Shooting from the Hip w/ Bill Harvey from Pertnear Outdoors

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 156 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode Dimitri, Jim and I were joined by Bill Harvey from Pertnear Outdoors.  If you have been listening to our podcast over the last few years, you know that Bill is a good friend of ours and resides just outside of Buffalo, NY.  Bill is also the host of the Pertnear Outdoors podcast and for this week's episode we just shot from the hip with various topics.  From how Bill managed his family life this past hunting season, some takeaways in how he has scaled back his social media presence and why,  to making hunting fun again. Bill killed two bucks this past season in NY, one with his bow in early October and the other a few weeks ago with the muzzle loader.  Bill also killed on the first drive on day one during the PA trip this past season.

Such a fun conversation with laughs and stories from this past season.  Bill is a great hunter, friend and person.  I highly recommend checking out his podcast and the events that he has planned in the near future.  The Shed Fest contest will be going into its third year this spring so be sure to check that out and enter. Super easy and fun to participate in and those that live nearby or willing to travel in the summer Bill and his crew do a beer fest with Windy Brewing Company to raise money for some local chapters. Check them out and thank you for listening.

Thanks again for all the support and best of luck out there and Antler Up!

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