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Shiny Objects is all about our current obsession. The Shiny Object could be a piece of gear, an upcoming adventure, or simply finding better ways to get through everyday life. The sky is the limit when it comes to an individuals current Shiny Object, and we never know where the conversation will take us. 

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For more information, visit interstate Interstate batteries outrageously dependable. While I was out at the Arch Total Archery Challenge, I recorded a podcast with my buddy Rick Hanssen. A topic came up about going live on social media, and I threw in a funny little tidbit from a past canoeing trip that I went on with a buddy of mine.

And to be ho to be honest it's several years old now. It's probably five years old, but it's a young Rick. Yeah, I'm I'm a bit embarrassed by it just because there's, there's some cursing and M maybe had too many beers in the 90 degree heat. I don't know. I guess I've, I just figure it's finally time to bring it out and, how's the saying go if you can't laugh at yourself?

You [00:01:00] can't laugh at anybody else. Gosh, your mistakes. Welcome to the Range podcast. I'm Ricky Bruley, and with me is Jake Hollywood Iversson. Join us at the Archery Range where we'll tell stories from the hunt, discuss technical bow shooting tactics and gear, and pick the brains of some of the most successful people to ever shoot a bow, whether you're about to shoot that X for the win, or send an arrow at a trophy B.

This podcast is for you.

The Range Podcast is brought to you by Vapor Trail Archery makers of the best BOL Strings money can buy. Originators of limb driven arrow rest technology and innovators of Stoker eyes Stabilizer systems. Welcome to the Range everybody. My name is Ricky Bruley and I'm back here in the Range Studio with Hollywood.

How's it going, bud? Great. Welcome back. We're not outdoors, but this works. You got air conditioned on a nice steamy day, right? Oh my gosh. It's been [00:02:00] like, Almost a hundred degrees out every day. Yeah. 90% humidity. Yeah. That's ridiculous. Ugh. Crazy. Yeah. So I, you had the luxury of staying back here while I was gone at Terry Peak I missed out on shooting, but how warm was it? Was it pretty warm out that it was amazing? Every day low seventies, no rain man. It was a bit windy but you shoot early, so the sun's not really beating India. Yeah. We get done shooting by 10 or nice. We could do it a lot faster than that, but we just take our time going down, we let people come through and everything.

We take pictures and do all stuff. Why rush when you gotta vacation, essentially to sit and shoot your boat? Exactly. No point. Exactly. Yeah. It was a, it was awesome. It was a blast. We I was shooting with Rick Hanson. Jesse and Ashley Kurtenbach. Who else? Sam olt. Yeah, Matt Moran. Matt Moran came out with me, so that was pretty cool.

I've never really had much of a chance to really sit down with him and get to know him, so it was like, he was probably getting annoyed with me 'cause I was talking the whole time, just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Picking his brain. We drove [00:03:00] overnight so I had to do something to try to stay awake, but Right.

He did get to get a little bit of sleep. And then we had a new shooter to the game. And her name is Melissa and adult Onset Hunter started last year. Oh. And she's prepping for a trip up to the Brooks Range coming up this year in Alaska. I thought so. Nice. So she's got a big. Hunt coming up.

It was really cool. It was a lot of fun to get to know her. She asked a lot of questions, about like technical stuff and she was shooting a Q A D and hopefully, fingers crossed, gonna switch to a limb driver. 'cause she saw we were all shooting. Every one of us in our group were shooting limb drivers.

Yeah. And stoke her eyes and can't have that q a D fail on you. Yeah, it went pretty good. And then you got, y'all have probably noticed, we've done a little, I don't know if you'd call this an upgrade, but we went to the headsets so we can be a little bit more, I can throw animated arms like I did.

Yeah. Yeah. It's great. Move around, around a little bit's. Josh started that whole thing because he was so animated and moving around and I was like, man I wanna be able to do that. 'cause I feel like I gotta, [00:04:00] I feel like I, I'm the ventriloquist puppet over here. I can't move and I gotta keep my mouth right on the mic and right.

And we also unplanned matched shirts. Oh, I totally forgot about that. This is the second time now. We've been twinning when we come in. Yeah, just walk in and just, oh, hello. I guess we're doing this. Hey, it works, man. I'll take it. That was funny though, when you came in and I thought about it this morning when I, yeah.

Put my shirt on. I was like, I haven't worn a AOK Eyes shirt on the podcast yet. So I did one of those Still Eyes Black rifle. Stoke rest. Thank you for that. That's awesome. So this is our little segment we like to call shiny objects, where we talk about what is currently grabbing our attention.

