September Strategy B.S. Session

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On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan is joined by the the host of the Missouri Woods & Water Podcast, Nate Thomas. Nate currently has a big shooter buck showing up in daylight on camera just about every day on a new property. Nate gives us a breakdown about the property and where he thinks this buck is living. However, there are couple issues with this property that could throw a wrench in to his strategy. First, he can only access it through one side of the property. Second, he has to walk through open ag ground before he can get to the timber. Third, the landowner thing that once the crops are out, the bucks seem to leave. This is an in-depth conversation about how Nate is going to approach this property in hopes of putting an arrow in to his #1 buck.

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Here we go again, ladies and gentlemen. Mike check. One second. Mike. Check. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another episode of the nine Finger Chronicles podcast. I'm your host, Dan Johnson. [00:01:00] And today, dude, we're breaking down a new farm for my buddy Nate. We are going to talk about a buck that is daylighting every day.

And now we gotta put the we're gonna talk it out. We're gonna put the pieces of the puzzle together on this new farm. And basically have a strategy breakdown session on today's episode where we talk about the property, we talk about deer movement, we talk about what his plan is some of the downfalls of the property itself, what we think this buck is doing.

And really it's just breaking down a specific buck. And I know it's early, right? Because we're getting ready to come into this velvet stripping time of year, and that tends to change deer behavior. Buck start to get more aggressive. Bachelor groups start to break up, and deer, especially big mature deer, if they're not solo already, they break away from their bachelor groups and go [00:02:00] solo.

And sometimes that means new core areas fall, fall areas versus some, coming off of their salt summer range going into their fall range. And sometimes that can be a big difference in where these deer are located. On top of that you're going to hear him talk about how the farmer says he doesn't see many bucks.

Out here, out on that property once the crops are out. So maybe it's just one of those things where the crops are out, I don't pay attention to the property anymore. Or if truly once the crops are out, the deer just go somewhere else. So it's a really fun episode where we dive into the strategy of a specific property and a specific deer.

So I had an absolute blast. These are some of my favorite types of episodes where we really just apply everything that we've ever learned all the woodsmanship, and try to hopefully something comes outta this episode and Nate can get in there. On the September opener [00:03:00] and potentially put an arrow in him, that would be so sweet to have happen.

That's what we're talking about in today's episode, man. Since my la since the last episode, my shoulders are actually feeling a lot better. So I think, honestly, I'm gonna give it past this holiday weekend, and then I'm gonna get into shooting my bow every single day. I'm going to start like just a handful of reps, then I'm gonna start working up the reps every single day.

More reps, and to the point where I'm back at it I'm comfortable again with my shot. And that's the only thing really. I have a couple trail cameras that I want to get out. On some different properties near my house. Mostly all public, but I want to try to locate a couple really good spots for, for the for maybe the early October timeframe where I can get a dough tag and find a place to go shoot a dough.

But other than that, man, it's just kinda my, everything is on [00:04:00] standby. I got all my gear for the most part ready. I might buy another pair of boots, but I think what I have is gonna be what I have is gonna work again this year, just because it's not too crazy wet wherever I, when, where I hunt.

I'll probably have to eat my words this year. But anyway I think I'm good to go with the gear I got. All I have to do is shoot more, make sure my arrows are tuned and my bow is tuned and I'm tuned. And, I'm gonna start picking up the cardio for. For my Western hunt. And usually what that means is just I'm gonna go put a, he put on a heavy pack and I'm gonna hike three miles.

And I got this little round trip area that I go to. And I'm gonna start doing that more and more throughout the month about September and October. And basically I just wanna build my legs and the conditioning. And the muscle and all that in my body to just go and do that. Now, I don't need to go crazy and run sprints or things [00:05:00] like that, but I do wanna make sure I have the conditioning of my body doing what I will be doing out west.

And that's just climbing up, up and down big hills all day long, looking for mule deer and whitetails. Other than that, let's get into the commercials today. And right off the bat, I just wanna say that we have a new partner for the month of September, and that is Ozonics. Now Ozonics is a, an ozone generating machine that you, that.

People use to kill bacteria, kill odor, and this piece of equipment really has honestly changed the way I approach my scent elimination game or scent control game. I do I very little scent control as far as spraying down, only putting on clothing certain, I don't do any of that.

Here's my Scent Regimen. My [00:06:00] scent regimen is, I. Run a dry wash cycle. And you're gonna find this when you go to Ozonics website on all the different units they have and how you run 'em, and the what O three actually does, what ozone actually does to eliminate scent. And anyway, so before a hunt and after a hunt, I run a cycle on my clothes that kills all the odor right before a hunt, maybe, 10 minutes before I get dressed, I'll run a cycle.

And this prevents me, in my opinion, this prevents me from having to wash my clothes so much throughout the hunting season. I can just hang them up, I can run ozone over top of them. It kills the odor, I feel fresh. I get into the stand and then there's on my way to the stand, I'll run the machine in the stand, I'll run the machine, and then on my way out, I'll run the machine.

And really what it does is it just and this is my opinion, It cuts odor down a [00:07:00] very long it doesn't make your scent profile so potent. It knocks that down a little bit, and I believe it introduces a doll smell into the air where they're not, they're that, it don't bust outta there like they're, it's not a magic pill.

You still have to put yourself in the right spot. You still have to play the thermals, you still have to play the wind. But in these, just in case moments, dude, it works really well. And I've been a big fan of GX now for, I'm gonna say like 10 years I've been running them off and on and whether I had a partnership with 'em or not, I've continuously used the product because I believe in the science behind O three.

Go check out the web Ozonics website, read up on all the functionality that this, that their unit has, and. If you are looking to invest in something that's a little bit better than the sprays, a little bit better than having to wash your clothes every single, day or day and a half, then this might be an option for you.

Alright, and then, I spent a lot of [00:08:00] time on, on ozonics and we'll, we will be hearing more about them throughout the month of September. But huge shout out to Tethered. Huge shout out to wasp wasp. I have a discount code N F C two zero for 20% off. Huge shout out to Vortex. Huge shout out to Code Blue Sense.

I have a discount there if you're looking to get into some, they have cent elimination products as well. They also have synthetic scent, and you can have a di real and synthetic deer scents as well. So go to code blue and enter the discount code NFC two zero for 20% off. Huge shout out to Woodman's Pal and huge shout out to Hunt Worth.

Please go out and support the companies that support this podcast, and if you decide to purchase, let 'em know that you heard it from The Nine Finger Chronicles. Follow me on Instagram if you're so inclined, do me a huge favor. Go to iTunes or wherever you download your podcast. Give me a five star review, make it funny, and and then maybe I'll [00:09:00] showcase that review on the podcast here.

