Shed Antler Hunting, Fly Fishing for Trout, and a Moose Paddle Murder

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, Dan begins the show with some breaking news about a man who was imprisoned for beating someone to death with a moose antler. If you had to defend yourself with big game antler, which animal would you pick from? Brayden and Phil went shed antler hunting in a place that has been producing giant bucks. Find out how they used trail cam footage to know where to look for sheds. We also talked about several reasons why deer sheds are so hard to find. Dan has some unique coffee-drinking preferences.

The guys talk about their recent trout fishing trip: Find out why Dan didn’t make it. They met up with some GoWild members and had a good time. We share a must-visit location for anyone fishing in Kentucky or looking to try out fly fishing and want to catch some tasty trout. Jacob mentions what makes this time of year his dream time for fishing. He also mentions one thing to watch out for with your fly line and how to get some help from a buddy with a net. Jacob goes into battle after a brute. 

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] So we were just talking about what are we gonna say on the podcast? Who did something? And then Dan gave us a hot tip or a new breaking news. Breaking news. I am the breaking news guy. The office. It's u yeah, but it's usually like Russian conspiracies. It's always Hunting adjacent, but not really.

It's always like Moose Sandler. Speaking of Moose Sandler, I was just reading about a guy that beat a pedophile to death with a moose Sandler. That's not the example of your ridiculous. That actually happened. That actually happened. I was, did you read the whole story? So it was this guy that went to jail for assaulting a kid a while ago.

He was in this neighborhood. Everyone knew him as a Herbert, the pervert on the list, and he was Joseph. Like just parking outside of schools and stuff. and this dad felt like he was following his daughter or there's some sort of like he was always around his daughter and he just went over there and beat him to death.

Ooh. With Moose Sandler apparently with something else and then finished him off with the Moose Sandler. Did he have the Moose [00:01:00] Sandler with him? It sounds like. It was at the pedophiles place. So just strapped to his hip, walks around with a moose Sandler. Yeah. And then you never know. And then he just walked over to the police station, like covered in blood and turned himself in and was like, Hey, just beat the pedophile to death.

So Wow. Wow. Pedophile crap. So yeah, moose, Sandler's, good defense weapon. So that had to have taken place in Maine or something where they have meese. I can't remember where it was. It was somewhere north. There's probably somewhere north. A lot of places there. It might have been Canada. I wonder if it was.

I'll share the story in Slack. It's good hunting. Hunting related. Good. You have to share it on, go out too now and just say, Hey, a couple episodes from now, this is coming. Discussion of the moose. I'll, I will save the link and then when this podcast go live I'll comment on the podcast. We could break out into a discussion of if a moose antler.

shed is really the best weapon versus like a whitetail or an elk. But I think maybe we'll save that for another day. Or how many uses are there for a moose? Antler? Yeah, moose. Those antlers are like defensive, like [00:02:00] to protect you from getting butted. Like they're not supposed, you're not, they're not clobbering each other with the antlers.

They're like moose shields. Yeah. They totally, fight. Just like anything else. Oh, I thought it was like deer, moose are deer trying to, like deer are trying to antler you like, but like moose are just like using like a shit. No, dude, they're very aggressive. I know that, but I thought they were mostly like, yeah, they're using their legs a lot for sure.

Legion. I think that also when they charge though, it's head down because they're like so flat. You got two giant boat paddles coming at you. Huge. Yeah. I think they're like 40 pounds when they're big. So now when you're wielding a 40 pound moose, Sandler beating someone. , you're a strong man. I need mean, is it a juvenile or an adult?

Yeah, that's a good point. If someone had it in their house, I bet it was pretty big. I bet it was like a trophy size. You meant the moose, not the child. Yes. Sorry, I can't, this is, I just didn't know which. Just one's wielding children around here. Yeah, someone was man, beat by moose anyways. You guys weren't fishing

We did. [00:03:00] Stick to the shed. That's where we started. I think that's where they started when it transition. Are you trying to be like Erica with the mic right now? It's like sticking. No. Yes. You Erica always puts the mic six inches from her faces. Two fingers in the rule. Yeah. There you go. There we go.

All right. So you went shed hunting? Yeah. Me and Phil, we went out to a spot that , we hunt a lot. And we have some great bucks on camera out there. And definitely we're trying to find those really big sheds from those really big bucks. But in doing that spoiler alert, we didn't find a shed, but in doing that, we were like, man, where do you start looking for sheds for these giant bucks?

