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In this episode of Shiny Objects, Joe talks about his current Shiny Object and Ricky has a new piece of gear that just released. 

Shiny Objects is all about our current obsession. The Shiny Object could be a piece of gear, an upcoming adventure, a good book, or simply finding better ways to get through everyday life. The sky is the limit when it comes to an individuals current Shiny Object, and we never know where the conversation will take us.

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Welcome to the range podcast. I'm Ricky Bruley and with me is Jake Hollywood Iverson. Join us at the archery range where we'll tell stories from the hunt, discuss technical bow shooting tactics and gear, and pick the brains of some of the most successful people to ever shoot a bow. Whether you're about to shoot that X for the win, or send an arrow at a trophy buck, this podcast is for you.

The range podcast is brought to you by Vapor Trail Archery. Makers of the best bowstrings money can buy, originators of limb driven arrow rest technology, and innovators of stokerized stabilizer systems. Welcome to the range, everybody. This is our segment of shiny objects, and I am here with Mr. Joe Appel of The Edge TV.

And we are going to discuss his current shiny objects. For those of you who aren't familiar with this segment, we just talk about what is our current [00:01:00] shiny object in front of us? What is our obsession? It doesn't necessarily have to be an object. It can be an upcoming hunt. It can be a new book you're reading.

It can be a new song, whatever it is that you're obsessed with right now in this moment. So Mr. Joe Appel, what is your current shiny object? We'll be right back. Hey everybody. Ricky Bruley here. Vapor Trail. We're really excited about some new features that we've just added to the Gen Integrate X Limb driver, arrow Rest.


previous model that we had the micro adjust knob that stuck out, and so it made it difficult to remove these. It's one piece low pro quiver from Matthews. We've eliminated that knob and now it's an allen key that you would use to make that adjustment. We thinned up the area here where the activation cord is as [00:02:00] well.

We really squeezed it in about a quarter of an inch. It's a little bit lower profile, so now you don't have any issues with the low profile quiver. Comes off. You also have, of course, the added feature of the integrated mounting system, so you can mount the AeroRest right to the rail on the riser of the bow.

Additional features include new markings that differentiate your locking screws from your windage and elevation screws. All VaporTrail AeroRests have a free floating head, providing more forgiveness and greater downrange accuracy. No need for a bow press, simply tie the activation cord to the limb and say goodbye to interference with cam timing caused by cable driven AeroRests.

The new and improved GI 8X is available and ready to ship. Trust the originators of limb driven technology and head over to our website at vaportrailarchery. com or stop into your local archery pro shop to get yours today.

Oof, my current shiny object. I [00:03:00] would be lying if I said my current shiny object isn't a beauty character black tail buck that I've been running around the hills after with my bow. I think earlier we chatted a little bit. I've had a quite a successful season so far which has afforded me a little bit extra time to do some more scouting and check out some areas, try and turn up a quality blacktail in my area, which is sometimes challenging.

But I have found one. He has slipped up and shown up on a few of my cameras at times. It is thick, nasty, ugly country in there but running around and that's my shiny object. That's the thing that keeps me up at night right now is this one buck. I've got some pictures of him. He's only really shown mostly at night.

He slipped up, showed himself once during the day and it was a foggy, nasty, rainy day. So I'm going to have some really cold, wet days running around the hills with my bow. But if I'm able to connect, you'll see him cause I'll send you some pictures. He's going to be a stinking dandy. That's awesome.

Yeah. I mean [00:04:00] that, that's a great shiny object. I think most people probably have a target, that they're looking at if they haven't already filled it, it makes sense that would be a shiny object for you. No, absolutely. And the one thing for me is I grew up hunting blacktail, but the way that things work out with the show is we don't typically film blacktail hunting.

It's a very challenging hunt to get on camera, so I don't get a lot of time to be able to get in the hills and chase blacktail. Last year was the most I've been able to do. When we had Steve over and we got him his first Columbia black tailed deer. So we were able to get that one on camera, but typically I don't get to do much black tail hunting throughout a season.

So for me to have the opportunity not only to get out and do a little bit of black tail hunting, but also to have turned up what I would consider like a trophy quality. Mature target animal is just one of those kind of, it's a special moment. It's going to make it a special season, even if I don't connect, just having that nostalgic time to run around the hills and chase them a bit.

it's fun. It certainly is reminding me why I hate blacktail hunting so [00:05:00] much though. It sucks out there, man. Love hate relationship, right? Absolutely. Without a doubt. It is a very strong love hate relationship with the black tail hunting. There's a couple of shiny objects I'm looking at right there behind you.

What is, what do you got there behind you that's mounted? Yeah, I got some shiny objects behind me here. These are two archery black bears I've got right, right here. I think my biggest there is just shy of seven feet. I have another archery black bear that's not up on the wall yet, but he was 7'2 nose to tail.

So some big bears. Next over I got a mule deer. That was two years back. Just a nice mule deer along the Fraser River behind me here. Let's see what we got. That is my stag. My red deer stag from Argentina. And then probably my coolest one right here. This was a gift from my friend over John, Big John over at Bear Paw Taxidermy.

This was my, believe it or not, that's my first ever moose. I've been on some moose hunts along the way [00:06:00] and. One thing for me was my dad and I always said we were going to go on a big moose hunt with my brother as well, but unfortunately, my dad he got brain cancer and passed before we were ever able to make that happen.

Sorry to hear that. So thank you very much. But yeah, no, I was able to connect on this one. And then yeah, he was a beautiful big bull. I feel like it was definitely. My dad was with me looking over on me the way that hunt played out and then my, my, my friend, John, he actually made this beautiful display of them because of the story behind the hunt and always wanted to get a moose.