But huge shout out to each and every one of you, man. And I will say this. There's not one person in this world that wishes you more success this year or. For success this year than I do. I hope everybody goes out and shoots the biggest buck or fills the freezer or shoots multiple deer.

Whatever your goal is, man, I'm sending good vibes out into the universe right now, so all of you guys can have good vibes and like really connect this year, really get put in the time. But it's more than a wish, right? We have to go out, we have to work for it. And then our deer hunting goals should come true.

And I'm really hoping all those goals come true for you guys. So there's that really good episode today. Let's get into the episode, and if I say episode one more time, that makes three. Thanks for listening. [00:10:00] 3, 2, 1. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of The Nine Finger Chronicles. Today I am joined by fellow Sportsman's Empire Con contributor.

I tried to use a word that I don't often use. Like sometimes when I use big words, my brain goes, Hey dude, you're not that smart. And then I mess 'em up. So Nate Thomas, Missouri Woods and Water podcast. What's up, 

[00:10:25] Nate: man? Nothing man. I felt when you said, when you tried to say contributor. Yeah. I felt like if anybody ever watches The Simpsons, there's that that one special kid that's always I'm helping, 

[00:10:39] Dan: that's me.

What's his name? I don't I don't remember. It's just if you were gonna name somebody a kid or a, like a nerd name, that's the name that you would definitely give, give that. Yeah. Give a kid. Yeah. It's that was the 

[00:10:54] Nate: internal voice that happened is when Dan Johnson called me a contributor.

I was like, 

[00:10:57] Dan: that's me.[00:11:00] 

Let's see here. Like kids, are they back in school full-time? Yeah. 

[00:11:08] Nate: Thank God. Had a fun day. Had a fun morning this morning. Getting kids out of the house, that's for sure. 

[00:11:13] Dan: Yeah. How do they all ride on the same bus or do you take 'em to school or? 

[00:11:18] Nate: We take 'em to school most mornings. Okay. Yeah. Actually every morning we take 'em to school.

They might ride the bus home, but I got four kids in four different schools now in our school district. Luckily, my oldest one now drives, which I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but she got her license like two weeks ago. Yeah. And but dude getting the other three kids out the door into school on time just sucks sometimes.

Yeah. One of those mornings. 

[00:11:43] Dan: So I live in a staggered start district where, yeah. Not all the schools start at the same time. And I think they do that for bus routes specifically, so they can get away with less bus drivers so that they'll run a an early morning route and then they'll run the second morning route.[00:12:00] 

So my daughter gets on the bus at 7 10, 7 15, somewhere like there. And then my two boys, they get on the bus at 8 30, 8 30 am 8 35. And so the morning is staggered a little bit. It's a longer period of time, so it's not really, it's not rushing per se, but this morning when my, my alarm goes off at 6:00 AM and then I know, hey, I better go downstairs and make sure my daughter's up.

Usually she has a phone alarm that goes off, but I knew it was gonna be a rough morning when I went in and I go, Hey, sweetie. It's time to get up. It's time to get up. And the first sounds out of her mouth. Her body were crying. She started like crying. I don't wanna go to school today. And I'm like, oh, shit, here we go.

So you just turn around and walk out of the room? That's exactly what I did. I go I'm gonna make you some toast. 

[00:12:55] Nate: Yeah. Oh man. Yeah. Our school staggers, but not like that. It's 10 [00:13:00] minutes. From one school to the next, 

[00:13:01] Dan: yeah. Yep. And so my kid, my, my daughter gets off the bus at three 30 and then my sons get off the bus at 4 45, 4 50.

And so that's a late day. Yeah, it's a late day. But dude, like right now, my wife went into work today, so I have zero stress in my life in the house right now. And I get to actually sit down, record some podcasts, and do some actual work instead of, and I know you work from home sometimes too, right?

[00:13:31] Nate: Yeah. Yeah. And I do. It's nice at times for sure. 

[00:13:34] Dan: Yeah. So there's times where, like right now it's awesome 'cause I can sit down and I can work for six hours straight, seven hours straight. I don't need breaks. But when the kids are at home, especially this summer, it's work an hour.

Babysit an hour, work an hour, stop a fight, work, work 30 minutes. And so I, I could never get into a rhythm, and now I feel like it's time to start [00:14:00] grinding. To grinding again. Yeah. I 

[00:14:02] Nate: feel like during the summertime when I'm working from home, and I'm not really bitching about it, but like your wife sometimes thinks that you can do whatever you need to be do at any time.

Yeah. And, they'll come into your office at 10 o'clock and be like, Hey, I need you to take kids to somewhere do this or whatnot. And I'm like, I'm working. 

[00:14:21] Dan:

[00:14:21] Nate: can't just no, you're not crawl around. No, you're not. When you're sitting downstairs and what do you think I'm doing down here?


[00:14:26] Dan: Just sit around. Yeah. 

[00:14:28] Nate: During the summertime I do a lot of work at night. I noticed more than I do during the school year when I'm by myself. 'cause I end up getting taken to daddy duty or husbandly duty during the summertime and then 10 o'clock at night rolls around and I'm back downstairs work.

And because I had to make up for what I missed. 

[00:14:47] Dan: Yep. Absolutely. Absolutely. Is what it is what it is. It's the joys of working from home. But now we don't not worry about it 'cause all the kids are back in school. 

[00:14:55] Nate: Hey, I you, have I told you about the Michael Jordan picture? 

[00:14:59] Dan: I don't think [00:15:00] so. 

[00:15:00] Nate: All right.

You know that iconic Michael Jordan picture where he's in black and white and he's doing this? Yep. He is a little serious. It says just do it or whatever. Somebody made a meme with it or whatever you call that. And it's the same picture of Michael Jordan doing that. And in the bottom it just says, fuck them kids.

I laugh my ass off every 

[00:15:25] Dan: time I see it. Oh yeah. Yep, I do. There's days like then there's groups of people, like my wife gets it. She understands, right? She, and she understands my sense of humor. I'll say some crazy stuff, but there's some of her friends, or when we go out in public in a large gathering, and I'll say something along the lines of dude, my kids are assholes, or, I hate my kids.

Or, I don't actually mean it, it's just my sense of humor. And then there's some of her friends are like, oh, what He hates his children call child services. Oh my God. And I'm just like, [00:16:00] Hey dude. If I gotta beat a kid's ass, I'm gonna beat a kid's ass. I'm not gonna beat my kids up.

Are you kidding me? Not in today's world. They grab their pearl, they 

[00:16:10] Nate: grabbed their pearl necklace that they're wearing. Yeah. 

[00:16:12] Dan: Exactly. Is what it is. You animal. Hey man, I do have nine fingers. Some, one of the, one of the best jokes that I've ever heard about children is this comedian. And she starts going off I got naughty kids.

