Small Property Success w/ Jon Teater

Show Notes

This week the guys sit down with Jon Teater of the Whitetail Landscapes Podcast on the Sportsmen’s Empire Network.  Jon is an experienced veteran of the white-tailed deer woods and specializes in habitat management.  Jon’s based out of New York and often big woods situations, but he also spends a lot of his time in the midwest working with smaller properties.  This show is designed for those managing properties under 30 acres.  How to pull deer to your property, what to focus on, the successional stage of a habitat and more.  

It’s been a busy week around the state of Ohio.  Paul and Andrew have both spent time out in the woods.  Paul recaps his first time out hunting turkeys with dogs in northeast Ohio, as well as some time in the tree.  Andrew’s got his 3rd doe in the freezer.  Like always there’s always more to the story, and although this time the shot placement was perfect, the deer had some… well… interesting shall we call them boobies? 

News around the state is very active. We discuss the NWTF’s work in Ohio, Deer Harvest totals, Scary stories, Littering and more. 

Have a great week and good luck to those getting out into the great Outdoors of Ohio!

Show Transcript