Raising the Bar for Bigger Bucks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Rocky Burrus (SA Farm Management Service) discuss next level habitat and hunting techniques that allow you to kill the biggest bucks in your area. Rocky discusses off season work and opportunities he creates to improve properties and gain access to new land.

Rocky provides secrets and intimate details on what separates the properties he improves for habitat. Rocky explains how to best work with neighbors and what information he provides to ensure neighbors are considering his technical approach to managing for larger bucks. Rocky and Jon discuss the examples of why and when to pass deer and how the mindset to get to the next age class requires building a property and the deer quality.

Rocky details hunting less and sometimes the best advice is to not hunt your property for several years to build deer interest. Jon explains the concept of building a bank account for deer to improve the property from a long-term standpoint. Rocky details the strategy to harvest a single deer with multiple years of intel and why he doesn’t rely on apps to help support his decision to hunt an individual deer. Rocky and Jon explain client mistakes and be more aware of your decision making process to improve your property to ensure it benefits your deer.

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