And we started going back through all of our camera pictures and like all the pictures of big bucks are coming from this one specific area. That like during hunting season, we haven't wanted to go in and like mess up. Like you don't want to like just follow a buck trail and go looking for a buck or whatever in the spot you're gonna be hunting.

And so we were like, man, let's just let's just go that way and start seeing what we can see. And we walked miles just like [00:04:00] following trails and piecing everything together and dropping on X pins and getting everything lined out. Really had a better understanding of why I ended up shooting my buck this year.

Why he came from where he came from, why Phil shot his buck, the f the previous year. Like just of how the whole landscape is working. And on top of that, there's all these logging roads now back there that weren't there in the past. And so we had to relearn the area and figure that all out.

And we've got a really good setup out there for early season. Early season South Wind, that's gonna be our spot and we feel really good about it. So that was fun. I did hear that You're just not a Dan Johnson when it comes to shed hunting though. I did what he said. . What does that mean?

I put my head down and I walked my house. But Dan was talking about how he used to shed hunt last episode and he was a successful shed hunter. He said not one of these guys. He used to find a lot of sheds, Uhhuh, . But he is it's not hard. You go to where the deer. so well and walk a lot.

Yeah. , I [00:05:00] saw we didn't get to walk like as much as we wanted to, but it was really funny on social media, da the. National Deer Alliance, Lindsay Thomas posted a, the stuff Lindsay drops is just amazing. He's so smart. But he was dropping a video about shed hunting and how there was this they have these research facilities.

This one was 480 acres and they were observing whitetail. In Georgia, I think, and or Alabama, I can't remember, somewhere down south. And they were talking about how they sent out these grad students and they would look for antlers from these deer. And they were only finding 40% of the drops from the deer that they knew they had on site.

And all these rednecks are commenting and they're like that's what they get for sending college students in. They should send in rednecks and. , are you guys just openly admitting that you don't think rednecks can be smart and go to colleges , like they didn't realize what they were saying and then Lindsay was commenting, he is how do you know that they aren't rednecks?

Just because they went to college doesn't mean that obviously if you're majoring. [00:06:00] In something related to whitetail biology, you like to hunt. These are really smart people. I don't think these bubba's that were commenting are gonna come in and do any better shed hunting than the guys that are literally researching the deer.

Also, 480 acres with grad students. They could probably cover all that, like through a class. Like they could, you could get through it. Yeah. No, it's hard too, like when they shed their antlers, it's not like they. Yeah. And fall on a trail. Like they go like this, right? And shake their head and then they go, woo.

A lot of what Lindsay is saying is that you're, people are always looking for the big ones, but, and he is that's the easy part. It's when you can find the little ones. We have some of these sitting on our table here. It's those are the ones that are really hard to find because they get covered by leaves, they fall into rock cracks and, all these really difficult places to find.

He's it's, everybody takes pride in finding the big one. Cause you. Your deer that you're hunting their drops, but he's that's not the, that's not the hard part. Yeah. It's finding the little ones. But yeah. Not to mention critters grabbing 'em. Yeah. Yeah. Jodi's one of 'em, squirrels, one of 'em, like everything's grabbing those.

My dog drag 'em around and he loves that. Chew on antlers, and I'd be [00:07:00] curious to see how many are just stacked up in a coyote hole somewhere. Oh man. Yeah. Ernie won't touch him. Really? Wants nothing to do with him. I've tried. Yeah, so Bugsy loves him. There you go. So now can we talk about fishing?

Cuz I'm really curious and let's just all say that Dan bailed. He did man bail. He something about shower and supposed to be No, that's a different story. Oh, okay. Yeah. working on a shower. Oh, I think you meant Dan taking a shower for a minute. Yeah, no, it's just, I've got a big honey-do list. So there's only so many weekends I can be like, can I be.

All weekend. Unless it's 80 degrees too. Dan doesn't like to go outside. This is true. That was the heavy factor. The weather was discussed a lot. Yeah, it was gonna be, it was forecasted to be raining. You guys were going Sunday. It was supposed to rain Saturday through Saturday night into Sunday. And then they were saying it was gonna be like 38 degrees in the morning on Sunday.

Plus it was daylight saving, so we were losing an hour. So we're already gonna be tired. And this creek is what? An hour and a half away. You should have left [00:08:00] that part out, bud. What? I was on two hours of. . That's not healthy. That's not a good thing. It's not about health. Oh, you're about health now. You just got so squishy Cigarettes.

I'm drinking Healthy Wildlands Coffee, Mr. Arby's. Oh yeah. We that's right. How's the, so this is this podcast brought to you by Wildland Coffee. Our buddy Zach sent us some Yeah. Dancers roll. Are you rolling with it? You just got the whole bag in there? No. Oh, you took it out. Took back out. The Zach from Wildland Coffee sent us some coffee to try on each show here, and we brought Dan in.