So what is that shiny object in our lives at this moment? It could be a new piece of gear, a good new read, a song, an upcoming hunting trip, or even just a feeling, believe it or not, us men we have feelings and we can talk about 'em if we want right [00:05:00] here and there. We have feelings aside from just straight anger and frustration and I being irate.

Especially during the busy season, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. It's been, it's, we're getting into the swing of it and, oh man. Yeah. The fun has begun. Everyone. Oof. Yeah. It's been awesome though. We're doing, the crew is doing really good. Yeah. Keeping up, just telling Ben. Yeah. So yeah, we're we're rocking.

And in case you've been outta the loop we're giving shiny objects its own episode so that we can provide you our amazing audience weekly content from the range and hey, We wanna hear from you too. So what's your current shiny object? Let us know. We'd love to share it with the range listeners.

And you can shoot me an email at or Hollywood. An email While I was out at the Arch Total Archery Challenge, I recorded a podcast with my buddy Rick Hanson. And if you missed that episode, be sure to go back and check it out. The episode ran pretty long, so the shiny object segment was short and [00:06:00] sweet, but.

A topic came up about going live on social media, and I threw in a funny little tidbit from a past canoeing trip that I went on with a buddy of mine. And to be honest it's several years old now. It's probably five years old, but it's a young Rick. Yeah, I'm I'm a bit embarrassed by it just because there's, there's some cursing and maybe had too many beers in the 90 degree heat.

But I don't know. I guess I've, I just figure it's finally time to bring it out and, how's the saying go if you can't laugh at yourself? You can't laugh at anybody else. Gosh, all your mistakes. Check out the shiny objects clip from last week's podcast, and then we'll come back to the studio and talk about Hollywood's current shiny object.

Woo. We'll be right back.

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Now we're in trouble. Oh boy. All they're back here. Come, here comes the wife too. She looks mad. I bet she does. Should we keep it going so that she can come in here? I know we're probably boring people now, but when there's, sometimes I go live on things and I don't tell Cindy I'm gonna go live on things.

And then I just start talking and she's in there and she doesn't know what to say. So if she walks in here and it'd be funny to say, Hey, Come on in. One time I was on a canoe trip with a buddy of mine and he doesn't like being on social media at all. He doesn't like, he doesn't [00:08:00] like taking pictures, none of that.

And I pulled out my camera and I was like, here we are. Facebook Live. And he. Started messing around and started flopping the boat around a little bit. And then he tipped us. No, and I had, I got it all on film. I got it all on camera because the camera was still going and I pulled my phone up out of the water and I just looked like a drowned round.

No, that's funny. And I'm like Lisa, I was recording. I might've had a few beers that day, but, so here we are Facebook Live. Right now. Whoa. What the s going on, bro? Dude,

for real.

At least I got it all on video. You may be familiar with the segment that we call [00:09:00] shiny objects. My, my current shiny object is actually, I wanna get this. I have a dream and I have this vision. I want to take D Rusty as far as I can right at the moment. Yeah. I want to do things.

Coming up that, like we've been talking about, that we'll put out hopefully, but I wanna see something successful like that. My shiny object is that and then my, that's about it for truly my passion right now. Yeah. Oh, hey, it's Jesse. It is Jesse. He's going Look at that.

Don't die rusty. He's got the don't die rusty shirt on. He does. Nicely done. Yeah. Nicely done. Yeah. But yeah, so to go back to what you were talking about with, it makes sense that don't, rusty is your shiny object. And so for me, like the big one and the short term thing that's going on, unfortunately I can't really talk about it.

Yeah. And you know what I'm talking about. I know what you're talking about. I would say as a whole, like [00:10:00] more long term and stuff like that. Just with Susan's art and the business just, it's just, it's taken off right now. It's blown up and it makes me super proud, getting a little choked up even thinking about it right now.

Yeah. But it's just so awesome. God is really just To talk about the valleys again, yeah. Going through. She's really been working hard, man. Yeah. Working hard and just going, am I wasting my time? Am I wasting my money? Is this all gonna be worth it? In the end, constantly questioning what's going on, what's going on, what's going on.

And I think a part of it too is just some of that. Where people see it and they like it, but they maybe don't say anything or comment. But anyway, so just, it's just awesome to see this going on, and now she got this accepted into this huge art fair that's going on this weekend, and she's just killing it out there.

