Zach Ferenbaugh of THP Talks Early Season Hunts, Gear Setups, Whitetail Scouting Philosophy & MORE

Show Notes

On this week's episode Dimitri and I were joined by Zach Ferenbaugh from The Hunting Public! Zach needs no introduction into the show and we got right into it from the start!  This was a really fun conversation with Zach because I had the opportunity to hang out with Zach this past July at a Tethrd Teach-N-Train Tour event in Iowa.  It was awesome to see him interact with people that attended the event and we had the chance to catch up afterwards.  Some of the topics in today’s episode were from that conversation and I knew I wanted Zach to come on and dive deeper into those for the listeners and have him pick up where he left off!  

To start things off in the podcast Zach mentions briefly what his first hunt is going to be and where!  This then caused us to go down a rabbit hole of what gear adjustments he either already has made or will make for that trip and the rest of the season.  Those of you that have followed the podcast know I love talking to individuals about their gear!  After this topic Zach shares how his whitetail scouting philosophy has evolved over the last few years and what his objectives are!  I loved this part because Zach shares how to read sign correctly to hunt THAT sign NOW and not being married to a specific spot. He really goes deep into this topic and I personally took a lot away from this part and I believe you will too!  It truly was great to get this information out.  Some stories were shared as well that go along with this topic.  We wrap up the podcast with chatting about how to manage your mentality during the hunting season.  We all know those down times come during the season and Zach shares his thoughts on it and what he does to keep that positive mindset going during the season!   This was a total blast to record and I hope you like it!  Enjoy today’s episode & thanks for tuning in!! ANTLER UP!!

Show Transcript