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Today’s show opens with Dan’s scouting trip for his upcoming hunt on Land Between the Lakes. He started out telling us his first experience ever hearing an elk bugle, what would’ve been a perfect moment kind of got ruined a bit, you’ll have to listen in to see how! On his scouting trip he ran into a few new trail cameras on the part of the public he has been drawn to hunt on, unfortunately he’s going to have more competition than he would’ve liked! Brayden then dives into his recent weekend out public land hunting. He got in the stand super early with a nice overcast so it was completely dark, next thing he knows he looks up and here comes a small twinkle of light through the woods. The next thing he knows there’s two headlights coming through the woods and eventually make their way almost all the way to his tree. He flashed his light for a while until eventually they turned and made their way to a different spot. The morning progressed slowly until his hunt started to heat up a bit. Make sure to listen to this episode Sponsored by to hear the action from his hunt!

Closing out Brayden gives us a rundown on a mysterious blue truck that’s been parked at a public hunting spot parking lot for weeks. Thinking someone maybe left the truck there, things take a very interesting turn when they are loading up the truck ready to go. This whole area has been weird since he started hunting the area, make sure to listen in to just how crazy it is.

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A lot of action, a lot of action in the woods this weekend. First off, thanks to our lovely friends at gunbroker. com for sponsoring this episode of Uncensored. They are not responsible for what comes out of our mouths after this point. I feel like I must clarify that. It'd be better if they weren't. Ha.

Yeah. They do not assume responsibility. Remember that time that Brayden got hit on TikTok because he talked about the guy that has the record buck in Indiana and he told the story and it was all wrong. And then Paul introduced me to him at to Huff at ATA. And I had to tell him the whole story, and it was really uncomfortable.

He was cool about it, but I felt like a total dink. Non traditional book. Yeah, it was beyond me getting the story wrong. I said a bunch of words that weren't even words, and heh! It's just, and the problem is, yeah, Iraqistan. Yeah, we call that the Danning it. Yeah. Yeah, and that is why [00:01:00] Gun Broker is not responsible.

Yeah, they know better. Yeah, dan you were just showing me a picture of some elk. Yes, I went back to Land Between the Lakes. And they have an elk and bison preserve. I talked about this on a previous Uncensored. It's fenced. And last time we went, it was hot. And there was a bunch of bison, and we only saw two elk.

It was a bull and a calf. Someone on YouTube said that sounds like something Biden would say. I don't know what that means exactly, but that's what we saw. This time we went. This time we went. We saw no bison, and we saw a ton of elk. We probably saw 30 elk, because it's cool. This was like right as they were closing at 6 o'clock.

And it was really cool. I've never heard an elk bugle before. Oh, so you got to hear some? Dude, it's unreal, isn't it? Especially if you're close and you can like, feel it. It's funny, we stopped at the first elk and a little park person came by in her truck and pulled up and was like, We're closing soon.

I had literally just told Amanda I'd never heard an elk bugle before. [00:02:00] And so he's We're closing soon. We just want to let you know. And as she's talking, the elk bugles. And I'm like, Oh, cool. Alright, thanks. We can go now. Yeah, but then they were still bugling when we were around. So yeah, went scouting again.

This will be the... Fourth time I've been scouting. Amanda went with me. She just hung out at the car with the puppy and I didn't, five miles this time through the woods ran into a bunch of new trail cams. Obviously other people are getting out there and starting to scout too. What'd you do when you saw 'em?

I mark 'em on my onyx. So smart. I assume someone's gonna hunt there. Oh, okay. And don't, I'm assuming there's really only one spot. To park even close to this hunt area. So I assume we're all going to be at this parking lot Could you see tracks traffic because I mean it was wet so I would assume like footprints.

Yeah tracks in the mud or I Saw [00:03:00] some in the mud, but it was like near water. So it could have been from Anytime in the last month, probably. I didn't see a lot of traffic, no. I feel like every, I probably saw three cameras and they were all different brands. So I'm assuming they're three different hunters.

