Quick Ohio BS Session

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Your hosts are audiological inept, and can’t figure out how to produce a podcast anymore. Kind of. Paul and Andrew sit down to discuss the past week or so in their lives during this show, and Andrew continues to struggle with his audio issues/life so bear with us. New equipment is on the way.

The recap of the week discusses the bonus gun season weekend, a doe that Andrew was able to put in the freezer, the Santa Train sprint and more! The guys are gearing up for the holidays and all that comes with that, but took some time to discuss news stories from around the state. New nature preserves being added, Bonus gun season deer harvest numbers, and results from the Walleye and Perch hatches in 2023. Looking forward to another great week, and from the O2 family to yours, Merry Christmas! Enjoy the show, and hope everybody is having a great lead up to the holiday season!



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