Sharp Knives, and Wise Cuts with Nick Otto the Huntavore

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For many of us, being a butcher is not our full time job.  We might break down an animal 1,2,3 times during the year if we are lucky.  Each year we find ourselves making the decision of taking the animal to a processor or doing it in the garage ourselves.  This week the guys have the honor of talking with Nick Otto, the Huntavore, and discussing how to break down deer.  Nick’s passion for all things cutting, cooking, and culinary shows in discussion of the topics.  He goes through the basics of what you can do in the field to help set yourself up for success at the butcher.  The guys also cover the basics of breaking down an animal, specifically a whitetail deer, and how to get the most of your meat.

Paul is recovering from sinus surgery, but doing well!  Andrew’s quest to fill the freezer before the rut continues, and he’s on the board with number 2.  Of course nothing happens as expected, so the story of the “missed” doe, and the follow up/week later doe comes to an end.

A lot of news around the great state of Ohio.  Hocking Hills state lodge is open, state wide pheasant release is coming soon, new fishing regulations and more.  The state wide deer harvest as of 10/13/22 is 13,009, with 4739 being antlered deer, 8270 being antlerless, and Coshocton county has regained its reign as the king county at 535 deer. 

We would be remised if we didn’t discuss the moronic stories out of Ohio as well.  We dive into the walleye tournament scandal, and the Ohio hunting lease scandal as well.  We aren’t lawyers, just average spectators, but C’mon man!

Have a great week and good luck to those getting out into the great Outdoors of Ohio!

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