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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, Derek smells like beaver. He’s been busy trapping nuisance beavers on a property for the last few weeks using several 330 Conibear body traps. He talks about how he can’t use snares or a drowning rod and with trapping beaver, you have to work with what you got. Have you seen the” Zombeavers” movie?? Do you know how to check the gender of a beaver … it’s a bit of a sniff test. Why does Derek trap beaver if it’s not just for their pelts? Tune in to learn ever more exciting facts about beavers.

Brad is considering a questionable method of fleshing his whitetail deer hides. We bring up one of the biggest problems of having a big freezer full of wild game meat and debate over how long frozen meat is good for. We tease out some things to do with meat that’s been in there for a while and Derek drops his favorite beaver meat recipes. Brad bumps into a bonehead who broke into our trailer at the office and he recently competed in a PineWood Derby race with his son.

Jacob went fishing, of course, and went after trout and smallmouth bass. Bryaden got out to fish as well, and posed a question about the color of crawfish and water temperature. This is a good time to mention that we have a monster wave of new fishing gear coming to the GoWild store, from soft plastics to crankbaits to line, rods, reels and more, all just in time for spring fishing season, so gear up and get ready! We’re also loading up on all the gear you need for spring turkey hunting, including boots, camo, vests, and more.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Only on Uncensored do you have to wait on a guy to get back from touching beavers to start your podcast. Okay. We need some podcasts. Derek. Smells like beaver this morning. Yep. How was it? It was good. It was great. I've been trapping this property for the last couple days. They contacted me real late into the season.

Nuisance beavers. Nuisance beavers. They got like a real big pond slash small lake, and they said they had some beavers in there a few years back. Another guy came and trapped him. When they called me, he made it sound like they knew everything. He's we know where they're denning. We got like trees that they're cutting.

I got a dam. I'm like, this is sounds perfect. Of course I'll do this. Get out there. That's not entirely true. All they have is a dam and it's a tricky situation cuz they're, they were damning up the spillway in the bottom of this pond. And the spillway is all extremely rocky and it's just really hard to set traps in this real rocky.

Bottom type stuff versus mud or anything like that. And so I was just doing dam break sets, so [00:01:00] just break the dam and then the beavers know that the dam's broke. They're gonna come up and they want to fix it, but, and I'm using three 30 Con Bear like body traps, not foothold traps or anything. It's too shallow to try to use like a drowning rod.

I don't even know if I can get a drowning rod into the ground. With this rocky soil. This would be a good spot probably for snares. I made a post on Go Wild about that. It'd be a good spot for fishing too. ? Yes, I'm working on that. Work that out. I'm working on that. That's later. But it would be a good spot for snares, but I don't have any snares.

It's too late in the season for me to try to like, get snares. Season ends tomorrow. Oh. Yeah. So I was like I just gotta work with what I got. So I'm breaking the dam setting three 30 s where I break the dam, brush 'em in. Not entirely sure about how well the traps are actually secured in there just because of the rocky soil.

But so ran traps the last two days, nothing on 'em. Yesterday I got out there and they had actually, it was really funny. One trap was activated, so it was set, nothing in it. And then they were like, red damned around it. . It gets better. The other trap show you the other trap was laid. Still set, ready to go, ready to rock and roll.

And [00:02:00] then they had built the damn over top of it. Oh, free structure. Yeah. Thanks bud. Yeah. I'm like, I got there and I've lost at three 30 once before in a similar situation like this, like just gone. I don't really know what happened. I have a couple theories, but Trap was gone. So I get down there yesterday evening to reset.

and I don't see the trap. I'm like, oh my gosh. Lost another three 30. And they're not super expensive, but they're not cheap either. It's not fun to lose it. So anyways, I'm like going, I'm like start pulling some stuff out of the dam and then I see the chain that goes to the three 30 and I'm like, uhoh trap's still here.

And then I had the wherewithal to be like don't just start digging your hands in there. Yeah, don't lose. I'm like, I'm thinking like there's no way this trap is still active if it's like under this damn, but just be smart. Like I've gotten hit by traps before. It's not fun. So I get like a big stick and I just start raking stuff away.

