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 In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild presented by, we talk all about snakes, scouting, and some of the best places to find deer on public land.

We start out the episode talking about snakes, snake bites, and hypotheticals on what the crew would do in a snake bite situation. We’d all like to think we could grab the snake in that situation but really we’d all be high tailing it out of there. We talk about what happens after a snake bite and if all venomous snake bites actually inject venom into you. Brad talks about scouting during peak snake season and being absolutely on high alert the entire time while out in the woods. What do you guys do to make sure you’re avoiding snakes during peak season? Brad also talks about how a rookie mistake scouting using online maps cost him some serious elevated hiking! Quick tip, don’t forget to turn the elevation back onto your maps before you show up to go through the woods!

Next up Derek talks about his recent weekend and preparing for the upcoming hunting season. One last trip out on the boat fishing, now he’s got it put up for winter because his focus is completely shifted to hunting! A trip out scouting has left him with a mysterious bite on his arm, probably a spider, hopefully not a tick because it’s looking a little gnarly.! He does some scouting for the upcoming duck season especially for wood ducks, he spent some time on the WMA checking a few promising looking honey holes. Listen in to see if he found any success scouting!

We close out talking about public hunting. The general consensus is always you have to put in the work and the miles past where anyone else would go to have the best success but we have a conversation on if whitetail sometimes hang out closer to the road or where people walk in at. While there’s tons of success if you put in the extra miles we talk about success

and deer signs for the people who decide to hunt closer to the road and how there’s success there.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] how would you if you or your child were bitten by a snake, how would you proceed to capture it? What would be your plan? Oh, just like... Go and like stomp on it and pick it up. Stop it and just pick it up. Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face. Grab it by the tail, right?

Absolutely not. In this scenario, she's already been bit, so I don't, I have no idea. I just know it'll be like fast and I'll get bit and we're all going down at that point. Alright, so here's a trivia question for you. If you get bit by a snake, how long until it's full and able to bite again, like with a full blast of venom?

Do they have multiple? I feel like it would be different for the snake and the age of the snake, I don't know. Yeah, and this is just speculation. And does the snake like sit there on a shot clock? I don't think so. Some snakes one of my son's favorite nighttime books, which is just terrifying for me, is this snake book, and it talks about the most venomous snakes in the world, and we have to read it and [00:01:00] talk about all the facts.

I have nightmares from it. But, one of them is they just continue to bite. And release the venom. There you go. Question, Anne. Actually, this is reminding me of something I've heard. It's, I've heard... Maybe it's just rattlesnakes. I don't know. Maybe it's all snakes. But you actually, if you get bit by a juvenile snake, it's worse than if you get bit by an adult.

That is true. I've heard that. Because they don't know how to regulate how much. They don't regulate it. And they just dump it all. I went on a hike with my sister and our kids this weekend. And she was totally on copperhead watch. Cause she's it's breeding season, the babies are out, you gotta watch for them.

And it was, no offense to my sister, but almost annoying. Like the whole hike, she's walking ahead and she's just like, why do we do this if you're going to be this? Just get her some snake boots. Yeah. Yeah. I've been in very similar situations other times with people for snakes or bears or all kinds of other things.

And they're so worried about the very far fetched if. That they're, they can't focus on having fun doing [00:02:00] whatever we're doing. You should be aware, but your brain is actually built to recognize a snake. And before you process that there is a snake. Yeah. It is in your genetics of just a million years of evolution.

Your brain you ever see something on the corner of your head and you turn really quickly? Cause it looks like a snake. Your brain will recognize danger before you can even process it. There's all kinds of cool, crazy things out there about our brains as to what we just, by nature, do and don't like that we don't even realize because of stuff like that.

That shape, like when you're driving and you see that shape, your brain, it's not like that you're paranoid you're seeing a snake, it's literally human nature is to process that as danger when you see it. But, my sister was all over, like literally everything looked like a snake. And we were on this very we were in the Cumberland Gap National, Historic National Park, and it's a fairly walked trail.