Like my kid's naughty. And then one day I was, I told her I was gonna spank her and she's I'm gonna call child services. And she's you gotta make it to the phone first. But you know that, that really wasn't funny. But how she did it was funny. And I, every time I. Every time I wanna get mad at my kids.

I think of that you gotta make it to the phone first. If they start, you can't do that. I'm like, I'd do whatever I want. Ah, kids all, it's all about delivery. You gotta love 'em. Exactly. You gotta love them. [00:17:00] Exactly. Exactly. It's crazy. They can make you so amazingly happy in at one moment and then they can ruin your entire day in the next moment.

I don't know. They're special 

[00:17:12] Nate: creatures, man. No, dude. I'm not kidding you. My, my 16 year old text me right before we get on this call. Can you bring me food after school? No, I can't. What are you talking about? How am I gonna eat before my game? Then I'm like, that's not really my problem. 

[00:17:32] Dan: Did you think about that before you left the house this morning?

No. Okay. I'm 

[00:17:38] Nate: like, dear Lord you gotta think about what your days got coming up. 

[00:17:41] Dan: Yep. And that's how kids learn, man. They learn by pain and they learn by neglect and they learn by just at some point you gotta figure shit out on your own. Yeah. 

[00:17:53] Nate: And also you all, you have to threaten adoption at least once a week.

[00:17:57] Dan: Once a week. Once a week. 

[00:17:59] Nate: Yeah. You have [00:18:00] to threaten leaving them at a fire station once a week. I hate 

[00:18:03] Dan: to do this because there are pe like there are serious unfortunate people in this world. Oh no shit. Yeah. And, but, This is gonna sound bad, but we can use them as examples, especially with my spoiled ass kids, right?

And so the one day we're driving down, they're arguing about, Hey, I wanna go to the Pizza Ranch, we wanna go to the arcade at the Pizza Ranch, blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, guys, we went out to dinner yesterday. I'm not spending money two days in a row to go out to eat. Oh, it's not fair, blah, blah.

I'm like, not fair. Whipped a youi. And I went, I did do the old drive through the bad part of town thing. And I go, Hey guys, do you want me to drop you off right here? And, there's a crack head sitting on the porch just like thinking of ideas on how to get money so he could buy his next hit.

Do you wanna live in this neighborhood? [00:19:00] Do you want to see how bad some of these kids have it compared to what you do? Shut your mouth. 

[00:19:06] Nate: Poor kid didn't get pizza two days in a row. 

[00:19:08] Dan: Exactly. Yeah. That's child abuse. I get 

[00:19:11] Nate: it. I get it. I hope everybody listening understands we are joking.

Yes. About 95% of stuff we're saying too. I would say 

[00:19:18] Dan: I am joking more on the 15% side.

[00:19:24] Nate: That's the glory of it. Nobody really knows what you're serious about and joke and so they can't really take any of it seriously. Exactly. 

[00:19:30] Dan: We're laughing about it all okay. Intro's over, but now we got, yeah, that was a good one. Now we gotta talk about something serious and that is, when does Missouri open.

September 15th. 15th, dude. So we gotta talk about something. Nate. Dude, you talked to me the other day over the phone and you're like, dude, I got a big deer showing up in daylight right now. Every single day. Every day, dude. Every day. And [00:20:00] so what time of day is this buck showing up? Where is this camera at that you're getting these pictures of him, and how close do you think he is to beded?

Like where's his bedroom compared to where this camera's at? 

[00:20:17] Nate: That's the good thing about it and the bad thing about it all together. So he's showing up every day just after the first light. So 90% of my photos of him are between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM And 6, 6 30 to seven to 8:00 AM somewhere in there.

And he's mostly on a mineral camera that I've got. And then he's been caught on a camera that's northeast of there on the way to that mineral. So I'm pretty sure he might be beded in the same block of timber that the mineral's in. He's probably bedded just north of there. Or I'm wondering if he's not just beded out in some standing beans right now that are, six foot tall, honestly.

Yeah.[00:21:00] 'cause it's him and a bachelor group of other bucks, which is great. It's awesome to see a picture of him every day, but at the same time, I'm terrified that I'm never gonna see that deer again after they go hard. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's one of those catch 20 twos, but it's a big deer.

If he stuck around, it'd be the biggest deer I ever killed. If I ever, if I got a chance to take 

[00:21:19] Dan: him. Okay. So we're, and I wanna talk about this in a little bit more detail. Th this specific time of year here in a little bit, but I gotta get some more intel on this buck. Is this buck a deer that you've had history with from last year?

No. So he is a first timer. This is a 

[00:21:36] Nate: first year farm for me. 

[00:21:37] Dan: Oh, first year farm. Okay. Yep. So you don't know if he's been around or not? No, I don't. Okay. Alright. Yep. That's a good thing. Talk to me a little bit about what you think your approach is gonna be for this deer. Let everybody know how many acres is this farm?

[00:21:54] Nate: It's a pretty good sized farm. We'll say, a hundred acres, but [00:22:00] the it's weird. The farm is only accessible from the east. Yep. And all of the timber that I'm hunting is on the very far west side of this farm. Ugh. And the other bad thing is that timber the farm, if you if you picture the farm as a rectangle, okay.

And the timber is over on the left or the west side and the entry is on the east from where you enter, you go uphill and then you have the crest of the ridge and then downhill back to the timber. I'm not so sure how I'm gonna get in there without being caught is my biggest issue. Mornings obviously you have a better chance 'cause you can get in there in the dark, but right now they're living there.

Yeah. So I don't know how you don't get in there without bumping a deer out and then in an afternoon hunt they're gonna see you coming. So I'm. [00:23:00] I'm working on trying to get access from the west, which is actually not much better, but it's at least another option. Yeah. But listen, like I've been one of those, I'm one of those people that I feel like if I put enough time in and, don't bump the deer too often or, scare the deer, that I'm hunting, I can get on 'em eventually.

I hope. Yeah. This farm though, like I'm grateful to have it, but it's not gonna be easy to figure out how to get in there, but I'm never gonna complain about having a once in a lifetime. Not once in a lifetime, but once in my lifetime so far. Yeah. Type of deer on camera. And oh, by the way, for the listeners, he does have a nickname and it is a Mortal Kombat character, just so you know.

[00:23:50] Dan: What'd you name him? What'd you name him? His name is Baraka. Baraka. Alright. Yeah. So he's not named after Barack Obama? No. 

[00:23:59] Nate: [00:24:00] Okay. It's a mortal Kombat character. He's got a bunch of freaking like crazy teeth and Yeah. He's got, so he's got like sword, swords, 

[00:24:06] Dan: arms, swords in his hands. Yeah, I remember him. He had some pretty brutal fatalities.

