So…you wanna be a pro-staffer with Frank Welsch

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Frank has been a part of the Vapor Trail team since the beginning. Going on 50 years in the outdoors, Frank has a strong voice and is a wealth of knowledge in the archery community. He shifted the narrative of what it means to be promotional staffer, and discusses his philosophy on the responsibilities that accompany the privilege. 

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[00:00:00] Back in the day, when I started into that whole arena of archery, it was very clicky. There was just like a group of guys, and they're over the corner and they're really good at being a total novice. I didn't know where to go and how to do it. That guy's on staff and this one is, and you'd go and approach them.

They're very standoffish. This is our little thing, and then I got some opportunities to be shooting through the local archery store, compound doctor, and I got to represent different companies. And one of the things that I told myself is that I want to be approachable. I want to pass on this fun, this absolute blissful endeavor on to anyone who has.

Any interest in it at all. And that's a premise that has stuck, with me to present day. I don't want to hinder anybody. I want everybody to be out there and enjoying what I enjoy. You've definitely broken the mold part of, the premise of our podcast and the conversations that you have at the range.

I think of you and, a handful of others in those situations, right? Because [00:01:00] we might be at a 3d shoot or something like that, but there's always somebody there that you're willing to answer questions. You're not the kind of guy that's just like out there giving unsolicited advice either, like the advice that you're giving is sound and even if you can't help.

Correct, whatever it is they got going on. At least you're there with your positivity and you're able to uplift them a little bit too. So that I've always really appreciated about you. And you've always set a really good example for how to be a good pro staffer. Welcome to the range podcast.

I'm Ricky Bruley. And with me is Jake Hollywood Iverson. Join us at the archery range where we'll tell stories from the hunt, discuss technical bow shooting tactics and gear. And pick the brains of some of the most successful people to ever shoot a bow. Whether you're about to shoot that X for the wind or send an arrow at a trophy buck, this podcast is for you.

The Range podcast is brought to you by Vapor Trail Archery. Makers of the best bowstrings money [00:02:00] can buy, originators of limb driven arrow rest technology, and innovators of stokerized stabilizer systems. Welcome to the range everybody. I'm Ricky Bruley, and I am here in the Vapor Trail studio. Super excited today to talk to a good friend of mine who I've known for as long as I've been at VaporTrail.

He's had numerous contributions to our product lines as far as innovations, ideas things that we can do to improve our products. He's been a part of our promotional staff for well over a decade, probably, maybe even two, who knows. He's always really good buddies with the former CEO and president of the company, Jared Fondy.

And just, again, super proud and happy to have him as a part of our team. And I'm really excited to talk to him today. We've been good friends for a long time, been to many ATA shows and told a lot of hunting stories, hanging out, that kind of stuff. I'm proud to introduce Mr. Frank Welsh. How are you doing, man?

[00:03:00] We're doing and.

And man, you just start to think about all the years that have, that gone by and all the situations that we've been in all the people that we've talked to over the years, and there's hunting stories. There's just. Just so much stuff. So how have you been? You've been keeping sane and keeping up with everything.

Yeah. Thanks for asking. It's been, yeah, it's been wild. Just, another busy season is, we're on the just getting over the hump here from another busy season. This would be my. What 17th or 17th busy season here at vapor trail and it never gets any easier. I can tell you that which is good.

Cause that means we're growing and, on top of that with, trying to keep the podcast rolling and then. And now I've got a family as well. So trying to keep up on that and have a good, work life balance and all that is rather [00:04:00] challenging, but also lots of joy in that as well.

So yeah, man, things are good. That's good. Yeah. Life definitely keeps moving forward. Yeah. And yeah, that's pretty crazy. Pretty crazy. Yeah. My whole just to start off with is my whole hunting journey began when I was six. My dad is an avid houndsman. He's now 84 and he's slowed down.

He's down to his last dog, Faith. She's 14 and but my stat, my dad still gets out with some buddies in Wisconsin and he goes over and listens to their dogs. That's always been a thing for my father is he's been a houndsman. I do have a, I have a older brother, Chris, and he's into waterfowl.

