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In this episode of Shiny Objects, Frank talks briefly about an injury that has sidelined him from enjoying his passion for archery and bowhunting. His Shiny Object is a tool that is fairly new to the hunting community, and has given him the mobility he needs to at it. Ricky is excited to be over the hump of the archery busy season, finding time to organize his man cave and finally climb a tree.  

Shiny Objects is all about our current obsession. The Shiny Object could be a piece of gear, an upcoming adventure, a good book, or simply finding better ways to get through everyday life. The sky is the limit when it comes to an individuals current Shiny Object, and we never know where the conversation will take us.

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the range folks. My name is Ricky Bruley and this is our segment of shiny objects. Welcome to the range podcast. I'm Ricky Bruley. And with me is Jake Hollywood Iverson. Join us at the archery range, where we'll tell stories from the hunt, discuss technical bullshitting tactics and gear.

And pick the brains of some of the most successful people to ever shoot a bow. Whether you're about to shoot that X for the win or send an arrow at a trophy buck. This podcast is for you.

The Range podcast is brought to you by Vapor Trail Archery. Makers of the best bow strings money can buy originators of limb driven arrow rest technology and innovators of stokerized stabilizer systems. I am here with Mr. Frank Welsh. He is a Vapor Trail and Stokerize Pro Staffer and also a very accomplished hunter and many other accomplished with many other things as well.[00:01:00]

But we're going to talk about our current shiny object. This segment is essentially anything that has got you. Obsessed right now or hyper focused that it can be a new bow. It can be a new piece of gear. It can be a trip that you have coming up a book, a song, whatever. So Mr. Frank Welsh, what is your shiny object?

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I've I've, Had an accident and my mobility is a little bit on the mend. So with that stuff in my life right now, I did get a two e bikes pros Jeremy, and they actually hooked me up and I got a Rambo bike. So like e bikes, so it's been really cool.

Learning the technology. And then also, cause there's components to the bike, what would work, what wouldn't work. And I've got, I've been making some modifications cause now I have to have a cane. So I've got a cane carrier on it and I've got my backpack and stuff that fits on that.

And there's also a cart that I've got with it. When you get an animal down, or if you need to transport lines or stands or anything. So I've just been geeking out and learning that and it's amazing how that technology is growing and changing ever faster. It had a slow start, [00:04:00] advent of the technology, but now it's, there's a lot more companies and there's just a lot more happening with that.

So learning that stuff and I'm a geek, so there's lots of input to be able to give some insight to some things I have with carrier and stuff. I actually had a carrier that malfunction bike actually came off the carrier and skidded down the road. So I, that, that happened when I was.

In between my surgeries and I could go last, was it last year? Yeah, it was last year. And then I could go. Yeah, so that was a bummer. Yeah, no e bikes electric just for mobilities. And there's some great solutions out there for anybody who's having a hard time getting around these days.

I would definitely say, go out there and take a look. Yeah. That's amazing. I don't know if I, I feel like maybe I've mentioned this before, but so the big, my big white tail that I shot, I remember if it was that year or the following year, now that I. Think about it. But so I had entered it into the [00:05:00] Minnesota deer and Turkey classic, and they had a special drawing for anybody that left their deer head there for the entire three day show.

And I don't think a lot of people knew about that. They were just bringing them in, getting them scored and then taking them with. So there was only about a hundred people. In that contest and that they were giving away a Rambo bike. That was the big prize. And so the day they were going to announce it, I worked my way down there.

And I'm standing there with Deb Lisinski and Tom cat. So Tomcat's the announcer and so they're giving away all these prizes and stuff and they're calling all these names and people are getting calls and getting all these little things, and I'm just like, man, they haven't called me yet.

This is crazy. And all right, time for the Rambo bike. And Tomcat looks at the thing and he goes I know this guy, Ricky Brooley, you're the winner of the Rambo bike. So just a super surreal moment. I'm like, no [00:06:00] way. So yeah, it was super cool. They took pictures and stuff and they were in the outdoor news and and so the bike It was really I really, it was a lot of fun when, when I had first got it, but it was one of the first runs and like you said, they've come a long way.