And... Maybe I'm reading too much into this. No one else had security boxes on their cameras. Except you. Except me. So you took them. So I messed with them. So I have now three cameras richer. I know. I use three different camera brands and no security boxes. Could be hunting against one guy. Yeah, I use three different brands.

But you don't hunt public. No, I mean that, I'm saying that's irrelevant. I was just reading into the no security boxes as they're probably decent people. Or stupid. Or dumb. Or very rich. Or very rich. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Yeah. I'm just hoping. Maybe they just couldn't find one. I'm just hoping everyone's cool.

I actually just saw on Facebook someone was at Otter [00:04:00] Creek this weekend and got into a fight with another fly fisherman. Oh boy. And they had to call the cops. Oh that's awesome. Interesting. I would love to see two fly fishermen fight. It's two John Denver's fighting. Yeah. Slap fight. It sounded like this guy.

Who was talking about it was new to fishing and he might have been drifting into another guy's Hole that he was, he was downstream and where he was going upstream. The other guy was floating down No, they were waiting I'm assuming they were right by the parking lot but Take the opportunity to teach him like talk to him about it.

Yeah, it's like the guy that we encountered on the river Yeah, everyone, not everyone's thinking with the same set of logic that you are. Yeah, everyone went on the forum was was saying, Hey, this isn't how it normally is. None of us have had any of this experience, but apparently the guy that got upset was like, I will kill you.

I will kill you, because I called the sheriff, 10 inch stocked trout, that you drove an hour for. That's what everyone was saying. Goodness.[00:05:00] I love that so much. Yeah. I want people to think that it's like that down there. Less people show up, it's a super, it's an absolute brawl every time you go, you gotta fight for all the places.

Yeah, I would say that's my biggest concern right now with my quota hunt, is just ruining someone else's hunt. Pissing someone off, just awkward tension in the woods, especially if we're both camping out at the same. The fact that you're mindful of it. Yeah. You're fine. I have a segue off of that from my weekend.

We can go back into your story, but. That's the end of my story. Set up new trail cams, walked around a bunch. Found a scrape. Found a scrape, found a rub. Got blown by a doe. Was it artisanal? Blown at. No, I got blown by a doe. I also got blown at by a doe. Here we go. Dang it. We're like 10 minutes in.

No, it was bad. It was bad. Gun Broker. Podcast sponsored by gunbroker. com. Yeah. There you go. Nice. That was fun. Brayden was going to segue into my [00:06:00] hunter story. And then it got weird, so you ruined it. Yeah. Don't remind me of the podcast. Okay, but for real, because we can segue into Brighton, because I think it'll be the same.

Is your strategy then, because you keep going back and you're hiking different places and I know you found some spots that you think are good, but is your strategy, because you're afraid that you're gonna piss off other people or run into other hunters like you're just trying to find a multiple spot so that if you go there and Someone is there that day you can like, you know of another spot to go to exactly that and so I have multiple spots With for multiple win scenarios because I'm gonna be out there three days so I'll be able to a bunch of different a bunch of different spots, but mainly my thing Is this a spot I don't think anyone else will get to.

So they're mostly further away, at least a mile. Okay. Alright, segue. My segue is just about spots and people impeding on spots. Did you see the picture of the couple on this trail cam and the woman was hiking [00:07:00] in pajama pants? Oh, I can talk about this too. Yeah, alright, I'll talk about the first impression.

Were you in Indiana? Yeah. Were you in Crawford County? Because that makes sense. You're just blowing this man's I Exposure. Yeah, I'm gonna not go into that, but, okay, if you were in Indiana, this makes sense. Okay yeah. For people hiking in pajamas. Yeah. For sure. Absolutely. Meanwhile, she's trying to say, this parking lot at this WMA.

