Raccoon Killing Contests

Show Notes

Raccoon killing contests have the hound hunting community in an uproar. Social media has been on fire since late winter decrying the slaughter of raccoons by coonhunters. 

On this week's THE TRUTH, Josh is joined by fellow houndsman and Turkeys For Tomorrow board member Dan Braman.  Josh and Dan sit down and talk about the recent controversy regarding predator contests in the Midwest involving Raccoon, and the reasoning behind it.  Dan not only talks about T4T’s purpose behind sponsoring these events, but also where, how, and why they are held, but like any other good Houndsman XP podcast, we also talk hounds!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy another informative and entertaining episode of THE TRUTH, Only on the Houndsman XP Podcast Network!!


Show Transcript