Rainy Day Gobblers and a Pawn Shop Shotgun with Jay Siske

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This week on the Limbhanger podcast we've got Jay Siske from Out Here Co. talking about several different topics. Topics include:- Hunting Rainy Day Gobblers

- Jay's partnership with NWTF on "The Pawn Shop Shotgun"

- Hunting with legendary turkey hunters like Harold Knight & Dave Owens

- Conservation

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Limb Hangar Turkey Hunt podcast, brought to you by Grounded Brand and their new impact 2.0 Turkey vest. Get grounded@groundedbrand.com. The limb Hangar Turkey Hunt Podcast strives to bring opinions and discussions from all aspects of the Turkey hunting community. From legendary Turkey hunters who hunted in military fatigues to the modern day hunters embracing technology while maintaining traditions passed along for generations.

All are welcome at this round table conversation about one of the wet creatures in North America. Wild Turkey. Y'all stick around. It's gonna be a great show

and welcome to another episode of Limb Hanger Podcast. We have finally got back to doing some tactical stuff. Last week Joey said he was just chomping at the bit. And he really couldn't take it anymore. [00:01:00] He said, we've gotta start talking tactics. We gotta start talking strategy. And we've gotta find a good guess.

So that we did, we found Jay sis. Jay, how's it going man? Pretty good, man. I don't know if you found a good guest when you found somebody. No, we found a good guest. I've I told Parker, I don't know if I told Joey this the other day, but you and I, we actually had a chance to go hunting with each other one time we've got a chance to spend a little time in Turkey Woods together.

It was different. Yeah. Yeah. It was a good time. Got our hunt ruined a little bit, so we can get into that later on, but, yeah. Yeah, good time. And I know we've been talking for a while trying to get out in the woods, so it was a good time to spit out there. That was, man. We did, we like, talked about we talked about deer hunting for a while, and then I think we found a common bond with Turkey season and you said, Hey man, you got a boat.

Let's I got a spot I want to hit. Let's go do it. And we did. Yeah. And that was a good time. We'll talk about that. Okay. For those people that out there may not know you give 'em a little bit of background on, on you and some, 'em, the stuff that you're doing behind the scenes out there on your hustles.

Yeah. So like I said, my name is Jay Sisk. I grew up just north of Nashville, Tennessee.[00:02:00] Ended up working out in Montana for a little short while for an outdoor media company out there called Montana Wild. Great time. Filmed some elk hunts, mule deer hunts. It was phenomenal, but it was a little too cold for the southern boy.

Plus I was dating my now wife at the time, long distance and so moved back, got married, bounced around a couple jobs, and then my brother, who's always been into the film world was like, Hey, come on down to Nashville. You've already been around it your whole life, pretty much. And just start doing freelance film work.

So that's what I do as a, nine to five quote. Nine to five is freelance film work down in Nashville. And luckily that gives me the freedom to do a lot of other things. And get in the woods a lot, which I do and I take full advantage of that. But I've started a company back in 2020 when, covid, everything hit, you're like twiddling your thumbs, wanting to do something.

And I [00:03:00] started a company called out here, co and we do start off doing sessions like out here tailgate sessions with up and coming country artists outta Nashville singer songwriters. And then we started making hats, retro looking hats and that type stuff. And then from there went into some other things and did last year with N W T F, the Pawn Shop shotgun.

Excellent. Jay, I remember like the first time I saw y'all's hats specifically, I was like, This is, these are my people. I l like, it's hard to find hats that are like this retro kind of vintage look, vintage fit. It's hard to find 'em out there. And that was back when you said in 2020.

And I was like, oh my gosh, these are my people. Then Adam randomly is like, Hey, you should check out my buddy's stuff. I think it's up your alley. And so I've been following you guys ever since and obviously it's grown, but man, one thing I'm glad it, [00:04:00] it has not outgrown is the retro hats cause I love them.

Oh yeah. Oh we'll. That'll always be a part of what. He is out here co. I guess that's what I wanted to be, an old school retro type brand. And it's why, like in the pawn shop shotgun that we shot last year, we did that four, three kind of v h s look on the lot of what I grew up watching, the Primos, the Harold Knight, or the night in Hail, those type old school videos, just vhs.

You'd stick in there and watch with your dad and just love it and get all excited for tur season or deer season. Wow. Even the music is like retro. It's got that like old primos feel to it. It's awesome. The shots too, man, like your camera shots. I love usually like the ending of it where y'all are like walking out in the field all jolly and high fiving and it like freezes on the high five or whatever.

It's just like real retro. I love it, man. Yeah, it's cool as crap. Oh, thank you. Thank you. And that's the whole point. Yeah, we wanted to make it as retro as possible and my sister was actually the one that did the music. [00:05:00] So I told her, I was like, and she grew up, around the house and would watch Primos with us and stuff and everything.

So I sent her, Hey, this is kinda the vibe I'm going for. I'm kinda wanting something like this. And she's oh, I think I can make something up. And then, a day later she sent that over to me. I was like, that's perfect. That is it. And y'all nailed it. Yes, you absolutely nailed it.

I have a question. This is more of a production type question on that specifically. Just cause I'm curious, did y'all actually shoot with like vintage cameras or did you just edit like the vintage color correction and all that stuff? We actually shot with just like a newer camcorder and a Panasonic and then I just put a kind of VHS filter on it.

Yeah. And just, but then I'd cropped it down, four, three and then the VHS kind of filter and then just faded the shots in and out. Just like the old school style. That's perfect. I love it. Have you noticed like there's been a few other channels that are doing that now too? Like really?

Oh, [00:06:00] you haven't seen that? I'm trying to think. Rare. I think rare breed they're doing okay. Like they do their intro. So it's like the intro is very vhs, like old school primo feel, and then it's like very cinematic after that. Yeah. So they change it. They, yeah. But they start from, old school to a new school.

Yeah. Which I love. There's a few others. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. That's cool to see that other people are doing that, but that's just, I'm sure they grew up the same way. Yep. We did. And so that's why I wanted to do it and just like the nostalgia aspect of it, it's just I know it is gonna, for most of the people that are like my age, y'all's age, we all grew up watching those tapes and it's just it's just brings back good memories. Yeah. And I don't know what it is about Turkey hunting that. Still, like the, all that retro stuff just still carries so well.