I don't know, okay, for the record, she doesn't even know. I have no idea where he was. Yeah, she doesn't know. I picked a county that I thought was most likely for people to hike in pajamas. I don't tell Erica where I hunt, so she doesn't shoot all my bucks. Yeah, she has no idea. Okay. I'm just kidding, you do know, but the segue was just about like people like being considerate about like other people in the woods and like where they're setting up or whatever.

So this is public and turns out it was, there was three of us that went out Saturday morning. It was like me, Tucker, and Phil, and we set up in a line [00:08:00] and it's the only spot that has like really any promise for a north wind for us, like we, and especially this time of year. So we set up in a line facing up at this ridge where we know bucks like cruise down through.

There's a bunch of finger ridges down there and they just will hop and check out all these points. So we're just trying to catch something rolling through. So you're down shooting uphill? It's flat where we're at. We're only we're bow hunting we're, it's like a 30 yard radius, and most of the radius, there's a little bit of uphill at one point, but but yeah, so we're in a line, and the way we hike in, there's a logging road there's a path from a parking lot, and then we connect on the logging road, and the logging road's Spiderweb all throughout this area.

It's crazy. I've got them a bunch of them mapped on my phone and it looks insane on Onyx But anyway, we get up in there early like we get There's like this blue truck in the parking lot that has been there like the last three times I've been there morning and night and me and Phil just like that trucks just abandoned or something funky I [00:09:00] don't know somebody disappeared in those woods.

Yeah and would not be surprised and so we got there extra early and got set up. I'm like, I'm up the tree and shut off my light and the it was like almost a full moon but it was like very, like 98 percent cloud cover. It was very dark. And so I'm just sitting there in complete darkness, can't see my hand like this close to my face and out of the corner of my eye I see kinda like a twinkle.

Coming through the woods, and I look over and I'm like, Oh, it's a headlamp really far away. And I'm just there's literally nothing else for me to look at because it's so dark, so I'm just sitting here watching this headlamp. Next thing I know, there's another headlamp. And I'm like, Ah yeah, with it.

They're together. Two guys. Probably just walking into the woods together. And, I'm like, what are the odds that... They come over to my area, and sure enough, they get closer and closer and closer. Next thing I know, they're like lighting up some of the trees in my area, and I'm like, no way.

This is a weird [00:10:00] spot that I'm in. I know I went through through three ravines over and under a bunch of trees. There's no way. And they got closer, so then I flashed my headlamp. Adam, just like letting them know hey I'm over here kind of thing and still coming.

And so what I don't know is were they down in the ravine and they couldn't see my light or whatever and they're still coming. So I flash my light again, still coming. I'm like, no way, like they for sure see me at this point. Like the light is starting to light up me and my tree. Oh, so they're close.

It's getting close. I'm like on the edge of their view for sure. But when I flash my headlight, there's a headlamp. There's no way they're not. So then I was like, Oh boy, okay. If these are these types of folks that like see my headlamp are going to keep coming this way, like this could get hairy. So I just took my my headlamp and it has a red flashing setting and I just took it and turned it on my hat and faced it directly towards them and just like flash, just strobed them with a red light for however long.

And then finally they turned around after, I don't know, I never could hear them. for more than [00:11:00] like maybe 10 seconds. They got like close enough for me to hear him for 10 seconds. And then they finally saw my light. Come to find out, same thing happened to them with Tucker. So Tucker was going up his tree, saw them coming, flash them with their light.

So these dudes just coming to all your spot, they would have kept going. I'd Phil never said he saw him, but if they'd have kept going, they'd hit. They're just like, this public land is stupid. We're done. We're done with this place. But if they were thinking the way we're thinking, there's really not a lot of places to hunt that area on the north wind.

So I'm not surprised that they were in the general vicinity, but I was shocked that they were coming to my tree. And that's the tree that I shot my buck out of last year. Which is interesting. We got a little, we got a little more competition back there. But anyway, we walk out after hunting.

Oh, I should tell the hunting story there too. I shouldn't just skip the whole hunt, it started like raining a little bit when the sun was coming up. It was just real light, misty. And it felt very deary. It was like the temperature was dropping basically as the sun was coming up.

