Rethinking Camo and Simplifying Archery w/ Nate Sellers

Show Notes

How much thought have you put into your camo system heading into the season? Sure you've got your treestands dialed in, you know how to get that saddle feeling just right, you've shot your bow and have your pack filled with just the right gadgets. But your camo is some of the most important gear you bring into the woods with you. It's often responsible for you spending more time on stand or heading back to the truck. That means it's often the one thing that had, or didn't have, you in the stand when the buck walked through. So, how much thought have you put into your camo system this year?

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Nate Sellers of Huntworth and Average Jack Archery about Huntworth's camo lineup and archery gear. Huntworth makes high quality camo as a fraction of the price of some of the big names out there. They've got gear to keep you cool for the early season, warm in the late season, and comfortable all season long.  If you haven't already, you should check them out!

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