Yeah, he did. 

[00:24:12] Nate: Yeah. Yep. And the reason I named this deer that is because this deer's got a bunch of bullshit and crazy stuff coming out of his bases. Yeah. So he reminded me of that character's jacked up teeth. Nice. Okay. 

[00:24:24] Dan: Alright. Dude, I hate it. I, dude, I have a farm, my main farm and I've had success throughout the years, but, Man, it is hard to access just because they all go in one direction back to bed, and then they come out of all the timber in the mornings, or so when you get there and you're going in for an early hunt, you hope that they're on the outskirts of the ag.

So you can somehow go right through it and get to the timber without spooking them. But it is, damn, it's damn near impossible to do that, man, 

[00:24:59] Nate: dude, that, [00:25:00] that's, I'm happy I'm getting him on more than one camera. But what sucks is I was hoping to get him on cameras that I have further west.

Yeah. So that I was hoping he'd be coming from the west to me. Yeah. I think he's right there on that farm right now. So nobody really wants to complain about a deer like that living on him. But if he's living there and he is vetted there every night and morning, I just don't know how I'm going to.

Get in. Yeah. So I wished he wasn't on the property and then he came in, first thing in the morning. Which would tell me, Hey, he's beded close, but not right to the north of, these cameras. Somewhere in the small block of timber, or like I said, even the bean field.

Obviously that's gonna change when the beans come out, if that's the case, which is, probably good. But yeah. Right now I'm just I don't know how I'm gonna do this. Yeah. How I'm gonna swing it, but 

[00:25:54] Dan: yeah. That's tough, man. That's tough. So a lot of things happen between [00:26:00] now and when the openers, and I don't, I know it's only 15 days away, but man, once that velvet comes off, they sh they'll shift.

They'll fight. Yep. And so who knows if he's even gonna be there but, If this farm is good and it's holding deer right now, I would think that he's going get first crack at an area. Are there a lot of, are you getting a lot of doughs on camera out there too? 

[00:26:25] Nate: No. And that's the bigger, that's my bigger worry.

Yeah. Is I've got, at most, I've had a dough with twins and then another dough with a single fawn. But that could also be the dough and one of the twins is gone. Yeah. So at most, I've got two doughs that I've been noticing on camera, and that scares the ever living shit outta me, just because if there's not doughs there, what reason will there be for the bucks to be there later on in the season?

So like I said, this is a brand new farm for me. There's gonna be a lot of learning this year how they use it, if they do use it after, the [00:27:00] season gets going. Is this just like a summer spot? The one positive that this place has got going for it is, it's the only ag in the area.

Okay. So that's, that can't be a bad thing. The farm just to the south of this farm is also ag, but those are the only two ag fields in this general area. Yeah. That can't hurt. No. But they start hitting corn and beans a lot less as the season kind of goes on. 

[00:27:25] Dan: We'll we see, I think eventually they'll go back to it at some point.

But by then, it's all probably taken out, sure. Definitely. 

[00:27:34] Nate: It'll be, yeah, it'll be taken out by then. And there'll be a lot of changes. I'm excited to see him every day. That no doubt, but I'm keeping it cool. Yeah. I don't wanna, think I'm gonna go kill him early. I'm actually not even supposed to be at home on opener.

I'm supposed to be in Wyoming chasing elk until the 24th or 25th. But now that's up in the air. Yeah. 

[00:27:56] Dan: So yeah. All kinds of stuff going on right now. That might be something we [00:28:00] talk about here in a second, but it, do you feel like if you are around for opener and knowing that this buck is in daylight coming into this area, do you feel like, okay, number one, can you hunt near mineral in Missouri 

[00:28:17] Nate: near mineral?

Yes. Yes. Not over. In our county, the county I'm in is not a C W D zone. Okay. So we can have mineral only, not feed, not bait. Not bait mineral. Okay. So you area hunt in our area and then you could hunt over it just because it's, by that time it's not really a bait site anymore, but I never do hunt over mineral.

Okay. But technically you can hunt around it. Okay. 

[00:28:39] Dan: And at least coming into it, like coming into that area, maybe leaving that area. Is this Buck doing the exact same thing every picture? Is he entering the frame from the left every time or coming from the right every time? 

[00:28:55] Nate: No, he's coming from both directions.

He's coming from the south and the north [00:29:00] every time. Okay. But he's always coming from the east. Okay. And that is what throw throws me off because the east is nothing it's nothing but fields. The timber is all to the west. 

[00:29:12] Dan: And your camera's facing east? 

[00:29:14] Nate: My camera's 

[00:29:15] Dan: facing east. Okay. Yep. That's the ag And that's why he is coming in.

So he's coming in from the ag every di every day every morning. Probably hitting up, I don't know, there, are there some oaks there or something? Yeah, 

[00:29:28] Nate: there are, yeah. And there are some early acorns on the ground I've noticed. But I haven't really noticed him eating on 'em.

Yeah. But I haven't paid that close attention to 'em. 

[00:29:36] Dan: Yeah, man. That's when it's gonna get tough, right? Yeah. Knowing that he's coming off egg right away. You would have to like completely flank that area and come in like in a big hook into that area. But it's doable. Do you already have a stand in that area?

Nope. Nope, 

[00:29:54] Nate: Nope. I'm planning on hunting out of a saddle this year. 

[00:29:56] Dan: Okay. Yep. Yep. So dude running gun I wouldn't, [00:30:00] I, dude, here's me, I'm also a fairly aggressive, if you're not in Wyoming, you need to give a, get a crack at that buck, like opening morning. 

[00:30:11] Nate: Oh, I will. Yeah, definitely. And 

[00:30:13] Dan: then when you're in Wyoming, you can get all these pictures sent to you and say, I should have, I should be in Missouri right now.

That's very 

[00:30:19] Nate: possible. Yeah. And that's the only bad thing about this farm. I don't know anybody around the area. Yeah. And I was thinking maybe I could stop at a neighbor's house and see if they'd let me access from like the south. So that I could slip up their property line and then just straight into the timber, just right in.

Because right now my only two options are the very far north edge of this property, or the very far south edge, property lines from the east and from the east. And either way I'm gonna get sky lined. Obviously in dark, in the dark. I wouldn't, but. They're, I just, I worry that they are gonna be standing in the middle of that bean field opening morning [00:31:00] as I'm walking in. Yeah. And that'll, that'll change everything. And that's what you have a bicycle what I think he's doing. I do have a bicycle. Try it, ride in. 

[00:31:08] Dan: Think about it. I'm serious. 'cause So you've described I, my, the new farm I have access to, I can only access it through the south.