I got, of course, I'm not as familiar with, the whitetail world as other folks are, but it just seems like that Turkey hunting culture embraces all of their retro[00:07:00] old school stuff, videos, hats, apparel tactics. We, there's some of us a purists out there that, do it the old school way just like they did 40 years ago.

It's amazing that it's all that has stuck and continues to stick. For sure. For sure. And mossy Oaks very much, stays with that retro vibe, which I love. And did y'all get the Mr. Fox vest? I did. I thought you did. What number? 3 39. No. Did you get one? No, and I didn't. And I'm totally regret I didn't get one.

I'm I should have texted you, man. I should have been like, Hey, you gotta come hang out with us and sit in line all night. I know I was there too. I was there for two of the days and I just didn't get it. And I was like, ah. I was like, I don't wanna get it, but I was like, I just didn't do it. Now I look back and I'm like, man, I'm an idiot for not getting it.

I'll be honest with you, man, it's a collector's item. It feels like a flat jacket when I wear it in the woods. Like I was in the military, wore a flat jacket a lot, and that [00:08:00] thing is just it's, it is gonna last 150 years, maybe 200 years. It's built like a tank. But that's why it feels like flat jacket.

It ain't never gonna break down, so it's gonna take me a while to get that thing worn in. Yeah. Yeah. Which, last year they took that vest around the number one uhhuh. And my buddy Gary Stanton got to hunt with it and he was tagged out cuz he, we tagged out we doubled up in Tennessee with, and that was his last tag in Tennessee.

And then he got to hunt with that vest and he's buddy, I gotta hunt, do some hunt with this vest and I don't have anywhere to go. I was like I got a Kentucky tag. He's I'll go up there and call for you and we'll just see if we can't get a burden. So he called in a bird for me with that vest and then, had the little notebook and everything and put it all down.

But yeah, so it, that was the first time I got to see and I was like, man, that thing is cool. And from then on I sh I, I thought I wanted it and I just never did. And I, like I said, I hate, I didn't get one Jay. You may have just answered the question I had, but I'm curious, [00:09:00] did the Paw pawn shop shotgun and the fox vest ever cross paths last year while they were, everything was being traded around, Yes.

So they, they were definitely in, in the same vehicle at one point. Now we didn't really do anything. I should have maybe taken some photos with them. We never did, but there was, yes, the pawn shop shotgun was in the vehicle and then Gary had that vest and we were out there hunting. That's freaking cool.

When you think about it like the two traveling pieces of gear for Turkey, like in the Turkey world, they were in the same place at one time. That's, I don't know, I think it's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. Yeah. Is your shotgun worth as much as the, as that Mr. Fox vest you think? Nah, no. I wish it was, but no.

There, there's no way. It was getting mad. Coulda gun was something other than pawn shop shotgun. Yeah. You know what I mean? How much did you pay for that thing? I only paid two 50 for it. Nice. That's cool. Yeah. And I went in there [00:10:00] and bought a shotgun after you did. And I told him, I was like, oh, my buddy Jay came in here and he's he's hooked up with N W T F and they were like, huh?

I was like, oh yeah man, it's gonna be a big deal. Like y'all going to have your you know your building all everywhere and their customer of mine now. And it was dude like that was really cool. They were excited about it after I got to telling the whole story again. That's awesome. That's awesome.

The funny thing is, I went past that G Pawn shop and it was in the middle of being traded owners. Yep. And they repainted it and so you can't even tell it's the same place really. Cause it's like you used to have Gallatin pawn and gun on there, but it doesn't even have that on there now. But that's funny that you went up there and bought one right after I did.

At that same pawn shop. Yeah. I went and bought a 3 0 1 and a 20 gauge. That's Oh, nice. Picked one of those up. Yep. Heck yeah. Heck yeah. That's a good spot. It's a good little, yeah, there's a lot of good stuff in there, but funny like you're talking about the fox vests and stuff Harold Knight had hunted with the fox vest two days before I went up and was able to go hunt with him with the pawn shop shotgun.[00:11:00]

And so that was neat cuz us Strickland had gone up there and hunted with Mr. Harold. And then I went up there and was able to go up there and join him for a hunt and let him shoot one with it. Cool man. Jay, I got two things. Let's talk a little bit more about Pawn Shop Shotgun first.

Okay. Tell us like what the show was for those that haven't listened to it. And number two, I want you to tell me like, some of the guests that you got to hunt with, but also tell us about the surprise guy that you hunted with and you're like, man, they just blew my socks off. How good they were at Turkey hunting and really calling in turkeys and just overall being a woodsman.

Okay, so for the people that don't know what the Pawn Shop shotgun is, you can go on the out here co YouTube and watch the full series. There's 11 episodes and I had this idea, I was calling around back in I guess around December for last December of 2021. I guess that would've been fi trying to find a 30 30 for a buddy of mine.[00:12:00]

And I was like, man, and I found one. The guy went and bought it and it was just so cool. Beat up, just, Nicks and dings you could just tell had been used. And I was like, man, whoa, you know what would be cool? Take a gun like that, travel around, take a shotgun. Cause I was like Turkey hunting.

Perfect. Conservation as far as Turkey numbers are down. We're needing some, something for Turkey conservation. Make it to where we can partner up with N W T F and make a show that we can, hey, say, hey, we're going to take this shotgun around, have people hunt with it. It's just a used old pawn shop shotgun also too showing showcasing that, you don't need anything crazy to get in Turkey hunting.

We have a lot of bales and whistles nowadays and those are all great and there's a lot of good tools out there. But for the people that are just wanting to get into Turkey hunting that don't know anything about it, you're like, you can just go get a pawn shop shotgun. They sh they work just as well.

Use a bead, shoot steel out of it and [00:13:00] just, it works. And so we, so I went and got that shotgun. It was all beat up as a range as a Winchester Ranger one 20. And then, I talked with. N wtf, they were like, Hey, this is a great idea. We'd love to partner up. And so was able to go out and start making this series and make it a retro type series and have it to where everybody that hunted with the gun was gonna sign it.

And I was trying to line up, certain people to go hunt with it. And then at the end of the year, we were gonna have it be either auctioned off or raffled off. And so it ended up being raffled off. And it was one of those things to where we were trying to just raise awareness for Turkey conservation and raise money for the N W T F to help with Turkey conservation.

And so that was the gist of the Pawn Shop shotgun.

All right. So going back to guys, you hunted with what let's name a few of them. So obviously I said Harold Knight [00:14:00] earlier, so that was, he's a legend. He's one of the absolutely. It was like between, will Primos and night and Haile. So Primos and Night Haile, those videos, that's what I drew inspiration from.

