Should I Buy Hunting Land?

Show Notes

On this episode, Jon Teater and Anthony Barnum, Outdoor Writer and Gear Guru, discuss owning land, and the factors that led them to buying property. Buying land can be one of the most involved and complicated endeavors we go through as individuals and can be taxing and liberating all at the same time. In this discussion we get into the pitfalls and benefits of owning land. Anthony breakdowns what he’s doing on his land to improve it and his number one improvement he believes most should consider after purchasing property. Anthony is focused on maximizing his land and receiving a benefit hunting wise via logging. Anthony has taken it on himself to mark timber and layout a logging plan to include some enhancements that will increase deer interest over time.

If you are considering buying land or are fortunate to hunt on family property this episode discusses the thoughts, attitudes, and the concessions we sometimes must make in order to find a balance between meeting goals and keeping healthy relationships with family and friends. It’s important to be realistic and find success in our own ways and don’t forget that goals can be set but may need to be rethought in order to be achieved. Anthony and Jon discuss family and bringing children up with hunting and how they are approaching things differently from how they were taught.

Further, Anthony and Jon discuss working with neighbors; this include strategies you may consider that could help push your agenda in the locality. Understanding that we sometimes might deal with highly pressured ground, especially during gun season, can be a major detractor, but we must work through these frustrations and be keen on when the time is right to go after the deer we want to harvest. Anthony advocates that looking for other properties and evaluating areas that may be more aligned with your goals. Selling land may be a consideration for some, but Anthony is playing the long game on his properties and he hopes that his current and future improvements will help him meet his goals.  

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