East corner, there's a gate opening it at that gate opening. 'cause the two properties are connected at a corner and there is a gate opening there. And so I can't access it from the east, the north or the south, just that one corner. And when I would walk in there, especially on an afternoon hunt, it was white tails.

They were sitting on this little ridge and they just watched me come in every single day and then they would run or just not show up. The, when I brought my, when I brought my bike back there in in November when I was hunting, it didn't bother 'em. I would ride right by 'em in some [00:32:00] cases, then I would park that bike behind a damn wall and where they couldn't see it.

Like one of my tires was even like a little bit in the water. And then I'd walk that damn wall into some of these tree stands or hide behind a hill to get into some of these tree stands and or these hunting locations. And man, it's it's a game changer. The only 

[00:32:22] Nate: bad thing is, so I don't have an e-bike and I don't know, you have to pedal.

I don't know if I can make it up that hill. 

[00:32:29] Dan: Oh. So it's pretty 

[00:32:30] Nate: steep. It's not pretty steep. I'm just outta shape. Okay. 

[00:32:34] Dan: Dude, you're getting ready to go to a l on an elk hunt. You can't be, you can't be outta shape. Here's the thing, here's 

[00:32:39] Nate: the other thing I thought, man. So every time I go out there to work on it dump mineral, change camera batteries, move stuff around. I have taken my side by side out there. Okay. And one night we went we, me and Micah recorded a podcast and then we went out there to do some work in the dark because [00:33:00] we didn't have time any other time. We're like, just. Go change some cameras around, we'll just go do it.

So we drove out there and there were deer in the field, and we drove right by 'em, and they didn't even, they didn't even flinch. It was just like, oh, there's that farmer again, I've even thought about driving that out there and just that would it, driving it straight to the timber edge, killing it and popping in.

[00:33:23] Dan: Dude, that works, man. 

[00:33:24] Nate: It's against everything I've ever thought. But they're used to it. There's that. 

[00:33:30] Dan: If they're used to tractors, I tell this story all the time about how deer are conditioned. I was watching probably, I'm guessing he was a four year old.

He could have been older, but he was like this four year old, 145 inch 10 pointer, just sitting behind a tree in this grassy area by a tree in a grassy area. A, the day before there was another buck in that same bed or that same Yeah, bedding under that tree. And then behind it was a [00:34:00] standing cornfield on the neighbor's property.

And so where this deer was bedding was on the neighbor's property. The cornfield was on the neighbor's property. And the combine started combining and came right by him. I'm talking 30 feet now, I'm not joking. 30 feet. And this buck didn't even move. He stayed right there. And then he made his lap and he came around for a second lap and he came around for a third lap and he stayed in the exact same spot.

He didn't jump. So that tells you like in some of these ag areas that maybe loud noises and tractors and stuff wouldn't be a bad, a bad access route. 

[00:34:36] Nate: Dude, I heard a we had a guest on our show, this has been probably a year and a half, two years ago. His name's Blake Garrett, and he's from Missouri too.

And he killed some giant deer up north and he talks about. Training deer. Yeah. Conditioning them. And he says, yep. He only uses his side-by-side when he goes out to feed them during the summer. So he wants the, that those deer to [00:35:00] associate the sound of his side-by-side with food. And so he drives out, he'll leave the side by side running, he gets out, dumps all his feed at, at the time and whatever he needs to do and he drives away.

And then he says, I'm not kidding you, within 30 minutes there will be big deer on that camera eating. He goes, so then when it's time to hunt, I don't worry about driving side byside out there. Yeah. In fact, sometimes he thinks that side by side, especially up at first, makes them think it's food.


[00:35:36] Dan: I bet. I bet. Absolutely. Absolutely. 

[00:35:39] Nate: There's a lot to be said to that. So I'm thinking about actually. We're recording this on August 31st. I'm thinking about over the next few weeks driving out there just to drive out there. Yeah. Drive out there, drive the, the timber edge.

Maybe change a battery on a camera right quick and leave again. Leave it running. Yeah. Just to do it a few more times [00:36:00] so that if I do decide to do that opening morning I'm more confident that I could get away with that a t v than walking in quietly. Yeah. 

[00:36:09] Dan: Yeah, dude. Absolutely. I, oh, we'll see.

I agree a hundred percent. There's a lot of people who hunt like really big managed properties, and they say that they go out and they do work and chainsaw and feed, and tractor ev they do something every day out there, so the deer are conditioned to it. It's not it's not let's say a piece of public that sits dead.

All like all year, and then a whole bunch of pressure comes into it, the deer are gonna spook and they're gonna go. But if you have consistent pressure on a farm all year long, it doesn't become pressure anymore. It becomes just normal day to day. Normal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:36:46] Nate: I don't know, man. Like I said, I'm it's something I hope to deal with.

Yeah. That's for sure. If that deer's still there and I have to figure out how to get in there, great. Yeah. More 

[00:36:55] Dan: power to us. Heck yeah, man. I hope you slay him, man. I hope you figure it out. Are there any and [00:37:00] 

[00:37:00] Nate: I've got all my buddies. Andy's one of them. I don't, I hate killing deer early.

Yeah. I'm just like, I don't know why that year. Actually you had me on your show on a buck. I killed on October 16th. That's the earliest I've killed a deer before. Yeah. So far a buck. And dude, I was so freaking happy after that. I was just playing with house money. Yeah. I killed. To that point, the biggest year of my life with a bow, and I didn't have any worries in the world.

So if I kill that freaking giant on September 15th, great. Color me happy. I don't, I don't need to worry. Wait till the rut, man. I've got another tag anyway. If I absolutely have to have it. 

[00:37:42] Dan: Here's the deal. I'll kill the last September 15th. If you kill that buck early season then, and then does Missouri get two tags or just 

[00:37:50] Nate: one?

You do, but I w if I killed him on let's say September 20th, yeah. I would not be able to kill another buck until opening day of rifle [00:38:00] season. Oh, okay. Which is around November 12th. Okay. Somewhere in there. Alright. Every year. Okay. So you do get two, but there's stipulations to it, but 


[00:38:07] Dan: a firearm tag.

[00:38:09] Nate: Not necessarily. You can't kill two with early season archery. Okay. Then let's say you, I kill 'em September 20th. Then I've got a rifle tag, which is 10 days long in Missouri. Let's say during that timeframe, I don't kill a buck. I can then kill a second buck in second archery season. Okay. That starts after the rifle 

[00:38:31] Dan: season.

Gotcha. Okay. But 

[00:38:33] Nate: I can't kill two before rival 

[00:38:35] Dan: starts. Alright, so here's an idea. Just think about this, kill him early, and then you don't have anything to go. Go on and then I'll pick you up if I decide to go to Oklahoma this year, and you can come with me and we can hunt public in Oklahoma. 