And then now she just got accepted to another one that she really wanted to do in September. So it's just this is awesome. So this is [00:11:00] really where we're. I'm gonna just, we gotta bear down and focus and hammer this out. And that's what I gotta do too. And you know what we're talking about.

I need to get down and get busy at this, but this is what I'm really. Don't I, rusty, is really what I'm excited about. And and I really wanna get that going. And I have a couple of more adventures I'm looking at. I'm thinking about doing maybe seven peaks in 24 hours in South Dakota.

Who knows? There you go. But I, the other thing about you keep on bringing up your wife and I. If our wives got together and then Cindy started buying a lot more artwork, then I don't know if I'll be able to go hunting as much. So what are we gonna do there? We need to find out, yeah. I don't know.

We'll figure out we'll have to talk to her about a friend's discount maybe. Yeah. Just saying maybe we'll run the friends and family discount. It'll be. Don't die Rust. E 23, you'll be the promo coach. But I'm proud of Susan too. Yeah. Because I know you. Yeah. And I like her art and I don't [00:12:00] say that.

Should I? I should have picked that up and said, Cindy, we're in a podcast here. Hold on. She knows that we're talking about artwork now. Yeah. And getting together. Yeah. Yeah. But no, thank you for saying that. I'm sure she would appreciate, I really do like her artwork and, you know what I mean? And I know Cindy said that she wants to get some too.

She does. So that was, that's getting scary. 'cause I'm thinking about elk and I'm thinking about other hunts and I'm just kidding here. It's all good, man. Yeah, we don't and that's just it too. We have family that come and, they buy her art and Susan's no.

She doesn't want to take the money. Yeah. Take it and they, The family's always just, jamming it. But that's the thing too, is, in the beginning it was a lot of family buying and friends buying stuff and, you appreciate all those kinds of things. But when she goes to these shows and some of the impact that the art has on people is just amazing.

She just sold a piece I think it was today, and the gal She had just lost her boyfriend. He passed away and in this piece of art that Susan created and [00:13:00] then I made the frame for it. So we collaborated on it, and she saw her boyfriend in this painting, huh? That is amazing. And she's had to have it, yeah. And and again, it's just that amazes me. I can't imagine what is going through her head knowing that something she created can have such an, such a profound effect on a person's feeling. And that's where I was gonna ask, can you, I can't imagine being an artist and having somebody having such a.

View of your art that they see something and it touches them so much. Yeah. Crazy. That is just amazing. It's awesome. Yeah, it is. And I wish I had that talent for sure. Yeah, that was pretty funny. You guys are, you had a good time out there with Rick, it looks like. I've never met Rick Hanson, but I know of.

I see it all on social media is Don't Die Rusty things pretty cool. I'm all about that. I heard him in the one [00:14:00] part, in one part say it's not about lifting or anything. And then I'm like, am I that guy? Because I'm always at the gym carrying the boats. No, I don't think it's meant as a judgmental thing.

No, he's just saying there's so much of that out there and he doesn't, he wants to instead of there being all of the, it's just Hey, we just wanna focus on positivity, whatever it is that you wanna do. Yep, exactly. Whatever it is that, keeps you positive and moving. And like he says, just.

Be able to have a full life all the way through, which is, that's pretty awesome. Yeah. I've never met Rick, like I said, I just but it's cool what he is doing and trying to push that. So I don't know if he's planning on doing some campaigns thing with it and blowing it up or what, but that's pretty sweet.

And then, I don't know if you guys noticed, I noticed in the clip too Tack must have been pretty stressful. His hair is much shorter now. Yeah. Oh my hair. Yeah. Yeah, your hair is much shorter. I didn't realize you did have that much. On That was awesome. Yeah. It took off like four inches or something like that.

Yeah. Yeah. And then the whole canoe tip in over, my God, dude, I've been up there and I've been in the waves. I'm like, [00:15:00] Yeah, this is sketchy, but was it looks shallow enough. You're standing straight up. So Yeah, we're on the crow wing river, so it's super shallow the whole way.

Gotcha. And but it was a, it's a trip that me and my buddies used to take every year, and there was, I think, I don't know if it was the year before, a couple years before that me and my buddy were just. At each other's throats, yeah. We were just tired of each other.

I don't know what the deal was, but we were we had gotten into a little bit of an argument and then I don't remember what happened, but I ended up tipping the canoe. And so it was almost just like payback when he tipped it. Yep. You know what I mean? But he was li he wasn't trying to do it.