Cause that's what I grew up watching all the time. So we went and hunted with Mr. Knight up there in Kentucky on, the big old farm up there. They've got, and that was super special. Funny thing is too, or not funny, it's awesome. He made a bunch of diaphragm calls for me and I was watching him, he's sitting there making 'em custom, cutting them and everything.

And I'm now tagged out in Kentucky this year. I shot one Sunday and I shot one this morning. And so I'm done with in Kentucky. And I called both of 'em in with the, with one of those calls. That's awesome. That's awesome. And that was pretty neat and just seeing him work, he's just real meticulous and just sitting there, and working on it. And it was just neat to see him do his thing and just, he was, real knowledgeable. Obviously with just being out in the woods and he'd just, he'd say, oh, you [00:15:00] hear that crow, they're, they're hollering at a Turkey and, about, two minutes later here would come a little Turkey out outta the woods from where this crows were going off.

And he just, he could tell, by the sequence what they were saying, and it's just, he's been out there, he's been doing it a long time. And then so we hunted with Mr. Knight, then we went I guess another big one would be Dave Owens of the Pinho Project. And I'm not gonna lie, Gary had me a little, and, or some people had me a little scared to go hunt with him cuz he, he's a serious, he's a serious hunter.

And I was like, man, I'm gonna, I'm gonna get out there. And I'm like, be toting a camera around, trying to follow him around. I'm gonna mess him up. And I'm just like, I'm gonna be, I'm just a little, I was a little intimidated to hunt with him, and ended up, man, he was an absolute blast. I love Dave.

And he is an absolute Turkey killer. And he was phenomenal to be with and hunt and just spend some time in the woods with him. And Jay I'm curious on Dave like he he's a champion caller. Like when you were there, [00:16:00] just sitting there listening to him call, I'm, as I'm assuming there was no question of who was gonna be the caller on that hunt.

Oh, yeah. Specifically was it, was there like a noticeable difference on how the turkeys responded to his calling and did you take away anything from that? Being able to be there and hear it in person, he I'm a haz like you said. He's obviously, he sounds he's a Turkey pretty much When he's in the woods he's a straight Turkey.

You couldn't tell if he was, most of the time, you can hear some people calling. You're like, oh, that's a hunter over there. If Dave's calling, you're like that's Turkey over there. And he was, he could get 'em to gobble and if they were around, they're gonna be gobbling.

And yeah he was just, he was great at it. Like he said I didn't even touch my calls, obviously, like when you're hunting with him, you're like, I ain't gonna touch my calls. And I probably wouldn't even wore a vest. I don't think it'd just be like, ah, the vest I only wore the vest for the seat, just the, that's about it. I've always said if I hunted with Dave or even Harold Knight or some of those legends, the only [00:17:00] thing I'd bring with me was a yellow legal pad and a pencil. That's right. Just take notes the entire time. Take notes. Yeah. But yeah, so Dave was, they definitely responded.

More to him and he, yeah, it's luckily I filmed it all so I can go back and I can rewatch some of those things. But yeah, he he was just he was great. I don't know what else really to go. Yeah. And exactly. But yeah. And not to cut us off on hearing more about this, but I've been thinking a lot about that.

Just going into some tacticals type stuff, like I've heard a lot I've heard a lot of people say Colin's only a small percentage of your Turkey hunt. Woodsmanship does blah, blah, blah, blah. I agree with a lot of that, but I do notice, I hear more gobbles the better at calling. I get, there were times when I'd go to places that I go to now and I'm like, man, there didn't used to be turkeys here and now there's turkeys gobbling. And I'm like, I probably just, cuz [00:18:00] you're, you sound like a Turkey. You don't sound like a. Freaking duck out there, maybe was it last week?

Was it last week? We were talking about or maybe the week before, I forget. Sometime in the past few weeks we were talking about a shot gobble versus a gobble that's responding to a call. Yes. And I wonder if that's exactly what that is. They are interacting with a call instead of being shocked by whatever sound that was that made them gobble.

I'm just I'm I see the value of what people are trying to say when they say, oh, calling's not very important because I have been successful before. I was a decent collar, I killed a few turkeys and I just, I feel like maybe hunting media doesn't emphasize like, yeah, you should be trying to get better at it.

I feel like I always hear people say, it's not the most important thing. Yeah, but you should still be trying to get better at it because I do think there are, there is a difference when you watch somebody like Dave go [00:19:00] out into a random place and find Turkey's gobbling where most people aren't.

There's, it's not just because of the colonial wears. You know what I mean? Like he, there's something he is doing differently to make them gobble. Anyways, just a thought. Hate to interrupt, but I think that was a nice little rabbit trail to follow for a minute. Oh, a hundred percent. A hundred percent.

Yeah. And but yeah, so Dave was a great one to hunt with. And I don't know have y'all watched that episode? Where The Peacock Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Peacock. You better be glad up. You better be glad Catman wasn't hunting with you. He just smacked, he smacked that peacock with that shot. Some shotgun.

Funny thing is, I went back out there and hunted at that farm opening day of Tennessee season, so this past Saturday. And I called that peacock in, and I tell you what, he came in just like a gobbler most of the time. There had been one gobbling with him. And so I was like, I think, there's gonna be the tom coming in.

Tom didn't come in, but [00:20:00] Peacock came in and I tell you what, he stuck his head over that hill and didn't see a hn around. Cause I was just in the timber and I was sitting there and I was like, man, if you were a Tom, you'd be dead. But he kinda of stuck his head up over and just, saw that big old tail of his come up and then he just walked on off.

Does he think he's a Turkey? What's going on with that joker? He thinks he's I'll tell you what, he's almost more skittish than the Toms out there. It's crazy. And he'll fight 'em. I've seen him fight the birds now he doesn't win but he go get in there, parties, that video where the turkeys are gobbling and then that peacock starts doing its thing.

It's so bizarre. It's so freaking weird. It's definitely an odd place cuz you go out there and you're like, am I in a jungle? What's going on? I've got a peacock out here and then I've got turkeys gobbling. I don't know what's going on. Jay, if you were to have one of those situations where you just had to kill a gobbler like you've gotta a turkey's just beating your butt and you're like, man, I'm gonna kill this sucker, but I need some help.