[00:38:50] Nate: I'm good with that because I'll have so much free time.

I'll tell my wife, babe I went hunting one time. Yeah. One time. Look at all this time, I'm saving you. Exactly. Exactly. Me being in the tree stand. [00:39:00] So she should be tickled pink with that. 

[00:39:01] Dan: That'll never work though. You know that, right? Nope. Nope.

[00:39:07] Nate: Now you can build me my new screen door that I want. You 

[00:39:10] Dan: can do this for me. Exactly. Hey, so when are you gonna finish this project? I'm like, anyway, dear honey. 10 to 12 years, somewhere in there. Okay. So the last question I have on this farm, is there any other ambush point or like really good terrain feature that you've identified maybe in a different area than where you're getting pictures of them to where Hey dude, deer are gonna come through here.

Maybe this might be a good setup point as well. Yeah. 

[00:39:41] Nate: Without giving too much away, there's a pond on an neighboring property property. Which I think is where they're watering. Okay. And there's a pretty good drainage coming off that pond into a thicker timber area, which is where I would assume he would be bedded, he's not right now.

Yeah. He's coming from the east at the moment. But and [00:40:00] I think I can get into that area pretty, the easiest area for me to access would be that area. Okay. And there's some decent trees in there and I think I can get them coming off that either to water or to head towards ag. Yeah. One way or the other.

If they come that direction that would be a pretty good amboy ambush point. Yeah. Where I've got that mineral at and where he's on camera every day, that's gonna be a little di more difficult. It's a little more in the middle and it's a little deeper into the timber two. That, I'm gonna be walking through where they might be.

Yeah. I might try to chill out up front if I'm in there early season and maybe just hunt just inside the timber for a few days. Try to figure out exactly. He's on camera every day, but he's not giving me a lot. Okay. He's only shown me, there's been two different days that he's given me two different pictures on two different cameras.

Okay. Every other time he is on camera, I get one [00:41:00] picture of him, not one picture. I get him on one camera. Yeah. And I've got six cameras right there in that block. So he's not stupid or I'm stupid. One of the two. 

[00:41:11] Dan: So only one picture, only one camera's providing pictures of this. But 

[00:41:16] Nate: Most of the time, and like I said, two different days, I have gotten him on two cameras.

That one and another one. Okay. But that's it. So 

[00:41:25] Dan: I would, I would take, this is me, I would think about taking one of those trail cameras. That didn't, doesn't have any pictures of him and moving it closer to this area to try to find to be able to triangulate his position. Yep. Which 

[00:41:40] Nate: is what I've done.

Okay. Those two times I've gotten that, that's how I've been within the last two weeks. Okay. 'cause of a trail cam move. I'm probably going, like I told you, over the next two weeks, I'm probably gonna go out there and do it again. Okay. Because I, he, he's gotta be doing something I'm not catching and [00:42:00] if I could get three photos of him in the same day, that would be huge.

Yeah. On three different cameras. You talked about triangulating, I think on one of your recent shows. If I can get a photo here and a photo here at different times, obviously man, that, that would tell me a 

[00:42:17] Dan: lot. A lot. And then you right now I know what terrain feature to hunt.

[00:42:22] Nate: Yeah. Yeah. That's just, that would be huge for me. So I'm taking all these cameras that I've got spread out and I'm gonna compact them, and then if I can get him more on camera, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go a little further out and see if I can't, I should've done that up front, but in the summertime you're not thinking of that sort of stuff.

Yeah. You're just trying to, find animals. Yep. So I'm gonna compact these cameras a little more. The two cameras that he's hitting on the same days at the same times, those cameras are only, oh man. 80 yards apart from each other. Yeah. So I'm gonna put another cam on the [00:43:00] other side in a travel area that's gonna be a similar distance away and see if I can't.

Figure out, is he Jay hooking? Is he coming from the west? And Jay hooking into this mineral, which is why I'm catching him on that east cam. Is he doing, is he doing different things here that I'm just not catching because I see him on these two camps? Yeah. 

[00:43:22] Dan: Whew. That shit will keep, that shit will keep you up at night, man.

It does. 

[00:43:26] Nate: Look at this freaking thing. That's everything I've done with him so far. 

[00:43:30] Dan: Are those notes that you keep personally? Yeah. 

[00:43:33] Nate: Yeah, that's a note app. Okay. And it's every day he's ever been on a camera, I'm putting the date, the time, what exactly camera he was on, and which way he was headed from or to Okay. The temperature.

That's smart. The wind direction, the barometer, and if it was sunny, cloudy, that sort of stuff. Okay. And he's definitely keeping me up 

[00:43:55] Dan: at night. Yeah, I'll say this, man. And I've talked a little bit about this [00:44:00] recently on my main farm, the one I've hunted the longest. I have my number one target buck on that farm has showed back up.

And he, honestly, he, the deer movement just as far as bucks, have not been spectacular on any of the farms that I have. He shows up, but just every once in a while he doesn't show up every single day. He's just around. I only have him on one trail camera so far, and I have 1, 2, 3.

Where's that? Four one. 2, 3, 4. I only have four. And I have four other cameras out right now, and he's not on any of those. So with that said, he is I've been able to create a shape and then it, within that shape I find the terrain features. And so who knows what's gonna happen when he strips velvet, but he's in the area and that's good enough for me.

And then, so basically what I do is I use the historic data [00:45:00] to figure out his core, or it's probably not his core area, but the area that I am more the most likely to encounter him in when I go to hunt that farm. And now on my other farm, Man, my cameras had been out, for a couple weeks now, and there was just no deer last year.

This property was stacked with deer and stacked with mature deer. I think there was six deer all over, either four year olds or older at four or five. In that, on that property. There might have even been more, to be honest with you, but this year, and maybe it's 'cause of crop rotation, dude, nothing like, there was nothing until.

Four o'clock this morning that showed 

[00:45:48] Nate: up. Is there, is that the form that's got a lot of work 

[00:45:50] Dan: going on, right? Yeah. Right now it does. Yeah. And I don't know. I think that ha, that's gotta play. Like I got in there, I set, they didn't mow [00:46:00] anything this year. They haven't done anything. And then, so I put my cameras out and about three days later, then they went through, they mowed everything, they bailed it, and then I'm guessing they removed the bales as well.

I don't know hopefully that's, that is the reasoning behind all this. And now it's gonna hopefully slowly recover. But here's one thing for for me, I used to get nervous dude, there's no bucks. There's no bucks here. I need to go find a different spot. But here's what, there is a ton of dough and three dough groups and.