And I, I find it and I'm like, oh God. Like it was still set ready to rock and roll. So good thing I didn't stick my hand down. Oh my gosh. They tried to trap you. And they said when beavers attacked . You seen zombie . [00:03:00] I knew that was coming up. Zo It's a movie. It's a b whore. Film where the beavers bill burs in it in the first couple minutes.

Gotcha. Did that. He probably did it for free cuz the budget on this movie is not great , but the Bezo Beaver. Yeah. It's like one of those. Mildly sexual horror movies. Oh, okay. Yeah it's a treat. I think it's one of Brad's favorite movies. I love it. , I don't even know if I've ever seen the whole thing, like the scene with Bill Burn in the beginning and then the Beaver attacks a woman in a particularly sensitive area.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Beaver and Beaver, anyways. Oh, no, . Yeah, we were all thinking, yeah I didn't think I needed to go there, but it is uncensored, so Jacob. God help us. There's children that listen to this. back to the beavers real quick. Get this the traps reset last night and then go home. And then the landowner texted me this morning cause I was gonna go out there probably around lunchtime and check 'em today.

Landowner texted me this morning. And they're like, Hey it looks like traps have been moved again. And it looks like they've rebuilt the dam a little bit. And she said, I [00:04:00] don't see any beavers though in, in the traps. No offense to her. She just doesn't really know what she's looking for.

And so I look at the picture she sends me and it's blurry and I'm like, ah, there might be one. in one of those traps. I'm like, all right, I'm gonna go out there right now. So traffic was awful this morning on the Gene Snyder, if anyone dealt with that, that helped me up. Get out there though the trap that I actually thought in the picture had a beaver, and it did not, it was activated again.

They had rebuilt around it, and then I was like, on top of the other trap, and I looked down and I'm like, oh, there's a beaver. So worked out how big Heck yeah. Decent side. Nothing huge to write home about. I'm gonna guess like low forties, male or female. Don't know. They're extremely difficult.

Get figured out. Yeah. Just by looking at they're very difficult to, that's what I've heard in the book I'm reading. , they events. Yeah. They don't have and apparently they smell different based on these biologists that are talking about, they go out sex beavers. , they. Do it off sniffle smell.

Yeah. What were [00:05:00] you saying about the postage stamp? All right, so I'm currently listening to a book about beavers called Eager. Definitely recommend checking it out either Beaver just called Eager. Oh. And one of the most interesting facts that they said in there is that on a. Postages postage stamp size piece of beaver fur.

There are 126,000 fibers, hair fibers, and so that doesn't even seem possible. They yeah. No, it's, they're, I don't doubt it. It's true. Yeah. It's crazy to think about. They have like different types of furs here. Yeah. There's the, like the longer fur that you traditionally feel when you touch beaver fur, but then there's all the guard hairs, like most animals.

I don't have that many hair folles on my entire head. . No you don't. . In the book they're talking about, the texture of the beaver fur, and that's why it's so valuable is because of all that, it's really soft. Yeah. People may not know you're gonna eat this beaver, I assume, right?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. They're, honestly, that's what I trapped them mostly for anymore, since there's not a whole lot of money in the firm market, and again, like I've mentioned this before, I'm having a real hard time finding a fur buyer. Like I've, I, there's some [00:06:00] big fur buyers out there that do. annual buys and the closest they come to here is two or three hours north up in the, like somewhere near around Indianapolis area.

Yeah. Or North. And it's. Is it worth me driving up there with the really like small amount of beaver felts I end up with at the end of the year and it's spent $50 in gas to sell 60, 60 to get $10 worth bucks. Yeah. Yeah. So it honestly, the biggest reason I trap 'em besides just enjoying it is for eating them.

Cause they're delicious. But you still have all your pelts so far, right? I'm just sitting on you. Just dunno what the, your freezer's gotta be getting a little tight. So when I bought my house like four or five years ago, they left a freezer in the basement. Oh, so you got. So I have two deep freezers that I've purchased that are mine that I actually have like game meat in and you fishing and everything.

So you, but then there's a third one down there that they left and it's not a great freezer, but I just have it. It's just propelled, it's full of furs and stuff like that. Yeah, that's cool. So to do, I think I've seen Larson do the, like the entire Beaver rep Propel on the stretch. How? How much work is that?

