Rick Brule of Vapor Trail talks about his Upcoming Boundary Waters Hunt, Pope & Young Buck Stories, & Whitetail Calling Strategies

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 137 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode Dimitri and I were joined by Rick Brule from Vapor Trail and Stokerized! Rick has been with Vapor Trail for over 10 years and he shares a little bit about himself and their companies. Rick talks about his upcoming Boundary Waters hunt and all the details regarding what he will be going after and when!  We asked Ricke about his whitetail hunting situation for this upcoming season and it was really interesting to hear the way Rick hunts the metro Minnesota areas. Right after that Rick dives into two different Pope and Young buck stories! Then we wrap things up by talking about some whitetail calling strategies and experiences.  

To start things off in the podcast Rick briefly introduces who he is and what his role is with Vapor Trail and Stokerized.  Vapor Trail has been extremely busy this past year not only with products but with building their own pro shop in Minnesota!  Rick shares some information regarding their shop and what people in the area can expect when they go there! From actually selling products, hanging out, 40 yard range and Techno Hunt! Rick follows this up by talking about his upcoming season which includes a 2 week canoe trip in the Boundary Waters!  This is where he drew a limited bear tag but plans to fish, hunt whitetails and birds!  Really interesting to hear how he plans on attacking this trip and makes you want to go for the ride!  Following this conversation up we dove right into his two Pope & Young whitetail buck stories.  Both stories happen during the middle of November and hearing how he was able to overcome a bad shot on the biggest buck yet to date.  To finish off the episode Rick shares how his improved calling techniques has led to him getting more deer encounters and what he is doing. Hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to next week! Antler Up!

Show Transcript