Dan's never had the coffee, so Dan with I just, I identified that you have a garbage pate, but what do you think? I do have a garbage palate. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, although I was drinking my curig gay cup this morning. It's good. The weird thing about me with coffee is I don't like, Drinks.

Oh yeah. You let your coffee get cold, right? Yeah. So if coffee's been sitting out for four hours, that's my chain. I'm glad we gave you palate. Yeah. I'm glad we gave you the nice wildland mug. Yes. Actually these are so nice that I just had to [00:09:00] scold Chris cuz Zach sent us too. Jack and Chris just took it home.

I was like, dude, that wasn't, he is the king of That's loving. That's stuff on you though, you think? Cuz I didn't, no, we literally told him. We told him. I said Chris, cuz Chris will put anything through the dishwasher and these are really nice with the cork bottom. I said, Chris, please don't put this in the dishwasher.

And Chris took that to mean that we didn't want to wash it. So he should take it home where it'll get washed, hand washed. . And cause there's not a sink if there's ever free stickers, free hats or anything that comes in from a trade show, it's gone within seconds. Cuz if Chris Ly comes through.

Yeah. So most of the time I just give it to him. So saving stuff, I know I've started just going ahead and proactively giving stuff to Chris. But yeah, so about the coffee, I'm doing Keurig cake cups and this A, tastes better, but b, it's got all the convenience to the cake cup cuz it's self-contained.

You just make it once and throw it away. But I don't have to make it at home with my big machine. I could just bring some packets to the office. And on like fishing trip too, what's cool is you could take like a hot boiling water, put it in the Yeti, take it [00:10:00] with you guys, and then you can have a fresh cup there instead of it sitting and continuing to.

Cook. So plastic KC cups. , there's no plastic in these things. That is cool. I think if you're comparing That's true. The pack ability ease of use. Deep up plastic out of the environment. That's true. It does have this thing, yeah. There's some packaging. Yeah. It's not bad.

Yeah. I thought you were gonna do, like you shouldn't be drinking. through plastic. I think even the guy, like the hot water than the plastic. No. Even the guy that invented K-cups said he regretted it. Yeah. Really? Yeah, cuz they're so bad for you can't, unless you completely take off all the foil and dump out the coffee and then separately recycle them.

They're not recyclable. And then you're like, all cake cup. I will donate all the money made off you. I don't regret that much. Not that much. Let's not be irrational. Don't regret it that much. Yeah. All right. Before we move on, I'll just say, if you want to check out Zach's coffee, it's wildland

The dude's got a he sells 'em in the, in batches, like he can buy a whole box. Today we're drinking the medium roast, so which is approved. It's tasty. It's very interest. I will say, I'll let this one [00:11:00] steep longer than last time helped out, not enjoy it. Yeah. That's what Zachs has to do. Yeah.

He's, he, the new ones he's working on are for people that don't feel like they're strong enough. He's trying to come up with a better batch. The other thing, since it's a tea bag, you can let it keep going until the flavor's, right? That's right. And then take once you get used to like, once, sounds like Jacob.

10, 11 minute guy, you just leave it in there that long. So yeah, he should make one for non coffee sns like me that have sugar and non-dairy creamer in the bag as well. Put a little flavor, some nut bag . I might just put that bag in my cheek. . Yeah. That's the next product. It's just, yeah, it's like a, it's like a wildling grinds.

Yeah. But anyways, so fishing I only get so many weekends. A year to, to go Turkey hunting, go deer hunting. So I'd try to be judicial in when I use it. And the weather was supposed to be bad, and this is all bank fishing and it's not super well maintained. And I was just envisioning like muddy banks.

[00:12:00] Have you not heard him say this part yet? What? No. , you said it's not well maintained. It, you're saying that has the best bank access part. His reason, part of his reason for not going was getting all slippery on the bank. Braden did almost take a bath at one point. So why are you acting like I'm talking crazy?

Cause it's not super well, it's very crazy. He survived me. It's insanely well. He might've got a little bit wet in one spot. Agree to disagree. What do we buy? What do we buy? All this gear for if we don't want to use it. What do you mean you got all this warm like stuff to keep you warm? It gets a little chilly and you're like, I want to fish in a t-shirt and short

I will. If it was waiting, I would do that cause I wasn't waiting. It is not a waiting experience at. End of December in North Carolina and it was, yeah, 34 degrees and snow all over the banks and that's okay. But it just didn't seem like the weather was gonna be good for Yeah, it wasn't, it was cold, but it was better than I thought it was gonna be.