So that particular one that I had the battery was almost already shot. And so after one season of using it. I had, I would have had to buy a new battery and I think they were four or 500 bucks for a new battery. And so then I was like, and it was really heavy. It was like 60 pounds and I just I just wanted something lighter.

So I ended up selling it to a gentleman who was going to be doing some hunting out West. And, he wanted to use it for getting around out there. And so I ended up selling it to somebody and then I ended up buying. Just a standard mountain bike with it. But now I've seen, just the the technology has improved since then.

And, that we're talking five, six years ago now when this all [00:07:00] went down. So a lot has changed in that time. And I've heard they've gotten lighter and the batteries go longer and they can go faster and a lot more options that you can choose from too. I was looking at getting the trailer at that time, but again by the time before I even got the trailer, I was having some issues, but yeah, that bike was really cool.

I've got a ton of friends and buddies that use them and probably looking to get one in the future. Yeah. And the thing is, it's just the technology seems like mine's a thousand Watts, so it's a dual drive front and rear. So it's got a little. To it. And now they even have a 2000 watt one. So you really can get up and down some Hills.

And again, St. Croix falls e bike pros, give them a look, Katie or Jeremy Appel. Tell them I sent you, but at least you could, there's something local there in Minnesota that sent them, that's like central Minnesota on the East side, but. They'll let you test drive the bikes and explain everything in great detail.

And again, reach out. I can tell you what I know. And it'll [00:08:00] lead you astray. Just let you know what I know, but it's been handy for me. Like getting to and from the vine when I was able to go last year. So slick and you just ditched the boat, and it's silent the deer, if there's deer out in the field, they're just looking at you a little weird.

Cause they're expecting a motor. Yeah. So you just. Zip right by them and they're just none the wiser. And of course then you're leaving all that scent down too. Cause if you spray your wheels and whatnot with some scent killing, it's rubber, so you're really good to go. Yeah, no, that's awesome. Yeah.

And I guess as far as my shiny object goes right now, I guess I'm just I'm excited to be over the hump of the busy season. We're coming down the backside of the hill now and. Art season from the summer Susan's last art shows is coming up this weekend by the time this airs. It'll be the weekend previous, but so again now we've got some of our weekends back, we can spend some time with family and I'm grinding [00:09:00] really hard to get for as long as I've been in my house.

I've never really had my garage situated the way I want it. And so I do some woodworking and stuff. And it's just been, I'm constantly like moving things back, it's like moving a pile of rocks from one side of the room to the other constantly and so getting that organized, getting rid of stuff that I don't need.

So pretty excited about that and yeah, just upcoming hunting season. I haven't been in a tree yet, so I'm excited to, to climb into a tree and should be just in time for the weather to be in our favor and also for, the phase of the rut to start to materialize and take advantage of that a little bit.

And I've got a, I've got a new blade that I'm really excited to test out. If it doesn't matter, whatever deer walks by me, he's going to get it. So I saw that. That's a beautiful piece of that's a beautiful knife. Yeah. The artwork is what it is. Yeah, for sure. So yeah, that's my shiny object, man.

So that's pretty cool. Awesome. Good luck this fall. Make sure [00:10:00] that your let us know on social media of what you're doing. Oh, you'll know. I'm sure you'll know if I'm not too busy making sure the other six pages that I manage if I can try to get some of my own personal stuff out there, but yeah, that brings us to the end of this episode. Huge thanks, Frank. I really appreciate all your time and, look forward to having you on again. We've got some more some more stuff we want to talk about. So don't be a stranger. Thank you. And I'm just happy to be a part of the team. I always have been.

It's nothing that I take lightly. So yeah. Thank you for really giving me the opportunity to just to have a voice. Certainly, man. Certainly. We appreciate you for sure. And so yeah if you want to find us the range podcast, you can find us on Instagram and on Facebook. You can find me on Instagram at Ricky.

Wayne80 and on Facebook at Ricky W. Bruley. And don't forget to head over to the Vapor Trail YouTube channel. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up. Make [00:11:00] sure you subscribe and also hit that bell so you can be up to date on all things archery. And with that, we are going to pack up our bows and we're hitting the range.

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