And then I gravitated toward archery and, the big game thing, so I'd started when I was six. And, and that's run around in the middle of darkness, cause that was coon hunting. So my, my father did a lot of coon hunting, did a lot of coyote hunting[00:05:00] chased bobcat, mountain lion and bear over the years.

And so my whole, yeah, so my whole introduction to the outdoors began when I was. Six years old and I'll be 56 coming up. Oh man. And Mark, 50 years. So it's yeah, 50 years. 50 years. Outdoor exposure. That's amazing. But then, yeah it's crazy. And my whole really in my archery, didn't I remember being like a teenager and I had a recurve.

And it was my, my, I had a couple of cousins that were up and I've got a ton of gal cousins. And so we were running around and seeing rabbit and I hadn't even really shot the bowl much. Shot the rabbit and it was a double long, which is great because it's stuck there. And of course, as I was like, wow, it was pretty cool.

Of course cleaned it and stuff. And then we ate that at a later date, but, and then I got away from it. Cause you're now you're getting into being a teenager and my dad wasn't an avid archer. So [00:06:00] he was really into. Firearms and he built rifles and we had a hundred yard shooting range in the backyard.

And so I did a lot of hand loading and stuff as a kid. So I had a lot of rifle exposure. Yeah. Okay. So I got to go out West and Purry dogs. And of course I harvested coyotes and raccoon and all that stuff. My first official harvest was. When I was eight and it was with a side by side 410, box side by side 410.

It was a youth model that my dad had gotten together and it was a squirrel. So that was cool. So yeah, so it's this kind of, it's interesting. You get that exposure. My dad's, definitely his houndsman ability is, he's been featured in articles and full crime magazine, and he knew a lot of the founding fathers for the Walker breed line in the central [00:07:00] United States and Which was pretty neat.

And that's one thing I haven't had a lot of exposure to, cause as I became a teenager and then I went off to college, I got to go to college for one year, it's expensive. I did that, so I just, I left it, but then I would, did go on some hunts over the years with my father that encompassed going out to Montana and doing the mountain lion thing and getting that exposure, which was really cool.

Yeah, so it's been, it's, and then I got back into archery, probably it was, I was in my twenties, so I had a late start to that and it was interesting too with, Back in the day, when I started into that whole arena of archery, it was very clicky,

it and they were over the corner and they were really good at it. And and then it [00:08:00] evolved into me getting engrossed in it. Cause that's how I am. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to go. And that's, that was when you were in your twenties. Yeah. Yeah. So that was like early twenties. So was the, when you were saying clicky, was it was it just like a group of guys that you would run into like at the local outdoor store or was it like a place you worked or?

Yeah, it was at. Pro shops and even like when I started, I wanted to interested in 3d and all that fun stuff. And I was, I had zero knowledge. I had a neighbor Jim Larson, he had a Fredbear Whitetail. Hunter bow, and he let me use that, which it was really interesting. That bow, I could not get that thing to shoot for Disney.

It's 15 yards was, is on, but then 20, there was this, I just had some weird movement with it, but then I'd go out to 30 and everything would be back in there. And [00:09:00] of course, being a total novice, I didn't know. Where to go and how to do it. And that's when I started coaching people and trying to get to know, and then I started hearing about that guy's on staff and this one is, and then you'd go and approach them and they were very standoffish.

It was just this is our little thing, yeah. So that was segueing to my introduction to pro staff which was interesting. So I started getting more engrossed with it and I've got to know a good bunch of guys. And then that came into some opportunities with the local pro shops because I was frequenting those pro shops a lot.

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One guy I met was Dan Kruger and his, then learning. A lot from not only Dan, but then his father, Wayne, and Joe Krueger. And now to this day I hunt with them. We hunt Illinois every single year. I've been going down there since the late nineties, probably eight, I believe.

And that is. If anybody ever gets any opportunity and you can hunt Illinois during the rut, it is absolutely phenomenal. It is, I look so forward to that every single year because it is just hoot. And but at that time, I was watching those guys shoot, cause I still hadn't really.

Found my niche and found how to do [00:12:00] this. Yeah. Yeah. So I just watch, Wayne was very methodical and he was actually very good. He was top ranked in the state and in Wisconsin and both Danny and Joey and all that too was, back in the day there was a crew of 20 guys that when they would show up to a shoot, people were just like, Oh, great.

