Ryan Glitsky's Process for Consistently Getting on Big Bucks on Public Land

Show Notes

October is finally here! Many whitetail hunters have a love-hate relationship with October, especially the first few weeks of the month. With the frenzy of the rut still a few weeks off, if you haven't done your homework, mature buck sightings can be few and far between. And there are few guys out there who put in the work to get on bucks quite like Ryan Glitsky.

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh & Pierce talk with Ryan Glitsky about Ryan's process for getting on BIG bucks. Ryan primarily hunts big woods mountain bucks in PA, and he does it at a very high level. This week, Josh and Pierce get to quiz Ryan on his approach on everything from in season scouting to trail cam strategy to when to stay put and when to make a move during the rut. This episode is FULL of good info that just might help you get on deer instead of simply watching squirrels. Enjoy!

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