I thought you guys were gonna be getting dumped on. It didn't, it was, [00:13:00] we got less rain than was projected. Yeah, the water looked good. There was a little bit of mud at the top where there's a feeder creek that comes in. But honestly the water. Pretty perfect. Yeah. You said they, you got one on a wooly bugger that you were streaming, so they must have been active.

It must have been a good water temperature. Yeah, I would say we had that warm week a couple weeks ago. If you had fished like three days into that, it probably would've been exceptional. Yeah. Obviously the temperature dropped last week, got a little colder. We did have cloud cover, which was good.

That helped a lot. From at least one of the fish I caught, it was scarred up enough that looked like it had worked itself up from the main river. And so that's, we've continued to go back every year from a couple years ago when Braden and I had an exceptional day, he caught two really big fish coming up outta the main river.

And so we've continued to go back to try to replicate that. And I think if we had been there a couple [00:14:00] weeks ago when it. Warmer. How was the pressure? Was there a bunch of other people fishing? There was, what, five of us together? . , who all went Braden? Myself, two of his buddies.

And Tucker and then Shane? Yeah. Tucker and Shane. And then Steven. Steven Davis from. Go wild that Braden had talked to. Oh, cool. And go wild and figured out he was fly fishing in Kentucky. And I just commented Hey, see you're fly fishing in Kentucky. Cool. I think we're going soon. I was like, we're going soon.

And he was like yeah. Like, where are you going? And I was like, let's DM about this. And he was like, yeah, I'll be there. I was like, fantastic. Nice. I'm guessing he'd been there before. No. No. So he's been fly fishing for four weeks and he's just getting into it. And so getting to hang out with a guy like Jacob and asking him a bunch of questions and learn about this and a guy like you, not a guy like me.

To fair, I learned everything I know from Jacob . I don't want to, let's not set the expectation that I was guiding. Steven and helping him a ton. You're just yelling, you're just yelling at him. Cut the neck, , cut the neck. It did happen one time. It did. But he [00:15:00] was intentional though. He was like trying to learn, so he was asking a lot of like really cool questions.

Yeah. Like it was fun. There was one point he got hung up and I was explaining like how you tried to get it free, you based on the current stuff and so yeah, it. And you know me, I love to share flies. So I'm out there hanging out my little drug baggies of, he literally did flies. We pulled up in the parking lot and he had like little baggies for everyone.

Like a mom's lunch. Like there you go, boys. He, your orange slices, you guys kvi, he make it. He didn't make it, which said he was busy. He was trying to shed hunt and do some stuff out the farm. Yeah. Funny enough, Steven and the curvature, Oh yeah, they hung out. He actually shot his first deer at Rour.

Which farm? I'm like, you just like me. He did a crossbo though. Oh. How many shots did it take him? not, I didn't ask. We're talking about, oh, I wish I knew what that episode number that we could point people to. Cuz that's Musk. It's called Musk Loader. Oh yeah. It's one of the first Uncensored episodes.

Becau. It has to be one of the first, like one of the first [00:16:00] 15 or so because it was that deer season when I got toothpicks. So it was right after that. Maybe it was, it's probably a December date cuz it was muzzle loader season. Yeah. Musk loader. Musk loader. Ye old musk get loader I think it's called.

That is, yeah. Why is that not them put on a t-shirt yet. Yeah, I don't know what next sticker. The fishing though. I would, I was talking to my dad last night and I was like, I caught a couple good fish, but overall it was slow. Like the the fishing was pretty slow. I don't know if they were just down deep not eating a bunch.

We caught a couple at the very top, like typical and the water was pretty clear. Yeah, it was pretty clear. Yeah. Yeah. The, I didn't touch the water to feel it, cuz it's pretty consistent down there. But j just for, some people that listen to the show may not fish. Get a, you guys have said like target species and stuff.

Kind of talk through what you were doing and where like as much as you can, I know you don't wanna say where, but I don't care about where, if you don't care about where just I'm not worried about just give some we're hitting high level of Yep. Some stuff just get, get a little [00:17:00] deeper.

Yep. So this is. Below the Lake Cumberland Dam. Wolf Creek Dam. It is called Hatchery Creek. In Kentucky. In Kentucky, yep. And so we are after Rainbow Trout. There's, I've caught one small brown T trout out of there. I've caught a cutthroat. They've randomly stuck some cutthroat in there. And then there are brook trout in there as well.

