are so crazy. Some, in some parts of the river, we literally take the seat cushions of the boat that you are also flotation devices and. Put 'em like a shield that way whenever the flying cart or the cart jumping the boat, you can knock him off and not get knocked in head.

Cause like I've got a [01:05:00] video like that and I'm at the front of the boat and I'm recording towards the back of the boat where my buddy's driving and his dad's got his shield and there's just Asian cart just jumping by the hundreds everywhere. It's, I want to experience it. Yep. You don't, they're slimy, they're disgusting.

They absolutely destroy your boat and you can't get the smell off of you no matter how much you take a bath afterwards. It's terrible. Bryce, are we gonna eat one? I'm not into the Asian cart, but the buffalo carp, they say the ribs on 'em are really good. There's actually a market for it around here now.

They're buffalo ribs. Oh, Bob Lover. That's pretty good. Seriously, because Hounds one xp. Look, Chad is an a, Chad is one of the most adventurous, outgoing eaters I've ever met. He'll eat anything. And so he's all what? He's lying. I promise. I negative. I know he is because he eats bore hogs, so he's clearly an adventurous eater.

Oh, he did say that on a podcast. That is true. Hey I've got a picture here. What about like catfish noodling? I think somebody mentioned that earlier. We talked [01:06:00] about it but Chad, in Prairie Dog Holes, like going down there, sticking his arm, trying to grab the prairie dogs in the middle of the field.

We got a story about that. We shoot a lot of them because they are nuisance animals out by me. Check your states, make sure it's legal, but out here we can wear 'em out, we get hundreds and hundreds every year and we always try and, count to see who get gets the most, and One of my buddies, Yuy would always fish down there, d run up their dive and throw his hand down there trying to make sure it doesn't get away so he can keep his numbers up, and one split him open, man, them little rascals have teeth, let me tell you. They can bite and we've all joked about him turning into like a wear prairie dog or something down afterwards. But something else to think about is them rascals carry the plague. Like literally thining them out's probably not a bad thing at all.

That's one of their biggest population controls is when their towns get into a critical density. They bubonic plague, like sweeps through their community and destroys them all. So that's not something you wanna have around [01:07:00] like literal bubonic plague black. Yeah, bubonic plague, no joke. That's what they get.

And it's transferrable to humans. Definitely is transferrable to humans. So yeah, stick to not those. Not yet noodling the plague. That would also be a, an episode title. What I've always wondered is you've seen, I dunno if you guys have seen 'em, they actually have these like vacuum trucks, these massive vacuum trucks, like the size of a cement mixer or something, I've seen 'em.

And they'll put a giant vacuum hose on the holes to suck 'em out, and it's it's hilarious. You'll hear it, it'll turn on and then all of a sudden little prairie dogs go flying down the hose, and they'll catch a lot of them, like a lot. It's very effective. Yeah. What I've always wondered is, can you after you get 'em all out, go somewhere else, can you like flip it on reverse?

Can you shoot 'em out? Can you fire these little rascals back out of the hose at when you're done, or you like Yes. It's at your local trap club. [01:08:00] Yeah, exactly. It'd be like skeet, suiting, shooting, yeah. Yes. Yeah you. So I've seen those vacuum trucks. I've never seen 'em in action, but I've seen them afterwards.

And yeah, the back of the, like the tank that has all, where all the human waste would be is converted and that's where the prairie dogs are. They're like in it and they apparently they chill out in there cause they just think it's like a big borough. So you can just have 'em in there and then they just take 'em to a new spot and open the back and just dump them out basically.

And then they just run off. So that's not happening. Why are we shooting? We're shooting them back out, man. No, not at all. They're like little prairie dog missiles. Like little like darts. Yeah. Yeah. When they jump, when they dump fish into remote mountain lakes and streams, they literally just airdrop them.

They just fly over the mountain, open the tank and they just pour out into the mountain. They, the fish just fall. But the prairie dogs, if you were gonna ask Bryce, why they relocate them is cuz, believe it or not, in some places they're trying to reestablish them to be an ecosystem engineer basically. Cuz they do perform pretty vital.

[01:09:00] Service to the ecosystem in a lot of environments. So in parts of New Mexico where they were extricated from climate change poor grazing practices and overhunting, they're like trying to reestablish their populations in certain areas to maintain the grassland and they help push back shrub invasion.

So they, they can be pretty helpful. And not on Chi's place, they're not, but some places around us, they definitely are. He's nope. So yeah, it was pretty cool. And dream fishing, yes, I'm gonna completely take back, I was trying to be what would be a dream fishing experience for me and my wife, but in reality I take that back entirely.

The cart fishing with the jumping cart. I want to hit 'em with a samurai sword. And then also, how could I forget noodling. I really want to go noodling and I'm still gonna say the Amazon thing. That's true. But I wanna go noodling too. So if you got any Oklahoma listeners out there, I want to go.

Okie noodling the real deal. And yeah, I want to give that a shot. That'd be awesome. Yeah, I'm not sticking my hand any [01:10:00] hole in the river. I was not doing it. Yeah I think it's a little crazy, but it does sound like my cup of tea, so I'm about it. And we'll watch Chad Chad stick his arm down a prairie dog hole.

No, not me. I seen what happens. Nope. Nope. You worked a Guinea pig, weren't you? Nah, I had to stitch his finger back together, it was, it that little prey dog opened him up. His whole index finger was like wide open down to the first knuckle, chad goes noodling for badgers.

That's what he was noodling for now. Yeah, I got a scar from the first knuckle all the way to the second knuckle from that. Oh. Hagas. Just trying to pull one and I was trying to help him out and it got a hold of me. You guys, I think we're closing in on an hour. I got no final thoughts.