There were people coming by, so somebody would have been like, hey, there's copperheads up here. Don't I'm not saying you shouldn't look, [00:03:00] but she was just treating it as if we were in the wilderness. And it was like this hiking trail that . It's the main hiking trail. We passed like multiple people on.

We did pass a group who were like, if you go that way, there's a yellow jacket, it's Nest. And when they're all covered Stings, . Oh no. So we didn't go that way. There's like swelling up, like I believe you. Yeah. Sold. So what is the right answer? If you don't know, what would you guys do if you did not know what Snake it was and you got Bit, or your kid got bit, what are you doing?

Yeah, if I didn't recognize it, I would. Be killing it and bringing it with me. I'm not going back for the snake 'cause it's not gonna change my action plan. Just to, if I know I think to her point, if they don't the venom to get the venom. Yeah. What do you I don't know that it's specific.

I'm pretty sure that I thought it was, I don't know how this all works, but shouldn't you know this? You're like an e t? Yeah he's a glorified ambulance driver. Taking syringes and start stabbing people. No that's definitely more of a hospital thing, yeah, that's true. We're just glorified ambulance drivers.

That's true. They deal with that once you [00:04:00] drop them off. Yeah. We don't carry anti-venom. I thought it is. I thought it mattered. I heard it like think, thought it did too. I think there's just like a whole kind of litany within the kit that they give you and it's just like they cross breeded the ante venom to, yeah.

I don't know. I don't know. I also have heard that way less snake bites are actually venomous than people. Oh, like even if you get a copperhead bite, it might not get a full grab on you. I'll butcher parts of the story. I'll make it short, but I had a cousin that got airlifted when he was a kid cause he got hit by a copperhead to, and the way I understand it is when it was all said and done, it was like, yeah, this was all safe, rather be safe than sorry.

But nothing would have happened. I would. I'd be like, we need those helicopters right now. And they'd be like, it was a barn snake. Also my dad had a dog before I was born that got hit by a copperhead and it swelled up real bad. And they took it to the vet and the vet was like, nothing it can really do.

If it lives, it'll be fine. Dog lived. And the vet was like, yeah, if it gets hit by a copperhead again, like you won't even know. Cause it just develops like a. Oh yeah. They like, apparently if they get bit by snakes [00:05:00] enough times, they'll develop immunities to it. Maybe there's something here we should there's a company to be had. We could lean into this fear. We'll give you like, you self inject copperhead. There's a dude. There is a guy that has built tolerances to it. The, what's the crazy one from Africa? The, is it the black mamba? The mamba. Yeah. Taipan. He lets these things bite him.

These are like lethal. If you get bit by one, you will die, and this guy has somehow built up tolerances to him by taking trace amounts of the venom. It's gonna backfire on him one day. Probably. There's this one snake in the book, which is now pointless because I don't know which one it was, but it was, like, the most poisonous snake in the book that we read at bedtime, and it was like, one drop of this venom will kill, can kill 80 humans.

Oh, wow. I was like, oh, shit. And I'm like, okay it's time to go to bed. What's funny is I was and I think Derek did more, so I won't spend a bunch of the podcast on my very boring and disappointing scouting story, but I did the next day get into like serious snake [00:06:00] territory and it was top of mind every second because.

On the second half of my scouting trip I was on a reclaimed coal mine and it's just big, like shale, like boulders everywhere. And it is the most snaky stuff that you can think of in Kentucky. That's not on a, like a Creek or something, but I'm, I, at one point On the second half of my scouting trip, I see a point on the map.

It like comes out to a point on this mountain side. And I'm like, that looks like it could be a good deer bedding area. I'm going to stop, check it out. And I'm walking in and I see like tons of buck tracks coming into it. And I'm like, that's good. And then there's a bunch of poop. And then there's more tracks and it's all leading right across if you had the map out, you're going right on top of this ridge. And I'm like, this is great. Cause I think that would be a sensible place to bed for safety, right? If I was a buck and so I get out there and I'm like, this is looking awesome. And then I get out and this grass is deceiving and it's all Boulder, like person sized boulders that I'm stepping in and over this grass.