You're primarily catching stocker size rainbow trout most of the time. Pretty cool creek. We've, I think we've talked about, don't other episodes, but. The dam and then the water comes through the hatchery, the, Mason, the national fish hatchery that's there, and then comes out of that. And what they did is they cut a meandering creek that Wes back and forth, has a bunch of different types of structure, looks very western in certain parts of it.

At the bottom of it, before it hits the main river, there's these plunge pools that are, 15, 20 feet long or so. And so it's really cool. You get a lot of different types of. . So at the top of the [00:18:00] creek, there's sidewalks on both sides of it. A lot of people go there, it's put and take they stock fish into it every other day.

So there's a lot of people that just come and utilize it. I highly encourage if you are in Kentucky and you've never. Caught cooked your own trout. This is the place to go try it out. Because there's a lot of fish and or if you wanna try out fly fishing, that's a great spot because it's fairly open.

Yeah. And you can get used to the moving current in a kind of more controlled environment. They still have like big rocks and stuff in there, so you're in like moving current, so you're like learning the, like the drift and how to make good casts and all that stuff. And you can see the trout. That's right.

Most of the time. And so you can now you're calculating how they're doing it, what pace they're doing it, all that kind of stuff that you need to think about when you're to a little bit of what they're hidden. Yeah. Take the are there fish here out of the equation? Yes. There are fish is on you to figure out Yeah.

What they're eating and how to, like the depth and all that stuff. So it's a good place to just be trying things and figuring stuff out. Yeah. Do you pick up any ancillary species when you're targeting trout, or other species hitting what they're [00:19:00] eating? Yes. And depending upon where, I don't know if you're just speaking specifically about that river, but depending upon where, out west, you can catch whitefish.

, there's grayling and then, here the small mouth will share a lot of the same. That's what I was wondering. Small mouth were hitting that. Yeah. Yeah. And then did you catch any small mouth? Not there. No. I never, here in Louisville though, where they stock Floyd's Fork. Yeah.

There's a this special time of the year right now. Yeah. Where the smallmouth and the trout are in the same areas. And it is my dream . Cause you can I love small mouth but yeah. It, you have more competition up here on Floyd's Fork than you do going down to the dam. Yeah. When you go down there, it's so accessible here.

There's a lot of people up at the top, like close to the hatchery where the sidewalks are and then, we. Two other guys while we were there yesterday. I would say typically like a busy day, you may see five other people down on the lower stretches of the creek, cuz you gotta hike through some stuff to get down there.

Access is good, it's, it just, it's not as busy as the top [00:20:00] of the. Creek. Yeah. And I've been out there with a bunch of different people and a lot of times what they say when I said like the first time I was out there is this doesn't look like Kentucky. Like they, the way it's set up, it does not look like you're in Kentucky.

They've managed it to there's like a swampy portion and there's all kinds of. Different. It's super well managed . Yeah. And very cool. Designed. Yeah, very well designed and intended to give you a cool experience. Fly fishing, like we saw a mink running through, we see tons of ducks, like right there, deer, like duck territory.

It's a ducky. Yeah. Yeah. It's, yeah. It's very ducky. We saw deer 15, 20 yards away, just hanging out. Like they have no worries about people. They're just so 15, 20 yards away from the creek, just on the, from the side of the water. They're like right there looking. I'm going, man. And they're just like, look, go back to doing what they're doing.

Hanging. They have no fear at all. Shaking beavers, shaking the water and stuff off of 'em. Yeah, I mean it's just a. Overall that Steven said, he's I'm having a hard time watching my indicator consistently, cuz I'm just sitting here looking around at all the different animals and all the different wildlife.

It's, I heard a [00:21:00] bardal at one point. Yeah. I don't know if anybody else I did hear that. Yeah. It's, it is a really cool spot. So it, it's two and a half hours from us. It's a really, we saw an eagle drive. Sorry. We saw an eagle. Yeah, that was cool. Bald eagle. I don't know. We have bald eagles here.

Yeah. No, that's what I was saying. Yeah. . Yeah, I think there's some other eagles maybe north, but it's probably a bald eagle. But yeah, so I love this place. We go a few times a year, I would say. It's a great place to take my son cuz it's, that open area at the top where he can fish.

So the fishing wasn't fantastic. Caught some stalker size, and then I actually caught two really nice size trout. They weren't fat, so I don't think they've been porking up yet. So a lot of times they'll fight their way up in the creek. They lose a bunch of mass, and then they sit there and feed.

So one of them, It was on a wooy bugger down through the current coming back up through the current, and it just, I think, came from under it, the way he went after it. That was pretty [00:22:00] traditional fight, little get him outta the current, get him to the side. It wasn't too bad. The next one I caught, I was on a small blood midge, and it was one of the more challenging fights that I've had with the trout because he.