He was just goofing off, trying to get me to stop recording. 'cause he didn't, he's oh yeah, you're gonna record me. 'cause he asks me all the time, don't, I don't want to be on, the live I don't. Anytime I'm trying to take a selfie or something, he tries to dodge it. He's in the back of the canoe.

He can't go nowhere, but he, yeah, so he's just like, all right, you wanna play that game, dude, I'd be crapping my pants if that thing flipped over. I guess if it's shallow enough, I, it wouldn't be such a big worry. But [00:16:00] dude, like up in the boundary waters. 60 feet deep. Yeah. Deep. A hundred feet deep.

You don't mess around up there, man. No way. Yeah. You don't mess around up there. Not at all. And the other takeaway of that is just don't go live. Yeah. I've always I've never done a live thing and you did at Tack when you're shooting out there, but yeah, dude, I'm always just okay, who's gonna say something stupid in the background?

Or, what's gonna happen where I look like an absolute idiot. Yeah. Whatever. Like you said, if you're okay with. We all need to admit to our faults and there it is. Yeah and I talk about that in the podcast too, where it's just like I, I've started to just come to terms with things where it's just whatever it is what it is.

Yeah. You know what I mean? Have fun with it. And so I was like, let's do some live stuff. And it was so funny 'cause I got super nervous, you know what I mean? Before I did it. But it's just like after a couple times and then it's just dude, we're all human. Yeah. Yeah. We all make mistakes and.

We're not perfect, so something might happen. The biggest thing that upset me out there is I, so they've got this shot that's really it's the cliff shot. That's what Terry Peak is famous for. And so I did a live [00:17:00] of that and then us hiking down the hill, getting to the target.

So you can get a, like a picture of what that is all about. Yeah. Because you think South Dakota, you don't really think mountains, but it is very very much and I didn't after I recorded the live, I didn't save it and I didn't post it as like an actual post. Oh. So it didn't save the video.

So that whole thing is just gone. Was it just on the story then? Because I remember seeing it where you were like it was live down the rocks. Yeah, it was live. But you have to. Then when you're done, it gives you the option to post it as well. Oh, gotcha. I didn't do that. And the other ones I had done that with, so it was like the best one.

I didn't save it. And it's just, it's gone. There's nowhere. You can't, yeah. See South Dakota isn't that mountainous, yeah. So nobody will ever proof is gone. Nobody will ever know. I do have a video coming up over the crest and zooming in on the on the target, but that's pretty sweet. It's a, it's an awesome shoot and we gotta get, I think We gotta get you out there Yeah.

I've never been to any tech Next year. We're definitely gonna work something out where we can get out there. And then [00:18:00] you'll have a chance to meet Rick too, 'cause he's just awesome. I was gonna say, it'd be cool if he's here for the shiny objects, right? Yeah. Mean I'm just jumping in from the sidelines one of these days.

We'll hopefully get him in here. He needs to come out our way and yeah. Come visit us, but check it out. Yeah. So what is your what's your current shiny object right now? Man, my, Maybe it's redundant, but it has a little bit to do with our arrow customizer. Yeah. But it's every day, man. I've been telling you, I've been telling everyone that, has asked about it.

Like we have a lot of orders coming through, which is awesome. And if any of you are listening and part of that, awesome. Thank you. But it's pretty cool, just I'm back into building a lot of arrows. Yeah. And it's just cool seeing, different setups and just playing around with.

Different, arrow, setups completely, yeah. Just between veins and then what Outsert people are running and what reasoning they're running those components for. And then just knowing the importance and, it's awesome seeing I've said it before on another podcast where Victory has the spine aligning already.

And [00:19:00] then going through the Eastons, it's Yeah, I remember doing this, like last year, going through and finding the spine. But it's cool just doing that and knowing when we build that arrow, it's perfect for them. It cuts out all the hard work of having to do it right.

But it's honestly yeah, you're watching glue dry. That's probably the worst part. Sitting setting the jig up and then watching Glue dry for 30 minutes at a time. But beyond that, like it's just cool knowing that we're taking out the guesswork. And all that person has to do, tune their bow up to those arrows and then just, Go shoot.

Have fun, and hopefully kill a big trophy. But yeah, right now it's just playing with different arrow setups for me and just, I don't know I'm deep in it. We have, I don't know, probably in the last week we've had eight dozen just. Coming through every single day. It's just, yeah.

Insane. Yeah, and talking with Adrian, trying to find a different outer for that, to wait to this, get the same weight as this arrow. It's crazy. But yeah, it's fun. That's just my thing right now is just playing with arrows. I don't know if, I don't know if I'll do anything big right now.

