Public Land Whitetails with Levi Mayfield

Show Notes

This week the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast is covering one of its most requested topics, Oklahoma public land whitetails. Joining John for this episode is Levi Mayfield, a motivated public land hunter who has cut his teeth in the woods of southeastern Oklahoma. Levi has designed his life around being in the outdoors, whether it's behind a camera or a bow. It is this time in the outdoors that has shaped him into the hunter he is today, and on this episode, he invites the listeners into the passenger seat and along for the ride.

John and Levi start from the 10,000 foot view of finding an area to start with, and eventually work their way down to picking the specific tree. Levi talks about how terrain plays a major role in his setups, and how sign like rubs and scrapes don't play into his setups as much as it does for most people. The guys discuss saddle hunting and being mobile, and the ways Levi approaches hunting public compared to private. If you have ever wanted to learn more about hunting public land whitetails, this is the episode for you.

Show Transcript