Redneck Turkey Tour & Chasing 49

Show Notes

On this week's episode Mitch is joined by good friend and hunting partner Earl Thomas.  Earl is one of the most passionate turkey hunters Mitch knows, and annually sets out to hunt in multiple states on what has been dubbed the "Redneck Turkey Tour."  Earl has been fortunate to tag a handful of gobblers already this spring and still has a few hunts left.  

Every hunter's experiences lead them to hypothesize and act a certain way while pursuing game.  This has led to many coffee shop conversations such as, does weather impact turkey gobbling?  What about the barometer?  Are we hunting spring gobblers in Pennsylvania too late?  While we don't directly answer those questions, Earl's experience is food for thought.  Turkeys are wild animals, and their brains are much different from humans - they are "finicky" birds!  We may never figure out what makes them do what they do, but persistence and determination go a long way.  This is one of the many reasons why Earl is sending pictures of him with turkeys at any given point throughout March, April, or May.  Enjoy the perspective and experience from this wise ol' bird!

Show Transcript