So that was a sunrise sporting goods. And then that was the compound doctor down in Minnesota. And and we had got a really good launch, but it was methodical of watching Wayne, how he approached the line, how he set himself, how he grabbed his arrow, how he knocked his arrow archery's repetition, you have to micromanage your movement and process. You want it repeatable. 'cause that's the whole thing. It's you repeat that shot. . So it was fun to watch someone who was very methodical. Yeah. And then that translated over into me starting to figure that stuff out. It's just not flinging an [00:13:00] arrow.

There's a whole process to it. But yeah, so it was just really cool and. And I was going to start, harvesting some animals with the, with Bo and definitely the magical flight of the arrow. That's a whole thing. You, once you get involved with it, it gets in your blood, gets under your skin and then you can't shake it for nothing.

So it's always going to, yeah, so yeah, so that just brings me into, doing some hunting and getting more involved and I, then I got some opportunities to be. Shooting through the local archery store compound doctor. And I got to represent different companies. And one of the things that I told myself is that I want to be approachable.

I want to pass on this fun, this absolute, blissful endeavor onto anyone who has any interest in it at all. And that's a premise that is stuck, with [00:14:00] me to present day, I, if anybody out there, you're going to social media, it's just Frank Welsh and see me on Instagram.

You can see me on Facebook. You can, I am me any questions that you have, anything about equipment It's just yeah I don't want to hinder anybody. I want everybody to be out there and enjoying what I enjoy. Cause it's just, and it's not just the harvest. It's just, it's, I love the whole process of, doing three Ds and stuff, I do a lot of tournament stuff throughout the years.

And all of that was just for me to be a better shot so I can be ethical. In the process of sending an arrow and into an animal. So that's why, did all that and still try to do. Yeah. And I would say that you've definitely broken the mold. There's still a lot of people like that, a lot of pros and stuff that, don't really give you the time of day.

And in some situations, I've been to some shoots and things like that, and I get it right. Like they don't want to get in their head or what, [00:15:00] they're very focused. And so they're doing their thing, part of, the premise of our podcast and the conversations that you have at the range, I think of you and, a handful of others in those situations, right?

Because we might be out of 3d shoot or something like that, but there's always somebody there that you're willing to answer questions if you're, and you're not the kind of guy that's just like out there giving unsolicited advice either. Like the advice that you're giving is sound.

And, if you see somebody struggling, you're always there to, either. Even if you can't help, correct, whatever it is they got going on, at least you're there with your positivity and you're able to uplift them a little bit too. So that that I've always really appreciated about you and you've always set a really good example for how to be a good pro staffer.

And. Yeah. For those, for anybody who's out there that has, any interest in that, Frank's social media page is definitely a place to go and see how it should be done. You're way too kind, but I guess that's, you're touching on something that, [00:16:00] cause I'll get a few people that reach out, throughout the year and just ask how do you, I become on a field staff or a pro staff, or how do I represent a company?

What's. How should I approach that? And I'm like, those are the real question. I'm glad you're asking that. I think there's a misconception of you're just getting free stuff, right? You should never approach any company without you fully believing in it, in the company.

It's just, I've met a lot of people over the years that their thing, they just hop around and they're in it or the free stuff for that. Particular moment in time. I'm very proud to say, I've remembered Jared. Working out of his home and I met him, I think it was at, I think it was at the compound doctor.

And this was in the late eighties, early nineties, there's five 93. So I've known, Jared, since the very start and and having [00:17:00] that introduction to jump on field staff and having that interaction with a person who was so knowledgeable. And talk about, precise and, thinking and analytical and really trying to build something that's absolutely perfect for the end user, for anybody who's buying the product.

We had lots of discussions in the early start of things. And which was really cool. I, I'm it's weird in the moment. You're not thinking like. 20 years from now or 30 years from now, I'll be reflecting on, wow, I guess I did see this from the very beginning, but I think those connections that I had, cause, and that, that's one thing in the early days, all of the companies that I was affiliated with and still affiliated with some of them is that I knew the owners, we got to, I'd call it, I'd call them from blind or from Stan [00:18:00] say, I'm out here and here's some examples of what I'm seeing, and give them some real time input and you as a staffer, you, and again, just circling back to the whole, what's expected.