Out of all the guys you took on that, the pawn shop shotgun, [00:21:00] who would you wanna take with you to kill that Turkey? I know I'm putting you on the spot, man. That's put, you're putting me on the spot with that one. I know. I'd have to go Dave. Go Dave. Okay. I'd have to go Dave. Cause he was just he wasn't a bully in the woods, he he even, he knows way more than I do, but he's gonna, he's gonna sit in there, he's gonna talk with you, and that was the thing about, he relied somewhat on me on that hunt because, that was my farm. And I told him, I was like, they're probably gonna be roosted here now.

I just, that's all I said. And then he just did his thing. And but he's, he would be the one he's a great guy to be on the hunt with, obviously phenomenal caller. And he's a Turkey killer. So if I had to pick somebody out of all that, I would probably pick him now. Somebody, I would, you were talking about who was my backup kind of second?

Yeah. Or I guess what you said, the whisper, the surpri surprise. Who's your surprise guy that you would take? Yeah. I would say, [00:22:00] and it's not necessarily a surprise, but more so just cuz he's only been hunt Turkey hunting maybe the last hard, the last four years maybe. But Sorry, hold on.

I don't know what happened. Hold on. Sorry. You're good. Sorry. Something popped up on my laptop and I popped out of it. Would be Gary Stan. He's a, let's see, last year we hunted, obviously he only hunted one. We hunted with him and Charlie on that one hunt and we doubled up or he and Charlie doubled up, but then he and I hunted, we only hunted four ti three times.

We only hunted three times together last year. Out of those three times we shot five birds. Wow. And he, yeah, we, he doubled up with Charlie and then he and I doubled up and then he called that bird in for me with the Mr. Fox Fest. And he's he is, he's a Turkey [00:23:00] killer. He's, that's all he wants to do.

He lives and breathes Turkey hunting and in fact, I was hunting with him this morning. And then, but he had to head to a meeting, so then I left with him and then I went up to a spot in Kentucky and tagged out. But casually, no big deal. Yeah. Casually I went up there and tagged out real quick.

Sorry. Kentucky's awesome. I hear, oh Kentucky's a good state. Kentucky's a good state. Tennessee, Kentucky. I'd put Tennessee and Kentucky up there with some of the best Turkey hunting spots out there, but probably Kentucky number one, right? Jay? Probably, yeah, definitely. I'd say Jay, definitely number one.

Alright, my bad. Sorry. I understand what I'm saying. I would say no, I think Alabama's the place to go. That's, you're right. It's the place everybody wants to come. It's pretty much like every, the Disney World for Turkey honors, Jay, I don't know if you knew this, but in 1975, Alabama had a half million turkeys in Tennessee only had 5,000.

So I'm pretty sure we haven't had time to keep up. What year was that? What year is that, Adam? [00:24:00] 75. But still it's it's just shows living alive, not even alive. And I will say this cause like, and it's good Tennessee, is, let's talk a little bit about conservation, yeah. But Tennessee, is cut back on turkeys. They've gone back down the two birds, which is, I'm not gonna lie, I did like when it was four birds, but that was a lot of birds. And on to Alabama, man, we got four of 'em down here. You can just kill four of 'em real quick. You can kill four of 'em.

Yep. And hey, I do miss those days and even last year when it was three, but it's good. It's, it'll help pop the numbers back. Yeah. And because back in the day I, at that one farm, in the peacock farm, I'd go out there and, it was nothing to hear. 15 to 20 birds gobbling.

And now you hear 10, which still phenomenal, but. Like it's it, you can tell it's gone down like it used to be back in the day you go out there, man, it's just I, you can be an idiot and walk into 'em, and now it's there's still a [00:25:00] lot out there, but you still, it's changed a little bit.

And the numbers and that's not at every farm. Trust me, most of the farms, you're lucky you hear two birds goblin. But that farm there is just, it's one of those farms where it's just right there on this, creek and High Bluffs, you got low on the one side, high on the side that I can hunt.

And they like to run those ridges and it's just phenomenal. But anyways yeah I don't know, I guess I was going with conservation just, talking about taking it down to two birds and it's just, that is, it's probably for the best as much as us that wanna get out there and keep hunting, it's just my did you learn a lot through pawn Shop shotgun speaking on conservation Did you feel like getting in with N W T F and doing this whole thing for them do you start to see more through that lens, I guess through that experience? And I think yes, you do, because you start being a lot more mindful of it because, you don't wanna go to one spot and kill four [00:26:00] birds, five birds off each spot, because then next year you're gonna look at it and be like I'm gonna come back.

And, depending on how many hens, if they had, a good hatch, if there's, a lot of, pulse running around, then it was, then who cares? If you've got a bunch of Jakes running around, not necessarily who cares, but it's, you have that good replenishment, but if you go in and you shoot a bunch and you're not seeing any Jakes, you're not seeing, any young birds coming up.

It's one of those things to where it is true. It's like you can't just go in and just. Start mowing the population down because then you're not gonna, it's hurting you. And it's one of those things you could be hurting, we're looking at more down the road, but you could even be hurting in two years, in three years, but, we wanna make sure, for our kids, for, I don't know if we're not finding out what my, our baby is, if it's gonna be a boy or girl, but whatever it is, I want to make sure that we have birds to hunt, when they're old enough to get out there and chase them.

But even with that in mind, it could be affected within two years from now. If you go to one spot and just start [00:27:00] slaying birds. I just, for me, I know like whenever, like when I go to N W T F, like especially around that February time timeframe, when we are all getting done with deer season, Turkey seasons coming up.

N WTF conference comes in right around then, we're like, we're all just fired up. Everybody's talking about conservation all of a sudden. And I feel like with the more you, like with your experience where you actually went in there and hunted with a lot of these people and started, collaborating businesses with these people it seems like it would be easy to change from that seasonal type guy, seasonal conservationist, to seeing like a broader range.

I know the deeper I get into Turkey hunting and caring for Turkey conservation, the more I start to notice it[00:28:00] all throughout the year. You know what I mean? Yeah, a hundred percent. A hundred percent. You're, you're checking fields, you're, seeing how many, PTs are out there, running around and stuff.

And yeah it's one of those things that it definitely, I would say, like in the past, I'd always, I make sure your member at the N W T F, or, if there's, something comes up, you're like, oh, I'll give money to this. And, but after doing this more, so I've definitely been a little bit more aware and just in tune, with, okay.