Diving down, he, I don't know if there was rock down there that he was trying to get to or what, but he kept diving down, couldn't get him out of the main current. And I'm this, I have maybe a foot of my fly line out of the tip of the rod. And so if you don't know what that means, like you don't want your fly line to come back into the rod and usually you.

30, 40 feet of line out. And so he's right close, but I cannot get him any closer to get him to the net. So it was fun. It's anytime it's like that and my heart starts racing, I'm trying to fight this fish, get him out of the main current. He seemed to know what he was doing. And so Steven's I don't 50 yards.

and I gave a little yeah. Just to get his attention.[00:23:00] Cuz he, and then he, walks over to help me with it cuz I didn't think I was gonna be able to net the fish. I thought I was gonna hand Steven the net and then get him to, to net it. But right as he got over there I was able to get him out of the current, over to the side and he was all scarred up.

Like he had been fighting his way up through the rocks from the river. His colors were dark. Great. And I'm saying him cuz I assume this to be a male. Usually females are bigger and fatter. But it was a good fish. If I had to guess somewhere in like the 16 inch range good, a good handful size hold them and so that was cool.

Then we go back up to, did we go back up to the truck or did we just walk lunch? Yeah, we did lunch, walk back up. We did lunch and then went back. So this fish is at 1115? Yeah. I looked at the pictures right before. Didn't catch another fish for the rest of the day. And so it was all morning action, which was surprising cuz as it warms up, usually it heats up.

We said the opposite in the truck. We were like, it's probably gonna be an average [00:24:00] morning and then a great afternoon just by the way the weather's looking and everything. Not how it played out. I don't, yeah, I don't know what happened. So we go back up, get launch, go back down, fish the plunge pools, nobody's, I think that was when Shane caught one.

That one small one. And then, , we went back up to the top just to try to get some of the fish that are closer to the hatchery. A little easier to catch. I'm fishing this part, so there's the section by the sidewalks, and then there's a clear drop where the fish cannot get from the main river, cannot get up there.

It's like the start of the catch and release part where you cannot keep fish. There's really shallow water really fast. and I'm fishing that same white streamer again and bringing it up through some rocks out of the current, and it's waving back and forth in the main current and as it gets past this rock.

I'm literally just dragging it, almost like barely under the surface of the [00:25:00] water, and I see this porous back come up out of the water. . I'm not kidding. This fish's eyes were the seism a nickel. . A nickel. So you figured that. If his eyes are that big, this trout is, this gotta be this big around and it had shoulders and traps.

it was like, was shrugs. This thing was like, it scared, he had a sorex at home. It was just getting buffed. I need to look at my heart rate on my watch cuz I'm sure it shot way up. . So he comes up and just swipes at this thing, but it almost didn't look like he was trying to eat it. I was like, okay.

He just mad. Huh? Just mad. Yes. So just getting you outta there a few casts later. That's what I settled on. So I throw that same streamer again. He does the same thing and he doesn't come as out of the water this time, but I just see his head just swipe, like he's just crossing the current and then throw that a couple more times.

He's not going after it. Switch flies come through. He goes after that one. I'm like, what in the world? [00:26:00] eat the thing dude, eat it. And so I tried probably seven flies just trying to change it up. At that point, he stopped doing it. And so I think he's, he figured out okay, this thing keeps coming to the same spot.

Something's up. I think what he was doing was fighting for position in the creek. . And he was trying to move anything, like he had a good spot with that rock and he was trying to get anything outta the way. So then I tried Nims thinking that he was eating small stuff, just hanging out by that rock.

No, no luck. I have been picturing in my mind for the. I don't know. 14 hours. Yeah. This fish where he's at and seeing his eyeball come out of the water and I want him . I'm just imagining I'll be back. I'm imagining like the next time we go to hatchery and we. Call, get outta the car and then we just look And Jacob's speed walking.

Yeah. Speed. Walking to that road. So you guys down there? So I told Braden and Tucker and Shane on the way out. It's it's a good thing. I found that fish last [00:27:00] because if I had found it first, you would've worked at out the whole day. I would've fished for eight hours to that fish. It's just how I am.

But dude, that would be a fish of a lifetime. It was big. Very big. Sounds like a good. Fun times. Yes. So go out members, go catch Jacob's fish. I'm not telling you to wear tag. Tag. Yeah. I guess I can't describe it. , you're like where the sidewalk ends, there's a drop off and then you walk 50 paces If Jacob can't catch it.