It's like you need to believe in the product and you need to, you need to ask, what are the guidelines, what are you looking for? And then try to exceed those guidelines, actually go above and beyond. It's actually so awesome now with social media. Because you can post and you can do things real time and, and then the company can see what you're doing.

So nowadays, it's very trackable. If you're lucky enough to get on a field staff, make sure that you're doing. What you're supposed to do and even take it to another level, right? That's where people start to shy away. And they're like I don't have the time, it's if you gotta, if they're asking for, people to come and help at a booth or, there's a like a lot of the pro shops, they'll just have like customer appreciation stuff.

Even if [00:19:00] they don't ask for that, go, show some initiative, get out there, go to, it's if like A1 archery or archery country or whatever, where all these different pro shops, like in Minnesota, just get examples there, even though you're not, you don't have an official booth there.

But you're, you can go there. You can ask the owner Hey, is it cool that I come here and, help you interact with customers and also help promote some of the stuff that I believe in. And they're not going to say no, they can always use bodies there and then you can post it, and Ricky, you're the man now with the process stuff.

So then that's immediately you're going, Oh, all so you're, they're doing stuff or I didn't even think that there was anything going on because it's hard to know what each pro shop is doing because they just do on the fly. And it's all situational too. It's okay, this is the time of year, the ruts coming up in November [00:20:00] and things are going to really start getting crazy for all the shops.

So they might all have something going on the same weekend. So it's hard to flex and be everywhere, but you as a staffer can be. Engaged in what the company is doing. And it's not, there's not any company that's going to be discouraged and be mad. Why are they calling me? And, of course they're going to want that presence.

It's, so again, believing in the product, don't expect anything for free. You should already have knowledge of the product before you even contact, buy the stuff, you use it for a couple of years, and then if it's something you really like. Then you go for it and then it'll be even cooler too.

Like you'll be able to get involved with product development. And get asked you get insider trade information at time, which is really fun, cause you get to see what's coming out because you're hearing feedback from other users, other archery peeps out there Oh, I wish they would do this.

I wish they would do that. And you just [00:21:00] smiling. It's things are happening, but I can't say nothing right now. In the back, we have this, you're doing, it's we're here, we hear you. And that's what you're, that's what you're spokesman for the company, but you're also. You are helping develop the product.

Yeah. And I want to go back to a little bit about, you had mentioned a misconception, right? And so another one is, and I get applications all the time where guys are like, yeah, I shot this deer and. This animal and that animal, and those are great. Don't get me wrong. So keep those coming, but what's important mostly, and unfortunately in this day and age, a social media presence is a given.

I know there's certain, some people that choose not to go. On to social media. And I respect that, but that's where you can have the biggest impact as a pro staffer, I guess it depends. Cause I still have, we've got a handful of guys on staff that have been on for, for as long as I've been with vapor trail.

And I know these guys are out in the community. I know that they're at the range. I know that they're talking to [00:22:00] people. They may not have a social media presence, but I know they're getting out there. And the reason I know that is because I have customers come my way and say, Oh, Hey, I was talking to so and so at this shoot or that, or, cause I always tell them, make sure you let them know that if they come to us for something, that they give you a shout out so that.

So that we know but that's a big thing. You don't necessarily have to be out there killing everything or, winning a bunch of tournaments. You just have to be out there and you have to be shooting the product and promoting the product, representing yourself in a positive way. And again, like answering questions, but then also asking questions.

If if you don't know something. You never want to tell somebody something you don't know, and so it's one of those things where I always tell guys like, Hey, if you're not sure about it, it's okay for you to say, you know what, I'm not sure, but let me find out. And then cause I think people respect that.

I think they really would. And some people I think get a little hung up on I don't know if it's pride or whatever, but they just get nervous about. Oh I'm on a promotional staff, but [00:23:00] maybe, it's, it might be embarrassing because I don't know a very specific detail about a product.