So I don't know if you can see it. Oh, I think my backpacks in the front, but there's a little plaque on the front of it that says for you, dad, and just a cool keepsake and reminder of, how special we, the outdoors are and, to be able to get out there and create those valuable memories.

Yeah, no, that's really cool. Those are all beautiful animals you got there behind you. So my shiny object is actually the day that we're recording this here, this has not been released yet. I'm going to sneak off camera here to grab it, [00:07:00] but I'm leaning in for this one. I just got the brand new prime RVX.

This is the 36. Axel to Axel. Let's see if I can get this in the right um, and yeah, okay, I can't get this on the camera right, but let's see, how's that work? I can see that. Is it everything that everybody has promised? I've been speaking with Steve. He loves his. Again, going back to being a long draw lefty, mine's always the last to come off the press.

So I get to hear all of everybody else's stories and then mine shows up, halfway through the year. So I get to live vicariously through you. So will you give me a bit of a rundown? Tell me what I'm missing out on. I sure will. So here's the thing. Ironically, the reason I have This bow is for the very same reason that you don't have one is because we have one of our, one of our content guys, very talented young man Damon Wolfe from All For One Creative.

And he has been [00:08:00] commissioned to make their Prime's new launch video for this particular bow. He was out hunting or he was out filming with some of the guys who had gotten their hands up first hands on these. And so he's got some footage of some animals being taken with the RVX.

And so they sent him this bow, but he is a lefty and this is a righty. And so basically we're going to we're just using this for content. It's not technically my personal bow but I am going to outfit it. I am going to shoot it and I am going to hunt with it here, probably hopefully this next weekend.

And I'm super excited for that. One of the, one of the greatest features for us on this bow and for you guys as well, is that they've incorporated the integrated mounting system onto the rail of. or onto the riser of this bow. So you guys will be able to shoot the the Integrate 8 or the Integrate 8X on this bow which is all, which is really nice.

And then they've also got the inline mount here for the sight as well. And and I haven't, I love a [00:09:00] long axle to axle bow. I haven't shot a 36 inch in a long time, so I'm pretty excited. I've always really enjoyed the The forgiveness that comes with a longer bow and I've never really been too worried about whether I can get it up into the tree or get it into a ground blind or anything like that.

So I'm jacked up about that. I'm really excited about this and Hollywood has actually had a 34 as well for the better part of it. A few weeks now, and he's already put a doe on the ground with his 34. And we got his all outfitted and they shoot nice. So they're great bows. I think Prime's going to have a really good year.

And Yeah, I'm excited for when you get yours just so that you can, so we can share in the glory. Yeah, so I can finally join in. Until then, I'll be that little kid staring through the window from the outside looking in. I feel like that's me every year. Yeah. Steve, he's right handed and he's towards the lower end.

Talked about the size difference towards the lower end of the draw length. So Steve, like first bow off the press, Steve [00:10:00] gets these bows. And then all he does is dangle it in front of my nose and the line shows up inevitably, sometimes up to four or six months later, because it takes so long to go through the production.

So I just get to sit here and drool and hear about all the nice new features and how much, oh man. So if it's. It lives up to what Steve has been telling me, which I'm sure it does. You're in for a treat and whether or not it's your personal bow, I say you treat it like your personal bow and get it out in the bush as soon as you can.

Because I'm envious to say the very least we'll put it that way. Yeah. Yeah. It's, I'm excited to get it all set up and going through that process now. And, it's funny. I feel so bad for you guys. Cause yours is a lefty too. And it's the same thing, our previous owner, Steve Fondy, he shoots a left handed bow.

And so those guys are always waiting. Waiting, so yeah, but at least you still got your Rev X, right? And and you got that baby all outfitted up and shooting bullets. Dialed, tuned, I got nothing to complain about. I always get excited when the new bows come out, [00:11:00] but let's be honest, like the Rev X is a phenomenal bow, phenomenal setup and.

I've had a lot of time running around with it and I'm happy. I'm happy. It's just, when you see the shiny new object come along, you always want to put, you always want to put your hands on it, you just have to, and you can't wait until you finally get to. So I'll be dreaming about it until I do get to, I'll probably throw a de loop and arrest on it as soon as this conversation is done so I can go get some arrows through it.

Your hands are probably tying stuff below the screen right now, aren't they? Press set up just out of screenshot. I'm building the bowstring now Yeah, thanks so much for taking time out of your day I know you're busy if our listeners want to look you up, you know Where can they find you on social media and then also where can they find the edge TV as well?

Yeah for me, it's just my first and last name. So Joe underscore Appel that's on Instagram and Facebook. I believe they just look up the same, but yeah, again, thanks, man. Really appreciate you [00:12:00] being on. Hey, I appreciate you having me on. Always good catching up with you, man. And I hope you get a few more days in the field before season's up.

Yeah, because it's the best time of year and I know it's a busy time for you guys. And you guys certainly have a lot more on your plate this year than you typically do. But it's the best time of the year. You got to take advantage of what you can. Yeah, for sure. I'll definitely be getting out and good luck on the rest of your season, man.

I appreciate it. I'll keep you up to date on how things go with my blacktail. Fingers crossed. Sweet. Fingers crossed. I'll have some good stories for you. Definitely keep me in the loop on that. You betcha. Folks, that brings us to the end of this episode. You can find us at The Range Podcast on Instagram and on Facebook.

You can also find me on Instagram at rickywayne80. And you can find me on Facebook at Ricky W. Brewley and then also be sure to head over to the Vapor Trail and Stoker Eyes social channels. Give us a follow there and please be sure to head over to Vapor Trail YouTube channel. If you like the video, hit the thumbs up button and [00:13:00] make sure to subscribe so you can be up to date on all things archery.

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