There are things that, there's a lot obviously the money that goes, that we spend with our tags, a lot of that does go into, state conservation and stuff. But a lot of these private organizations that do a lot, and there's a lot of research out there that these N W T F is doing it's really good and, it's good to be a part of that.

I think one reason that the conver the conservation topic gets really fired up around the N W T A, around the N W TF Convention or in February is because, it's burning season, there's a lot of burns going on. So the more that [00:29:00] activity that's going on, the more it's gonna get talked about.

People are trapping hot and heavy. Cuz you see it all over social media. Everybody's got them dog proof traps out there in February and early March, or January through March. And everybody's trapping coons and possums and everything else. And so it's just that gets turkeys on the mind. And it's just the season for conservation efforts between burning and trapping.

Yep. Which this year I got a little bit in into coyote trapping. I was trying to trap some coyotes out at my father-in-law's farm and set out some snares and stuff trying to learn, some of those things. And it's a good thing to. It's a good thing to do to track coyotes as well as, it's a fun thing to do in the off season, in between deer season and tur season.

And and I'll tell you what it's a learning curve. It's not easy, but had finally was able to get one in one of the snares. I had a couple misses on one of the trails, then finally got it set right and just LA the day [00:30:00] before season closed, traffic season closed. I got one. I'm actually looking forward to getting back out this next year and doing some more trapping and I, I don't know.

I like the hides too. I got like several coyote hides that I've shot and stuff and everything. So it's just one of those things that, one more little thing like you said, and I need to go out and put a couple of those dog proof traps out and probably get some of those raccoons and stuff as well this next year.

So Jay, interesting fact, we're talking about conservation now, this past weekend you three guys were all killers. And I was their true conservationist because what I decided to do was, I was like, let turkeys walk by me. And I was like, I ain't shooting those turkeys. But all you guys were just like, he's doing your thing.

Jay's tagging out in Kentucky, Parker's casually killing one in the rain. Joey's killing one in bad weather. But this weekend j Parker had this idea. He is man, we really need to talk about rainy day Gobblers. And I think we've all encountered 'em and they're, they bring their own challenges. So the one that you killed, [00:31:00] I think you killed Saturday.

Was that a Kentucky bird? Sunday? It was Sunday. It was Sunday, yeah. Now was that post rain and was that like the windy day, I think? Or did y'all have any rain that day? So I shot that one right before the rain came in. Okay. Yes. And so but the wind had picked up. And then the rainy came in right after I shot one on the backside of the farm of my father-in-law's farm.

And then as I'm walking back to the house, I hear my brother-in-law shoot. And so he shot one on the other side of the farm. And that, and just going back to conservation a little bit, but like just seeing the Turkey numbers, like Turkey numbers had gone down there at that farm. But now that farm we're seeing 8, 9, 10 struts, out there, all over the farm.

So the numbers have really bounced back there. But yeah it's rainy days are, they're tough. Luckily I was able to get that one right before the rain came in and I was gonna be worried when those high winds came in and, that rain got to, going sideways. It was probably gonna be a pretty tough one.[00:32:00]

So where were you at? Were you a, was this a field bird? Was this a timber bird? Where were you at? It was a mixture there. So it was, he flew down. Hit the woods and then came up into the top of the back field and there was a little side field and I was in the woods. And first off, I started there trying to call, hoping to pull it in and have it look down into the woods where I was.

And it just, it, it was just out there strutting in the field, like doing its thing. And so I was scratching the leaves, calling every now and then, just wasn't over calling. And then, but he was pretty fired up and so he was hammering quite a bit. And so I was like, I think I can get on this a little bit. So I started, hitting it a little bit harder and he was just hammering at everything.

And then I moved cause I thought I, I need to get back out in this field. And there's this tree line right there. And I got out in that tree line and stayed there for a second. And as, as I [00:33:00] left he had started to go down into the woods, down into the holler to come up to where I was. But I, when I started calling over here on the tree line, then he came back out to the field.

I was like, I got a better chance of swinging back around and shooting him where I was. So I swung back around, got in there and got to Collin and he's, sure enough, he started coming down and I said, I picked this one spot to where I was like, he's gonna come up. He's probably gonna be, 15 yards, but this is where I've gotta be to where, cause otherwise if I set too far back, he's gonna come up and not see anything and get out of there.

And so I sat there, just mainly scratched in the leaves, called a little bit. And sure enough he came in, I could hear him spitting and drumming. And the next thing I know, I just see his head come up over the top of the log and he pegged me as soon as he came up over the top.

But I was on him and I let him have it. So if you could attribute like, something, the success to that, right? Is it historic knowledge of the farm and how to move? Is it being a good woodsman? Is it being a [00:34:00] good caller? Patience? What would you, how would you describe that? I'd say on that one, it was a little bit of woodsmanship and probably and I'm not gonna sit here and say I'm the best caller cause I'm not.

I'm, I ain't no, don't put me across. You're pretty good. You're pretty dang good. You're better than I am. I don't know about that. He's yeah, no, I heard you no know, but I can, I can call it a bird, but I would say on that, I'll tell you what, never overlook, scratching.

Scratching is because that, and I think too moving. Moving on. That made it seem realistic to him because I moved closer, moved away, moved over to the other side of the field and moved around. So don't be afraid to move even on the bird I shot today. Yeah, I moved two or three times. They were short moves, but they were enough that he could hear, okay, this bird's actually moving around.

I did a lot of scratching today on the bird that I shot, [00:35:00] and it's just because, if they're sitting there and they're hearing a bird, pardon me, they're just, yelping, but they're not hearing any leaves. They're not hearing nothing moot crunch. They're gonna be like, what is this, bird floating on air?

What's going on? They're not gonna want to come into it. So I would say don't overlook the scratching, cuz that's what I think ultimately got him to come in that last, 20 yards on the Sunday and even on today. I was scratching those leaves and just was able to just pull both of them up.

Yeah. Yeah. It's super, it adds so much realism to any setup. How many hen turkeys have you ever seen stand in one spot and not move and just call? You ain't seen one? I ain't ever seen one. Just scratching in the leaves and I've heard people, I remember Doc Whittle specifically talking about this before, he would set up and sit down and wait.

He would back up and like pace 20 yards, 30 yards 30 yards behind him, and he would pace another 20 or 30 yards, like side to side and [00:36:00] call for a handful of minutes because if the bird's 300 yards away, unless he's running at you, you got some time. And he would spend that time just mimicking a hint, just pacing back and forth and calling, scratching and leaves.