And so again in this industry and what I've found out is that. There'll be guys that'll actually test you. I learned that and working in pro shots all the time guys I'll ask you questions just to see what you know to see if you're if you qualify to work on their bow or you know Something like that and there's nothing worse than misleading somebody and telling them some information that you don't know about Yeah, no, I think what you're what you were saying just you know prior to that is like Yeah, it's great that you can harvest all these animals, like you were saying, but I've been fortunate enough to travel around the country and, out to New Zealand and stuff too.

I'm very fortunate. And I try to get if I try, I pull my bow out, when I'm talking to people, if I'm in a, stop at a gas station or, I'm running and getting something and I, cause if I, cause I've got vapor trail [00:24:00] stuff, the quit your crying on the back people, I get more stuff just yesterday, they comment on that.

Where's that from? What does that mean? And so then I, I. Stop and I explained, here's the deal, it's, here's what it is. This, that, and the other, but especially in the hunts, when I have my bow with me, I'll take it out, I will hand it to them. And if we're in a situation where they can shoot the bow and it fits them, cause then I'll explain, cause if, some people don't know that there's what's draw length and what's poundage and what's let off.

Is this important or not? And it's, so we go through that whole thing. So if they're able to shoot, I let them shoot my stuff here. I'll put it in your hands, which a lot of people are totally shocked, because that is, your bow is your baby, it had dialed in, as well as I do, you don't want people.

Fiddle it with it, but there's some tutelage, you want to get it in their hands. You want to show them the stuff. I'll even have, I'll have just like miscellaneous products. I have, anything were to fail, I've got backup stuff [00:25:00] or I have it for other people on the trip. So I have samples basically that I can take out and, here it is, and this is what it is and and go through the whole spiel of what I know.

And again, what you're saying, never, and I've done that. I've tested people, I've gone in pro shops and, but the thing is, it's not like I'm going to be mean about it. I'll just. I'll just then say, Hey really, here's how this, works and really where the adjustments are and this, that, and the other.

And I'll help educate, sorry, I'll help educate them so that they can learn something from it. Cause it's not like I want to school them. But yeah, I've seen other people do that and that's not, yeah, that, that's just not cool. At least help educate them so that they can, use that product.

Proficiently into its ability and not actually either underusing the product or overusing it. There's tolerances to everything that's torquing nuts and [00:26:00] bolts down. On the rest, we know people, just put the old monkey grip to it and try to see if I can shear the bolt all the way through the other.

It's nothing's made for that. Yeah. And if you don't know, that's fine. I've, my, my former career was I worked 33 years in the health industry and I ended up being a project manager and there's a lot of moving parts of it. So one of my big things is you know what? I don't know, but I know who to contact and I'll get back to you with that.

So now even in the field, if I, I was like, Hey, I'm a social media. Or, how can I get ahold of you, next to you or whatever you want once I know, cause out West, out in Nebraska, I used to go out there a lot, out in Illinois and out in other places. I'm always happy to answer any question you can IM me.

I love this time of year. I'm in a situation. I had a bad fall here three years ago, and we're going to have another podcast on all of that. Yeah, I shattered my calcaneus and I've had four surgeries in three years, three and a [00:27:00] half and I'm actually just mending from it.

I just had mine on. My fourth surgery on August 7th. And that, that is a tree stand related deal. But we'll get into all of that at a later date, which kind of a bummer. So now I basically, I put out, I have people contacting me anyways, cause I still want to be involved. Yeah. Is there, no, there'll be an Illinois.

I'll be pestering them every single day. How's it going? I see your weather conditions are this way. How about, have, are you down in this stand? Or have you thought about doing this? Cause I, and that's the thing too. I want everybody to be successful. Because. Anybody who puts effort into being the best that they can be at anything, I want to help because I know what it's like.

I know what it's like to not know. There's so much information out there now it's, and it's at your fingertips where back in the day. You really had to search. I drove for miles just to talk to people to figure things out. So this is really nice. So as a pro staffer, [00:28:00] you can do a lot of cool stuff, put any, if you, the more you put yourself out there, it's, people are going to recognize it.

People are going to take notice and want to be, they'll want you, they'll seek you out, and yeah, so just getting back to that whole thing is. You may not know the product, but you can always say, Hey, you know what? And people are going to respect you. I'll find out, I'll let you know, or you know what?