It's quite a bit. You got, obviously, are they. [00:07:00] Yeah. But if you skin 'em you'll, a lot of that fat will stay on the beaver itself when you skin it. But after you skin it, you have to flesh it. Yeah. And that's a whole process. And then stretch it. If you're gonna do the whole thing yourself, you gotta tan it.

Yeah. You condition the fur and everything. It's a lot of work. Yeah. And I'm very busy. I've got two deer hides in my freezer and I really want to try doing one by myself. I've read about it, but then I talked to my taxidermist and he, I'd read about doing it, the pressure washer and he is yeah, it's awesome.

Except you're gonna get mice everywhere. Cuz once you spray off all that meat they come flocking in for it and he's that's why I don't do it. Yeah. So I was like, okay, maybe that's a problem worth dealing with. I don't know. Yeah. Or maybe I'll take, I take my pressure washer out to a public park.

Go to the local K it all Yeah. Run to your neighbor's house. Yeah. Gonna be over at the Parklands. Kids are gonna be playing. It's what's he doing, daddy? How long until the police get called of like bloody flesh flying all over the place. You might be able to get one done. Yeah. . Hey, did you ever I mean I'm sure you have the bare [00:08:00] fat, did you render it down?

Not yet. Oh, you just froze it. It still just froze and I need to render it because I'm starting to run low on my bears. Yeah. I was realize the other day I'm running low on the jar you gave me like, I wonder if Derek ever rendered all that fat. No, it's. Soon on my agenda of things to do.

Yeah. Because I need to make some room in a freezer anyways, so yeah. I've got a bear roast pulled out. I don't think I've made a bear the roast yet. We've been doing the grind a little bit. . And I've been trying to work through some of the venison that I need to clear out. , I did those ribs.

The ribs take up a ton of space. I've got one more. I've got a rack from my 2020 deer that I found that I've forgotten about. That's the problem with the deep freeze is once it makes its way to the bottom, you're like, it's gone for him when it's deep . Yeah. So I don't know if those are still gonna be good.

They're double wrapped, but I'm hopeful cuz the man. The in fact, you've never made 'em. If you want to try that recipe, I'll give you that rack of ribs. Give me the 2020 ribs. Yeah, but I think they're, I think they're good. They should be, but I eat stuff that's been in the freezer for quite a while.

I do too. Everyone turns their nose up at three years. I've, I think I've gone back three or four years. Even if it's frozen. . I don't buy that whole [00:09:00] six month thing. I think it's garbage. I think that's, company's telling you that so that they sell more meat? Yeah, I'd agree with that.

Big meat. Big meat. Seriously, dude. And big pharma, big Meat. And Derek knows, if it's a little brown on the outside, you can usually shave that off and it's gold right under it. . So that's what I've done in the past. If you get a spot, you just trim that off and go, yeah. That, or I mean like Daniel Pruitt especially, he is got tons of recipes for stuff that's like.

Been in the freezer for a while. That's why I think that Korean barbecue. Cuz it's gonna par boil in a pot for three hours. Like it's gonna cook down anyways. I think it'd be okay. That's a good one. I've done several like curry type dishes with stuff. Yeah. That has been in the freezer for a while.

Yeah. You never know the difference. Yeah. . But yeah, I'm gonna eat the beaver. Congrats on your your beaver. Who gave us the beaver. We had that one time. Larson. Larson. Larson. Yeah. That was good man. It was good. I over seasoned or did he cook? I cooked it down. I think I made a barbecue with it and it was a little strong.

I think I overcompensated on it. I think it's got such a robust tasted you don't really need to do that. Yeah. That woody flavor was. Very legit. Yeah. What I've learned with Beaver, it's just like a really mild flavor. It tastes like beef. It takes flavors [00:10:00] real well. So if you season it, it's gonna take on that flavor.

Over the weekend, we made a beaver and vegetable soup. Oh, dude, I bet I got some leftovers still. I think it'd be good. Cooking it down as a traditional roast with potatoes and onions. I know some people kinda make fun of doing it that way cause it's so easy, but and you're not being very creative, but it's good.