That's a good point. You have a hard time. Yeah. Unless you really know what you're doing. That's a good point. But I think it's cool that you guys met up with a member. I always tell people, man, I share these stories and I think people think it's because it's me and I'm seeing this stuff. I'm like, no I meet people all the time that randomly met on Go Wild and Mike Larson's going hunting with I think he's going Turkey hunting this year and staying at a, he's going with a Go Wild member and staying at another go wild member's cabin. Like that kind of stuff is what we do, and you just can't get it anywhere else. It's too much.

Yeah. When I, when. Got the job at go. Oh, let me just lose. No, it's [00:28:00] fine. We just keep going. Before I actually started here, but I had gotten the job, I went fishing at hatchery and met a guy who's now on the app, Tristan Moorehead. So yeah, it's cool. It's a good, it's a good talking point and it'll be nice when you go up to people like, Hey, you own Go wild.

And people are like, yeah, of course I am. And you don't have to pitch it every time. But it's it's cool to meet those people in the wild for sure. You got, I got the like pity invite. After the trip was already established. It was like, where do you wanna go? And you guys. probably assumed I wasn't gonna go.

Yeah. And I didn't go. But the, I had a birthday dinner for my mom. We took her out to Tony's of Lexington and I was told it was the best steakhouse in Lexington. It was very good. One of the best seared steaks I've ever had. But that was like, we were there real late and I was like, I don't want to.

I just didn't want to come back and then leave. And I totally forgot that I had Cub Scouts actually at Derek, who is a co-host on this show all the time. You guys know Derek well, so Derek hooked me up cuz I, I had this Cub Scouts you go through and you have all the achievements they have to do.

And so we had to speak to someone that serves the community. [00:29:00] They're a veteran police officer, fireman, something like that. And I was like, this would be cool at a fire station. I bet Derek could hook. . So we did and we scheduled it and Derek works at a very nice station. It's one of the newest ones. It is a slick office and he's got it easy is what you're saying?

As far as facilities go, dude, this, they have a commercial grade kitchen. Like Derek doesn't ever talk about the kitchen that he's cooking in. And I just peeped in there and it's nice and we get there this weekend when Derek wasn't there and, but we roll in and I'm coming in with eight Cub Scouts.

and then a sibling and all these parents, and we get there and these guys are all suiting up in a hurry. There's like the the sirens are all going off. There's an alarm or I think I heard an alarm. I don't know. There's sounds everywhere. And I walk out and they're paying me no mind. They get in the truck and leave and we are the only ones in the fire station.

And I'm like, oh God, I plan this whole thing around having a demonstration. And so I had to drag out five minutes of material for 30 minutes with these scouts, [00:30:00] and I'm just like hoping they're coming back and then finally the truck comes back and we got to see. They did an awesome demonstrate. I've never had a more detailed demonstration of the truck and the engine.

They explained the difference to the kids. They got to go through and see every compartment on every truck. Saw the jaws of life, like the kids loved it. It was great. Derek's team's. . But that's, that was why I couldn't join. And I told you guys, even if I didn't have anything, I think I would pull a Dan and I would bank some equity towards Turkey season, cuz that's it's just too close.

I'm coming outta trade show season where I spend it all with the wife, like leaving her for weeks at a time in the first half of the year. And I know next month kicks off Turkey season and I've already got, my first two weekends of Turkey season are spoken for through d. Commitments that I've got. So the last Turkey weekend is open, which is usually the worst around here.

Yeah. And I think it's gonna be even more, I think by second weekend we'll be hitting those lulls that usually hit the last weekend because it's warmed up so fast here. Yeah. And so I am trying to get, Aggressive on my [00:31:00] evening and morning Turkey hunts at midweek, which is going to interfere with school drop-offs and stuff.

So I was like, I'm not burning that. So what kicked off the invite? Yeah, we were, we had already planned the trip. That's all right. I'm just, you mentioned wanting to start fly fishing. Yeah. Yeah. to everybody listening out there that has ever thought, I want to try fly fishing. You don't have to go to a River Creek stream.

The best fly fishing or the most enjoyable pound for pound is a blue gill pond. I can help you cast like we can do that anytime. And so this is open invitation. I will fish at the drop of a hat. You know that? Yeah, I know that. And so if you get two hours, Hit me up, man. I have that fly rod and reel that I bought off of Mark.

Is it decent? Yeah, dude, it'll work. Yeah I didn't think it, he said it was like a beginner level. I paid like 50 bucks for it off him, and I think he lost money on it. But I used a plastic reel with a cheap rod for two years. Yeah, I've just like this trip, I got to try my nice new [00:32:00] setup, which was really cool.

