What to do with Roasts, Besides Roast

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by Greg Tubbs, co-host of Okayest Hunter and an avid venison consumer.  Together, they tackle a question Nick has been asked a lot lately; What do I do with these roasts, besides roast it? If this is you, prepare to put those large cuts to work for you, as we explore cooking methods that take you from low and slow to hot and fast, as the guys try to lay out some ideas that best serve the cut, and save it from a slow death of freezer burn.  Get ready to thaw out the big top round on this episode of Huntavore.

Greg Tubbs is co-host of Okayest Hunter Podcast, and a long time avid venison eater.  Greg grew up on the stuff along with everything his family hunted and fished.  Greg was a perfect candidate to join me on this discussion of “what to do with large roasting cuts”.  That’s easy, roast it.  However it’s not that simple.  Not all of us have the time or need that much roast all to once.  As seasons around the country prepare to open, freezers are being ransacked for the arrival of new meat.  Which brings us to using these large cuts. 

Greg opens up with a rouladen, opening up the roast into a large flat sheet, spreading on a filling, rolling it back on itself and securing with string or toothpicks.  A slow cook and sear, followed by a slice across the grain has a fun pinwheel to serve.  If that doesn't wet the appetite with all the preparations, two easy routes would be to ground into burger or sliced thick, cross the grain for steaks.  Burgers and steak are easy for a Labor Day weekend along with a whole host of things to make throughout the winter.  One steak dish Nick’s like is a swiss steak recipe from his in-laws where instead of beef round comes venison bottom round.  Butterflied to make a double steak and tenderized (10” lodge skillet will do the trick).  Season with salt and pepper, get it browned on the outside, and let simmer in a pool of gravy or cream of mushroom soup.  Served alongside mashed potatoes and you got a rib sticker that will power you through those afternoon chores.  Next was several ideas where thin slices would be helpful; stir fry, philly cheese on a griddle, jerky.  If large cuts intimidate you, there is no shame in spreading it all out.  To close, Greg and Nick circle back to leaving the cuts whole.  A sunday roast is worth saving, and when made into pot roast cant be beat.  Pastrami or any type of brined/cured and smoked meat will please a hungry crowd and re-freeze quite well.

Hank Shaw’s Venison Pastrami:  https://honest-food.net/venison-pastrami-recipe/#recipe

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