And it was fine at first cause it [00:07:00] was like ankle height and I could see pretty well what I was stepping into, but I never did quite get to the buck beds. And I'm getting, I turned around when it got as high as my head and I'm like, I can't see anything. And I have pants on, I have. Like high boots, but they're not snake boots.

And I'm like, I, this is just making me super uncomfortable. I don't feel like I should go any further. Just knowing it was like, it's peak snake season. The, I felt like I was making dumb decisions to try to find an actual bed where I'm like, they're clearly coming in and out of here.

It was worn out and, all the sign. So I'm like, if I come back to hunt here, I'll bank on that and we'll see what happens. But I'm not getting in here and getting snake bit. I was at that point, two miles on a not so great road to get down to the actual road. And I'm like, if I get bit, I'm also at that point, three quarters of a mile away from my car signal, I had phone signal sometimes, but I, at that point did not.

And so all the things were racking up in my head. And then I was wondering, I had a tourniquet with me. I was like, I wonder if I get bit in the [00:08:00] leg, if I should tourniquet, I'm like thinking through all this stuff, like just as you do as you're wandering. And I'm like. Would that be smarter?

But then I wouldn't really be able to walk very well. I don't know that a tourniquet would help. Don't snake bite scenario. It seems like when you're moving, it would've pumped it through anyways. Yeah. For some reason I thought it was worse if you tried a tourniquet. 'cause it like concentrates the venom.

You're better to try to let your body fight it. I thought so, but yeah, I don't know this is not medical. I hadn't even, no, not at all. I hadn't even decided I would do that. It's just, these are the things I think I'm like, I should know the answer to this, but I didn't. Yeah. But the funny part of this story, cause this is a really boring part, but the funny thing is that I haven't, I could last minute went down to see my parents and I, that day I was like, I think I have three hours.

I could go up and scout this spot that I hunted a little bit last year and definitely got into some bucks, but I found a good area where bucks were bedding, but I never saw a buck, but I was like, it wasn't super pressured. I'm going to go, I'm going to go scout it. I'm gonna go again. So I get on my phone.

I'm scouting a little bit and I'm flipping back between, topographical. I'm [00:09:00] going back to some of the layers and then I see this spot that Was a field and I had never noticed it before on the map and I'm like man This looks awesome because it's like, you know You putting it together and I'm looking at one of the layers and there's like good food and it had the you know You do the thermal layers where there might be bedding spots.

Oh, it's looking really good I'm like, man I'm gonna go try this out and there was an entry point from the north side and inch point from the south side the south side is where I hunted last year and on the map it said it was only 0. 6 miles from where I had been to And I'm like, all right, cool, man.

I straight line elevation or something. So I go up, I go to the spot and I get back up there pretty easy. And I start walking down the trail and I'm like, man, there's a lot more elevation than I thought. And then I got to think about, I'm like, Oh, you dummy, you forgot to turn back on the topographical.

I literally found the spot that looked good. And I'm like, I had no idea what the drop was going to be. I'm going down, and down. It's cool, man. It's only 6 miles. No [00:10:00] big deal. I'll be able to if I wanted to hunt this, I'd be able to do it. But it turned out being a mile, because the map was wrong.

And by the time I got there, I'm looking at the field down below, and I'm like, dude, that is so far. That is so far down. I'm like, that's 500 feet. At least I pull out my phone and I put the topographical lines back on. It's a thousand foot drop. Thousand. Yeah. And so I didn't do anything. I literally put my phone back in my pocket and no regrets.

Just turn around and walk back out 700 feet of climb back on up on the way out. But what an idiot who does that? Who goes in like literally I was just rushing, trying to get the door. Cause I had this three hour window before dinner and I didn't want to leave my parents with all my kids. And I was like, I'm just going to go.

