The Journey: A Coonhunter’s Perspective of Big Game Hunting

Show Notes

Bryce Matthew is a dedicated coonhunter from Indiana. He placed in the top 10 of the UKC Coonhound World Championship in 2022. He has been instrumental in the revival of the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance, serving as the president. He is well respected in the coonhound world and is crowd favorite due to his winning personality and attitude. 

After a week down in Virginia chasing black bear, Heath catches up with good friend Bryce Matthews. Heath and Bryce have spent weeks together over the past several years. The two have spent hours discussing the differences in how they hunt, training and expectations of the dogs. Bryce talks about the coonhound needing to get deep and lonely, where as Heath needs his pack to work as a team. They touch on tones and pitches depending what game the hounds are pursuing. Bryce talks about the Hoosier Tree Dog Alliance and some upcoming events they are chartering. Jump on in and join us as we talk dogs.

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Show Transcript