Rusted out Mustangs to Brand New Trucks: Chris Allen and Molly

Show Notes

Houndsman XP travels to Springboro, Ohio to hunt with Chris Allen. Bub Blackwell also makes his second appearance on the podcast as Chris Powell hosts this great conversation about coonhunting with Chris Allen and Bub. There are a couple of Chris’s in this one so pay attention.

Chris Allen tells the story of his lifelong career of being a top tier coonhound handler. Chris also recounts his legendary run with Millcreek Molly. Molly sat atop the all time PKC money winner list for almost a decade. Included in this were to wins for two different trucks. Chris tells the story how he came up short, by a hair, on a third truck. Molly was a special hound but was not Chris’s favorite. You’ll get to hear that too and it might surprise you.

This episode is fun, lots of hunting stories and recounts of what this lifestyle has meant to these three houndsmen. Buckle up for some laughs and fun Chris Allen style on the Houndsman XP Podcast Network.

Show Transcript