Rob Chippone; Sous Vided Fish is Disrespectful

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick has been placed on injured reserve for a few days due to a procedure.  While he's icing up, Rob Chippone joins the show to share some tricks or moves when frying fish and cooking whole piglets.  Rob is a big fan of the sous vide and we brainstorm how using that can prepare all kinds of meat for an outdoor intactactive barbecue.  Join us on an inspiring chat, on this episode of Huntavore.

Nick is recovering from his vasectomy, which after an attack from kidney stones last fall, was a total cakewalk.  Rob joins in from his new home is South Carolina, where the guys talk a bit about fishing.  Rob likens being a sportsmen to jujitsu as in, the martial art has belts that show your progression, and how it’s about understand over who you beat.  Same goes for hunting and fish.  You earn your stripes not for the particular size of deer, but for what you know.  Conversation also jumps onto fried fish, and the many ways I can change up the same old same.  Think about Coconut Perch, I know right.  On top of that, the guys talk about how sous vide is not a one trick pony.  And Nick dreams about a Shish kabob around a smokeless fire ring.

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