Rikki Folger, Wild and Foraged

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by Colorado resident, Rikki Folger. Rikki is an accomplished chef who desires to bring wild game and foraged food to the forefront. Armed with a culinary background, she launched the handle @wild_and_foraged, sharing recipes and her adventures. They talk about a shared pastime of disc golf, attempting bottom round burnt ends, and making a seasonal berry sauce that will elevate any steak dinner. Be ready to up your summer game with this episode of Huntavore.

Rikki Folger is an accomplished chef who has worked in Napa, California and now in Colorado. While also being a Somalia, someone who is trained in wine tasting, she also creates whole dishes in the kitchen. Nick, however, skips over all that and dives into a shared recreational game between them, disc golf. Lots of parallels between disc and ball golf, but one area that disc has focused on, is playing among the established habitat. For Nick, his foraging game has greatly improved, because of bad throws into the woods. Rikki turns her attention to improving Nick’s attempt on venison burnt ends. Immediate issue was the marbling and fat contact of the bottom round. The smoking and keeping the moisture in was achieved, but the crust and char was not up to par. Rikki offered to increase the surface area when broiling. Now one of the best parts of summer are the seasonal fruits that ripe for the picking. Rikki takes an already beautiful piece of grilled venison steak and adds a berry sauce. She chose blueberry as a sweet and tart sauce that would elevate a simple steak into fine dining.

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