And I totally forgot to check the elevation. Cause if I'd seen that on a map. I would have been like, there's no way. The other thing I wondered if I did, if I'd like, maybe I saw it and zoomed out and didn't realize. So [00:11:00] did you not actually line distance in, you were just using like the key? I did before on another area.

And I forget, I just, cause I was like, I literally was looking for 15 minutes on a place. I was just going to go wander around. And so I realized I was like, I either looked at it and didn't zoom in to see it was different than what I thought, or I just didn't look, but either way I got there and I was like, screw that.

I literally just walked a mile straight back out. And what the funniest part is I got up and there was this bench and there's a dough and I'm like, yeah, if I was a deer, this is where I would go through too, because there's a thousand foot drop on the other side. So it's Oh, this is the easier, like I was telling Erica this morning you're lazy.

They're going to do the easiest path over the mountain. Literally the start of the trail is where they're coming through. So I just walked two miles, like in, in 700 feet of climb and descent. So yeah, that was my scouting trip. Hopefully you don't shoot a deer and it goes that direction. I know, man.

Oh dude. It was, you could see hundreds of feet down at the start and then at the bottom, it was literally a thousand feet. Is that where your pictures were from? Yeah. That, that side looking [00:12:00] out was different. Okay. So I didn't have a, I didn't take a picture of the thousand foot drop cause you wouldn't be able to see anything.

I could see it through the trees. And that's why I was like, Oh my God, that is so much lower than I realized. But what a bonehead rookie mistake which it wasn't a big deal. I didn't have anything else to do. And I enjoyed myself. We need the Cajun bow fishing for deer. So we can just can you imagine I did it with a, I couldn't do it here cause my SUV wouldn't get, this was like a four wheeler trail, but I did that one time, I shot a doe, and she ran down the water, and it wasn't even that far, it was like 50 yards, I was like, ah, I'm not dragging that out, I just tied a rope around her neck and drug her out with a car.

I know, oh, I've heard that. I don't know how true this is, but like those northeastern, like way northeastern, like Maine and parts of Quebec and stuff like that, moose hunters, when they kill a moose, they'll literally attach winches to trees and just winch them up to that location and then reset, yeah, and they just keep doing that shit all the time.

Maybe work better, yeah, that makes sense. You got into [00:13:00] stuff this weekend? Oh yes. What'd you do? Everything. Alright. You got spider bit. Spider bit or I don't think it's a tick, but we'll get to that. So I'll gloss over the quick stuff real quick. Went fishing on the boat. Probably the last time I'll get the boat out.

That was uneventful. Didn't catch anything, but started winterizing the boat. Cause it's September, I'm hunting now. Fishing's over. Went and did a little bit of scouting out at our property for deer. This is the property I've hunted my whole life, I know the place really well, it's not like I'm necessarily finding new areas, but it was a little fun, cause I'm, where I'm gonna bow hunt this season, I'm bow hunting in an area that was logged about two and a half, three ish years ago now.

Really good growth going on in that area, real big fat acorns that are already starting to drop. And it's, it's a section of the farm that I've hunted my whole life. I know it, but now it's completely different because it was logged and that's a double edged sword. I don't necessarily like that it was logged, but then there's some other elements to it.

So whatever, I'm embracing [00:14:00] it. I'm going to hunt it this year during turkey season. I saw a lot of deer activity in there, so I went through there and found some really good trails, some pinch points, mark some trees, and it's interesting because there's a real. thick vegetation layer low because now that the canopy is open from the logging like the sunlight is hitting, but then you have these just real mature stand alone trees that are just scattered throughout spots and it's man, that would be like, they left a lot of tulip poplars.

They left a lot of oaks. It's these are going to be great trees to climb and hang from with the saddle. And so I found a few spots that I've marked. Yeah. Yeah. Got that's I did I know for a fact get into some tics when I was doing that which is why I Wouldn't say I'm worried about this, but it is on the back of my mind that maybe I got lime who knows But did that and then that was Friday.