And the [00:12:00] wind was alright. It was... Too windy, probably for what we were liking, but not bad huntable. And I eventually see Phil I didn't know exactly where he climbed up, but over to my right, I eventually see an orange hat kind of bobbing through the woods, and he goes off to a different spot, and while he's going that way, he's hey, I I think I heard something down in the ravine off to where you're at.

And I was like, okay, so I'm like paying attention that direction and maybe an hour and a half later I just hear like absolute crashing through the woods, like blitzing through the woods. I'm like, what the heck? And I look over and this doe comes like sprinting up and out of this ravine, just like bust through onto the scene.

And I'm like sitting there watching her. I'm like, oh my gosh, she's being chased for sure. So now I'm waiting for this. Buck that's chasing her. And sure enough, I hear more crashing and I'm like reaching for my bow. Oh my gosh, here we go and busts out. And I'm like, oh man, it's another dough. As he slowed down, I realized he was a little forkey.

Oh. [00:13:00] And this dude was like going crazy, grunting every five steps, sprinting after this doe, and this doe is oh my god running for its absolute life. Get this teenager off me. Literally, dude. She couldn't stand it, and she was just busting. So they come running behind me, and then she goes out a ways, they loop around, he follows her, and then, she never breaks dry this whole time.

And she comes Basically runs right at my tree and at the last second kind of takes a left and runs right in front of me and then busts up this ridge, like up the hill. He, I was, if she was going to stop, I was going to shoot her. She didn't, she just kept going. And then this buck came right behind her and then he stopped at like 10 yards.

And he's still sittin there like gruntin his mouth's hangin up, and he's He's fired up. And so then I got my phone out and I videoed it, and I'll send this to Dwayne so it's in the short or whatever, but he standin there, and I'm watchin him watch [00:14:00] this dough run out of his life, and he's He decides to keep going after her.

He takes off running again and he grunts three or four times. He gets up the hill, stops again. And I was hoping that the doe would like loop back around and come down this logging road. And I was going to try to get her to stop. She never did. She just went up and out of his life and didn't sound like he caught up with her.

I think at some point he just peeled off because I couldn't really hear him running around anymore. But. They were absolutely, he was chasing for sure. It's on. I told y'all last week, I can't remember if I was on the episode or not, but I've seen three now dead deer on the side of the highway.

All young bucks. And so I don't know if it's like a. They're just, they're dumber when all that, the testosterone hits their body. And so they're the ones that get hit by cars because they're just dumber. Yeah. But I'm curious about the biology perspective. Somebody might know the doe that buck is chasing.

Is [00:15:00] she in estrus and he smells that. And so he's intent on going after her or is it, he's just pumped with testosterone and he's horny. And so anything is going to get chased. I think it'd be more of that, right? Because. If she had any interest, she wouldn't be like they're not always just cause they're in estrus.

They'll just take any suitor. That's true. They will be choosy. I do know that you think of the dough estrus, like a bell curve a little bit, like we're at the beginning of the bell curve where it's starting to kick up and you're getting like more does going into estrus, but it's still like a fairly low percentage right now compared to what it'll be in two or three weeks, like when they're peaking.

So odds are she wasn't. She's right in some what estrus? I don't know. Odds are it would be that she's not but I don't know. It could be that she is and not all of them are gonna Pop yeah, really horrible. Yeah, at the same time It's like maybe she is and then the other ones are gonna hit it and yeah But [00:16:00] I guess two weeks and then we'll hit the 30 days later.

My question is not about the bell curve is she an estrus at all and he smells it and that's why he's chasing her or is he just he's a female Cuz he's horny. It doesn't she's a female. Yeah, he's chasing whatever. I don't know the answer to that Because we were talking about the bell curve thing, because I was asking the question of do all does run, like, when they're being, a buck is chasing them even if they want that buck, do they still run like hell away from them, or do they give them do they slow down and Tucker said that they still play hard to get, in his experience, they still play hard to get, but They're, they'll eventually stop, and like they hook up, but yeah, I don't know, I've...