You can go to their website and it's all explained out there, so I don't wanna speak outta turn. . And that's what's nice too, is you know, if you just give them the link or it's here, I'll send it to you. 'cause I have stuff saved on my phone so I can just do it right away. Yeah. That'll help bail you out too For sure.

It's always good to take a refresher course too. And as a pro staffer, try to know the product if, I'm sure they could, reach out to you. Give them a spiel or someone within the organization, or just go to the website, that type of stuff, or reach out to other pro staffers, but you got to show initiative.

That's we're just [00:29:00] circling all back to, what a pro staffing environment is. So it's you got to be present, if you can go to shoots or be involved. You just have to be involved and you got to be able to show that you're doing something.

That's fair because yeah, if you can get a deal on some equipment as a field staffer, that's fantastic. It'll help you out. Yeah. And then too, it's pretty cool to get in the evolution of different things. I've got a, some of the early stuff for rest development, limb driven stuff and we'll get it in there.

There you go. Yeah. Now, is that a, is that an old tiger tough? That was. Yeah, retrofitted. So that's going to the up position before that even happened. And then we've got even on a Oh yeah. That's the Bowtech specific one, isn't it? Yeah, I believe so. From back in the early two thousands, some relics, Frank's got some relics.

I've got [00:30:00] some stuff and it, and it's. It's pretty cool. I've been able to, like with black gold, the rear view site that they had on there I developed that with Ben to get that going S4 gear when they were doing some stuff, yeah. The binaural harness with that.

And cause I'm a geeky guy too. So my brain is always trying to think of better solutions for things. In that Rick, we've talked over the years to how can we make this better? What's where's this failing or, what are the next steps, cause that's the thing, you product always evolves and, it's cool to brainstorm with other guys that are involved with that and are trying to.

To get that journey, continue to, cause it's, there's really never an end to it. Yeah. And you've always been a great source for, if we're having a challenge or something that we can't quite, figure out we had a conversation when you were here for the. ProShop grand opening and between me and you and Glenn having conversations and then down the road while I [00:31:00] was, having conversations with Rory, that's what's developed our current or well, our new version of our quick disconnect for Stokerized, which still is not available yet.

We're still working on it. We just want to make sure we work out all the kinks, but it's those conversations that made it what it is. And I also want to, before we go too far, I wanted to go back a little bit again and talk about the Pro Staff stuff. And this isn't to say that. I was like ever the perfect pro staffer, but I always, I was with Bowtech for quite some time and I always tried to emulate what I did off of what you did.

And and I remember always just looking at it like as if it was a job in a way where in treating it the same way where you always want to go above and beyond. You want to work your way up. And I think it's important to start. At a point, and work your way up to something.

'cause I get this a lot where, you know, with the influx of [00:32:00] influencers now that are out there, , I get like probably one request a week and a lot of 'em are just going straight to money and I'm like. Okay. Look at their social media presence. And they and one misconception too, is I don't care if you have 30, 000 followers, if only a hundred of those followers engage with your content, you have a hundred followers, not 30, 000 followers.

So that's one thing that I pay attention to. And you don't necessarily just cause you have a lot of followers doesn't make you a quality candidate for. To represent our product, especially if, like you said before, you're not currently shooting our product. You're out there searching for a way to survive with your shooting abilities.

And then, but then I'll usually spin it and say, Hey, it's great. Your content is awesome. But let's let's back it up a little bit and let's start here. Like, how about I get you some product. And we're going to, we're going to run a discount on it.

It's not going to be [00:33:00] free, but we'll get, we'll get you a discount on the product. You can use it, see what you think about it. We'll see what kind of content you create with it, that sort of thing. And a lot of times then it's just, it's either crickets chirping because I'm, because they feel like their value is higher than that and that's okay.

But again, it's like baby steps, right? Like you, you don't just go to a company and. Some people become a CEO, but that's probably because they worked their way up in a previous company. So yeah, you start small, you work your way up, I want people to prove themselves and and and sometimes that doesn't take long.