So the old Dan Johnson would've been worried, but now I'm just like, it's just a matter of time, man. Once that velvet comes off, they're gonna start laying scrapes, they're gonna start identifying territories. And I, that's when my gut tells me, that's when the big dogs are gonna start showing 

[00:46:51] Nate: up.

There's two things I look for on trail cams in the summertime that make me happy. I wanna see the [00:47:00] bucks. Sure. Because I've always been a believer that it can't be a bad thing, that a buck is comfortable where you're hunting. It, even if it's as just as summer range and he's got this rutt range, I have a hard time believing just myself that a buck who has been comfortable, let's say for instance, this buck, I'm after Baraka, I have a hard time believing that a buck who was on a farm every single day for months on end won't be back at some point.

Yeah. So that, or. I wanna see a bunch of dough. Yeah. And if I can see a bunch of dough and maybe not bucks, Mike is in the same boat. He's got a property that he hasn't had a picture of a buck in a while, but he has dough upon, just doze out the ass is what he's saying. Yeah. That farm has traditionally had bucks on it, and it's not gonna really probably change this year.

Yeah. Because with all those dos, they will, what do they say the [00:48:00] term where there's hose, there's bros. 

[00:48:03] Dan: I wouldn't doubt it. It's it's 

[00:48:04] Nate: gonna happen. Yeah. It's a little more nerve wracking when you don't know what is out there if you don't have any photos of them. But, that's why I told you I was a little nervous about this farm he's at because I, I think I've only got a single dough with some twins.

Yeah. And that scares the shit out of me. 

[00:48:19] Dan: Hopefully he strips velvet and just stays there for a while and before he starts to, spread his wings and vi visit all the other areas. Yeah. And then I think at that time, maybe this, I dunno, I'm just thinking out loud here.

Maybe this is a good opportunity, like to hunt the mid-October timeframe too, where they're still doing stuff, they're laying scrapes and doing all that stuff, but, they're not like interested in the Doge yet. That can even go all the way up to, into the pre rutt as well. 

[00:48:50] Nate: No, no doubt.

I feel like he, and I hope I'm wrong. Yeah. But I feel like he is a buck that will be more possible to kill before the Rutt than [00:49:00] during the Rutt. Yeah. For me on this farm. So you're right. I feel like in this situation, he is gonna be one where I need to get at him early. Yeah. Whereas the farm you're talking about, that's full of ded with no pictures of bucks.

Yep. That farm might be more suited to hold off until we're getting to prime time. Yep. 'cause if you're going in there in the early season, all you're doing is blowing doze outta there. And then you're not gonna have them. Yeah, for sure. That sort of 

[00:49:28] Dan: stuff. For sure. All right. The other thing I wanted to talk to you about I is this as of right now, and let's even let's make this a hypothetical question, even into the first two weeks of October, you don't have any dear really on camera, and I want to keep it, I want to keep the scope of this conversation before crops come out.

Okay. And now, so I know a lot of guys who hunt big woods or a lot of guys who hunt in the south, they might not be able to relate to [00:50:00] this, but if you're hunting big woods or if you're hunting like big national forest swamps or things like that, you have a ton of acreage basically to to go look for deer because deer don't need to, they're not concentrated.

I would say like they are in the Midwest where if there's ag in the ground, then they can, they're, then they're distributed. But then when the ag comes out it's like they all come into the same areas. So that's why in the Midwest, everybody wants to crops out before November, so they're, all the deer are in the timber per se.

Yep. Alright, so my question then is, what happens if there is a shift in this September timeframe? He strips and he disappears, he changes his core area and the pictures of him dry up. Are you gonna lose faith in a, in those spots, or are you going to focus on different spots? [00:51:00] 

[00:51:01] Nate: I would probably lose faith in it a little bit.

Yeah. But like I said, it's new to me. Yeah. So I can see myself if he does disappear, quote unquote, When he goes hard, horn and stuff changes. I could see myself just getting more aggressive and trying to go deeper. Yeah. Because that shift could just be, 250 yards west. Yeah. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a two mile shift.

Yeah. And you only gotta get lucky once, like you and I have talked about this before, you gotta be on a point on a map the same time that deer is on that point of a map when he walks by. And you gotta put the odds in your favor to make that happen. So that's my, that might be where I get more aggressive and try to get in deeper.

If he quote unquote disappears I would lose a little faith because I did get told by the farmer or the landowner here that gave me permission that he seems to lose him after they go hard [00:52:00] horn. So that definitely worries me. Yeah. But based on what he said, he is also never seen anything like him, they've never really hunted that farm very hard, it seems yeah. Just from talking to him. Yeah. So I really don't know what to expect. So I'm not really gonna lose faith there just because it's brand new and, I wanna learn that farm this year quite a bit and yeah, that might mean messing up. It's possible. 

[00:52:22] Dan: And so the reason I ask that question is because my dad owns, what is it, 80 acres?

It's like maybe 76 acres in North Central Iowa AG ground ag ground, from fence to fence, from road to creek. Everything's getting farmed. All the agriculture, very little. C r p. My dad has planted some trees since he's owned it on there, but. He sent me a picture last night of an absolute giant that is in this [00:53:00] area.

Okay. I'm talking like a one 70 class, eight nine inch brow tie 10 pointer. One of one of the G twos is split. There's a little junk on the other G two and it's a beautiful animal for any, anywhere in the state of Iowa. And it just so happens it's getting caught on his, the trail camera that I gave him.

And so the reason I'm saying, like I always say, don't get worried about it, is because the second that this the crops come off this property he's gonna, he my go. My guess is he's going to move back down to the river bottom and where all the cover's at, and that's where all the dough hang out too.

And so don't be discouraged that there's no deer on your property because a lot can change, especially in ag country, between now because I would've never guessed this is if I was a hunter coming into this area, I would straight up overlook this property that my dad owns. And I [00:54:00] would say, dude, no it's a hundred percent ag.

There's no way a deer lives in this. Sure enough somewhere close, there's this buck is living and it's ag as far as the eye can see. There's a little bit of river bottom ground right there, but not a ton. And so 

[00:54:15] Nate: Is it a corn cornfield now or what is it this year? Yeah, 

[00:54:18] Dan: this year.

Last year's beans. This year's corn on throughout the. Piece. And then I believe it's corn on the other property as well. And so that's just a ton of cover. I my guess if I had to guess where he is betting, he's betting in a fence row in between the two corn fields somewhere. Yeah. Or maybe on a terrace.

In a terrace somewhere where the corn doesn't grow. Yeah. In the corn. In the corn, yeah. And then he comes out and munches on the c r p that my dad planted or munches on some of the clover that's out there and things like that. And so don't get discouraged because right now these deer are in places that you don't even know about.