No Saturday That was Saturday and then over the holiday weekend or whatever Sunday Monday went out and did some scouting on some public and then also on a very large river [00:15:00] system somewhere in our state. Did some scouting for wood duck. I guess regular duck too when that season rolls around, but wood ducks first and then goose.

Looked at some areas I've hunted before, got some eyes on some new spots, Saw some spots on onyx that looked really good, got out there. They weren't very good. Just putting the puzzle together. Found spots for that, did some serious, busting through brush on some of those spots. That's, I think I might have poison ivy up here.

That's where I got that from. And then I've got all these scratches. That's from this morning, so This morning, I went out and did some goose hunting. Early goose season's in here, and it's, they've changed it up this year, so the state's in two separate zones now, so it's only open in one zone currently. But was hunting out there, and It was a real slow morning, didn't see any geese or anything like that, but it was the first hunt for the 23 24 season for me, so that was nice, just getting out there, and I'm looking on Onyx, just bored this morning, [00:16:00] and I noticed that just a little bit down the road from where I'm at is a small section of public land that I've dropped some pins on before, just e scouting, and that was like a year ago, and I've never actually stepped foot in this place.

And I'm thinking to myself what's the best use of my time right now? Because there's no geese out here. And the landowners told me that they haven't seen geese out there in two weeks. They did what the normal thing they do in the early season. They just disappear right when early season starts.

And I decide I'm gonna load up and I'm gonna drive down to this public and just check it out. Because I'm looking for wood duck spots right now. Wood duck season's right around the corner. And I'm seeing some spots on Onyx that look real good on this section. of public. Get down there, the first spot, park the truck, super easy trail, takes you right down to this like marshy, nasty bog with not necessarily flooded timber, but just there's tree stumps and everything sticking out of it.

It all looks wadeable. I start walking down a part of it and I flush eight wood ducks right out of it. And I'm like, okay, this is good. But I'm also thinking to [00:17:00] myself, this is public. Getting here was super easy. Probably everyone's gonna be here during wood duck season, but maybe not. Cause like I said, this is a real small section of public that I think gets overlooked by a lot of people.

So then, get back in my truck, drive around, still in the same WMA, but drive to a different access point or whatever, park, and I can see where there's a part, or it's marked on the WMA map as a wetlands, but when you look on satellite and on Onyx, it doesn't show any water. And I'm like let's see what's going on in there.

So I follow a trail that takes you in there. I get to a point where I have to jump off the trail and I'm just busting through some of the nastiest stuff ever. Like as tall as me or taller thorns, all kinds of stuff. I'm like, I just got to get there and just see it and finally get into it. Same story. I'm jumping wood ducks out of it.

I'm hearing a lot more wood ducks. It's this real nasty flooded marshy area. It's a lot thicker than that first spot I found. [00:18:00] It's a lot harder to get to, and I'm thinking this is where I'm probably going to come. Walked around in it for a little while, and then luckily found an easier way out and in, an easier way to get to this spot, but still difficult, and I still have to believe a lot of people probably aren't going to be in this spot.

That's when I was, went through probably the biggest orb weaver web that I've ever seen in my life, and he was on it, and I saw it like, right as it happened. Probably the size of a quarter or bigger. And so maybe he's what bit me. I don't know. But scouted through there. Got out, went home, ate, took a shower, came here.

Wow. He really did give us a breakdown of his entire weekend. Yeah. A little bit of hunting, a lot of scouting, a little bit of fishing. It was good. Access is what I don't like about the spot I was in. It's yeah, it's 50 some thousand acres, but it's so accessible everywhere. That's always the issue with public land hunting.

Anybody that hunts public land knows it. It's like you find these spots that look great and then [00:19:00] season rolls around and everyone's there. And it's the name of the game. It's part of it. And that's why, working hard to get to those spots that people aren't going to is. Yeah.