I've got some staffers that have been on for half a season and they've already put out more content than some guys would do in five years. And so I'm real quick to shift them and put them in a position. We're now, you're there, they're more or less earning the product, but it's not just that it's, it, again, it's representing the product, understanding it, taking the initiative to know how the product works and, [00:34:00] never misleading anybody.

Absolutely. And I think that's a very good thing to bring up is that you have to be in it for the right reasons. This is a passion, the outdoors, is a passion for me and I know it is for you. And there's people you meet and you understand their body and in good fits and that's things that in the past with Jared, we had people that would come up to the booth and stuff.

And I remember, I'm not going to mention who it was, but I know who you're going to talk about here. Jared wants this individual walked away and I said, if you put him on staff, I am so gone. That encounter and it proved out over the years that yeah, he was a flash in the pan. I think he may be doing some guiding out in California.

Which is fine, but it's just, the misinformation that one [00:35:00] individual, was talking about while we were, I just, I looked at Jared, Jared looked at me. And I just said that he just started laughing so hard. It was fun to get Jared to break character a little bit, again, you just have to be in it because I don't look at it like I'm going to get money.

I've never wanted money. If anything, if I got product, that was it. I refused a few times with even helping companies out, just even website stuff and just asking for information. What do you think, Frank? And and I've refused it. It's no need, I don't need compensation, I've always I've been a consultant. In the outdoor industry with not having a consultant business with it. But I think, with how I am at 33 years in the healthcare industry and doing project management and understanding all the moving pieces that this kind of segwayed and, into, helping companies out.

Just like clam packaging, [00:36:00] when you guys were trying to get your first clam packaging stuff and people don't understand how hard that is, to, how is this going to look on the shelf and how many can we stack? In, on the displays and will it be goofy tipped? And, so I remember you guys going through some of that and looking at some of it and giving a little bit of feedback, but I, it just, it's gotta be in your blood and you gotta keep.

It's that whole, like your passion and your job, about that. It's this allows us to be the greatest thing. So you don't want it to be a job, but yet you want it to be the passion and you want to be engaged in it is you want to give this to other people. You want them to have the best outdoor experience with their equipment because everybody's dollar counts.

And. You just try to put the best product out there. Yeah. And I never wanted to, I always wanted to represent, so anytime there was a request to, to, maybe work a Cabela's event or something like that, like I couldn't do them all, but I would try to do as many [00:37:00] as I could.

And then I got to a point where I w I was simply just too busy. And I, I just reached out and said, I don't think I can. Effectively represent the company anymore. I was still shooting the product, but it was like, I just don't, I'm too busy right now. And I don't want to take advantage.

And and despite that, they kept me on, for the next couple of years. Cause then they moved to a three year contract, but then two years in, then they started having a greater focus on. Target archers and youth archers. And so then, and again, I wasn't doing a whole, I wasn't doing what a pro staffer should do.

And, so I think, and then they were just like, okay, we want to make some room for some up and comers. And we regret to inform you. And I was like, no, that's great because, I was already going down that road anyways, if I can't represent the company the way that I feel they deserve, then I don't want to, I don't want to do it.

But but yeah, and to your point, when you said, I treat it like a job [00:38:00] in the sense that, I want to do the best that I can do, but I don't want it to be. The kind of job where it's like stressful and there's anxiety involved or there's anything where, it feels like, my buckets no longer full, right?

Like you still want to, it's gotta be fun. And that's the big part about it. Yeah. So I don't want to say treat it like a job in that respect. Oh no. Yeah. And that's, but that's where when it's money and it's your livelihood, then it's, that's where it can get, now you have, it just puts a different I guess it just puts a different, it puts stress on it, which it should not hunting not the outdoors.

Not something that you'd love to go, in the Northern part of Minnesota and the boundary waters and all that you want to just Oh, I just, I want to do this. Ooh, this would be really cool. And Oh, I got an idea. That's the type of stuff. And that's even like with my state that I'm in right now, I know that I've wanted to do so much more and I'm going to figure some things out.

Up until I'm really [00:39:00] being able to, be an outdoor presence just be able to drive anywhere. I can't even drive right now. But I want to be more engaged in what I am. It's killing me not being able to interact with people and be that engaged. So I'm just trying to do what I can.