I covered everything I wanted to and more. I my face is hurting from laughing so much. I I, my internet cut out. But the last thing I heard was Chad making fun of his dodge, having all the gerbils in the engine. And that was a good thing to, for me, my internet to [01:11:00] cut out on. But we'll start we'll work our way.

We'll work our way clockwise. Game catcher. You got any final thoughts, brother? No I'm going let's see what this, I'm off this week. So my plans are to canine train Monday. I'm gonna go North Carolina, chase some bears. Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I'm gonna be back on the river chasing the Musky.

Hopefully I can at least, I'd like to hook, I'd like to boat another one, honestly, but I won't get my hopes up and that's about what my next couple days look like. Doing little outdoors adventure. It's the only way to live life. Everybody tells me that I'm obsessed and I'm like, no, it's just a way of life.

Absolutely. If I can't be outside, then I don't, I don't know what I you're passionate Heath telling the hush passion. That's what I tell 'em all the time. They're like, I never seen somebody spend so much time in the woods as you. I don't, I'm in the summertime, I'm on the river and they, Bryce made a comment there that kind of [01:12:00] resonates with me when I was younger.

There was a time in my life that if it didn't have a dog involved in it, I did not do it. Like my whole world revolved around a dog. And I think where I have learned, like the canine the law enforcement training that I've had and the stuff like that I've learned to maintain my dogs. And of course now I don't have season here.

We got, I got August, September, and December to hunt. That's it. So I do a little tra like I said, I'm going down to North Carolina next week. Spend a couple days down there, just knock the rust off the dogs, get 'em out, get 'em some exercise, hopefully I can make another trip before the end of May and then July I'll try to take a trip up north and then ours comes in August.

But I, I've learned to balance my dogs and I keep 'em busy enough around the house. Yeah, I'm not putting 'em on game cause I can't, but I keep 'em busy enough doing the mundane [01:13:00] work. Chad did, a lot of people don't wanna do, the loading and the leading and the recalling and just hands on just building that relationship with them, like just putting hands on and spending time with them. And I've said it in my podcast numerous times, like 15, 20 minutes a day goes a long way. And that's a lot, so somebody posted this, and it may have been one of you guys, but they said, if you spent 18 minutes a day doing something, 18 minutes a day, doing something every day, that you will be better than 95% of the people at what you're doing.

If that make, if that, am I making sense when I'm saying that? Oh, you makes sense, buddy. That's good. Yeah. So yeah, it says if if I spend 18 minutes a day fooling with my dogs and I do it every day, I will be better than 90, per 90 to 95% of the people. So I'm I try to balance my stuff out.

I spend time with my dogs, I'm not out hunting them because I can't, but I'm doing the stuff that, that we should, the maintenance work we should be doing in all season. So [01:14:00] that's a wrap for me, Seth, buddy, to ju to jump in on what you were saying there, Heath I think I came across the wrong way.

That's not a lot. That's, that doesn't take up a lot. Five minutes to 15 minutes or 18 minutes. That's very manageable. And just like you're saying I, man, I can't agree with you more. Grand Canyon wasn't a whole lot of water and a little bit of time, it was a little bit of water over a long amount of time, and it dug the Grand Canyon, and if you just spend.

Five to, like you say, 15 minutes with your dogs a day, or at least every other day. Man, you could teach 'em all kinds of stuff. It, everybody thinks you gotta do an hour's worth of obedience or something like that. You don't wanna do it. The dog doesn't want, nobody wants to do that, but just like you're saying, just take 'em out a little bit, yeah. So I can't agree with you more. I didn't wanna steal your thunder there, but you started saying it. I was jumping up and down over here, so I just literally, yeah, it works wonders, don't it, Chad? It does, but it does. So I say that all the time and hear you say it. Yes. This man's got it.

Go. So I'm with you. I'm with you. I'll [01:15:00] calm down now. Go ahead, get somebody else. Talk.

Bryce. What you got, brother? What you got? Closing in on nine o'clock here, which means it's getting dark, so that means I'm getting ready to go hit the timber. There you go, brother. Got the Indy got the Indiana State Youth Hunt going on this weekend. My boy's gonna be hunting in that it's the school night.

So I don't know if he's, I don't know if he's gonna go with me tonight or not, but I'll go out there anyways and keep his dog tuned up and try and give him the best chance we can to win this Indiana State Youth Hunt Saturday. Nice. It's about all we got going on over here. Gardens, chickens, and coon dogs.

That's what's happening in Indiana. It's all's a good life. Cows sounds like a good life. Cows. The longhorns. Yeah, those are cool. CC close out Chad ccg there. You go. Ohm me. I'm just as spring bears finally start, getting, going out here and I'm gonna try and chase them around a little bit.

They should be getting out of their dens. And And then getting the [01:16:00] rest of the seed in the ground. So chasing bears and putting seeds in the dirt. That's good for me. How many seeds are you planting? Like a six by six. A 10 by 10. He said he's on the back 40. Bryce. Yeah, I'll round it off to an even 200 before I'm done, but now I couldn't count the seeds. I don't know bud. Couple million. I think I got two and a half tons to go still, so somewhere, right around there. One, one seed, two seeds. Yep. Economical.

Yeah. I just wanted to make a quick shout out. Thank you to our patrons. You guys rock. We've been getting awesome engagement there. We just put out a poll and we're gonna put out another one. So thank you guys for your voice, and if you're not a patron, go check us out. You guys. There's all kinds of sweet bonus content and there's gonna be even more coming down the pipeline.

That's all I got fellas. My life is the same old wrapping up hair coring season. It's getting hot here. It's almost 90. So we're [01:17:00] gonna keep it simple. But you guys if that's everything, you follow your hounds and I'll follow mine. Thanks everyone for tuning in and we'll see you soon later boys.

See ya.