I got some tweaks to make, but yeah, I've got 12 flies and a $50 rotten reel setup, though if you bring that thing in, Let me cast it a little bit. Sometimes on the cheaper rods, they're not, they don't work as smoothly on casting the line, and so sometimes you can go up a size. That would be the only thing that, yeah, we man, I wish you had been with us when we went down to Missouri.

You would've liked that dude. It was soak meeting Mark Van Patton, who is literally wrote the book on fly fishing. This huge legend in fly fishing. Got the, you weren't with us either, were you? This was right before Braden started. I forgot Braden wasn't there. But Mark, we did the retreat there and one day we went out and Mark taught.

Basically the whole team. Jacob, I think at that time was the only one that was familiar with fly fishing. And so we got, he, he spent time with teaching us how to cast. And then we did a little, we didn't really get to fish much. We were kind just learning the cast roll cast and that kind of stuff.

And I haven't touched it since. I haven't, that's, I've fished. Yeah, I know. It is a shame. But I haven't, I [00:33:00] just haven't fly fished since then. If I'm usually out, I'm usually using, my gear that I'm more familiar with and I think I still have that intimidation factor going. I need to go out with Jacob and when we do the dicks, it's good Fly fishing.

What? Gosh, clip that. That's the X, that's, yeah. D I X. No, it's a kayak out and back kayak trip off the Kentucky River. And we're doing it this spring cuz it's my favorite. Out and back and it used to only have access from like a voluntary public access. So it was like a guy with a trailer that had a boat ramp and I think he like went to jail or something.

So the, it was shut last season and then I think the state of Kentucky just bought it and opened the ramp back up. So I was wondering if you'd just make up stuff that you don't know for sure. Yeah, like that sounded entirely made up. If you met this guy and saw his trailer, it would be the most logical.

It would be the most locked. But just admit you filled in some gaps there, didn't you? I'm assuming he went to . Did he suffer death by It [00:34:00] makes for a fun, yeah. I went down there with my boat and it was like caution tape around it. The trailer was totally gone. It was like trespassers will be prosecuted, sort of thing.

I'm like something happened here. So that. River that he's talking about is one of Chris P's most hyped. Oh yeah. Okay. That says a lot to me. Nobody knows you. Yeah. Yeah. There we go. Dude. I say it , it's like whatever. Someone else says it. Jacob knows. Chris Poor is a mentor of mine. He was actually on restless native r i p That feeds.

Sorry guys, not Chris, the show. No. So Chris, the feed, Chris Poor was a mentor to me in college for journalism. , but also this just really experienced angler. He had a fishing magazine for a while that he ran. The dude's very legit. And now he works in advertising. He's got all these boat clients.

He's just very experienced savvy Angler, and it's my favorite. Yeah, by far. Yeah. It's beautiful. There's no. Development on either side. So you're just going through these canyons and there's no [00:35:00] houses or anything. And then you hit these rapids that any sort of John boat or motorized boat can't get up past it.

And so you can kayak, you get outta your kayak and you pull it up through the rocks and get back in. And then that whole next mile leading up to the, oh, I forget the name of that dam. It's called Lake Harrington. The Harrington Lake Dam. There's a dam, so out of the bottom of the water is cold water.

So trout can live there year round, even in the summer they stock it. They just walk up to the dam and dump it over, dump the fish over the dam. But trout can live there year round cause the water stays cold enough. So you get trout fishing, you get small mouth and large mouth in the river. And then I've never caught anything on Kentucky, I'll go out there with my depth finder and.

40, 50, 60 feet. So you know that there's some monsters down in there, actually right there where the Dicks River comes into the Kentucky River. There's a Cliff Rockwall is great fishing just cuz of that current coming in. Yeah, there's [00:36:00] a high bridge train bridge you go under and you just know those pilings, pylons are gonna be stocked with monsters of some sort.

I always get nervous cuz a lot of times I go by myself and I just envision myself getting capsized by some huge fish that isn't that made a mistake hooking up too well. But again, we're talking about half. Long trip. Yeah. We gotta get you out on some of these. Yeah, I'll do, that's not, backyards, that's probably more again, right now was just, you're competing with Turkey season and I'm not doing it.

But don't you get the shower done. Happy wife. Happy wife. I just need to kill a bird first time out and then I could make room for some smooth. Yeah. Alright all right, this was a fun show. Thanks again to Wildland Coffee for keeping us caffeinated. Thanks to you all for listening. If you're not logging these shows on Go Wild.

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