Property Improvement & Setting Your Hunting Property Up for All Season Success

Show Notes

In this podcast Todd Shippee from Empire Land Management, based in Wisconsin, discusses how he develops hunting properties. Todd is well known as a turnkey hunting property developer that supports clients that require food plots, ponds, timber and field restoration, and much more. He specializes in hunting property enhancement for large and small land and shares his secrets to success. Todd explains that the measurement to success is best recognized when your hunting property becomes unswerving to many of the outside pressures and changes in the environment. The true indicator of a great property is that it should improve during hunting season. Todd’s focus on property layout and smart ways to utilize existing vegetation that will create constant attraction for deer. Todd breaks down specific food sources in his food plots, how he lays out special features, and designs bedding areas to continue to create attraction. Annually Todd’s client’s boast large bucks and hefty doe harvests because of his tactics. Todd goes as far as helping each client pick treestand locations and retrieve deer harvested. Todd ends with a great remark and suggests that the wise man learns from his mistakes, but the really wise man learns from other people’s mistakes. Social Links Whitetail Landscapes is Powered by Simplecast

Show Transcript