I might try some victories too. Play with those, but It's making [00:20:00] me remember that I should probably get my stuff set up for South Dakota 'cause that's coming up quick. Yeah. It's crazy. Summer's flying by fast, man. I know. And we're gonna go out and scout late September and I still don't have a side tape that's really jiving that great.

I need to figure that one out. Get Yeah. Play around with that and then helping my dad with his arrow set up and just, this vein for fixed blades, a little more high profile, a little more stability. What helic cool you're gonna run, all that sort of thing. It's just every day right now.

And it is fun though too, asking, customers what they're running for broadheads and that sort of thing, and just being able to point them in a direction of one or the other. What's gonna give them the best thing and Right. By the way, the a e veins with our logo on it. Yeah, they're pretty badass.

Yeah. I don't know if you posted anything about those. I attack, shoot, but yeah, I've got some I gotta do a photo dump from out there 'cause I've got a ton of photos that I was hoping to incorporate 'em into the podcast recording. Yep. But it just gets to be so long and tedious and when you're trying to throw stuff into a two [00:21:00] hour long episode and it's just you get to a point where you're like, man, I just, I gotta cut this thing right.

And I gotta get it. Over and get it done so that we can get it posted up. Yeah, and I have photos too and videos of, arrow builds, but I just have not, I was just telling you yesterday, I haven't had a chance to put it into one thing and put it on our pro shop page. Vapor Trail Pro Shop Instagram.

Yeah. Yeah, it. It will be on there. But yeah, those, just the wraps, the designs that we're able to do and that sort of thing. It's just it's so fun. Just actually, I used to hate building arrows too, mind you. And now it's it's cool. Yeah. Once you get it down, and it can go pretty quick and see, I can't sit and watch the glue dry, so I have to be doing something else.

So it takes me like an entire day to do a dozen arrows, but I'm just coming and going oh. Put another one on, go off, do something else again. Yeah. That's the same for me. So it's and I can't even imagine, 'cause I, what did I think I did three dozen arrows Yep. This week. And I'm like done with it.

Yeah. Yeah. So for you to have to do as much as you do and then and we're gonna just keep getting inundated with orders. They keep [00:22:00] coming in every day. And so there it's inevitable I'm gonna be jumping in there and, yeah. And my, and helping out. So our reps for. Easton and Victory are probably hating me for all these orders I'm sending them.

'cause eventually we're gonna do a big bulk order and get all this just in-house. But right now it's just man, the requests we're getting is just awesome. The feedback is great. Yeah. Yeah that's my big thing right now is just, playing with arrows. Just the most boring part of it.

But it's awesome. It's super crucial, so it's awesome. Yeah, it's great. Yeah. And you learn so much, just like you said and and And just make sure you find some time to build yourself some too. So it's not yeah, it's it's inevitable. It's like we always have to do, yeah. We're gonna be building stuff at the last minute. I was watching that George Isles does a video with the last chance fletching jig. Oh yeah. And I was watching it and he was even saying too, he was like, yeah, it's nice and portable, 'cause if you're like me, I'm Fletching Arrows the night before a shoot, so it's all, we're not alone, I know. I think it, a common theme happens all of us. I know I follow gay as Carter. He's, I think, Part of marketing for P S E and [00:23:00] he's always posting that stuff. Like he'll be out at, I think his recent shoot was in Washington, and here he is like the night before playing with a sight tape and f fetching arrows.

I'm like, why is it always us like, we're the biggest proponent, like some of the biggest drivers in the industry of saying, get your stuff done in like March. Nothing's happening. Get it done early and then here we are, like, I'm gonna, I guarantee you. I'm saying I need to get this stuff done.

It'll gimme a month. I'll finally start it. Yeah. But I'm also moving tomorrow, that's right, man. Man, you got the new house moving into the new house. Yeah. That's awesome. I'll have a, hopefully have a nice little room for all things archery. Yeah last night I was packing up. I'm like, we have half a trailer full.

And honestly, it's like fishing gear, hunting gear, more hunting gear, camo, like archery, more archery. And then I brought most of my bows here, so I can just bring 'em home. Yeah, there you go. I'm like, dude, I have seven bows I think here. Yeah maybe it's five, but. I know it's funny. In total I have seven, but only one bow is going right now.

So I'm just like, oh my God, [00:24:00] this, I have so much archery stuff, man. But it's a sickness. But it's great. Yeah, it's fun. Going back to what we were talking about, tuning at the last minute and doing all that kind of stuff too. So before I went out to Terry Peak Oh yeah. The one thing I was doing is I had to.