Interesting. Yeah. Somebody knows. Somebody out there will tell us. Yeah. Do they just chase any doe, or are they chasing ones that they smell or something? Oh, speaking of biology, I have a question. No boy. So when a [00:17:00] male deer loves a female deer... Ha! So this property that I'm hunting, it had a bunch of...

the, clear field that I'd grown up with. CRP. Yeah, the CRP type stuff. And it had been there and it looked too thick to hunt when I was scouting. This time when I scouted, and I noticed this when I was driving in, all of the cleared fields in between the lakes had like big tractors clearing. And the field right by me was just cleared, cut.

So it's just all, big branches that are Six inches up off the ground maybe, cut just all the way across. Are deer going to use that? Because it's not like a crop field or anything. Is that now an op, an option to hunt? Were they like cut hay? It wasn't hay and I'm not sure. If they do it every year, it seemed like a lot of growth for one year of growth.

If it was intentional for the [00:18:00] upcoming hunt, because the whole land between the lakes is all quote hunting that same time. I just didn't know if Oh, now that this is clear cut, does that mean they're doing this so that. Deer won't bed down in this or because people are going to hunt it? A lot of that like value to the deer is not going to be until that stuff greens up Yeah, and they can actually eat it if those stumps were cut But they're gonna sprout offshoots in the spring then they'll eat the green leaves from a nutrition nutritional standpoint I don't think it's of value to the deer and from a bedding perspective, they're probably going to want more cover than just six inches of grass.

So it's probably. You could look at the edges, see if there's any browse, if they're using it to walk through there more. You could look at like the tree line and see are they just rolling through there quickly browsing on whatever's on the edge. Yeah. Okay. Do you think the... Management cleared it to push them into the woods more?

That's what I was wondering. [00:19:00] It could be shooting lanes. They're trying to open it up more for youth or whatever that need a better line of sight to shoot. Yeah, but then once again if the deer don't want to be out in that field. They'll stick the edge. You think? Yeah. Okay. That's an option too then.

Shoot dude, when we were turkey hunting those deer walked right across that cut field. That's true. Who knows? Yeah. Alright. So when we walked out of the woods, that blue truck... I was telling you guys about it.

We don't know exactly what happened, but like I said, it has been there the last few times we've been out there, and we assumed it was abandoned. It's a nice really cool, old old blue truck. I would love to have it, and I get out of the woods first, and I see That the truck is still there, and I'm just like okay, whatever still there So I'm like putting all my stuff up And then all of a sudden this brown truck pulls up and the blue truck was parking half of the [00:20:00] entrance to where I was parked now the brown truck blocked the entire entrance to where I'm parked and He gets out and I'm like watching out of the corner of my eye like waved when he rolled up and I don't Know if he waved back or whatever.

I couldn't see in just A little heightened awareness here. Are you by yourself? Yeah, and so they park to block the entrance together? The blue truck, where it has been, has always been blocking half the entrance to this parking lot. Where the brown truck pulled in right next to the blue truck.

Blocked I could get frisky and get out of there if I had to there's like a big drop but I could but the road like they're blocking the whole road like technically where I could get out and So the brown truck like I'm just watching on the corner my like dude gets out walks over to the blue truck and taps on the window and I'm like what the heck and then the truck starts And I'm like, what the heck?

Is there somebody in there? What's going on? The window rolls down and then next Tucker's coming out of the woods now [00:21:00] towards the truck. And I'm like, okay, so we're going to have to, we're leaving soon. And these two trucks are barking and we're just gotta wait on Phil here. And he gets out. And the window rolls down on the blue truck, and they start talking.

And I'm like, what the heck? Dude, this guy's just... We thought he was maybe hunting, or... He's been there three other times. Yeah is it just like we're on the same schedule, or what's going on? And so then the guy from the brown truck comes over, and he's Are y'all gonna need to get out? And I was like, yeah.