So what? But that nutty taste of it would be really good. One of the favorite things I've ever made with Beaver and honestly could do this, any game meat was like a tachos, like a loaded like fry tot thing or whatever with pulled beaver meat and cheese, sour cream. Yeah. I do that with tachos, like tater tots nachos.

Yep. That's basically what I did. I haven't done it with tater tots red bar, but we'll do this. I got it from there. Did you? I've had idea. Have idea. That's hilarious. I've had that. The Porky tachos pork that but with pulled beaver meat. That's funny, man. That's great. Yeah. That's how I ended up making pimento cheeseburgers all the time.

Cause up, put a world of beer. They've got the best pimento . And I'm like, wait, I gotta start making these at home to save. $40. Cause that's about what I spend when we go up there. , I was out 30 something with you on Friday, Derek. Yep. It's those fancy beers with[00:11:00] the rocking in the top

Yeah. Dude, they got this stuff they spray on top of the head now. Whoa. And it's like, like, it's, you took a picture, like I got a couple pictures like the latte art, the beer. But it's not like they did it. They're just hitting it with some kind of thing That spray, it's like a stencil. It's, it enjoy your beer, breast beard.

Yeah. So that was funny. Wow. That's actually really cool. Derek, I, oh, I've never seen, I said I wasn't gonna tell this story, but I'm going to, I ran into a little bit of a trap this weekend too. Uhoh. Oh, like a great segue. Yeah. I so was coming back by the office and a lot of times if I don't wanna deal with traffic, I'll come up this road where the office is.

I'm my way home. .. And it's a nice little shortcut. I'm coming down through here and you guys know, and it probably, anybody listens to the podcast, knows our trailer's been broken into a ton to the point to where we just stopped. Like it's unlocked. If you guys wanna show up at our office and go look at, see what's out there, we're tired.

Nothing in It's like new locks. Yeah new locks or they cut the freaking door handle off one time. .. And so we're very sensitive to this and we're not stupid. We're not leaving any valuables out there. Even moving blankets have been stolen. . So it's just literally, if you want to steal the whole entire go [00:12:00] wild trade show booth, it's out there.

That's about it though. And so if you move it, you can have it . Yeah. I don't trust us. I ain't fun. I don't even care to tell our audience this cuz I don't think anybody would do this. But I think it also, it. , we're literally telling you there's nothing out there that you want. So I was driving by and this truck was sitting out front loaded with stuff, and I could see that it was. Either they're moving houses or they've just been going around picking up random stuff like there's a bike, kids bikes, a kid's bike thrown in the back and I pull up and I didn't see, I was looking at the truck and I didn't see, I saw this later on the video.

There was a dude in the trailer when I pulled up. . So he sneaks out and comes around and he starts asking me all these crazy questions. y'all sell organic. Goes into some, start asking him about Big Swim Bates or something. He got into that after he was just going wherever I wanted to go is what I realized later.

He was just trying to get outta the situation, but he's do you sell organic? He said, wood, I thought at first. And I said, what? And like he's like organic and he says it again and he's very, redneck. . And I mean to the point like I speak [00:13:00] redneck and I was struggling to understand a little bit of what he was saying.

Yeah. And you've been removed from it for I am one of those. Oh, but dude, I can speak I can go home and talk to Appalachian people. You down there from that down in there, holler. I can definitely handle a little southern Louisville as Jake and I were joking about Southern Louisville. The.

I'm talking to this guy and then he pivot. I said, no, man, we sell fishing gear. Cuz I thought he had been at the window. . See I'm still like semina at this point, but I also stopped cause I knew what's up. But then he starts talking about fishing and stuff and we go back. I'm like, yeah, we only sell online.

Like blah, blah, blah. And then he gets in the truck and I go in the office mostly just To stay without just being awkward. , because I a was not planning on stopping anywhere. I didn't have any weapon of any type on me. So I've stopped on two guys here with nothing, like absolutely nothing. So I go in the office and as soon as I walk around the trailer, it's open.

And I'm like curse words, right? I realize what I've done. I pull up the app on for the security camera and he was in the trailer. I can see him. And we've since listened to what he was saying as he was in there. And so I drove around trying to find him to get a license [00:14:00] plate. He was stupid enough to name his buddy.