Sometimes I wonder I've been up there in hunting season and guys are driving way back with side by sides further than I can get my SUV. And sometimes I wonder, I'm like, they probably all are like me. And they're like, I got to get further back. And I remember talking to Bill Thompson about this.

He said, sometimes the deer know that. And they, he said the biggest deer that he had on data or like some of the biggest ones they had. Yeah. From their caller data that they used to build his app. He's like someone were living by the parking lot. Oh, yeah Literally, we had data that shows watching the yeah, Ken's go by Yeah, he said it would come in and bed by the parking lot and then it would head back out away from the parking lot So nobody would ever see that deer, but it knew it was safe right there so the WMA I was at today the second spot that I stopped at there was a guy who was But his truck was there in the parking lot.

I could tell he was probably deer hunting based off of [00:20:00] some other stuff I saw in his truck. And I walk in on like the main trail that takes you back in and It wasn't 50 yards in, there's a huge game trail crossing right in front of this trail, this human, this, foot trail or whatever that leads you back there and I'm watching and then even the day before when I was out scouting on another section of public land, like you're just finding all these real heavily used game trails right next to the parking lot and it, I feel like it's maybe a bit of two things.

I think it's like what you're saying. I think a lot of these animals know. But then also season just opened. They've had no hunting pressure up until now. The thing about where I was, though, they have off road. There's constantly people. It's a super popular place to ride. I had to, I think there was three off road vehicles up there when I was up there.

And the, but the thing is where they're bedding the trail, like it is the easiest way out and again, deer are lazy, like it's, they're coming [00:21:00] through. That's the only way out of there. So the. The, I was the only thing I was thinking like, wow, I'm going to have to find a place to leave my car far enough out to walk in.

Cause it's most of it's gravel road. It's not like it's super accessible. And you guys saw I have, I've definitely did some mudding on the way into that, you, you can get in there. It's just a matter of, like you said, when season hits, will they be getting a lot of pressure?

There was a truck. I think that's all one truck that it was probably bow hunting up there. So what are you, okay. Did you see rubs? No I saw one that I thought was probably a rub, but I couldn't tell for sure. What are you looking for right now like just the game trails tracks Embedding is what I was looking for because I it's such a big area and so much of it is It's really not that those deer And some of those boulder spots I don't think a deer would really want to go through there any more than I do, even though they have longer legs and they're built for terrain better than we are, [00:22:00] like they're going to pick that's why they're coming down the trail, right?

Like they're coming down that trail. Cause it's the easiest place to go through. So I was looking for, putting your deer hat on of if I were coming off of that mountain to go down or to go to a pond or whatever it is, like, where would I be going through? And you can tell a lot of that on the map, which I think is what Derek was leading to.

They're not going to take the thousand foot incline. That's why I turned around immediately because I was like, this is not good. This is not a good place where they're going to be coming through. I would have, I knew I was gonna have to go at least another mile down a thousand feet to even get to the bottom where they probably are.

But they're, that's why when I, that's why I ran to the deer on the way back out, cause that's where it leveled off a little bit. It was the, the bench in between a saddle in between two points, the deer picking the lowest access point. And that was the easiest way down into the, that's where the picture was.

And they were heading into where that picture I sent you guys was they're heading into that to go get water or feed. And that was the easiest path. So I'm like just trying to figure out where they're coming from and I'm dropping pins along the way. Cause then you can start to [00:23:00] put together a trail of where they're likely going through.

And then, if the morning of somebody's in your spot, you've got at least an idea of where else they might be moving to. Okay. Yeah. And that's what I'm doing with that. Section of public that I'll be waterfowl hunting that I was scouting yesterday was like, this is a. This is an area that's made up of, let's see, there's a big public waterway, it's state owned, like anybody can get on it that I've hunted before, there's some private in that area that I have hunting rights, or permission to hunt on, there's two separate WMAs that I've hunted before, and it's just, the more time I spend out there, the more I'm putting pieces of this puzzle together, which is what you're talking about, like you know that they're gonna, you're looking for bedding here, you're looking for game trails that go here, you're looking for water, there's you know all these things were in the same token but in waterfowl like I've been hunting all around this area for a couple years now I know that they roost over here I know that they're gonna loaf over here I know this is a feed I know that I've never seen anything over here so let's not even focus on that area and That's just really, [00:24:00] all of it is just putting the puzzle together.

