Post Season Bow Maintenance with Proformance Archery

Show Notes

Andrew’s flying solo on this week’s interview as he sits down with Mike Debolt of Proformance Archery. Mike’s shop is just north of Newark Ohio. Mike has a career’s worth of knowledge in the archery industry and he’s willing to share with us some tips. What we need to know from the ATA show from his perspective, how to put your bow away post deer season, tuning, purchasing, etc. A LOT of information to wrap up the archery season. Paul is getting old, and crippled. He’s struggling with some back issues but has spent the past week catching up on at home duties. Andrew’s still working on finding a buck, taking down tree sets, and working his culinary skills in his saddle. News from around the state includes reduction in the fall turkey season, additional acres added to Shawnee State Forest, and hunting safety reminders. The O2 Podcast brought to you by GoWild. O2 podcast on GoWild Instagram: @the.o2.podcast Twitter: @ohiohunt Ohio Outdoors is Powered by Simplecast

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