So now I know his first name and I know his buddy said his name. I'm just picturing Ricky and Julian from Trailer Park Boys. Virtually my name's Corey, Trevor . If they, this is what's funny is they wouldn't know this, but we've got them on audio saying their names before we even I, before I even pulled in.

Yeah. So they were so stupid. They used their real names when I pulled in too. Yeah. So that was my excitement for the weekend that in Pinewood Derby. Which we, we did not win. You didn't win, but you got a design. It's still different than award, right? No. We were the third and I told my son that I was looking at the list and he did, but there were several other people and I'm like he was, Very sad.

We agreed. We were not trying to compete on speed. We're like, we're going all in on a car that'll look cool. And it's gonna stand out. And it did, dude. It was, it looked cool. It was inches taller, which I, somebody said something like, I don't think that's allowed. And I was like, it's not in the rules, but the rules that come with the car are different than the full rules.

Which I'm stupid. That is weird. Like, why would you, like I just [00:15:00] went off what was in the box. . So later I found out we, it's like technically you're only supposed to use what's in the box. . Cut the card down, but nobody does that. Put a left kit on it. We'll do well. Yeah, you can't do that.

That's in the rules. But then like people are putting Legos on it, people are putting all this other stuff. So I'm like, ah, we didn't break the rules no more than anybody else. Even weights, I'm like the people use pennies for weights and I'm like, technically per the rules, that wouldn't be allowed.

But they allow it. It's just weird. I mean it's more of one of those is your intent to cheat? And obviously our intent was not to cheat cuz we put all this weight on top. Yeah. It's like in the stupidest design, if you ever try to win, this thing goes on the track. And if. Flips. When we tested it though, we had shaved off a full half second from last year's car.

So I'm like, all right man. Like we're gonna, we're gonna be doing okay. We were in the trial runs, a lot of people bring their old cars , and we were finishing second and third against the old cars, which usually people bring their cars That did well, and the guy that sets up is really good.

So I'm like, We might have a shot, at least being high up in our, I knew we would not win this thing. The cars that win are like under three seconds and we were getting it like three, two. . Oh man. We were last every time so bad for him, dude. He's I could see, he's , we're gonna outsource the [00:16:00] building of this next year. Yeah. No, he was cool. He really he loved, we did the car was the great white pine shark. And so we did a full-blown. As close as we could possibly get to what a great white shark looks like. And he loved it. It was fun, but it's a pretty cool looking car.

Yeah, he did look dope. There's more, to me, there's like more lessons in learning how to lose than, it would've been cool to win. That was our goal. I would've loved that for him. But also realizing that, hey, that's life and that what I like about that event is yeah, they give out a, they give out participation awards, but it's not like everybody was a winner.

There is a full blown ceremony. There's a third, second and first, and then everybody else just gets this thing when they get their car back. . And I'm like, that is very what we need. It's not like T-Ball. We're literally, everybody gets a trophy that looks like an award. This was a patch.

. And it's There you go. And it doesn't even say participation on it. It's just got the year and it says Pinewood Derby on it. It's like that is more of what kids need these days. To be, not to be told everybody's special. , so I don't know if you guys have seen this or not, you may have in the baseball world, but My cousin's son does a lot of travel baseball and stuff.

[00:17:00] I know exactly what you're gonna say. They give them championship rings that are like full on it's NCAA size championship for actually winning those least well. They play like 20 tournaments a year and some of 'em aren't very good. And so they like, they'll come out with these like huge, They're gonna get an actual championship ring one day and be like, this is a little, I never got a ring.

Put it in my car. And that was sacred. Like the ring is like a big deal. Yeah. And like you're always chasing the ring and now all these kids have these, it's gigantic. I've seen it too. What are you guys doing? Tom Green and Tom Green. In 2012, his team from Indiana went the Sweet 16 Kentucky beat 'em and we stomped them.

I just want to add that in there that we had. Braden's. True. We were in the hundreds. We beat 'em by 16 points and they were a phenomenal team and they had actually beat us. They were one of the only two teams that beat us that year. They I'll never forget the three day depression that came after the Lost Indiana when they stormed the court.

