Upcoming Land Management Projects and Post Season Hunting Data

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Mark Haslam (Southeast Whitetail) discuss upcoming land management projects and get into the details of analyzing hunting season data. Jon discusses leaving trail cameras to collect data. Mark discusses his land management tactics that have allowed eight mature bucks on his property. Mark explains local hunting pressure and dog hunting for deer. Mark explains how to minimize the impact of dog hunting on his property. Jon explains the best time of year to consult.

Mark explains post season analysis data that he is most focused on, that many hunters overlook. Fetal aging, in concert with weight, tooth wear aging, fat content is critical information that allows much knowledge of the herd status and health to support critical property management decisions. Mark explains postseason planning, such as timber contracts, discing, burning, timber stand improvement, and food plots.  Mark explains the first consideration he believes any landowner should make before any decision is made to improve a hunting property.

Mark discusses his predator focus this year and what his plans are to support turkey population improvements. Mark details the steps he is taking to improve his property, from cutovers to planting. Mark explains food plot planting and essentials, while considering neighbors that benefit your overall strategy. Jon discusses how to get the highest return on investment and the problems with those that are unable to use fire on the landscape. Mark explains some key food plot considerations that will change your food plot game.

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