And then he'd go sit down. He might still call a little bit, but just that movement. And I think before he sat down, it just made it a little bit harder for that gobbler to pinpoint exactly where he was at, where he was at. And so the gobbler would come to an area that maybe was like 30 yards in diameter instead of the gobbler knowing exactly what tree he was sitting at.

Joey talking about that. This weekend actually, I got a case for what you're talking about. Started out the day we talked about it being a rainy day Turkey. It started out the day it was raining. I went to this spot because there's a ground line there, and I was like, I'm gonna wait out the rain sit here in this ground blind.

So I sat there till about seven o'clock and I did some calling, a couple of louder sequences, mostly just some [00:37:00] feeding stuff or whatever. I got outta the blind at seven. I just couldn't take anymore and stopped raining. I walked. I don't know, 20 feet maybe 20 feet hit the call and he answered like a hundred yards away.

And the where he answered and what he was doing, he was coming to the call and that he heard me do it all morning long. He was gonna eventually show up there. But just the fact that I moved a little bit closer. And really as the, when you look at it, I didn't even move that much closer.

I just moved into a different spot where he hadn't heard the calling coming from the whole time. And that's when he answered so interesting thought when you said that Joey is like, yeah, I guess that, that does happen a lot. It happens probably more than we even realize, whereas Turkey's been hearing us come and walking that trail for a hundred yards.

Yeah. It's almost like they literally know exactly what tree you were calling from, even when they were like, the last time you called was a hundred yards away. When they get there, [00:38:00] like they're just bird dogging that exact tree looking for you. And like, where is that hand at? She is not where I think she should be.

And that's, I like, I think Jay, you talked about like having to shoot quick at one point, one of your stories. That's just the way it is. And you see a lot of these YouTubers now hiding the hand and a gobbler crest in the hill and all is that neck and head and the periscope and then they're buck duck down.

You've got a couple of split seconds and that's it because they know exactly where you are supposed to be at. And I think it's tough too, Jay, you were talking about the, which one of the turkeys you said popped up over a log? Yeah. And saw you. I'm always war of that about having a log or a tree like right there cuz that is a hard edge.

And when you, if you got a good setup and it's just like a rolling edge. They'll, they may take a few more steps where you gonna, if you can see his beard and stuff like that, I think it gives you a lot better shot opportunity. But man, sometimes if you got that log or whatever, just that hard line, he can just poke his head up and you can send a pattern his way, [00:39:00] but half of that's gonna go into something else.

Yeah. Yeah. On that one I can only see, about, just his head, just the top of his head. Yeah. So when I shot he pegged me and I was like, I've gotta shoot now. And so when I did, I just raised up just enough and just shot. And then I had to, he flopped a little bit on that one.


yeah. I missed birds that way. I've missed birds from a log. I have one, there's actually a video of it on YouTube that I shot several years ago. He popped his head over the log shot, missed. And then he ran a little ways and I killed him. But you wouldn't think that a log would do that much, especially when there's part of his head sticking out.

You know what I mean? Like when there's still part of his head sticking out. You should be able to hit some, that's a hard shot. There's not a lot of people that actually succeed on that shot, especially if it's close. Like you just Yeah. You're shooting a softball at 'em, [00:40:00] it, it's close ranges.

Yeah. And if you're that close and you're, it may seem like you're an inch off, but, moving an inch at 10 yards, it's a lot different than moving an inch at 30 yards. The movement is minuscule at 30 yards. Yeah. But at 10 yards or 15 yards, you gotta swing on that bird and probably eight or nine times outta 10, he's gonna beat you.

Yeah. I got something to bring up when talking about going back to. Rain. And a lot, you guys, y'all both live in Tennessee, y'all, there are all three of you guys live in Tennessee. A lot of field birds in Tennessee. And because there's simply a lot of fields thing that we know about turkeys that if you don't know already in the rain, a lot of turkeys like to go to those open areas like that.

It's, it almost seems like it, it almost seems like rain makes them more predictable by being honest. But man, I hate a field bird. I struggle with them. I wanna know [00:41:00] Jay, Adam tells me that you're a field bird dude. That's how you hunt a lot of turkeys. How are you doing it? I feel every time I go to Tennessee or somewhere more Midwest or whatever with field birds, I'm like I don't even know where to start.

You know what I mean? Yeah. With Phil Bird's it's tough. And a lot of the spots that I have are fields mainly, and you have limited woods that you can get in. And so you're this is where it, I've gotta be. And in those cases you're like, you've almost gotta have a visual as far as like a decoy or something.

And as much as sometimes like you don't wanna have, like I like just running, gunning in the woods probably more than anything, but I grew up hunting a lot of fields, so I grew up with, a stutterer, a hen, or a half strut. Jake, my favorite probably is if you're gonna do hunting a field where you know they're gonna be out there and you've gotta be on 'em, is a [00:42:00] hen laying down with a half strut, Jake over the top of it.

And most of the time if it's a dominant bird, he's not gonna, he can't stand that. And that's how my brother-in-law shot his, I told him, He was gonna hunt the field up on the backside of the farm and was like, Hey, he's gonna hit the field. He's gonna have hens with him. I was like if you're gonna wanna pull him away, you're gonna have to do the hint on the ground and a half strut Jake over the top of him.

And I said, and face them towards you because he's gonna wanna strut and come around in front. And they said that he did exactly that. They said as soon as he saw the decoys, he just came straight in. So if you're hunting fields like that, man it's so tough otherwise to get on 'em. And if there's any role in the terrain, use that to your advantage.

A lot of these fields, these ag fields out here, they have, like some type of ditch that runs through 'em. And so if you're not using decoys, getting those ditches and you're gonna have to [00:43:00] crawl, you're gonna be on your belly. You're just gonna be, have to be laying down.

And you're just have to use what little bit of a role there is, to throw a call back and try to pull him. And again, it's just gonna be him, usually parascoping up looking and it's gonna be another quick shot if you're gonna be, getting on him. But I would say in the fields if you're gonna go after him without a decoy, don't be afraid to be aggressive.

You've gotta go to 'em because if they're not coming, just like as well as anybody, if a bird doesn't see anything, why is he gonna go over there? And you gotta be aggressive if you're not using decoys fields. Yeah, I used to have a saying that if you didn't have like holes in the knees of your pants that you weren't trying, and then I met some of these guys Alabama guys especially, that's got all this timber to hunt and they're like, huh, I don't crawl on turkeys.