Yeah. Zach still talks about [00:18:00] that show that's cuz that's all they have to live Christian Wofford. Yeah. Yeah. And The, our whole team gets trampled. I remember going to the mall after that, cause people still went to malls and my wife went and I'm like, moping around.

I ate one of the American cookies or American cookie. I need a, I'm like real sad. There's a picture of, there's a picture of me sad somewhere in the mall looking at UK gear, eating a cookie like by myself. There's no one around that Pablo Escobar means but they ended up not even, they made it to the Sweet 16 and got rings.

I'm like, come on man. What are we teaching people? So that was my weekend though. I'll support that. Them going back to the Pinewood Derby shark or whatever. Sharks live in water and I think Jacob maybe spend some time around some water. Dude, the segues to, we didn't even make a point to work on this, but we empire we joined sports with Empire and it's just like all of a sudden we are osmosis.

The most professional podcast you could listen to, just picking it up. Just all, we didn't even, what's funny is we didn't, this wasn't set up. We didn't even know if Derek was gonna be here until five minutes before yeah. anyways. You fished I did Fish. . . Great [00:19:00] segue. Great segue. And then we talked about it.

Yeah. We overplayed it in the future. We overplayed our hand. Okay. We're not used to this. We're not used to being cool. Yeah. So I went to Otter Creek Friday and Speaking of beaver. Oh yeah. So they had, there's a, there's beaver down there. , beaver, and Otter of course. Obviously. And so the beavers around the area must have been busy this winter.

We had gotten a bunch of rain at some point this last couple months, and the trail to get down the creek or like right from the parking lot was an absolute disaster. And a lot of it's like beaver cut down stuff that just got like a dam or something got washed down and covered the trail.

they have not done anything to clean it out. And this was not done yesterday. This has been there for a couple weeks at least. So I was disappointed that they haven't been taking better care of it down there. Water was a little stained, only caught one trout the whole time. I fished for six hours.

And I know that like really ate at you. Probably It did, but man, it was fun to get out. Yeah. I needed just a day to get out and it was quiet. There was nobody [00:20:00] else out there. It was great. And then yesterday my dad had talked to my uncle and the smallmouth are biting in beep in, Louisville area,

And so we were gonna go down there and try to catch some smallmouth. It was still up in muddy in that river, and so we, we bypassed it and went over to Floyd's Fort to try to, The water looked great, so we wanted to go fish there. Had one small mouth bite, which got me very excited. He jumped off in the middle of the creek as I was trying to reel 'em in, but then we were able to catch a couple rainbows and if you know me, If I get one fish to bite, I'm instantly ready for the next hit.

I need that. So that's all I can think about. , I think that's anybody. So it's once you get one, it's even if you're about to leave. Yeah. And so I'm immediately like on the way home thinking about talking to dad. Like, all right, so we gonna try and get out to this other river next weekend.

Like, how are we gonna do this? And so yeah, I it's here. I got permission on that pond. To this weekend. So do you [00:21:00] know I'm gonna take my scouts out there? And then we were talk, he's yeah man, I don't care. Just let me know and whenever you're gonna go. So sweet. Yeah. So I got a private pond.

That's where I caught that big three pounder. Nice. Last fall. That's where I'm trapping these beavers. I'm gonna. Try that angle here in a little bit. Yeah. See if I can't fish out there. Nice. Talk about that rocky bottom Start thinking about crawfish. It's a big pond too, so I really wanted to get out and hang in my camera this weekend, but I just, I had a lot of stuff going on.

Made a lot of dinners, had all the. Pinewood stuff going on and I haven't gotten back out yet. , but I'm thinking of I'm probably gonna end up adding another tact cam to my lineup and hitting that pond We're gonna fish at, I know where you can buy one. Yeah. The other day I popped in here.

Time or if you work here, you just pop in and pay for it and then take it with you. Yeah. Which is what I did last weekend and didn't have a card, but I've got all my stuff. I'm gonna hop out this week and throw that camera up, but I think I'm gonna put one over at this private pond. and cuz that's the one I was telling you guys is good for saddle hunting.