And he's Oh, okay. My block in the, and I was like, I could get around you if you need me to, but I'd like to use the road. He's Oh, okay. Okay. I'll move. And I was like, are you all right? And out of the blue truck, I hear yeah, we're fine. And then the guy from the brown truck goes, yeah, he, okay.

It's my buddy here. He's been waiting on me. He got here this morning and accidentally fell asleep and has been asleep all morning. So he at four in the morning, was sitting there, maybe waiting for his hunting buddy? No. I don't know what But you've been there [00:22:00] three other times, you've I know.

Sounds like a Brokeback Mountain thing. They look like hunt One guy, I never saw the blue truck guy, but the brown truck guy was wearing camo pants and a brown hoodie. So he looked like he had been hunting and he'd come out of the woods same time we did, which is about I think 1230 or something like that.

So about the time a lot of people are working out and. And then they he's yeah, he's fine. He just, he was waiting on me and accidentally fell asleep and da. And I was like, okay. And then me and truck, or me and Tucker get in the truck and Phil texts and is hey, I'm coming out a different way.

Come pick me up or whatever. And so while I'm texting, I'm like, okay, whatever. I look up, both trucks are gone. So I guess they just got out of there, I don't know, I'm still, I have no idea. And then this is the same area where we've got the people walking around in pajama bottoms. And we've got an unmarked ice cream truck that has been parked out there that I've seen.

Oh gosh. He's parked off in this little pull off spot. Not a camping spot. I've seen him there at 3 and 4 in the morning, and one time saw [00:23:00] him we were driving out of the woods. He's standing there out front. Before he can see me, I saw him. He's standing out in front of his ice cream truck smoking a cigarette, and me and Phil drive by, and I I'm in the passenger seat.

And we drive by, and I see him, I know he sees me, and I wave, and he just stares at me. We're driving slow, he stares at me for a long time, and then finally gives me like, a yeah. Okay. And then never waved, just gave me a yeah. Confirming to me that he's been beating the snot out of somebody in the back of his ice cream truck for the past like, six hours.

I don't know what the heck he was doing, but. I know exactly what this is. I, enlighten me. This is where Erica lives. Have you? seen Deliverance? No. Okay. This is the hunting version of Deliverance and I need you to watch it. They're hunting a different type of young buck. Oh, I'm being hunted you think?

I think you, if I think you, if you are where I think you are, I think that they don't mess around [00:24:00] in that area. And they are likely. Casing him? Very poverty. ridden people and they don't have a lot of housing and that some, at least the ice cream truck guy, that's where he lives. He's not there all the time.

Yeah, he's got a float. Same spot every night. That was the same thing when we went turkey hunting. There was a car that we were like, oh, someone's living in that car. No, they had a pot or something where they cooked next to it. Remember? And then when we came back up, it was gone. It was like, oh, we could be car camping, nah, man. Nah. Nah. Yeah, I don't know what's going on. There's all kinds of weird stuff that goes on out there that I was telling, I think it was Dan, I was telling him like, if it wasn't for the human activity out there, it'd be the best, like most fun place to hunt. But I always have to be on my toes.

Cause you just never, anytime I bring anybody out there, I'm like, dude, that's a lot going on. Weird stuff happens out here. There's great bucks in the area, but weird stuff happens. I don't know, I can't tell like specific stories because people are going to know exactly where it is because [00:25:00] there's like some famous stuff that has happened in this area, but I'll tell y'all afterwards, but yeah dude, so love it there, just always got to have your little brother with you because it's, you never know what's going to happen.

And on a solo. Yeah. Not a solo hunt. No, I don't think I've ever solo hunted out there but. Yeah, so we're going back Friday. I don't want you to watch Deliverance beforehand. Okay, I don't know if I will. Do you know anything about Deliverance? Squeal like a pig. I've heard that. It's just like a banjo.