Like, why aren't you crawling on turkeys? I just didn't know any better, man. But all my pants had holes in the knees. Yep. A lot of times up here we're not [00:44:00] lucky enough. You get permission to an 80 acre, farm and it's filled, for the most part, you got one little line of timber, maybe.

Yeah. And I think that's where your limitations of setup really come from. Imagine you have a, like a 40 acre field and it does have a couple, like rolls in it or whatever. If you take that same top topography and you put a bunch of hardwoods in there, the game changes. It might, because you can get.

30 yards, 40 yards from those turkeys without, I'm seeing ya. But when you take the, take that outta the equation, you basically have that perimeter of that 40 acres to get something done. And you're just not able to get that aggressive as you would in the hardwoods. It's aot more patience of calling that bird across an open terrain and hoping he doesn't see you before he gets in gun range if you don't have decoys.

And in that case, early season probably makes it super tough cuz there's no cover. And then once you get up into, [00:45:00] April, late April, you get a little bit of cover, you can tuck away 15, 20 yards back in the back, in the timber some, and then call that bird across the field. And he has to stand at the edge of that field to look into the woods to see if there's a hint in there or not.

And by that time it's too late. But man, before that it's just. It's tough. I've always had a hard time with 'em too. Yeah. I feel like field bird, like fields are God's conservation model. Like I just, every time I go hunt 'em, I'm like, God, just don't want these turkeys to die. You know what I mean?

Like we just need to let 'em be field birds and we'll go hunt the woods and hunt the fringes and do all of that stuff. Yeah. Cause God just didn't wanna, he didn't want him to die. Cause I can't freaking figure it out. Every time I go, there's partisan. You know what's the crazy thing about it is whenever I'm scouting on OnX or whatever, going to a new place and I see fields, [00:46:00] I'm like, oh, look at that.

There's a field there. But deep down in my heart and like in, in the depths of my soul, I know but you're not gonna kill once there. So even try. Hey, I still like that field to be there. And in all seriousness, that's another a that's just a different habitat. That could be one of three or four habitat types that's in that area.

I ain't going set foot in that field, probably like you said, Parker, but I'm glad it's there. I'm glad the turkeys have that option to hang out in there. I'm going to head, I'm gonna head into the woods. I'm gonna stay in the woods where I belong. It's a destination area. Thinking about it from deer hunting perspective, it's literally a destination area that they will be going to.

So when you look at a map and you're like going to a new area, turkeys will be heading to that field. Yeah, they just they just talked about it on the Wild Turkey Science Podcast. I think this week they were talking about, fields and how I don't know. There's maybe like this misconception that fields are like, like pastures are really good for turkeys because they see turkeys in 'em all the time.

Yeah, that may [00:47:00] be the case, but they're not making, more turkeys in that field. A field is a, it is just like a, like a bench or whatever in the hardwoods or up on a high flat ridge where that gobbler's gonna strut and he's gonna hang out. He's gonna be seen, he's gonna be heard.

So turkey's to hang out there, but they ain't making more turkeys there. That's just a place for them to, technically, I, most of the videos I've seen of turkeys making other turkeys have been out in field. They're making more turkeys. I don't know how many turkeys are making it out of those fields.

Oh man, I couldn't resist that one. Jay, you guys, y'all have a cool little network of music. And hunting and merchandise, apparel what could people expect? Are you guys, is that all gonna continue being a staple about hico? All of all the things included, or are you guys gonna try doing something different in the [00:48:00] future?

Yeah, so we're gonna for sure keep doing the the sessions. So we're, I'm gonna probably after tur season this summer, I'm gonna ramp some of those sessions back up and get some new people on. And then this Turkey season. I was down, I wasn't, baby on the way. I wasn't gonna be out in the woods filming a bunch and traveling around all over the country.

So this season I was limited to just me getting out and hunting. And especially like last year, I was out traveling around so much that I still was able to get out and tag out in Tennessee. And then I got one in Kentucky. I still got some hunts in as much traveling around and filming as I did last year.

But this year obviously I'm just gonna be more doing my own thing and around the house. But n I'm wanting to do some more. I, there might be something similar next year. I don't know. We'll see. As far as I there, there's some talks about some things going on we'll put something together.

I'm probably gonna put [00:49:00] something together for this fall for deer season. As far as, hunting and filming something goes it's always gonna probably have a retro type feel to it, just cuz that's what out here co. Is the branding on it. And yeah. So we're gonna do that and I would love to get into a bunch of other content as well, so there's a lot more stuff to potentially to be out there.

That's so cool. So I'm interested to hear Adam shared a pretty funny story with me this afternoon. And I'd heard this story before, but I didn't realize that you were the other hunter that was within this story. You guys tell that I'm, I think it's funny you said earlier you like, y'all's hunt got ruined.

But I don't know, to me it sounds like it maybe was made a little more memorable.

You tell it Jay? He's heard my side. You want me to tell it or do you want yeah. You do it man. He j Parker's heard my side so you, you tell this one. Okay. So like Adam said, we've only ever hunted together once, and it was this one time and I was [00:50:00] like, I found this one piece of public ground on an undisclosed place.

And I was like, man, I think there's gonna be birds there. I just have a feeling, looking at the topography, looking at everything. And I was like, I don't think many people are getting back in there. It's you've gotta use a boat. And I don't think many people are getting back in there. And he was like, oh, I got a boat.

And I was like, whoa, let's go. Let's get on some. And then I had a buddy that was wanting to go with us. I was like, Hey, do you mind? My buddy comes with us as well? And he's no, I don't care. So we went out there, got, parked right at the spot that we were wanting to get to. Went out there and I don't know how many birds you think we heard.

At least three or four gobblers easily at, yeah, at least three or four right there. Pretty close to us. Yeah. And so we were like, all right, we gotta start making a move. So we're looking, at the map and trying to figure out where the boundary line is and everything. And they're roosted up on public or on private land.

And so they pitched down and we can hear 'em, we finally get, get eyes on 'em. And they're still on private land, but they're coming down towards the public. [00:51:00] So again, field birds, what it is, we start crawling. And so we are, we're getting in there, we're crawling, we're getting real close to 'em. We're pretty much on the property line trying to be like, all right, let's see if we can't get 'em to come over.