Like the, in the back part of it. . just, I need to see, I need to go out there and [00:22:00] scout and see where they're coming through again. Cause I did it before and it's right next to a big park and preserve. So I think it's gonna be good. But I've gotta get, I gotta figure out where they're coming through.

. And hopefully there's no poachers running me off this time. Yeah. It's a different spot. Yeah. We'll see, I was out fishing yesterday and you didn't segue. . Yep. Don't have one. . got nothing for you. Bounce it around for a second. There's nothing there. I was trying to use these. New t rd tickler things that we got.

These tur man tur, tickler tur, tickler. I was trying to say tur tickler, but here we are and I ha I got a few bites, but I wasn't getting anything. They're like that bluegill color, like the, like blueish gray, green kind of, and never really caught anything. Just got bites. But walking around the pond, I found like a chewed up.

There's a bunch of geese around there. I found a chewed up crawl that was. Oh, it was red because they were blue in the creek yesterday. [00:23:00] Yesterday they were, oh, over where we were. But that could have a difference in water temperature. Ponds probably warmer than the creek was. Different substances.

That was my question. One was low. It was big dude. Like it was big. And and start chucking those red crawls and so it's time you think, oh yeah, that's real. Okay. I was like, I didn't know if that was like just super old or what was going on, but yeah, because I was throw. I thought the creek would've been to the point where I could start throwing my green and orange ones that I always do.

Uhhuh , and so I was uhhuh , and then I kicked a rock and this blue crawfish shot out. I was like, son, I don't have any blue. I was thinking, that's the color they'd be. I was thinking they'd be that blue color still that pond's just probably warmer. . , you guys bringing that up? Winding down the podcast here.

Do I think we mentioned this before, but it's up now. We're selling fishing and gear, right? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. This is the first wave of meaningful update that we've done in fishing gear in a long time. Yeah. And there's an even. More monster wave coming. Yeah. We got the tsunami of fishing gear coming.

Yeah. This is a Get me over. Yeah, this is, but this is we got a lot of stuff now. Can one [00:24:00] of you all talk just real quick about what we have and maybe species relevant too for people that aren't as into it as the three of you. Yeah. So we really focused on large mouth, small mouth tackle.

In lures and baits in the beginning. And so that's what you're gonna see a lot of. There's a lot. We were able to get a lot of power bait. We've got a bunch of the Berkeley, fritz sides, which are some great crank baits, both five and seven foot death. We've got some Rapala Rap Goodness, your pick, crank Bates there, some DT six s, DT eights.

And then we also have some of what I really enjoyed picking out was some robo worm. , NED type soft plastics, great colors. They catch the fishermen, so hopefully they catch bass . And, we've got most of, I would say, the terminal tackle to fish, the soft plexus that we got. So there's some creature baits, some stick baits, kind of everything.

If you're new getting into fishing, it's a great selection to load your tackle box and be able to go out and catch some stuff. If you've been fishing for a while, we've got the staples that you [00:25:00] seem to always be buying. Yeah. And so we, we really honed in on that. And so that stuff is there now and live and, like it was alluded to, we're gonna be getting some more line selection, more rod reel selection and a massive amount of base multi-species.

Yes. We added some rods and reels as well. We got the vaccine came in, and then we also added What were the reels that you picked out? We've got some Shao Carras, some Sahara's, Siennas. What was the one I got a, it was that Shao. It's Shao, but it was like a, F something. I don't know. It's the Sienna.

Okay. It's the Sienna. Gotcha. I think it's Sienna. I'm drawing a blank on which one it was. I thought it was like freshwater in Sedona. Sienna, Sahara. It was a Sedona, my bad. Sedona. Yep. And then the, we got some Abu Garcias, we got some REOs, we got some the Zas or Zas, which are pretty sweet. They're like an olive green fake casting reel.

We've got a little bit of, mid-tier high, higher. , high price [00:26:00] point really nice reels. And so you'll start seeing some more of that stuff come in and what we're doing, for you all listening, we are gonna watch and see what people are buying and that's gonna help us dictate like where we go next.

Yeah. And so you can reach out to me if there's something you really want to see. I can make a mental note in that as we get ready to reorder and those kind of things. The community's gonna dictate. Yeah. We're finally able to props the guy sitting at the table for getting this through.