I brought my bow in here. And I got it paper tuned and everything, or not ideally. Yeah. I didn't get it the, where I wanted it, but still I was grouping pretty good out to 40, so I'm like, that's good. Went out to Rapids and shot it, got it out to got out to the 80 yard baille and realized that my site housing was too low.

So I'd, I was, I'd be getting. Fletching contact for sure. If not just literally just shooting my scope housing through. Yeah. And because I had to crank my bow down to 60 pounds 'cause I've just, I haven't shot much, so I had to build my strength back up. And so I'm like, man, this isn't gonna fly.

I mean there's, 130 yard shots out of Terry Peak, so I'm like, So I gotta figure this out, right? So I just just moved my site to where I thought was about a good spot for 80 yards. And then I went up a little bit further, and then I just cranked my poundage [00:25:00] incrementally until my arrow was hitting 80, which I've never done it that way, and I, it's probably not the ideal way to do it, but I tell you what, it worked.

'cause yeah, then I, and then I was like, okay, good. I made a line, I made a mark at 80, and then I just packed my bow up. Hauled back home, started finishing fletching all my arrows, put the last vein on at eight 15, hit the road at nine my, and then I didn't put my sight tape on until the morning in the parking lot.

I was just gonna say, peak. How did you get 90 and a hundred confirmed? Do you just. Do it on the target? Yeah. It, I started to find out that it, I was about a yard short. Okay. All up to about 50. And then when I was shooting out to longer distances, I was still hitting a little low.

So then I had to, incrementally start adding two yards. Yeah. So that's just how, I was basically just just tuning on the fly. As I was shooting and the first morning we shot, I lost. Four of my dozen arrows that I brought out, but then the rest of the trip I didn't lose anything.

[00:26:00] Now were those, once I figured out that site tape, then I was good. You're golden. Were those older arrows that you were running then, or the injections. Okay. The injections, but I put the new wraps on 'em and then I fletched 'em up in the a e stealth max. Gotcha. Yeah. And they were, yeah, flying.

Great. Sweet. It was awesome. And how were they in the wind? I just fine. Yeah. I had one shot where I was like, I had to consciously, we were shooting across this open field. Yeah. And we were down at the bottom of the hill, so when you're on the hill, the wind comes up over the top, so it doesn't really affect you that much.

But at the bottom of the hill, I just, Tilted my bow into the wind and hit dead knot. Yeah. A lot of it still comes back to, you have to compensate for that too. Yeah. But yeah, so it's not all just the arrow, but I wasn't sure if you've got any new arrows yet or not, so I was like at least older arrows are getting blown up, not new.

Yeah. Yeah. I'm just, that's what I'm trying to blow 'em all up, man, so I can get, yeah. But I don't know. I really like 'em. They shoot well, so I don't know, but Right. We'll just see. I still have probably. Two dozen, two and a half dozen now. Yeah. [00:27:00] So my favorite is when we've already had a couple of local guys that have gotten the custom arrows boom out in the range, and I'm like, yeah, just got 'em.

You're like, oh, there goes 30 minutes of my time. Yeah. And there goes $30, whatever, or what it's. Right on. We should probably wrap it up. Yeah. I think Josh is here. He is ready to get his stuff. His arrows and his bog just got that tuned up today. So we'll get him rocking. But yeah.

You got anything else man? No. Everyone hit us up if you need anything. Yeah. Right now is the best, worst time to do it, please do reach out to us. We're cranking all cylinders. Eight to, maybe 8:00 PM for some of us. Yeah. Yeah, let us know if you need anything. We're here. Yeah.

So we got the site for it. Got socials for it. And let us know what your shiny object is. We'll we'll read it off in a, in the next shiny objects. Yeah, for sure. Podcast, if you wanna, yeah. I don't know. You got a cool book that we should read or some cool information about whatever we talked about, or some goofy tuning stuff.

Keep stuff some mystery here. Yeah. Whatever [00:28:00] you got, man. Cool. Let's just, I just don't want to talk about the Jason Aldean song, so let's not We'll, just in any case yeah. So with that, we are gonna pack up our bows and arrows and we are gonna leave the range. Thanks for joining us, everybody. Have a good day.

Bye. Vapor Trail is now offering an exclusive discount to the Range Podcast listeners enter promo code T R P 15, that's T R p 15 at checkout for 15% off V T X Bow Strings and Vapor Trail and Stoke Rice branded t-shirts, hats, and other gear.