Send It! Chopping it Up After Montage Mountain Archery Fest

Show Notes

In this episode of the Antler Up Podcast, host Jeremy Dinsmore is joined by guests Tim Sisock, Josh Hobson, and Jim D'Agostino as they recount their thrilling experience at the Montage Mountain Archery Fest in Northeast PA. The group dives into the excitement of shooting two challenging courses and shares their thoughts on the impressive improvements and fun elements of the event.

Josh Hobson makes his debut on the podcast, introducing himself to the listeners and sharing his deep passion for archery. He also regales the audience with a captivating story about a real fun PA buck, showcasing his enthusiasm for hunting in the region.

Tim Sissock highlights his incredibly successful turkey season, where he managed to wrap up his hunt for two birds in less than an hour and a half. He also discusses how he has evolved his approach to deer hunting and the preparations underway for their NY hunting property.

The conversation emphasizes the importance of friendship in hunting, highlighting how it can lead to unforgettable memories and experiences. The group also discusses the crucial role of testing gear and building confidence in equipment for successful hunts.

They delve into how shooting in different angles and terrains at the festival has improved their accuracy and prepared them for real-life hunting situations. The benefits of having a dedicated hunting property are also discussed, providing a guaranteed spot and better planning opportunities.

The episode covers the friendly competition among friends, which not only enhances shooting skills but also adds a fun and challenging element to the experience. They talk about experimenting with different arrows and equipment to find the best setup for archery competitions.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into scouting and observing deer behavior, the importance of paying attention to small details, and the need to be adaptable in the field. The discussion also touches on transitioning from hunting on main trails to secondary trails for better chances of encountering mature bucks.

Finally, the group emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus and staying calm during hunts to make accurate shots. This episode is packed with practical tips, exciting stories, and the camaraderie that makes hunting a truly rewarding experience.

So, grab your gear, sit back, and join us on this episode as we Antler Up with the boys on today's episode of the Antler Up Podcast.

 Stay tuned, stay safe, and Antler Up!

Show Transcript