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Show Notes

Today’s show opens up with Brad talking about finding all your Christmas needs for the gun enthusiast in your life over at! We talk about firearms and hunting related items we’ve received for Christmas throughout the years and Brad tells us a story about a firearm related Christmas tradition. Brad then dives into his recent hunting trip out to his urban hunting spot. He went out for a morning hunt that didn’t pan out besides seeing a doe so he decided to move his stand to a different spot on the property. Make sure to listen to this episode Sponsored by to hear all about our weekend hunting!

Next up Dan tells us about his quota hunt at Taylorsville Lake. He saw a few does early but didn’t see a deer that he wanted to take while he was there. He ran into another public hunter who he had an interesting interaction with that had laid out some of the same places as him that he wanted to hunt, so they compared scouting notes and both found a good place to hunt! He bounced around a few spots but unfortunately kept running into non-hunters on this public property that ruined a few really nice potential spots.

Closing out Jacob tells us a quick story about finding a nice whitetail buck dead at a city park in Louisville while he was trail running. All the way back on the trail he spots a large group of vultures so naturally he goes to investigate what they’re back in there for. He then stumbles across a very nice whitetail buck that had been dead for a few days. It was a really nice mature 8-point buck that anyone would’ve been happy to take!

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