Scouting, Logging Work, Equipment and Hot Design Tricks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Todd Shippee (Empire Land Management), discuss post season scouting. Todd discusses logging operations on client properties and difficulties of getting. Jon discusses the differences in logging versus habitat work.

Todd explains his client’s success and related strategies that have helped find success. Todd explains post logging tricks that can support changes to help increase deer interest. Todd and Jon discuss how to promote red and white oaks on the landscape, through acorn emplacement. Todd explains how to promote red oiser and silky dogwoods across your property. Todd explains opportunities to promote plums to create dense thickets.

Todd details his latest tractor he is using in the field. Todd explains why he upgraded his tractor and what features he believes are convenient that should be considered for field work. Todd and Jon discuss the equipment they are using and the essential gear for land improvement. Jon explains what equipment not to buy.

Todd explains how to create treestands out of box elder. Todd identifies other treestand tree options with hybrid popular, willows, etc. Jon explains tactics he uses to create better screens and options for tripod treestand. Todd and Jon discuss future podcasts and upcoming guests.

Show Transcript