Yeah. And it can change year to year, like he said on his property. But last year, I'd hunted that property for five years, four years. And the deer were where they were, they're always in the same spot. And then last year I'm like, man, they're not doing what they normally do, what is going on. And then Jacob and I were looking at his app and he's Oh if you looked over here, look there's a lot of oak trees.

And I'm like. Oh, that totally makes sense. Now I clicked why I was seeing the behavior I was. That's when I moved with my saddle, started hunting out in this spot. I'd never, I'd hunted some, but never successfully. And that's where I shot my deer from last year. Cause they were actually we, our thesis was that there was probably a drop that they were coming for, like their mass that they were eating down there and then coming up into the field for the does, which was totally accurate.

That's where the bucks were coming from. And I'd never seen the bucks coming from that side. So it just depends. Because those trees are gonna, I've heard Lindsey Thomas talk a lot about like how finicky Acorn drops can be, they're not a guarantee slam dunk, we've even this tree in the [00:25:00] office They didn't drop last year.

I think it was last year. It didn't drop at all You know, they do cycle. So if you A spot you've always had where they're coming through strong, it can change. So getting out and seeing what's up is, what they're doing this year is relevant. But the, for me, even seeing that doe, I'm like, okay I know does are over here, which means in November the bucks are going to be trying to find the does.

So it helps. It's not slam dunk. I'm probably not going to shoot a buck right where she was standing, it's a piece of the puzzle. I want to move my tree stand this weekend. And last year I talked about how I got the tree stand set up where we thought we could scout it and was like this is going to be a great spot, there's a rub right there, there's a rub right there, there's a scrape over here.

But then once season started for both bow and gun season, they were like a little bit further over and I had no shot. Like it was just like a tree line. So by the time they came around. [00:26:00] I didn't have a shot for him, so I think I'm gonna move my stand over there. But I really wanna saddle, but I haven't, I'm not pulling the trigger yet.

Tim will be like what are we doing here? Yeah. How much money? My, my urban spot that I've got cameras on right now has... probably five or six bucks on it that I've seen so far. And three of them I would shoot for sure. Cause my, I have low standards compared to most go out guys or a lot of the go out guys.

But there's one, he's probably, not that's like some, trophy buck, but I'm like, if in a pinch like this year where I'm I guess have it set on a podcast yet, but I lost my hunting spot that I've been hunting on for five or six years, which is fine. It's not like I was entitled to it.

I was being allowed to hunt there as a favor to my dad. Dude's been super nice to me and always let me do whatever I want. And this year someone wanted to lease it and he let them, which is totally, it's his property. And I'm grateful for the run I had, but I'm scrambling cause I'm now trying to find a new spot, but this urban spot, [00:27:00] I'm like.

Yeah, there's some like good, but will they be there in the spring? I don't know, but there is a pond on the property and it's one of the only two ponds within a couple miles there. So we'll see We all have so many high hopes like I have low expectations. I've had some dudes on camera that like I want to go fine, but I'm gonna show up and No, big boys.

Oh, I'm sensitive to that because I literally had dudes on camera a couple years ago. That urban spot. This is a different one. I haven't put up cameras in that spot yet. But yeah, I've got some deer that I hope are hanging out. I'm ready at this point. It's just been timing. I'm going to try and maybe get out one afternoon this week to try to get out there and an archery hunt to frigging hot.

