Prairies, Farming, and First Generation Hunting with Kent Boucher

Show Notes

This week we're phoning in from across the big river, as we talk with Iowa native, Kent Boucher! Now I know what you're thinking, isn't this the WISCONSIN Sportsman? Yes, it is, but Kent is too awesome of a guy, and possesses a wealth of knowledge too great to miss, and spoiler alert, this isn't the last you'll be hearing from him!

Kent hosts the First Gen Hunter Podcast, the Prairie Farm Podcast, and is the Production Manager of Hoksey Native Seeds. In this episode, Pierce and Kent have a great conversation on the importance  and countless benefits of prairies on our landscapes, and how the work Kent and his team are doing at Hoksey is impacting landscapes across the midwest. They also have a serious talk about land usage and the evolution and (in many cases) disappearance of family farms across much of America's heartland. Throughout this, they cover many of the struggles that farmers face in this current era, and shed some light on many misconceptions people hold about farming as a whole. After that, they dive into Kent's journey as a first-generation hunter, and how he has learned and begun his journey as an outdoorsman while raising and growing a family. 

It's an absolutely fantastic conversation, that we think you will all learn a lot from. Be sure to go follow along with Kent's work and adventures @first.gen.hunter and @hokseynativeseeds , and listen to the awesome content he's putting out on The First Gen Hunter Podcast and The Prairie Farm Podcast on whatever platform you listen on!

Recommended Books:

1491 by Charles C. Mann

Tending Iowa's Land by Cornelia Mutel

Farming for the Long Haul by Michael Foley

A Country So Full of Game by James J. Dinsmore

Show Transcript