On social media. So I guess that's a nice thing about social media. And instant messenger and all that stuff is again, I'm still able to connect with people and do stuff. Which is a great segue because, I'm a techie person, but good Lord, you get on all the other platforms, Snapchat and Tik TOK and all that, it's I don't want to go down that road and Instagram and Facebook is plenty for me.

Yeah. Yeah. So at this point, but I, and leading back to what you're saying too, is. It's, it's hard to, cause companies do need to evolve. And if there are simple tools, that's something that we all should start adapting as a field staffer. I know some of us are just so technologically handcuffed.

Again, like you're saying, if you're [00:40:00] still having people that are coming on and saying, yeah Frank sent me over here, that helps because that's the thing is. If you don't have any, if you're not hearing that or being able to see that's really on the staffer and not you, the staffer has to take the responsibility to be seen, however that is, whether it's, vocally through other people coming into the shop or, seeing you in passing say, yep, I saw such and such at such and such event.

That type of stuff, or, you can just go up and pull up Frank and here's all that stuff that he did for the year and great, either great or not great. And that's the thing too. And I know we talk about products and things like that behind the scenes that we can't even talk about yet.

So you know what I'm doing, you're not doing stuff too, but it is it's important. I think, and we do bring value, pro staffers bring huge value, but I know we can be a [00:41:00] huge boat anchor to a company as well. Some guys are more work than it's worth. Let's put it that way. Yeah. Guys and gals where, it's more of a.

Hindrance on, my ability to do my job and promote stuff. And it's not just vapor trail. It's not just vapor trail because I talked to reps. I have talked to, various companies and it's it's a blessing and a curse. Yeah. It's just, and again, you got to ride out situations.

There's going to be something that's no, it actually, they did a good job and this and that, but there's always things that come up throughout the year that you're just like, Oh, it's just. Is this really worth it or not? And that's where, as a pro staffer, again, normally you're trying to get someone who's very, socially and interactive person, because you have to be able to speak and present yourself.

And. And that, act accordingly. And sometimes people will, they have that ability and sometimes, they might have some of it. So just the whole process and [00:42:00] all that, and that's over the course of time. And that's where as a company you look and you go, yeah, no we'll see what happens here because I see potential.

And again, I'm a staff member, anybody that has any questions, that's a staff member call Engage, we're a team. But you have to put that on yourself as a staff member, you, if you want to be better, then reach out and do it because you don't want to be a hint. That's one thing I've always wanted.

And I've always said to myself, it was like, I want to always exceed the expectations of any company that I've ever been affiliated with. I really do. I really strive to do more. I think if you do that, you're just, there's never going to be a problem. And I've developed relationships. That I've had for 20, 30 years, which is pretty cool.

Yeah. Sad to say that because it's just so much time has passed by. Ha. It's getting grayer and [00:43:00] that's just But yeah, no, it's just if you want to do it, reach out. I don't want to be all doom and gloom and all that. Yeah. But again, social media. Everybody's getting, especially the younger generation are getting so good with that.

But don't go into I'm going to make a ton of money. It's like you may. You may down the road, but I don't think you should put any company that you're like, that you don't have any knowledge about it and you've never used it. You should have already had in your hands, about the product and you put yourself out there Hey, I would be honored to represent your company that, and that's.

You are an ambassador of that company and you're an ambassador of the sport. Yeah. Baby steps. Yes. Yeah. Grind it. And the motivation that it takes to, and the enthusiasm that that one may have that gives them the thinking that they, Can start at the top is great that will move you to the top very quickly, and so again, yeah just baby steps.

Yeah [00:44:00] that brings us to the end of this episode. Huge. Thanks, Frank. I really appreciate all your time and, look forward to having you on again. We've got some more some more stuff we want to talk about, so don't be a stranger. Thank you. And I'm just happy to be a part of the team.

I always have been. It's nothing that I take lightly. Yeah, thank you for really giving me the opportunity to just to have a voice. Certainly, man. Certainly. We appreciate you for sure. And so yeah if you want to find us, the range podcast, you can find us on Instagram and on Facebook. You can find me on Instagram at Ricky.

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