But one of the public spots I was at yesterday found a fresh gut pile. Did you see a guy out there got one with the bow? I'm assuming based on how hot it was, I'm assuming he probably got it the evening right [00:28:00] before I got out there. Just because the condition of the gut pile. But do you think they're still in velvet?

I have one deer that is not most of them are though. Yeah. Oh. Indiana doesn't open until October 1st. You guys have opened. Yeah. Kentucky's one of the first in the country. We're one of the few states that we do have that opportunity of getting bucks in velvet here. So that's an interesting point is that, so season's open.

I've got a bunch of really nice velvet deer on camera and I've got one really nice hard antler deer on camera. Because you want a velvet. I want a velvet. I do, bad. And so I'm at the point now where I have to decide, cause that, the hard antlered deer has been coming in fairly consistently on the two cameras I've seen him.

And so I'm going to have to decide if I see him in shooting light, if I'm going to take him or if I'm going to try for a few weeks to get a velvet deer. I don't know. It'll be a in the moment decision. I've decided I'm not going to be near as picky with my buck [00:29:00] here in Kentucky this year because I'm also trying to fill some Tennessee tags.

I can drop down there pretty quick and got a nice place to stay. So I've got some buck tags in a state just south of here. So I'm going to, I'm going to try to focus on getting a buck a lot earlier here in Kentucky with my bow and then focus more on Tennessee, but we'll see what actually happens. I always have a plan, but it never actually.

It goes the way I want it to, but same. Actually, I don't usually have a plan is I'm going to go out and see what happens. So yeah, that's why I'm so worried about this wood duck season coming up, especially after. Just more or less accidentally finding these spots on public this morning.

Now I'm like really got my hopes up because this morning when I woke up I was dreading wood duck season. I'm like, I'm gonna go hunt my same spots where I have a chance at them, but it's just not great. Yeah, and then I found these two spots. I'm like, oh my gosh, these spots are great. See, that's what's interesting about my spot.

I've invested both time and sweat on this one particular tree spot location. To [00:30:00] get deer, plenty of deer on camera right there, but I have not done well on the rest of the property, figuring out where I would hunt if I want to change locations, because I don't want to wear that tree out, hunt it 10 times and nothing else, but I've limited myself in the work that I've done preseason to that single spot.

And so I don't know, plan B is up in the air. You know how I've been planning? That we added a bunch of new stuff into the GoWild shop and in my cart right now. is a buddy heater. And then a little tree skirt thing to keep the heat in so I can put the buddy heater there and the tree skirt. And we are out of stock in a seat warmer.

Right now today. I know it's bougie. I don't care. Hey, it's going to keep you out there longer. It keeps you out there. Yeah. When did your season open? I just don't think I'm going to be lucky in both seasons. So I'm ready [00:31:00] to ride it out for, yeah, last year when I had six inches of snow on my head for the heater for it.

It drops down to 60 degrees. She's going to be using that in the office. Yeah. You can put like a little propane thing to it. That's your like, heated rock. We always joke that Erica's a lizard. Yeah. Cause it'll be 95 degrees and she's sitting outside. Your computer probably has less stamina than you do in heat.

Yeah. All right. Thank you all for listening. As always log your time on go wild. If you didn't check out Erica mentioned the brands, but I'll shout out that real quick. We did launch 250 new brands on go wild. They are in the camping, hiking survival categories. We had tons of people asking for tents and sleeping bags and stuff.

So those are finally live. So go check those out. We also just as we've been talking a lot of Whitetail stuff, if you want to get into saddle hunting, we have an awesome selection of that stuff now. We do have Timber Ninja now, got all your other standard brands, but I think we're selling seven brands of saddle gear now, something like that, and a [00:32:00] lot of those ship here from the HQ.

So maybe, you buy some Timber Ninjas, Derek will give you a little love note or something, a little handwritten note from you, a little love note from you. But yeah, so check that stuff out. If you're gearing up for fall, we appreciate you guys and your business. This was Brad Luttrell, Jacob Knight, Erica Johnson, and Derek tolls.

Thank you all.