And then as soon as the [00:55:00] shift comes, as soon as crops come out, whatever ag country, some places where there's no ag, they're shifting cattle into their fall. They're fall places. And it could derive cattle out or deer outta one place and push 'em into a new place. And so there's a lot of things that could go right and go wrong for you.

Shit, they take the crops outta your, of your piece. He strips his velvet and you never, see him until next year. But that doesn't mean that he's not gonna come visit it in the rutt either. I don't know. It's tough, man. It's tough to say whether or not a deer is gonna show up.

'cause honestly, we don't know. But if you, I think for you, I think you're gonna learn a ton about this property when you get in it. And even if you mess it up a couple times, I feel like you're gonna be able to go, oh shit. I should have been accessing. Yeah. I should, I'm an idiot. Yeah. I should have been accessing it from this way, or I should have came on from this direction.

Or maybe I should have went right down the gut right to it or whatever. And [00:56:00] maybe shit, next year when it's corn, dude, you're gonna, and he's doing the same thing. You're gonna have awesome access, walk right through the middle of the cornfield and without 'em seeing you. Hopefully or hell, maybe they won't be there this time of year.

'cause it is corn and they'll be on the beans on the neighboring farm or wherever it's at, yeah, 

[00:56:16] Nate: it's, I mean there's all kinds of stuff that I'm looking forward to. Honestly, what I would prefer is that our bo season opened September 1st. And I could just kill his ass tomorrow.

Tomorrow. But I gotta wait 15 more days and that 15 days or that two weeks. Yeah. That's a huge ch that's such a big difference in those deer. I've already got one deer at a different farm. That's hard horned. Oh yeah. And yeah. And so they're all gonna be doing that here over the next couple weeks.

And so much is gonna change at so many different people's properties. And it's a big time of year before seasons kick off all across the Midwest for sure. 

[00:56:55] Dan: That's right. Man, hopefully this all pays off for you and you do get a crack of this [00:57:00] buck, or, and then, it sounds to me like, like real, okay, so let's do this real quick.

You, you had plans to go to Wyoming with your brother-in-law, right? Yep. Curve ball. And now you might be going to hunt elk by yourself or not at all, or not at all. Okay. Yeah. And so are you gonna have to give up all that, all those preference points and the tag, or can you return it? 

[00:57:28] Nate: So this is why I might not be going Long story short, we, my brother-in-law ruptured his a spleen.

And this dude is be in better shape than like 95% of the world. Couldn't, I couldn't believe that he's the one that's got problems. Yeah. Between the two of us I'm the old man who's got one leg and outta shape. Yeah. And he's the one that got sick we're not totally out of the he might still get to go, but we're pretty sure he is not gonna get to.

Yeah. So we got to talking and I'm like I could see if I could find somebody to go with me or[00:58:00] whatever, but this is something him and I have always wanted to do together. Back country hunting camp on our backs. And so I'm like, you know what, let me, I. This is a big learning point for most people that are listening here.

Freaking call the states that you are hunting in. And talk to them. So I just let me just call Wyoming, man. Let's see what's going on here. So I called, department of game or park Game and Wildlife or whatever, game of fish, whoever they are, parks and Wildlife, whoever they're, and I call 'em, I'm like, Hey, my brother-in-law Splain just ruptured this and that.

Are we, is he s o l this is a once in a lifetime probably type of tag here. And is he just screwed? And they're like no. Did you guys draw as a party? And we say, yeah. And they're like, there's a, there's an application that you can send in called a carryover application. And if he gets a letter from the doctor saying, this guy can't come out here there's a decent chance it gets approved and we'll move your guys' tags [00:59:00] to next season.

Both of you. Oh hell yes, dude. Yeah. So we're, once we know for sure, he's not gonna be able to go, we're probably gonna fill out that application and turn in the tags for this 

[00:59:12] Dan: year. Okay. That's awesome. If that's the case. Yeah. That's a no brainer if you can do that. Yeah. Yeah. And then you don't have to worry about hunting alone, and then you can accomplish that dream with your brother-in-law, dude.

[00:59:24] Nate: Yeah. So that's awesome. We're not positive. And it sounds like there's quite a bit. They make a doctor do. You've got the doctor has to fill out a form and they have to type up a letter. Oh, okay. So he's gonna have to get the doctor to do those two things for him. And and then I basically ride his coattails because there's nothing wrong with me right now.

I just don't want to go without him. Yeah. We'll see we've got a few weeks to make the decision. Not really a few weeks. We're supposed to leave in a week. Yeah. But. Like we got time to decide if this isn't gonna happen. 'cause there's always that chance that, we wanted to go archery hunting for sure.

That's what we were going out for. But [01:00:00] if he starts feeling better, we could always go for the rifle season if we had to. Yeah. It wouldn't be exactly what we wanted, but we just wanna go elk hunting. Yeah. So if it ha it happens to be in October with a rifle, it is what it is. Yeah. But so we got some time to decide, but yeah, definitely.

I was just telling people in that situation, call the state, just ask questions, they'll help. I've never had a problem. We went out to Colorado for several years. We've applied to Wyoming, all these different places. If you call 'em, they'll try to help you. If you got a problem or have questions or can't figure something out, just call 'em and 

[01:00:35] Dan: ask 'em.

Yeah. That's good man. That's awesome. All right, dude. We're gonna wrap her up here. I really appreciate you taking time outta your day to do this. I know it was last minute, and man, I hope you slay that buck. I hope 

[01:00:48] Nate: you slay that giant that you just saw. 

[01:00:51] Dan: Have a good one. I'll tell you what.

Okay, let's make a deal, 

[01:00:53] Nate: okay? You killed giant buck. You gotta come on our show and do a tales of the chase, okay? And if I kill [01:01:00] Baraka, I'll come on your show and 

[01:01:01] Dan: tell the story. Tell the story. Hey, that's a deal. And if you kill, if we both kill early, then if you're, if you don't go on your Wyoming hunt and we both kill early, then we have to.

I don't want to give a yes or no right now, but we have to strongly consider going to another over-the-counter state 

[01:01:17] Nate: talent. Agreed. All right. Yeah, there. Virtual handshake. 

[01:01:21] Dan: Yep. There you go. Alright. Alright man. Take it easy. 

[01:01:25] Nate: All right, man, we'll see you.

[01:01:29] Dan: And there you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, huge shout out to Tethered Wasp Vortex. Ozonics Code Blue Sense Woodman's Pal Hunt Worth. Please go out and support the companies that support this podcast. Please go to iTunes, leave a five star review, follow me on Instagram, and keep an eye out for some new gear coming down the pipe, especially a nine finger Chronicles hat.

And I'm gonna share that information with you guys later. Good vibes in. Good vibes out. If you're gonna be in a tree, wear your [01:02:00] damn safety harness.