And Dan, who isn't with us today, but has been a big part of getting all this stuff in. He's alive. He's just not here. . Good point. . Oh, we've got some missile stuff that we're gonna be loading soon. Oh yeah. That came in last week. We got some good stuff. Nice. That's my personal favorite. Nice. We had a long fall and winter of trying to get all the hunting stuff updated and, hunting season.

For Go Wild is not just deer and it's, we were trying to prepare for all the win, dog stuff. We've added a ton of hounds Man stuff because the Homan community is crushing it and go wild. And, a lot of that's from working with the Homan XP guys. And then the the next thing that [00:27:00] we, Jacob's been working on directly with this brand that is gonna be coming in soon has been the fishing stuff.

And then I will say we're going. I think you'll see another round of archery stuff coming in. I know we're working on a adding or we're talking to a lot of brands now, but that'll be the focus. And then as we get into summer the mobile hunting scene, like we are going to have, I still think we probably already have the best offering for mobile hunting online.

Of any brands, but we're adding at least one other brand this year that's gonna be really hot. It's okay. And people are gonna be, it's a good one. People are gonna be real pumped about it. And so we'll have anything you need to get into mobile hunting. And when I say mobile hunting, we're if you're not familiar, it's saddle hunting.

And then the platforms, whatever your version of that is, we're gonna have everything you need. Yeah. And there's more camo apparel coming. Yeah. Which is one, another staple that we've lacking. We are gonna have a huge selection soon. Yeah. Yep. That one's tough. I appreciate everybody's patience.

Quite frankly, a lot of this has just been harder than we realized it was gonna be throughout the year. And we've moved slower than we wanted, but it's here and we so appreciate the [00:28:00] support. That is how we are leaning on Making the app possible and monetizing. It's gotta, it's a business.

It's gotta make money and those, the shop is very valuable. So I hope you guys are logging time. All these podcasts you log and everything, you should be unlocking new rewards. Eric and I went through recently and added a lot of potential rewards. So you definitely wanna keep posting and sharing cuz that's how you're gonna unlock those new rewards We have a lot of them.

It's not just gonna be like go out swag. There's some really good rewards coming into the system including like a smoking deal on bad lands. Derek mentioned that we also have a bunch of Turkey gear. We've added . So we are like lock stocked and ready to roll on Turkey season seasons right around the corner.

It is. I'm so pumped. Vests. Decoys. Calls. Boots. Yeah. We're loaded up. We got all the Turkey stuff. . Hooters. Hooters. Yep. Woohoohoo. The name of this episode has to be Hooters and Beavers. . Oh my gosh. He's joking. Chris. I know. Nope, that's it. Nope. So the last thing we wanna call out is, as we are such professionals now and this phenomenal podcast that [00:29:00] never has any flaws in it.

We do want to make sure you guys are helping us out. The one area where we've really neglected is getting reviews and that really helps us grow, helps us be a good partner to Sportsman's Empire. Helps get the word out about Go Wild. So the two places I believe that we really care about, there's other ones.

So if you listen to something else, that's great. But the two areas where it really helps the The the Silicon Valley algorithms do their thing is Apple Podcast and Spotify. So if you can go in and leave reviews on those, that is super helpful. Apple Podcast and Spotify are very important to helping us reach other people.

Some of you all started to do this and we are already starting to see ourselves pop up on charts that we've never been on before, cuz we never really cared. The show was always about connecting with members and it still is all that. It's just that, we want to, part of partnering with Dan is trying to get the word out about his network and our show as well.

So if you guys could help that's our one ask of you today. Besides buy all the things. , we're not asking much. I'm not asking much, just you to spend all your money with us. And then please leave her a free review, . [00:30:00] Yeah, that's it. So when you go onto the Go Wild App, you can hit the plus sign and log time.

That's how you earn those points. Hit log time, outdoor podcast, uncensored right up top cuz we're egotistical. So go ahead and tap this show that you're listening to, which I do hope ends up being called beavers and Hooters. Beavers and Hooters. So you can find the show there. Log that you got.

Braden Ware, Derek Tolls, Jacob Knight and Brad Luttrell here. Thank you all. See you. See.