No. It's just like a banjo. Famous last words. I don't want like extra scary stuff. It'd be a good Halloween movie. Movie in a sense. Don't watch it until after hunting season. I was gonna say, I don't think I want, yeah. I don't think I want extra. Yeah. I, yeah I keep wanting to say things that will tell people exactly where it is.

I can't yeah. Anyway, I'll move on, but we're gonna, we're gonna go hunt. Our favorite spot, like all of our hunting spots, is out there [00:26:00] and it's, on Friday we have a good wind. We were supposed to have this same wind on Saturday when we were going out there, but Friday night I saw that it wasn't.

We went out Friday night too and just didn't see anything. There's nothing really much to report on that. Yeah, we're, first time hunting the bull in, for me, two years. Pretty excited. Last time I was there Phil shot a buck, yeah, y'all still have a camera out there? No, there's, but there's three scapes, scrapes within 30 yards.

It's stupid. So we get a good wind. It's the time of the year. It's supposed to be a South, which is what we need. So as long as it stays with that, we're in business. We have conflicting desires. Cause I need a North wind. So does Eric. Yeah. Cause I was like, man, I was going to go out this weekend, but it's a North wind.

And. Maybe I'll go out in the morning. Do it. Or Wednesday morning. So yesterday, I didn't have a favorable wind, and I just, I was like, screw it, I got four hours clearance from Liz to go, and I just went. So you might just need to pull some of [00:27:00] those. But, okay if I do that, and get winded am I just screwing it up for the whole season?

Potentially. Or the next few days? Potentially. But you could also hunt an edge. Where the wind is favorable. So if you're looking at a rectangle, go to the far corner of where it's favorable and just don't hunt all the way in. If you know where, which direction the deer coming from, you can that's what I did.

I hunted my way into a property. That's my secondary property and, hunted one edge, basically the property, just see what would happen. What happened? I, I'm hunting from the ground because my sticks and platform are out at the other farm. Oh yeah. And is it still working? It just went out on me.

That was weird. I, I got situated in a spot and I was sitting there and I've had, you all have been to the alley between the two fields out at the old farm and there's always rubs and scrapes. So I'm sitting back there and [00:28:00] I'm just squatting like a catcher and see a deer coming in and I'm watching it.

And then he's locked on my eyeballs. Stare down contest. Did you do the squint? No, I tried to like, not breathe, swallow anything. Was it a bug? Yeah, it was a little forky. So he comes in, he's kinda looking at me, a little stomp, trying to get me to move, do something, then I'm just standing there staring at him.

And then he just slowly backs up a couple steps and turns around. I sat there for a little bit longer and then I went out to the backfield which If I do hunt this farm again, this season, I think this is where I'm going to hunt from. There's a little patch of woods that connects to some neighboring patches of woods and a Creek Valley down, fingers like over this way that then comes into our property, which they come through that and then cut across this big clear cut field to the wooded area next to a pond, lots of bedding right in there.

So I think I'm going to hunt that edge. [00:29:00] Cause there's a couple of trees that I can get up into, but I'm standing there and I see a fawn. I can't tell if it's a buck or a doe. It's very young. Like it still has the stuffed animal face, fuzzy looking. So it comes into the middle of the field.

I'm just watching it through my binoculars. It's nibbling on some leaves and stuff. It did the weirdest thing. I've seen deer bed down. Where they get to a spot and they just, work themselves down. This thing like sprinted two steps and dropped. And I thought it, I spooked it, and it took off.

And there was like a rise and fall in the hill right there. And I just assumed it took off into the woods and lost sight of it completely. 30 minutes later, I decided to cut closer across the field to where it was. Cause there's a entrance and exit hole. And I jumped that deer, it had bedded down with a two foot sprint, like a baseball slide, basically.

I've never seen one bed down so [00:30:00] aggressively yeah. But this was quote unquote, a throwaway hunt. I wasn't expecting anything. I haven't been scouting this farm. I don't plan on planting it, hunting it hard. It was just go see what's out there, mess around. All that to say I literally 20 minutes before I left the house was sitting on the couch with my head in my hands.