About that time we hear gravel coming down. There's a gravel road on the private land. We hear a truck coming down the gravel road and we're like, oh, you gotta be kidding me. This is just about to ruin our morning. And we thought it was just probably a farmer coming check the cows cuz it was cows on that other side, on the private side.

And sure enough, that thing rolls up. Them turkeys get a little spooked and start going up into the heels where they came from, and that truck rolls right up there to 'em. Next thing you know, you hear, boom, somebody shot it out of the truck. Somebody like, I think a passenger guy shot out of the truck and the next thing you know he goes, I got two of them.

I was, so some dude [00:52:00] done shots, turkeys with one shot out of the, was it just one shot or was it two shots? It, I think it was just one. I think he killed two in, so we saw the most redneck, illegal poaching event of my entire life. Right there. Right there. And then they just threw 'em in the back of the truck and just broke on off.

Could you tell if they were gobbler or hens or what? Oh, I feel like there was gobblers because there was three gobbler, I think Strutton coming down there. And so I think it was two gobbler that were probably pretty close together. Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah. Gosh, Parker's relieved now. I was like oh I'm so glad it wasn't hands, it was just two goers.

That's totally fine. Didn't check all the boxes of poaching. Yeah yeah, if it were like two he or something, because that sounds, I'm telling you, it's people, somebody's gonna drive up and do that. Like they would've done the same thing with pins, I feel. You know what I mean? Oh yeah. I don't know.

Maybe I've seen a lot of that kind of stuff come from Tennessee. Especially [00:53:00] some of Turkey hunt, the urban Tennessee AR areas seem like Tennessee like the Suburban and Tennessee areas very similar to the suburban areas outside of Atlanta. They just carry a lot of wildlife.

And so I remember a couple years ago there was a video. Like somebody's security footage where this, what you're talking about, cobbler strut in a field and the car, I think it drives by and then backs up and shoots out the gun, shoots out the window and it's somebody's security footage. Yeah. It was like the ring, like the ring doorbell camera or whatever, the shirt.

I saw that. Yeah. It's in somebody's yard. It's like somebody shoots like the freaking truck. I'm pretty sure that was in Tennessee as well. It was, I'm I know exactly what you're talking about. Yeah. I remember like a white pickup truck. I don't know why I remember it, but Yeah. Truck pulled up, backed up shots.

Turkey old boy was just, hauling it, snatched that Turkey up, threw 'em in the cab and they bolted. Man, that Turkey was on Facebook [00:54:00] in five minutes after that. Yeah, posted. Oh, look at what I just called in. Good old ring bell cameras had better hunting footage and half the YouTubers out there.

Wow, Joey. No, no shots intended. Parker Freaking Wow. Hey, I said half the YouTubers. Imagine how many YouTubers there are. Now you're in the top. Y'all are in the good half. Let me, I'll go ahead and tell you Parker feel bad. Like we hardly ever get the shot of.

It's so funny, man, like it is true. Like sometimes trail camera, like you see guys share the trail camera video of their kill. It's gosh, it's better than the stuff I get with a $3,000 camera out there, so you just carry a ring doorbell on a steak. That's right. That's right. Gosh, man.

Tennessee like it, it seems like you have this stretch with Tennessee. Maybe it's just the south. Do you think this much [00:55:00] poaching and like bad ethic. Lives outside of the south as much because I feel like everybody I run into in the nor especially like on public land and stuff up north or in the Midwest, feels like there's not there nearly that amount of run-ins that we have down here.

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. The Turkey hunters aren't as thick anywhere else either. I bet you. Yeah, that's true. Could it just be the nature of it? Maybe. You just get enough people piled into this place and enough people that are thinking, I have to kill something no matter what. And I don't know if this one thing leads to another and you probably just have more occurrences of it down here.

Yeah. Just hearing y'all's story from that hunt. I remember that. I remember that well. When Adam first told it to us and Joey, I know you had. Opening day, [00:56:00] opening day Blues on public clan. This this week and mine in Florida was pretty bad. The opening day just seems like those kind of run-ins.

Was y'all's happen? Did it happen to be on opening day? No, we were like, maybe it was a couple of days. It was not far past opening day though. Maybe that opening week or the next week. Yeah, but it was like middle of the week too. Oh yeah. It wasn't even like a Saturday. Cause that's why we were like, there should be nobody out there, going to this public land spot middle of the week and lo and behold, boy in a white pickup truck, I don't know, might've been the same guy if you said that other guy was a white pickup truck spot outta the ring camera too.

But I don't know. Hey, they had the same idea that y'all did. Ain't nobody gonna be out here in the middle of the week on this public spot. Oh man. We didn't know we could drive to it. Yeah, I wouldn't take him a vote if I knew I could just jump over the fence. Yeah. That boy was hooping and hollering and I heard the other guy say, I thought I heard him goblin down here.

I was like, oh god. Oh dude. It was the most redneck thing I've ever witnessed. I [00:57:00] wish we'd called the game war, but heck, I called the game war in the next week to ask, cuz I went and hunted it again and I had a run in with a landowner. And so I called like the local game war. I've got his number. And I was like, Hey man, is this public land?

He's I don't know. I was like, how do you not know? Come on man. Like it's. Yeah. Anyways, it's on every map is public, but the landowner acted like it was his land, but I think he's just leasing it. I won't go into too many details. That game warden just didn't wanna fool with you that day. No, he didn't.

And then I ended up dropping my phone and dad come the water there. So I lost that. Remember that Parker? Who was that? The day your boat got stuck on the bank? Yep. That was the day last. Terrible. Stuck on the bank and I lost my phone. Yeah, I remember that year. It was all at the same exact time.

Charlie. So bad. So bad. It's one of my chip created. Now I get to have Jay on the podcast or look at the relationships here. Full circle Live.[00:58:00] Jay, man, I know I know you got a lot going on. It's getting late. We really appreciate you coming on. This has been a lot of fun, man. I hope we get to do this again.

So really appreciate you coming on here though. Heck yeah. Heck yeah. I appreciate y'all having me on. It was great being on here and just talking Turkey. Who doesn't love it? I certainly do. Yeah. Dumb people. Dumb people don't. That's right. Don't be humans for real. Everyone out there, thanks for listening.

Appreciate you guys follow along with us and see you next week. Hey, thanks for listening to the Limb Hanger Turkey Hunting podcast. Hope you tune in next week for another great conversation about our favorite bird in the woods as the Wild Turkey. We'll talk to you guys next week.