Preserving Land for the Next Generation

Show Notes

On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Skyler Watkins about his plan to secure hunting and fishing property for the future generations.

Skyler started guiding hunts at 14 and has worked in the field ever since. After years in the industry traveling the country hunting and fishing as well as guiding many clients to successful outdoor adventures, Skyler started The Wild U which is an unbiased and non judgmental space for outdoorsmen and women to grow in their knowledge and experience of outdoor activities. He has since started a non profit called 4Progeny, an organization designed to take a stand against anti hunting legislation and governmental agendas by purchasing private land through crowd sourced funding to be held in a non profit organization for use by the public hunting community. Dan and Skyler talk all about how we can each take a small step towards preserving land that will collectively make a huge difference.

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