Sandhill Crane Hunting

Show Notes

We hit something a little different this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, sandhill crane hunting! John's good buddy Charles just returned from a bucket list hunt and one that John was quite jealous of. Sandhill cranes are present in large numbers in western Oklahoma and Texas, and as Charles will discuss in this episode, make for a fun and engaging hunt. The "ribeye of the sky" are not as easy as you might think to hunt, and possess a keen eye for anything out of the ordinary.

Charles and his buddies were able to hunt cranes and geese on this trip, which makes for a great comparison of the two species and helps people relate to something they may be a little more familiar with. Charles talks about the strategy they used, the decoy set ups, the size shells, and the hides the group used to put a 14 man limit on the ground one day, and a stack of geese the next. If a crane hunt isn't already on your list, it definitely will be after this episode!

Show Transcript