Should I even go? It's crappy weather. The wind sucks. And Liz is don't go if you're not going to be able to go out there and enjoy yourself, even if it sucks. Stay home, because I'd rather you not take time from us and then come home and be in a bad mood or whatever. And that's where I was like, you know what?

Screw it. I've got time to go. I'm just going to go out there and walk around and screw it up. See a couple deer. I did have the luxury of a secondary property. But just hunt it the least intrusive way possible. If you've got time to go, they're moving. This is broad daylight. This was 1030 to 230.[00:31:00]

Yeah I have bucks on, in daylight now. One, his antler was broke. Like half of it. Like unicorn. No, it was like a, what do you say, like a five, five over here, and then this one was like. Oh. You didn't see the picture of it? No. I haven't showed you the picture. I'll show you the picture later. It's five over here?

So it used to be five over here? Yeah. You think? Maybe four. Or is it like the form? It was big. Is his body as big? It was straight on in the camera. It was like posing. So you don't want to shoot it with one antler. Gotta be cool it sounds oh dude. Yeah, he's way outside his years. Wide boy. Huh? Yeah, I don't know.

I don't know if I'd treat that or not. He looks youthful. I'd give that boy another year. He's gonna be... He's gonna be a monster. Stout. We got that where that pajama bottom lady and her man were walking through. Were they smoking cigarettes? They weren't. They weren't. They were just cruising. And they went and walked by our trail camera and then four minutes later saw them walk past [00:32:00] it.

We had just put the trail cam there and so we're like, great, like no deer are going to come through. And then a forky comes by the next night, and then last night this is a spot where we found like the most consistent like fresh rubs. I mean there's like a full rub line and then additional rubs that were, they're cross, he's crossing back and forth from this logging road.

And we're like, man, this, if we can figure out who's doing this, we might be in business. We got a forky on there twice, and I think it's that same forky that I showed you all from the video where he was like grunting and running. It looks the exact same, like real skinny. And then we got this big ol eight point that came through last night, walking down that logging road, so that's a really good spot.

Cause it's not far from the road, and if they're not too worried about people, walking down that road for whatever, it's not it's not a trail. This isn't like a hiking trail. These are people, I don't know what they were doing. They probably had some stashed. I bet you they come there consistently.

wE've got a camera out there and [00:33:00] we've had it there for I guess eight or nine days We've only got him once so we'll see if we can get him again But I mean they would have had to have been silly to not see our trail camera though. It's Right there. So they didn't touch it or do anything.

They just walked right by it. Yeah, it's a I'll tell y'all more About this. I want to know more about what people are doing in the woods that are not Yeah, this is this is maybe they were foraging. It was at 642. No, they were not foraging. This was at 642. In the evening, and hunting season, and they're walking around, not on a trail.

No backpacks. No bright red clothes one guy's wearing navy, she's wearing red, and PJ's it's, I don't know, this spot, it just, it makes you wonder about what are people doing out on what's going on out there? Yeah yeah, anyway. Growing some of them crack rocks out in the trees.

Maybe. All right. It's time. I bet next right around the corner. I bet [00:34:00] next uncensored someone's gonna have to kill the deer. Yeah, I hope so. The juices are flowing. It's obvious. Yeah, about that time. It's gonna be fun. Cool. Everybody in the office is getting out, so make sure you guys are too. Tell us your stories.

Tell us about stuff we talked about. What are you seeing out there? What's what's a buck chasing scent or genetics? Biology? What do you call that? I don't know. Is it a she, or is it a smell that he's chasing? Yeah. loG this show, make sure you hit the plus sign, get your points, make sure you redeem that reward for that gunbroker blaze hat and vest, because they're going to be gone here very quickly.

Get them secured and shipped out to you by the time you by the time you listen to this, they might be gone. Might be. Act quick. We'll see y'all next week. See ya.