[UNCENSORED] - The Slowest Float Trip Ever

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we talk all about the upcoming deer season, it’s definitely crunch time. Brayden talks about moving trail cameras to new spots to hopefully catch some real big mature whitetails coming through to hopefully pattern before season opener. Jacob speaks on not having sighted his bow even though season is right around the corner. Any of you guys wait until the last moment to get your bow dialed in?

We then dive into Dan’s upcoming draw hunt at land between the lakes. We talked about the kit for his trip, what he plans to take, and his plan on camping in his truck. He talks about checking OnX for his draw to see what his zone looks like; map wise he thinks it looks phenomenal. Dan and Brayden go into learning thermals for hunting and just how complicated it is but if done correctly can absolutely pay off. Dan mentions going scouting soon for his hunt, because he learned the hard way that scouting off of map images isn’t always what you expect it’s going to be!

Jacob speaks on his recent trip to Toccoa River in Georgia that he cannot recommend enough for a fun fishing trip. He fished both the upper and lower parts of Lake Blue Ridge catching some nice trout while wading in abnormally shallow water that he couldn’t quite figure out why the fish were hanging out in it. The next day he goes on a float trip with a group of guys, and it was absolutely painfully slow. Pro-tip make sure you float when the dam is turned on to make the trip go at a decent speed.

Wrapping up the episode Dan updates us on his upcoming total eclipse plans for next year after searching high and low for a reasonable AirBnB. His awesome plans include being on a kayak in the middle of the lake for the eclipse, talk about an awesome experience! If you ever want to engage in a long conversation with Dan just make sure you bring up the eclipse!                                    

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