Rutting hard with Derek Towles

Show Notes

This week the guys got the chance to pick the mind of there great Derek Towles.  Derek is a friend of the show, from down in Kentucky.  Let’s put it this way, Derek is like a mix of Superman, Santa Clause, and Daniel Boone. He saves the day as a first responder as his career, ships packages from the GoWild warehouse for fun, and spends all the rest of his time in the woods. It’s kind of an awesome gig!  Derek has had success in the woods of Colorado already this fall hunting black bears, and hunts a nice piece of private land in Kentucky.  We cover different rut tactics, stand locations, and how to maneuver throughout the month of November. 

Depending on how you look at it, Paul is either winning or losing in the game of archery.  The deer he shot at won that battle, but Paul put a hurting on a tree in the process!  He recaps his killdeer hunt and trick or treat.  For Andrew the week was much slower in the woods with reduced amount of time spent outside.  Work, Life and patience… 

Our O2 hunt camp member of the week is Alex Herman.  Alex grew up in Wisconsin but has migrated to the Buckeye State.  He was skillful enough to take down his first buck with a compound bow earlier this season.  Alex recaps the hunt and how it worked out!

Have a great week and good luck to those getting out into the great Outdoors of Ohio!

Show Transcript