Rollercoaster Bowhunting Journey

Show Notes

Everyone was a beginner at some point in their bowhunting career.  Some of us had an advantage with experienced mentors, others learned from the school of hard knocks.  This week's episode we are joined by listener Tyler Murray.  Tyler grew up hunting with his family, but took on the journey of bowhunting whitetails by himself at 16 years old.  He navigated television and the internet like many of us do trying to learn and consume deer hunting knowledge and entertainment.  Each year has led to Tyler being more and more successful.

We navigate Tyler's rollercoaster bowhunting journey, from starting out bowhunting his rifle stands, to being relentless scouting and mobile hunting.  This season Tyler connected on a dandy buck in archery season with minimal hunting time available.  We discuss how Tyler chose his set-ups wisely to allow for quality sits on limited time.  Tyler shares the emotions experienced after all the pieces fell into place for this great buck.  It's an episode which both novice and experienced bowhunters can appreciate!  Tyler has worked hard to accomplish his goals - many of us can relate!

Show Transcript